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All My Children Update Thursday 3/25/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Lark

Jake reminds Amanda that she has the audition this morning and Amanda asks Jake what she is going to do if she isn't what they are looking for.  Jake says that Amanda is one of the most beautiful, sexual creatures that ever walked the planet.  Amanda asks Jake to look at her outfit and says that she wanted to grab their attention.  Amanda asks if it is too much and Jake says that she accomplished her mission.  A man drops a metal tray while staring at Amanda, and it crashes to the floor.

Annie asks Adam if anything in particular kept him up.  Adam says that every time he closed his eyes, he saw JR, who is coming home!

JR thanks Brooke and she asks what she did.  JR says that she supported Adam and started the website.  JR tells Brooke that if she ever needs a favor to just ask and Brooke says that she would like to do an article on him for Tempo.  Brooke says that it is a remarkable story and will hopefully inspire people to donate.  Brooke says that she understands if there is any reluctance because of Annie, but it is a story worth telling and she wants to be the one to tell it.

Greenlee tells Madison to bring in more chairs.  Ryan asks Greenlee if she has everything she needs and Greenlee says that she is fine.  Greenlee thanks Ryan again for letting them use the casino.  Ryan swears to Greenlee that he had nothing to do with her getting dragged into the police station.  Greenlee says that she knows he didn't, but ended up taking her anger out on him and apologizes.  Greenlee says that from now on, she will only go postal on the people who deserve it.  Erica walks in and Greenlee says that she deserves it.

David tells Liza that she should get a coffee bean grinder because it stays fresher that way.  Liza asks what David is doing there and David says that the park bench was getting cold.  Liza says that she thought running into him last night was a bad dream.  David asks if that is any way to talk to a new client and Liza says that she didn't take on his case.  David reminds Liza that a million dollars is a lot of money.  Tad knocks on Liza's door.

Jake says that he always thought that Amanda was a model.  Jake tells Amanda that if she is still nervous, they could go home and practice some deep relaxation techniques, but Amanda says that she will be late if they do.  Amanda asks Jake if they are still on for lunch.  Jake says yes and Amanda asks for a good-luck kiss.

Greenlee asks what Erica is doing there and Erica says that she is there to observe.  Erica says that Greenlee won't get an ounce of input from her.  Madison comes up and says that the photographer wants Greenlee to see about some lighting.  Ryan confronts Erica about pushing Greenlee's buttons.  Erica says that Greenlee is a walking time-bomb and it is only a matter of time before she detonates.

JR says that he is all for the article, especially if it will help build up the National Registry or give someone else with cancer the strength to hold on.  Brooke tells JR that Annie will be heavily featured and JR says that she should be because she saved his life.  Brooke says that she needs to go round up a photographer for JR's homecoming.  Brooke leaves and Marissa asks JR what he is really up to.

Annie asks if Adam and Brooke had a nice chat.  Annie says that she woke up alone and went looking for Adam and found him talking to Brooke.  Annie says that she is the reason that JR is coming home today and she would like a little gratitude.  Adam asks Annie if she did it to save JR or to get something for herself.  Annie says that if JR needs more bone marrow anytime soon, she may just be all tapped out.

Erica talks with Amanda about the audition.  Amanda says that she is very nervous.  Erica hires Amanda on the spot and says that it is a deal.  Erica says that she will have the contracts drawn up immediately.

JR says that he didn't lie to Brooke.  JR asks about AJ and says that he is supposed to escort his dad home.  Marissa goes to get AJ.  JR tells Colby that he hates lying to Marissa, but it will be worth it.  Colby asks if JR's plan is to rip Annie to shreds in Brooke's article.  JR says that he is going to be more subtle than that.

Tad promises to make it quick and apologizes for hurting Liza.  Liza says that Tad didn't hurt her.  Liza says that she spent most of the night trying to figure out what she was going to send him because they weren't going to work out.  Liza thanks Tad.

Natalia shows up for the audition.  Randi asks what happened and Natalia explains that she got fired.  Greenlee walks up and asks if Natalia is there to spy on her for Jesse.  Natalia says that she doesn't take orders from Jesse anymore because she got fired for breaking too many rules.  Natalia says that Brot told her about the audition and she really needs a job.  Natalia asks Greenlee for a fair shot and Randi tells Natalia not to leave yet.  Greenlee asks Amanda if she is there to audition and Amanda says that she was, but Erica already hired her.

