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All My Children Update Monday 3/29/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Lark

Adam asks who wants to drag him into court now and the process server tells him where to sign.

Annie tells Colby that Adam loves her.  Colby says that Adam will never forgive Annie for filing for divorce.

Tad gives Damon a picture of what he looked like after an evening of chasing pills with liquor.  Damon asks if they can wait on the lecture because his head is killing him.  Tad says that Damon could have killed himself and asks what he was thinking when he took pills from the hospital.  Damon says that he knows he messed up.  Tad says that if Angie hadn't been a family friend, Damon would have been sobering up in jail.  Kathy and Jenny come in.  Tad asks Kathy about school and Kathy talks about gym class.  Kathy asks Damon if he wants her to show him how to play capture-the-flag and Krystal says that Damon might not feel well enough to play a game, but Damon says that he does.  Damon leaves with the kids and Tad says that the conversation isn't over.

Greenlee is happy that she isn't too late and David asks what she is doing there.  Ryan shows up and says that David is going to jail, so Greenlee is too late.  Greenlee says that she won't let her husband go anywhere, but Ryan says that the police are on their way and it is over.  Ryan says that he had to call the police.  Greenlee berates Ryan for not letting her live her life like he said he would.  Ryan grabs David and Greenlee tells him to let go.  Jesse shows up and says that he will take it from there.  Greenlee says that Ryan attacked David.  David and Ryan try to get Greenlee to be quiet.  Jesse reads David his rights and Liza shows up asking if she is still fired.

Kathy shrieks and giggles.  Tad asks if they can get Kathy to quiet down a little because if his head is hurting, Damon's must be killing him.  Krystal says that she isn't going to have the girls walk around on their tiptoes because Damon has a hangover and that she doesn't want their daughters' lives to be thrown out of whack because of Damon living there.  Tad asks if Krystal wants him to throw his son out on the street.  Krystal says that unless Damon gets his act together, she doesn't feel comfortable leaving Damon alone with the girls.  Tad says that Damon won't be alone with them because his schedule is full.  Tad tells Krystal that he might have lined up a job that will keep Damon's interest.

Randi calls Tad and tells him that they have an intern position available that could possibly turn into a future.  Tad asks when Damon could start and Randi says that she has time free if Damon wants to come in for an interview.  Tad says that they will be right there and thanks Randi.

Damon tells Tad that he was thinking about taking the girls to the new Alice in Wonderland movie.  Tad says that they have the old one upstairs, but Kathy says that they can't find it.  Krystal goes upstairs with Kathy and Jenny to find the movie.  Tad tells Damon that he has a job interview at Fusion.  Tad tells Damon to go get cleaned up because he doesn't want to keep a beautiful woman waiting.

The process server sneezes and Annie snatches the envelope from Adam.  Adam asks what got into Annie and she says that the envelope was crawling with germs and asks if Adam wants JR catching the guy's cold.  Annie says that JR shouldn't be down there until the whole place is sterilized.  Scott says that it was just a sneeze, but Marissa agrees with Annie and says that they can't take any chances.  Brooke asks if she should catch the process server to find out who it was from.  Adam says that it is probably the shareholders' lawsuit paperwork.  Scott asks if he should call Barry and get another copy sent over, but Adam says that business can wait because he doesn't want anything to interfere with JR's homecoming.  Annie says that she will have the place disinfected in no time.

Colby says that Annie can scrub the house from top to bottom, but it won't get rid of the dirt she has.  Colby asks how Adam will feel when he finds out that Annie was serving him with divorce papers.  Annie says that she never asked Liza to send the papers, but Colby says that Liza was just doing her job.  Annie says that Colby set her up and Colby says that someone had to save the family.  Annie says that it looks like Colby is stuck with her and Colby says that it is only for now.  Annie says that she will be Colby's wicked stepmother from hell until the day she dies.

Scott tells JR that Adam wanted him to go over some papers.  JR says that he couldn't sleep and asks why Scott didn't tell him about the shareholders' lawsuit.  JR says that they need to make an offer to stop the lawsuit.  Scott says that he has everything under control.  JR says that they could have had Zach's casino, but Scott didn't even step up.  Scott says that he was preoccupied with the fact that JR might die.  JR says that Chandler Enterprises has taken a back seat long enough.  Marissa walks in and says that it's too soon for JR to be getting stressed about work.  Marissa asks them to save the business talk for another time.  Scott says that he tried, but her husband is relentless.

