AMC Update Wednesday 3/31/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/31/10


Written by Mandy
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Jack shows up and Erica says that it must be one of the kismet moments he was talking about.

While reading a prospective nanny's resume, Jake is impressed and asks Amanda if they can keep her.

Tad leaves another message for Damon.  Krystal asks where Damon could be and Tad suggests that they should call Jesse.  Angie tells them that she already mentioned it to Jesse, off the record, and he said that if he puts out a search, Damon's probation officer will definitely find out.  Tad says that the kid is clearly missing and that they might not have a choice.

Colby tells Damon that if Adam sees him, he won't make it home in one piece.  Damon says that he is only going if he can drive.

JR asks Annie about Adam.  Annie says that Adam is sleeping in and she didn't have the heart to wake him because he has been having trouble sleeping lately.  JR asks Marissa if she is alright.  Marissa tells JR that she is leaving him.

Jack says that he is glad Brooke was free for lunch and Brooke thanks him for inviting her.  Brooke asks Erica if she is joining them for lunch, but Erica says that she will be eating at her desk.  Erica says that Tempo must be bouncing back if Brooke can find time for lunch.  Erica asks if Brooke can stop by her office after lunch and Brooke says that she will make the time.  Brooke and Jack talk about his relationship with Erica.  Jack asks what is keeping Brooke under the Chandler roof and Brooke says that she isn't there to break up Adam's marriage.

Marissa says that she woke up with the sniffles and now has a fever, so she is leaving to make sure she doesn't infect JR.  JR says that he is fine.  Marissa says that she has an appointment with Angie and JR says that he will call Dr. Khan.  Annie says that she hopes Marissa doesn't have anything serious.

Amanda talks to Jane about watching Trevor.  Jane explains that she has nannied for a lot of working moms and knows how hard it is at first.  Jake suggests that he and Amanda go to lunch and have a little test drive.

Krystal says that Angie's right, if they get Jesse involved, Damon could be facing jail time.  Tad says that this is karma for every stupid thing he did.  Damon shows up and says that it isn't a big deal.  Tad says that Damon is 18 and on court-appointed probation.  Angie tells Damon that Tad took on a lot when he agreed to supervise Damon.  Damon says that he appreciates it, but needs some freedom too.  Angie suggests that Tad not monitor Damon's every move and Damon let Tad know what he is doing.  Damon says that he can work with that.  Tad says that he is doing his best to help Damon and was scared for him.  Tad says that he lined up a tutor for Damon, so that he can get his GED and get a good job.  Colby offers to tutor Damon and he says that he will think about it.  Angie says that she will drive Damon to the hospital, since his shift started 15 minutes ago.  Tad thanks Colby for bringing Damon home.

Opal asks why Erica summoned her.  Opal says that she doesn't need tea leaves or tarot cards to see that something is going on with Erica and Jack.  Erica admits that there have been some sparks and Jack has kissed her, but says that there is no way that this can work out.  Erica says that things have never worked before and Opal says that time heals.  Opal says that if Erica pushes Jack away without at least giving it a fresh try, she is crazy.

Jack says that he wasn't insinuating that Brooke was going after Adam.  Brooke apologizes and says that everyone seems to think that lately.  Jack says that Brooke could stop the gossip by moving out of the mansion, but Brooke says that she feels like she should be there to keep an even keel on things.  Jack asks if Brooke is available to referee Erica and Greenlee, but Brooke says that he is on his own.

Amanda says that Trevor usually goes down for a nap around now.  Jane says that she can take him to the park and fall asleep in his stroller.  Jake says that is a great idea.  Jane gives them her number and says that they can call whenever they are ready to meet up.  Jake tells Amanda that Jane can only take Trevor to the park if they actually give him to her.  Amanda tells Jane that there are extra diapers and sun block in the diaper bag.  Jane leaves with Trevor and Amanda says that she doesn't think she can do this.

Annie says that she cares because JR isn't strong enough to fight off whatever Marissa might have.  JR says that he appreciates the concern.  JR says that he really wants to let go of the crud between them and try to keep the family on track.  Annie says that the only people spreading the hate around have been JR and Colby.  JR admits that he and Colby have been jerks and never gave Annie a chance, but Annie saved Adam's life.  JR says that Annie has given AJ a dad and a grandfather because she saved both of their lives.  Annie says that she knows how much JR hates her, but JR says that he is jealous.

A doctor tries to get a kid into bed, but the kid won't cooperate.  Angie walks in and asks what is going on.  The doctor tells Angie that the kid hurt his ankle when he was running from a store and that they are waiting for his foster mom to show up.  Angie asks Damon to clean the place up.  Damon walks in and tells the kid that being a janitor sucks, but not as much as getting busted for shoplifting.

