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Jake tells Amanda that he got her favorite dessert for her: chili cheese fries.  Amanda says that if the whole thing works out, she will be a model, but there is no reason that Jake shouldn't eat them.  Amanda says that the fries look good and Jake says that he won't tell anyone if she eats one.  Amanda eats a fry.  A messenger walks up and says that Erica would like to see Amanda immediately.

Jack says that Pine Valley sucks you in.  Erica says that Jack is staying for Greenlee, but he says that isn't the only reason.  Erica asks Jack what he is trying to say.

JR asks if he gets a hug from the woman who saved his life.  The camera clicks as Annie and JR hug.  Annie asks why JR has changed his mind about her being the donor and why she should believe it.

David tells Liza that he needs a place to stay.  Liza says that until the arraignment he will stay in the county lockup because he is turning himself in, but David refuses.  David says that he won't turn himself in until she has his defense locked up.  Liza calls Jesse.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she has to handle it because Fusion and the campaign are all she has left.  Ryan says that maybe Greenlee needs a little reminder that it is ok to have faith.  Madison walks up and tells Greenlee that the photographer is ready to shoot the test shots and needs some direction.  Greenlee says that it is time to get to work.

JR tells Annie that she is the reason that he is alive.  Adam says that he is proud of JR.  Brooke says that she hates to interrupt the moment, but was hoping to do a brief video interview with JR, Annie and Adam.  Brooke says that she can hook it up to the Tempo website and it will be a video promotion for the cover story.  Annie asks if Brooke wants her to get on camera and pretend that everything is fine.  Brooke says that she wants everyone to be honest because it is a complicated story.  Annie says that she just needs a moment.  Scott says that it is good to see JR home and Adam asks if they can talk.  Adam and Scott walk away.  Colby says that it kills her to watch JR suck up to Annie and that maybe JR doesn't have to play it at all.  Colby says that Annie called Liza.  Marissa interrupts and asks JR if he is really up for the video interview and JR says that he is absolutely sure he wants to do it.

David takes the phone from Liza and hangs up.  David tells Liza that he isn't surrendering to the police yet.  Liza says that David needs her a lot more than she needs him, but David reminds Liza that she may never get a chance to defend a David Hayward again.  Colby calls Liza and asks to meet immediately.  Liza tells Colby that they will meet at BJ's and hangs up.  Liza tells David that he has a little reprieve while she goes to see Colby and tells David to stay out of sight and out of the refrigerator.  David says that $2 million should at least buy him a meal.

Amanda says that she wonders how the messenger found them there.  Jake tells Amanda that Erica has her models followed to make sure they stick to a zero-calorie diet.  Jake tells Amanda to open the envelope and Amanda finds her contract inside.  Jake gets up and tells Amanda that they are going to see Erica.

Jack says that he has several reason for staying in Pine Valley and he hopes that one of them is Erica.  Erica tells Jack that he always picks Greenlee over her.  Jack says that he wouldn't automatically pick Greenlee over Erica in a fight, but he has his own concerns too.  Jack tells Erica that it is finally their time and asks if Erica thinks it is worth it to find out.  Jake and Amanda knock on the door.  Jake says that he can tell it is a bad time.

Scott says that JR's new take on Annie is a little hard to believe, but Adam says that facing death can certainly change your perspective.  Scott asks how things are between Adam and Annie and Adam says that when he knows, he will let Scott know.  Scott brings up the shareholder lawsuit over the Henderson buyout, but Adam asks if they can make the day about nothing but the family and Scott agrees.

Annie tells Brooke that she hasn't decided if she wants to do the interview yet.  Brooke says that it is partially a peace offering and that it might even help bring the family closer together.  JR tells Annie that she can talk about anything she wants.  Annie agrees to do the interview, but says that if she senses a trick, she is done.  Annie looks for her phone.

Liza leaves a message for Annie telling her that the papers are drawn up.  Colby shows up at BJ's and asks if there are problems between Annie and Adam.  Liza says that she can't discuss this with Colby.  Liza gets a call from the court clerk and tells Colby that she has to take it.

Greenlee tells Natalia that she needs to lean against the roulette table, but away from the wheel.  Greenlee gets a phone call and tells the photographer to keep going.  David tells Greenlee that she needs to get out of town immediately.

Liza gets off the phone and Colby apologizes for making her run down there.  Liza tells Colby to be careful at the mansion because the place is full of minefields.  Colby says that the mines get diffused the day Annie moves out and Liza says that things have a tendency to work themselves out.

