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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/30/10


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JR tells Annie that he couldn't sleep either because of the excitement.  Annie asks if trying to figure out how to nail her with the divorce papers is what kept him up.

Erica thanks Bobby for letting her come in before they opened.  Bobby says that he would do anything for his favorite customer.  Brooke shows up and runs into Erica.

A nurse tells Jake that he has another patient.  Jake sees Amanda and asks if Trevor is okay.  Amanda says that Trevor is asleep with the babysitter, but she has insomnia and there is only one doctor who can help her.

Colby asks Damon what he is doing there and Damon says that he had nowhere else to go.

Ryan asks if Tad is up early or was out all night.  Tad asks what Ryan is running from.

David asks what Greenlee is doing visiting him in jail.  Greenlee says that she couldn't sleep and David needs a suit for his arraignment.  David tells Greenlee that she is a good liar because she said she loved him.

Ryan says that he didn't peg Tad for an up-before-dawn kind of guy.  Tad says that he pulled an all-nighter and is looking for a kid.  Ryan asks if Tad is working on a case.  Tad says that Damon is staying with him.  Ryan says that Tad could call the police.  Tad says that will only end up with Damon locked up.  Tad congratulates Ryan on helping put David behind bars.  Ryan says that Greenlee is standing by her man.  Tad tells Ryan that Greenlee will come around with enough time and distance from David.

Greenlee tells David that she does love him.  David says that Ryan was listening and that is the only reason she said it.  Greenlee says that now Ryan is clear about where she stands with the marriage.  David says that the truth is that Greenlee still loves Ryan.  Greenlee says that she may feel something for Ryan, but it isn't love.  Greenlee says that she can't love someone that she doesn't trust.  Greenlee professes her love for David and asks why he won't believe her.  David says that he has to protect himself now and tells her to go home and sleep.

Jesse gives Angie flowers from Sanchez's desk.  Angie says that she can't think of a better way to start her day.  Jesse says that David is going to stay in jail, even if Liza is his lawyer.  Angie asks why Liza is representing David.  Jesse says that Liza thinks it is a good career move.  Jesse says that they still have a problem: Their schedules!  Jesse says that he is going to take Angie anywhere she wants to go and the sooner the better.  Angie says that she has been wanting to go somewhere and tells him that she can't think of a better place than where they spent their first honeymoon: The Evergreen Motel.

JR says that he doesn't care about the papers.  Annie says that this is JR's opportunity to prove to Adam what a terrible wife she is.  JR says that Annie burned the papers, which means that she isn't going to divorce Adam.  JR says that he asked Colby to back off.  Annie tells JR not to pretend like anything has changed.  JR says that Annie gave him a second chance with his wife, son and family.  JR suggests that he takes the second chance to create some common ground with the woman who saved his life.  JR says that he would like to let go of some of the hate and that he hopes Annie can too.

Bobby brings Brooke her latte.  Brooke and Erica talk about Tempo and Fusion.  Erica asks about Brooke's love life and Brooke says that she is very happy. 

Jake says that now they are both awake and suggests that Amanda is worked up about the new job.  Amanda says that things are happening so fast and she is going to be crazy busy for months.  Amanda says that she doesn't want people to see Jake as just some appendage because he is an amazing doctor.  Jake promises that they will be all right.  Amanda says that she will make sure Erica knows that family comes first and asks why she is so terrified.

Damon says that he just wanted to see Colby because he can't talk to anyone else.  Colby asks what happened.  Damon says that Tad tried to get him a job and that he was drinking a little.  Colby says that it makes sense that Tad wants to help Damon.  Damon says that Angie, Tad and Krystal are trying to reform him.  Damon says that he doesn't need Tad butting in and asking all kinds of questions that he doesn't feel like answering.  Colby asks what Damon doesn't want Tad to know.  Damon says that this was a mistake and that he is going to go somewhere he can get some peace.  Colby says that she could use a friend.

JR tells Annie that the sunrise was amazing.  Annie says that she doesn't trust JR and he says that he is hoping that with time she will see that he is sincere.  AJ comes in and says that he was worried that JR got sick again and left.  JR says that he won't get sick again because Annie had a special operation to save him.  AJ hugs Annie and she says that she is going to bed.

Brooke thanks Bobby.  Erica says that she shouldn't have jumped to conclusions about Brooke and Adam.  Erica tells Brooke about Annie stabbing her and says that Adam needs someone older and wiser.  Brooke says that she isn't on the market and asks about the man in Erica's life.  Erica says that she has been too busy.  Jack walks in.  Erica invites Jack to join her and he agrees.  Jack invites Brooke, but she says that she is on her way out.