Annie says that every inch of the foyer has been doused in disinfectant.  Adam says that they have a staff, so she didn't have to do it herself.  Annie says that Sylvia left for the day and she doesn't want to take any chances with JR's health.  Brooke says that it was very considerate of Annie.  Annie says that she gave JR a second shot at life and she wants him to be able to enjoy it.  Annie says that she is thankful she can help and that with Tempo's cover story is going to encourage people to go out there and get tested.  Adam says that everyone will know what an incredible woman I married.  Annie says that she is going to see how dinner is coming along.

Adam asks if Colby has something on her mind.  Colby says that she should find JR and tell him that it is safe to come downstairs.

Adam tells Brooke that the article has helped more than she knows because before Annie was named as the cover, they had a big fight.  Brooke offers to get a hotel room if her staying there is causing problems, but Adam refuses to let her.  Brooke says that Adam shouldn't have anymore stress because of her.  Adam says that Brooke has helped Tempo and is healing his family.

Tad asks Randi if they are late and she tells them to come in.  Tad introduces Damon to Randi.  Damon tells Randi that she could be a model because she is hot and Randi thanks him.  Tad asks Damon what is wrong with him.  Damon asks what is wrong with paying a beautiful woman a compliment.  Tad says that Damon is wasting his breath because Randi is happily married.  Tad leaves.  Damon asks if al assistants have their own offices and Randi says that the office is Erica's.  Damon asks what he would be doing and Randi says that he would be doing basic intern work.  Randi asks for Damon's references and Damon says that he has been working closely at the hospital with Cherry.  Randi explains that she knows Cherry because her husband is a doctor and her mother-in-law is chief of staff.

Ryan asks Greenlee where she is going and she says that she is going with her husband.  Jesse says that he needs Liza to come answer some questions about harboring a fugitive.  Jesse asks what David was doing in Liza's apartment and Liza says that he is her client and they were arranging for him to turn himself in.  Liza says that David wanted to go in on his own terms.  Jesse says that he isn't taking Liza's word for it and Liza tells Jesse to check his call log because she called an hour ago to work it out.  Jesse says that he didn't get the message and Liza says that she didn't leave one because she was having some minor difficulties with her client.

Colby tells JR that Annie had Liza draw up divorce papers.  Colby says that Annie is ready to be the stepmother from hell and not walk away now.  JR tells Colby that nothing is ruined and that Annie will be gone soon.  Colby says that she misses having JR there and JR says that he isn't going anywhere.  Colby asks what they are going to do and JR says that Colby will back off so he can handle Annie his way.

Damon tells Randi that Angie won't give him a glowing reference.  Randi asks what Damon did to tick Angie off.  Damon says that Angie may have seen him slacking a little, but he would really like this job.  Randi says that if Tad is willing to vouch for Damon, it is good enough for her.  Randi explains how to do inventory to Damon.  Damon asks about Randi's perfume and says that he was just trying to familiarize himself with the product.  Randi says that she now knows why he and Angie didn't get along.  Randi finishes explaining the inventory list to Damon and says that he looks confused.  Damon says that he is a little bored, apologizes for wasting Randi's time, and leaves.

Jesse tells David where to sign and says that every step of the arrest is going to be down to the letter of the law. 

Greenlee asks Liza about David's options.  Liza says that if David wants to go free, he has to put Greenlee on the stand, but he refuses to even think about it.  Greenlee asks if Liza is trying to put David away for Jake and Tad.  Liza says that David came to her with a very generous offer.  Greenlee says that she doesn't trust anyone, especially Liza.

Jesse says that it's moments like this that may his job worthwhile.  David says that Jesse should have invited Angie to witness the occasion because he just secured her the chief of staff position for a while longer.  David says that he is going to be a free man soon.

Greenlee asks what is taking so long and says that she wants to see her husband.  Liza says that she will go find out.  Ryan walks up and tells Greenlee that he meant what he said at the casino.  Greenlee says that people may care about her, but not enough to respect her choices.  Ryan says that he doesn't want to see Greenlee get hurt and Greenlee says that Ryan ruining their chance to be friends hurts.  Greenlee says that she was gone for a year, but some things haven't changed much because Ryan still has a crazy obsession with being everyone's white knight, when they don't need saving.  Greenlee says that she is more than capable of taking care of herself and that she has been doing it all her life.