Brooke asks Adam about his feelings during the whole ordeal.  Adam says that sometimes you take your closest relationships for granted and finding out that someone is dying changes everything.  Brooke asks Annie about her feelings for what she did.  JR tells Brooke that the family has viewed Annie as suspicious since she married Adam.  Annie says that she knew JR wanted her to do it so that he could character-assassinate her in front of the world.  JR admits that he treated Annie like hell.  JR says that Annie didn't let him die and he will never forget what she did for him.  Brooke says that it is a good place to close the interview and says that the full detailed story will be in the next issue.  Adam thanks JR.  Adam and Annie say that they were moved by JR's words.  The photographer shows Brooke the viewer comments on the message board.  Brooke says that the whole world thinks that Annie is a hero.

Greenlee asks David where he is planning to go.  David says that he can't get into details because everything is about to hit the fan.  David tells Greenlee that if she is gone, she will be safe once he is arrested.

Madison tells Ryan that the photo shoot is going to go over the number of hours that they booked.  Ryan says that he will check it out and get back to her.  Madison says that they can go over it together over a couple of drinks.

David asks Greenlee to leave the country before it is too late. 

Liza meets with a process server.  Liza tells him that the envelope needs to be delivered ASAP and thanks him. Liza walks in and tells David to get off the phone.  Greenlee asks David if that was Liza.  Liza tells David that if she is going to represent him, he needs to cooperate.  David says that if he lets Liza represent him, she need to remember that she works for him.

Ryan tells Madison that he is okay with the extra hours, so they don't have to go over it.  Madison says that she doesn't want there to be any surprises down the line and Ryan says that he is okay with it.  Greenlee leaves.

Erica thanks Amanda for getting there so quickly.  Erica tells Amanda that there will be a photographer there in a minute to document her signing the contract.  Jake tells Erica that they wanted to make sure that Amanda's interests were protected.  Erica asks what the concerns are.  Jake says that they were wondering about the travel and perks.  Erica tells Jake that the contract is very generous and that Amanda is going to be a household name.  Amanda tells Erica to show her where to sign.

Annie asks if all the people are logging in to talk about her and Brooke says that the story must have resonated with people.  Marissa tells JR that he should probably lay down for a while, but he says that he will be okay for a little longer.  Brooke goes to talk to the photographer.  Adam apologizes to Annie for the fight and says that they both said things they shouldn't have.  Adam says that he will never forget what Annie did for him or JR.  Colby says that JR couldn't have wanted this and JR says that she will have to be patient.  Colby says that she has something much better going on that doesn't require patience.  JR asks Colby what she has done and Colby says that they will talk later.  Brooke comes over and asks to borrow JR and Colby says that they will talk later.  Adam says that he is going to go get a few bottles of wine, but Colby tells him that it would be rude because JR can't drink.  Annie asks what Colby is up to and why she is trying to keep Adam there.

Liza tells David that they need to get started on his defense.  Liza tells David that she has to put together a very aggressive case and Greenlee is the key to it, but David says that he told Greenlee to get out of town until this all blows over.  Liza tells David that it was a big mistake calling Greenlee.  Liza says that she will run the case her way, but David tells her that she is fired.

Ryan asks Madison if something seemed wrong with Greenlee.  Madison says that she has to go deal with something.  Randi tells Madison that she isn't Ryan's type because he likes sane women.  The photographer tells Natalia to take a minute.  Natalia tells Ryan that she is there undercover and needs him to call Jesse.  Natalia tells Ryan that Jesse needs to know that Greenlee mentioned Liza before she left and Ryan says that he is on it.

The photographer takes pictures of Amanda signing the contract and asks Jake to move to his left a little.  Jack tells Jake that he can't take any of it personally because Amanda is going to be a big star.  Jake says that he is very happy and excited for his wife.  Erica tells Amanda that she is the perfect choice for the new Fusion line.  Erica gives Amanda the itinerary and says that Amanda needs to call tomorrow, so they can take care of scheduling.  Erica says that Amanda has to really want it and Amanda says that she wants it all.  Amanda and Jake thank Erica and leave.  Erica asks Jack what he told Jake.  Jack says that he told Jake to hold on because he is about to go for the ride of his life.

Annie tells Colby that she wants to know what is going on.  Colby says that Annie has an overactive imagination.  Annie tells Colby to have some guts and own up to whatever she is planning.  The doorbell rings and Annie asks Colby what she has done.  Colby tells Annie that it is too late because she is gone.  The process server serves Adam with the envelope.

David says that Liza is untrustworthy, unstable and inexperienced.  David says that his chances would be a lot better out there instead of with Liza.  Greenlee walks in and says that she is glad she isn't too late.  David asks Greenlee what she is doing there.  Ryan walks in and says that she is too late.

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