AMC Update Thursday 4/1/10

All My Children Update Thursday 4/1/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Lark

Tad talks to the casino manager about his credit line.  Tad asks if he can up his limit by another $10,000, so he can try to win his money back.  The manager tells Tad to sign the receipt.

Brooke says that she is going to check on Adam, but Annie says that she will do it.  Brooke tells Annie to start acting like Adam's wife.  Adam comes downstairs and Annie says that Brooke thinks he is at death's door or something.

Krystal says that she didn't expect to walk out with a job and Jack says that he didn't expect the answer to his problem to come walking in.  Krystal says that she would get some references, but she thinks her old boss was more interested in her legs than her brains.  Jack tells her that she won't have to worry about that.  Erica walks in and Jack tells her that Krystal is his new paralegal.  When Erica congratulates her, Krystal thanks Erica.  Krystal gets a strange text and tells Jack that she has to take care of it.  Jack says that they will talk soon and Krystal leaves.  Erica tells Jack that she doesn't mean to keep interrupting his busy social life.

Greenlee asks about the shots from the casino.  Madison says that they are in Greenlee's box.  Randi tells Greenlee that she hasn't heard from the new vendor and Greenlee says to drop him and move on.  Natalia shows up asking to talk to Greenlee.  Natalia says that she got her job back at the force and Greenlee says that she was going to offer Natalia the job.  Greenlee says that the offer is still good.

Liza says that David could have had a chance to make bail if he had turned himself in right from the start.  David says that things turned out like he hoped because Greenlee didn't show up for the arraignment.  Liza says that pushing Greenlee away will completely undermine the case.  Liza says that they need to deal with drugging Adam first.  David says that Adam owes him now, so he might be able to call in the debt.  David asks what Liza's plan to generate some reasonable doubt is and Liza says that they need to find a way to discredit Nurse Gayle's testimony and reveal her character flaws.  David tells Liza to get out there and find someone who will help take Gayle down.

Natalia says that she wonders if she can juggle both jobs.  Greenlee says that maybe they can use the fact that she isn't a professional model because it ties into the whole ad campaign.  Greenlee tells Madison to have legal draw up the contracts and that she has to go.  Greenlee welcomes Natalia aboard.

Tad says that he is going to go wash his hands and see if the next dealer turns his luck around.  Ryan shows up and asks how it is going.  Tad says that he is having a boatload of fun losing Ryan's money, but still can't spot the thief.  Tad says that so far, Ryan runs an honest joint.  Ryan tells Tad to keep his eyes open.  Tad says that he has a partner of his own and Krystal wins.

Brooke says that she was just concerned because Adam was sleeping past lunch and nobody woke him up.  Adam says that he was hoping to be in his office by lunchtime.  Adam asks JR how he is doing.  JR says that Marissa has to stay with Tad for a while because she caught H1N1.  JR tells Adam that he and Annie have been invited by Congressman Wilton to talk about their experience.  JR promises not to go anywhere until he gets the doctor's approval.  Annie says that she hasn't accepted yet because speaking in front of Congress scares the hell out of her.  Adam assures Annie that she will be wonderful.  Brooke says that she is following Adam to the office because they have to go over some legal stuff for Tempo.

JR asks if Annie likes Brooke.  Annie says that she doesn't trust Brooke.

Erica says that she is surprised that Jack would hire Krystal.  Jack says that he would rather be in the trenches with someone he knows than have to go through three or four new hires before he finds someone he can work with.  Erica says that every time she tries to act like a friend, Jack turns it around into something it isn't.

Krystal says that she is feeling really lucky.  Ryan asks Tad if Krystal is really up for this.  Tad says that one hand with Krystal and her trucker buddies and he wouldn't ask again.  Ryan tells the dealer to put him in, but Tad says that Krystal knows what she is doing and that if you just text her what you need, she will take care of it.  Ryan tells Tad to catch the thief, so Krystal doesn't take all of his money.  Tad says that he is going to need some more chips.  Ryan says that Tad could try to win once in a while.  Tad picks the table that Krystal is at.  Krystal says that she doesn't bring luck, she makes it.  Krystal wins again.  Ryan walks over and asks how things are going.  Krystal asks if he wants to rub her for good luck too and Tad says that he didn't know it was an option.  Ryan says that he owns the place and was hoping that everyone was feeling happy.  Krystal says that she is going to take all his money.  Tad comments on Krystal's hat and she says that it is her ex-mother-in-law's hat that she found in the car on the way there.  Ryan asks what man would be enough of a fool to let him go.

Brooke says that Adam is like a kid sneaking out of class to buy some forbidden sweets.  Adam says that he is forced to by Brooke and the evil doctors.  Adam thinks he deserves a little treat because he has been a good boy. Brooke says that she won't tell.  Brooke apologizes for letting Annie see how concerned she was and promises that she hasn't said a word about his health condition.

JR tells Annie that she can't be afraid of Brooke stealing Adam because they are just old friends.  Annie says that the way Brooke reacted when she found out Adam overslept isn't normal.  JR says that exes can be friends.  JR says that he doesn't have it in him to offer the olive branch anymore, so it's her decision if she doesn't want it.  Annie says that she didn't say that she didn't want it.  Annie says that she can't speak in front of Congress and JR says that all they want is commend Annie for saving his life.

Brooke says that she didn't get a lot of sleep because Jamie called as she was dozing off.  Adam asks Brooke what is wrong and she says everything.

Krystal says that either you go big or go home.