Tad says that he didn't think Greenlee could talk herself into loving David.  Ryan says that when Greenlee makes a decision, she doesn't back down, especially when everyone thinks she is wrong.  Tad says that Ryan just needs to give Greenlee some time, but Ryan says that he has been patient and understanding.  Ryan says that he is done fighting a battle that he can't win.  Tad asks if Ryan is going to stand back and let David have Greenlee.

Greenlee says that David doesn't have to protect himself from her because she is his wife.  David says that they agreed to be two friends who trust each other, have each other's backs and be married.  Greenlee says that maybe things have changed, but David says that it can't.  David says that he is a cold, cruel, heartless bastard and that he won't decimate her life too.  Greenlee asks what David feels for her and David tells her to stop pushing it.  Greenlee tells him to say it and David admits that he loves Greenlee, which is why it has to end.

Tad says that Ryan can't quit now because he doesn't want Ryan to make the same mistake that he did.  Ryan says that Greenlee has all this anger and doesn't know what to do with it, so fighting is all she has.  Ryan says that he doesn't forgive himself, just like Greenlee won't forgive him.

David tells Greenlee to run for the hills, but she says that she isn't going anywhere.  David says that his kind of love crushes people that he doesn't intend to hurt.  David asks Greenlee to help him protect her from him.  David tells Greenlee not to say that she loves him again unless she means it and if that day comes, he will fight to be the man who deserves her love until the day he dies.

JR says that AJ was asleep before he finished tucking him in.  Marissa tells JR that David is in jail.  JR says that he will be there with Marissa every step of the way.  Marissa says that the last thing JR needs right now is to hold her hand, but JR says that he will be there for whatever Marissa needs.

Adam asks Annie what is wrong and she says that she couldn't sleep.  Adam says that the family is finally in a good place.  Annie asks if they are in a good place and Adam tells her that he loves her.

Jack says that it is good to have Brooke back and Erica says that the only thing Brooke has is work.  Jack says that everyone needs love, but Erica tells him to stop because she isn't doing this again.  Jack says that they always come back together, but Erica says that they don't have to give in.  Jack says that them being together is inevitable.

Angie gets off the phone and asks Jesse if he is ready to go.  Jesse says that Sanchez got her flowers back and never knew they were gone.  Jesse says that he is Angie's for the next few hours, as soon as she tells him about the phone call.  Angie says that Damon and Tad got in a fight and Damon has been gone all night.  Angie asks Jesse to give Tad some more time to find Damon and says that Damon reminds her of another kid she used to know.  Jesse says that Damon is like Tad, but without the charm.  Angie says that Damon reminds her of Jesse because of how they both came to Pine Valley trying to find their way. 

Colby tells Damon about a gift her dad bought that her mom didn't let her take when they left.  Colby says that she doesn't get much quality time with her dad.  Colby says that she just wants to matter and asks if Damon has ever felt that way.  Damon says that he feels like that all the time.  Colby says that she wants to do something with her life and Damon says that she will.

Amanda asks what will happen if she screws it up.  Jake says that Amanda won't screw it up because they are going to do this together.  Jake says that he won't be called "Mr. Amanda Dillon" or "Mr. Amanda Martin," but will deal with "Jamanda."  Amanda says that if they go home they can have breakfast with Trevor.  Jake says that he was thinking of something else too and they could do both if they hurry up.

Brooke tells JR that she couldn't sleep, so she took a drive.  Marissa says that she is going to take AJ's lead and go back to bed.  JR says that he will see her up there and she leaves.  JR thanks Brooke for the interview and he support.  Brooke says that the family means a lot to her and that she is going to take Marissa's lead and go upstairs for a couple hours.  JR says that he saw Brooke and Adam last night, but Brooke tells him to leave it alone.

Krystal suggests that they should call Jesse, but Tad says that they can't afford to yet.  Tad says that Damon will realize that his best choice is to just come home.

Damon tells Colby that dawn is the best time of day because he has time to think alone.  Colby asks what Damon thinks about and he says that he thinks about how good it would be to know what he is doing on Earth. 

Madison asks if Ryan is up for breakfast and he agrees.

David tells Greenlee to go home and get some sleep.  Greenlee says that it is going to be another long day.  Greenlee says that she will leave his suit with the guard.

Erica tells Jack that it is too early for such deep words.  Jack says that she knows he is right.  Erica says that Jack is being dramatic and she has to get to the office.  Jack gives Erica a long kiss and she leaves.

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