Liza says that Tad didn't do anything wrong and Tad asks why he feels like a world-class jerk.  Liza says that she came back to Pine Valley for Colby, not to go trolloping with men and got a little off track, but Tad set her straight again.  Tad says that he was really out of line for going off on her for letting Damon drink.  Liza says that Tad and Damon are going to work it out.  Tad asks if Liza is trying to get rid of him and she admits that she is because she has an appointment.  Liza thanks Tad.  Liza asks David if he heard the whole conversation.  David says that either Liza will represent him or David will tell Damon that Tad is his father.

Annie says that she is just scared of not being everything that Adam needs.  Adam says that the day is about JR and the family coming together again and he won't let Annie tear it apart.

JR asks AJ for a hug and AJ says that he didn't know he was allowed to.  JR says that AJ is always allowed to get hugs because they are a requirement.  Marissa says that she is ready to get out of there and JR tells them that they better get going then.

Annie sniffles and leaves a message for Liza, telling her to draw up the papers, while Colby listens in on the other phone.

Randi shows Greenlee the pictures of Natalia.  Greenlee asks if Natalia is still there and Randi says yes.  Greenlee says that she doesn't trust Natalia, but she can audition.  Natalia thanks Greenlee. 

Greenlee tells Ryan that Erica stole Amanda.  Ryan asks if Greenlee's back is bothering her and Greenlee says that it is a little without David around to keep an eye on it.  Ryan tells Greenlee to sit down and massages her back.  Greenlee says that it isn't necessary.

Jack tells Erica that she had no right to sign Amanda before Greenlee got to see her.  Erica tells Jack that Amanda fits the glamour line better.  Erica says that none of Greenlee's models looked very natural. 

Annie tells Brooke that they need to talk.  Brooke says that Tempo is going to do an article about JR and Annie and that Brooke would like to put Annie on the cover.

Tad asks Jake for a verdict and Jake says that Damon just has a hangover.  Tad and Jake discuss what to do about Damon.  Jake asks if Tad took care of Liza.  Tad says that he went over this morning and found out that he didn't break Liza's heart or hurt her in any way.

Liza tells David that he can skywrite it for all she cares.  Liza tells David not to play her or it will just piss her off and he will lose.  David says that he is going to go find another lawyer, but Liza tells him that he is looking at his lawyer.  Liza says that she was the architect to David's demise and is the answer to his salvation.  Liza says that she is going to be somebody that people recognize and could use the money.  Liza says that $2 million is enough to expand her practice.  David reminds Liza that he only offered a million, but Liza says that it went up because he attempted to blackmail her.

Tad says that Liza deserves better than a chump on the rebound.  Jake asks who Tad is rebouding from and Tad says that he is rebounding from Krystal.  Jake says that he has a date with a celebrity.  Jake says that his wife booked a huge modeling job to be the face of Fusion.  Tad asks Jake how it feels being Mr. Amanda Dillon.

Brooke brings up what Annie wanted to talk about, but Annie says that it can wait because Brooke's news is more interesting.  Annie thanks Brooke.  Brooke says that she is just writing the story.  Brooke says that she has to call the photographer because they don't want to miss JR walking through the door.

Jack suggests that Erica should be the face for her new line because nothing says glamour like Erica Kane, but Erica says that she can barely breathe let alone restart her modeling career.  Jack tells Erica that he shut down his shop in Paris and will be working exclusively out of Pine Valley from now on.  Erica welcomes Jack home.

Amanda tells Jake all about her new modeling job.  Amanda says that Greenlee wasn't happy that Erica got to her first.  Jake asks Amanda for an autograph and she agrees.  Jake asks her to make it out to the "sexiest man alive" and says that he is very proud of Amanda.

Liza says that they have a deal and she will draw up the paperwork.  David says that he needs a place to stay.  Liza says that until his arraignment he will be staying in the county lockup.  Liza tells David that he is turning himself in.

Jack says that Pine Valley always sucks you back in.  Erica says that Jack is staying for Greenlee, but he says that isn't the only reason.

Madison apologizes to Greenlee.  Ryan suggests that Greenlee should take a break because her back probably needs it.  Greenlee says that she has to deal with it.

Brooke tells Colby, Adam and Annie that JR is coming.  Everyone welcomes JR home.  JR asks if he gets a hug from the woman who saved his life.  The camera clicks as Annie and JR hug.

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