Ryan asks Craig how the daily take is looking and Craig says that it is pretty good for a weekday.  Ryan asks Craig how long he has been palming chips from the customers.  Tad says that it is unlucky for Craig that he has good eyes and that Krystal was counting her chips.  Tad thanks Krystal for saving the day.  Ryan says that he owes them and thanks them.  Tad says that he didn't notice anything and Krystal says that she noticed her chips were down about $100.  Ryan offers them anything they want for helping.  Krystal says that she has to go to the hospital and pick up some medicine for Marissa.  Ryan asks Tad if he is looking for a new job.

Jack asks if Erica is intentionally trying to drive him crazy.  Erica says that she should have known better than encouraging his advances instead of stopping them.  Jack says that if Erica isn't going to let him into her life, she better not try to control his.

Greenlee shows up to see David.  Greenlee says that she missed the arraignment because she had some things to wrap up at Fusion so that she could devote herself to his case.  David says that Greenlee can't help and can't even show up in court.  Greenlee says that she is going to be at the trial every day no matter what, but David says that if Greenlee show up, she will be convicting him.  David says that if Greenlee shows up in court, all anyone will see is the woman he victimized, but Greenlee says that she is nobody's victim.  Greenlee says that David is lying to her because he doesn't believe he will come off looking the victim anymore than she does.

Krystal confronts Liza about representing David and asks if she has lost it.  Liza says that she is David's attorney.  Krystal asks if Tad broke up with Liza because she is defending David.  Liza says that Krystal has to stop playing the innocent when it comes to her relationship with Tad.

JR asks Marissa how she is feeling and she says that she is lousy, but not terrible.  JR tells Marissa that he and Annie were invited to speak in DC on bone marrow donations.  Marissa says that she isn't too crazy about the idea of JR leaving the house, but it is great news.  JR assures Marissa that he won't do it until his doctors say he can travel and says that he doesn't know for sure they are doing it yet.  JR tells Marissa that he has to go because the Congressman's office is calling.

JR answers the phone and tells Annie that Congress wants to know if they are coming.  Annie starts freaking out about the cameras and all the people again.  JR says that this is about saving people's lives like she saved his.

Brooke says that she never gets to see the kids and hardly ever hears from Laura because she is in China.  When Adam asks what is bothering her, Brooke claims that she is happy to be back at Tempo because it is going to fill a big empty hole inside her.  Adam and Brooke talk about his kids still living at home and needing more care than hers.  Adam asks if Brooke is calling him a control freak and she says that she would never be that presumptuous.

Erica says that she thought Jack could handle the idea of them being close friends, but apparently she was mistaken.  Jack asks if Erica had a reason for going there and Erica says that she was there to ask him out on a date, but that he can forget about it now.

Krystal asks if Liza thinks she was responsible for Liza and Tad breaking up.  Liza says that Krystal was just the woman Tad was living with, being his confidante and taking care of his kids.  Krystal suggests that Tad realized he really wasn't that into Liza.  Liza says that she is going to clear David of all the charges, so that Krystal can have him back.

Tad tells Ryan that he can't take on a full-time position right now.  Ryan asks Tad to start part-time, until he can find someone permanent.  Tad says that he has too much on his plate right now.  Ryan thanks Tad again for helping.

Erica asks Randi if they have colors yet.  Randi says that she found some reds that Erica might like.  Erica asks about Greenlee and Randi says that she isn't sure.  Jack walks up and tells Erica that he wants to talk in her office.  Erica says that he needs to say whatever he wants quickly because she is busy and that he can tell her right there.  Jack says that he wants Erica to stop playing games and running away from him.  Erica says that she doesn't run from anyone and asks him to go away because she has work to do.  Jack tells Randi that Erica is running and goes after her.  Jack tells Erica that she can't get rid of him that easily.

Greenlee asks why David is fighting her.  David says that he is trying to get Greenlee to understand why she can't help him with this.  David says that he is afraid that she will hurt his chances in court.  Greenlee says that she can see in his eyes that it is about something else.  Greenlee tells David that she is going to find out what is really going on.

Ryan thanks the security guard for being right where they needed.  Tad comes up and asks if he can wear a tuxedo.  Ryan says that as long as he is working there, Tad can wear whatever he wants.  Tad says that they have a deal and the men shake hands.

Erica says that she is too busy, but Jack says that she is scared.  Erica says that she isn't scared and Jack tells her to prove it.  Erica asks how she is supposed to prove it and Jack tells her to ask him out on that date she was talking about.  Erica agrees and Jack asks her when and where.  Erica says that the date is now and downstairs at ConFusion.

Brooke apologizes again to Adam for getting upset in front of Annie earlier.  Adam says that it is already forgotten and that he had the best night's sleep that he has had in weeks, with good dreams too.  Brooke asks what Adam dreamt about and Adam says that he isn't sure, but he woke up happier than he had been in a long time.  Adam remembers dreaming of sleeping with Brooke.  Brooke asks Adam what is wrong.

Krystal asks Marissa how she feels.  Marissa says that she might just go stay at the Yacht Club, but Krystal assures her that they have all had their shots and it is the best place for her to recover.  Marissa says that she feels like she has abandoned JR.  Krystal says that staying away from JR is the best thing Marissa could do for him right now.  Marissa says that she thinks JR is even trying to bury the hatchet with Annie.

JR tells Annie that he is going to call the Congressman's office and confirm their trip.  Annie says that she is going to find something to wear.  JR calls Congressman Wilton and says that they will be attending.  JR tells the Congressman not to let Annie know it was all his idea.

David swears to Greenlee that he isn't keeping anything from her.  Greenlee says that David is leaving her out of something.  David says that he is fighting for his life, and Greenlee can't be part of the battle.  Greenlee says that she can handle whatever life smacks her with now and asks if this is about something that already happened.  Greenlee asks what happened that David is trying so hard to hide.

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