Jake tells Amanda that eventually they are going to have to get used to other people taking care of Trevor.  Amanda asks why this is so hard.  Jake says that it is separation anxiety, but she has to get used to it.  Amanda says that she is just going to run to the bathroom.  Amanda calls Jane to check on Trevor.  Jane tells Amanda that Trevor stopped fussing as soon as they left the restaurant and has been great.  Jake calls Jane's phone and gets the voicemail.

Erica says that Jack is wonderful and any woman would be lucky to have him in her life.  Opal asks why Erica is practically running in the other direction and Erica says that if she gets pulled back into a relationship with Jack, she could miss the opportunity to be with her soul mate.  Opal suggests that Erica is running away from the hunk she is meant to be with because she is afraid.  Opal tells Erica that Jack moved back to Pine Valley for her.

Jack tells Brooke about Paris and says that he was bored.  Jack says that he could travel the world a hundred times over and never meet anyone like Erica.  Brooke tells Jack that she is afraid that if she moves out, something could happen to Adam and nobody would ever know. 

Krystal asks if Tad needs anything while she is out.  Krystal says that she has to meet with Jack because he is going to help her get out of the agreement that she had with the contractor who was going to build the candy store.  Krystal says that she is going to put the lot up for sale.  Tad asks if it has something to do with her architect and Krystal says that it might.  The conversation changes to Tad and Liza and he admits that they have decided to cool it a bit.

Marissa meets with Angie.  Angie says that Marissa did the right thing by getting there so quickly.  Marissa says that she will never forgive herself if JR gets sick because of her.  Angie says that if Marissa has the H1N1, then she has to find a place to stay until she isn't contagious anymore.

Annie asks if JR is drinking again because she knows he isn't jealous of her.  JR says that Annie gave Adam what he couldn't.  JR says that almost dying changes a person's perspective.  Colby walks in and says that they will never get along.  Annie gets a call.  Colby says that if she didn't know what was going on, she would have believed everything JR said.  Colby asks if JR is going to take this to the bedroom and JR says that he doesn't have to seduce Annie to get rid of her.  Annie comes in and tells them that Congressman Wilton wants them to testify in front of a congressional subcommittee.  Annie says that she can't do it, but Colby says that she has to because JR can't travel yet.  JR says that maybe by the time it happens, Dr. Khan will give him the okay to travel.  JR tells Annie that she will be giving back and asks how she can say no.

Jake says that he has to hit the men's room and leaves.  Jake calls Jane to check in.  Jake says that he called before and didn't get an answer.  Jane assures him that there is no problem and that they have nothing to worry about.  Amanda leaves a message for Jane.  Jake and Amanda get ready to leave and Jane calls.  Jake puts the phone on speaker and Jane tells them to stop worrying and eat their lunch.  Jake and Amanda realize they both called Jane.  Jake says that they have just pissed off the best baby-sitter in town.  Amanda asks if they can go see Trevor and Jake agrees.

Brooke shows up at Erica's office.  Erica asks Brooke about Tempo doing an article on Amanda Dillon, the face of Fusion's new Glamour line.  Brooke says that she can find a place for an article on Amanda and the new line.  Erica thanks Brooke and asks about lunch.  Brooke asks about Erica's feelings for Jack.  Erica says that she and Jack are good friends. 

Krystal shows up to see Jack.  Jack tells Krystal that the contractor says that if she will cover his prep costs, she can get most of her deposit back.  Krystal thanks Jack for taking care of it so quickly.  Krystal helps Jack unpack his books and admits that she worked as a paralegal for a while.  Jack asks how Krystal gets along with computers.

JR tells Annie that all she has to do is talk about her experience, just like she did with Brooke.  Annie says that she will get tongue-tied and say something wrong in front of millions of people.  JR says that if Annie focuses on the good this will do, her nerves will go away.  Marissa calls JR and tells him that she can't come home because she has H1N1.  JR tells Marissa to get better.

Amanda thanks Jane for watching him.  Jane says that she doesn't think it will work out, because she can't afford six calls and six voicemails in an hour.  Jake asks for another chance.  Jane asks if they are really ready for the two-career thing.

Krystal says that she didn't expect to walk out with a job and Jack says that he didn't expect the answer to his problem to walk in.  Erica walks in.

At the hospital, Damon shows Charles a magic trick and then explains it to him as Angie watches, impressed with Damon's rapport with the child.

Tad makes a call to get information on Damon.

JR promises Annie that it will be okay.  Brooke shows up and JR tells her that he and Annie have been invited to testify in front of a congressional subcommittee to raise funds and awareness for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.  Brooke asks what Adam thinks and Annie says that he hasn't come downstairs yet.  Annie says that she let him sleep because he was tired.  Brooke goes to check on Adam, but Annie stops him and goes herself.  Brooke tells Annie to start acting like Adam's wife.

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