Liza tells David that Greenlee is burning a hole in the squad room floor and David tells Liza to get Greenlee out of there.  Liza says that Greenlee isn't going anywhere until she can see him, but Jesse is limiting visits to counsel only.  David asks if Liza is taking his case.  Liza says that $2 million is nothing to sneeze at.  David says that Liza could screw him over royally and still walk away with a sizable retainer, for trying.  Liza says that David is paranoid, just like his wife.  David says that he is in jail.  Liza says that David knew that Jesse and Ryan were tracking Greenlee's every move.  David says that he had to convince Greenlee to get out of town before she got caught up in the whole mess.  Liza says that Greenlee is the key to getting him off, but David says that he doesn't want Greenlee involved. 

Brooke says that Annie's website has gotten over 2,000 hits in an hour and that they will have no problem selling the issue with her face on the cover.  Adam says that he can't figure out what he did to deserve all this kindness after the way he treated Brooke when they were married.  Brooke says that something good came out of all the pain: JR.

Tad tells Krystal that Damon got the job and then went running away from Fusion.  Krystal suggests that maybe Randi isn't telling the whole story, but Tad says that Randi wouldn't hold out on him.  Tad asks how he can expect Damon to clean up his act, when Tad is holding out on him.  Krystal tells Tad not to be so hard on himself.  Tad says that he lost out on 18 years of Damon's life.  Krystal says that Tad is doing his best to make up for that.  Damon shows up and says that the interview was a bust.  Tad offers to check around some more, but Damon says that he doesn't want any more favors.

Jesse thanks Ryan for not blowing Natalia's cover.  Ryan says that David is where he belongs now.  Jesse says that Ryan needs to start letting him handle the police work.  Ryan says that if he had waited, David would have run and then who knows when they would have found him again.  Ryan says that he should have hit David because he lost Greenlee either way.

David asks how Greenlee got back there.  Greenlee says that she threatened to slap the department with a harassment suit.  Greenlee says that this is all her fault, but David says that the cops would have caught up with him eventually.  Greenlee says that it is her turn to protect David.  David asks if Liza is putting Greenlee up to this and Greenlee tells David to be careful with Liza.  David tells Greenlee that a win for Liza will elevate her career because the case is extremely high-profile.  Greenlee says that Liza can't win without her testimony.  David says that they have been through this and that Greenlee doesn't owe him anything.  Greenlee says that she wants and needs to do this.  David tells Greenlee that when the trial is over, so is their marriage.

The Chandler family welcomes JR home and JR says that it is good to be back.  Adam says that he wasn't sure he would be around to see this, but JR proved him wrong again.  JR says that Adam has already proven that Chandlers are too stubborn to die.  JR says that the love and support of the family is what brought him back.  Adam says that JR is lucky to have such a lovely wife, but Marissa says that she is lucky because she is loved by two of the most amazing men on the planet.  JR toasts to AJ.  Adam tells Scott that he is proud because he kept Chandler afloat while JR got rid of the cancer and that Stuart would be proud too.  JR toasts to Annie and says that he doesn't know how he will find a way to repay her, but he promises to find one.  Adam toasts Brooke for saving Tempo and helping to bring the family closer together.

JR asks Annie to wait and talk to him.  JR says that it won't take long and says that he wanted to thank her for the help earlier.  Annie says that she knows JR has been playing nice for the camera for Adam's sake, but she knows that JR still hates her.  JR says that he knows Annie was planning to divorce Adam, but burned the envelope so he wouldn't know.  AJ comes in and tells JR that he saved him a seat.  JR goes to the table with AJ.

Krystal goes to make popcorn for the girls.  Tad asks Damon what really happened at the interview.  Damon says that it didn't work out and that it was a internship, so he wouldn't be making money.  Tad says that he is confused because it looked like he and Randi were getting along well.  Damon says that he couldn't do the math because he is bad at numbers.  Damon tells Tad not to waste his time finding another job because nobody will hire him.

Liza tells Jesse that David's arraignment will be tomorrow in front of Judge Holden.  Jesse asks if Tad knows that Liza is taking the case and Liza says that who she represents is her business.  Jesse asks what Liza is getting out of this.  Liza says that she is getting a huge retainer and a lot of publicity, so she will never have a shortage of clients.  Liza tells Jesse not to pretend that morals haven't been compromised doing his job too.  Jesse says that Liza sounds just like David.

David tells Greenlee that their marriage was always going to end.  Greenlee says that not knowing where David was or if she would see him again, made her realize that she needs him.  Greenlee tells David that she loves him, while Ryan listens from the shadows.

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