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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/24/10


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Natalia says that this will never work because Greenlee knows that she is a cop.  Jesse tells Natalia that she is fired and Brot says that she could pull this off better as an ex-cop.  Natalia says that she is still a cop and Jesse says that they have to figure out how to make it public.  Jesse says that he will start the paperwork and Natalia says that she won't do this.

Randi tells Ryan that she needs to warn him about Madison.  Ryan says that he isn't a part of Fusion anymore.  Randi says that Madison is bad news and it has nothing to do with Fusion.

Annie tells Liza that she may need a lawyer.  Liza asks what is going on and says that a dollar buys confidentiality.  Annie asks what she can get if Adam leaves her and Liza makes a couple of jokes.  Annie tells Liza to forget the whole thing.  Annie starts ranting about Brooke and Liza tells Annie to sit back down.

Greenlee tells Adam that David won't leave town.  Adam says that he doesn't care where David is as long as it isn't there because JR is coming home tomorrow.  David pops out of the crate and says that he is back.  Adam asks what Greenlee was thinking when she brought David in like this and Greenlee says that she didn't have a choice.  Greenlee tells Adam to take good care of David, but Adam says that David is still out.

Brot tells Natalia that the case will be huge and she will be in the middle of it.  Natalia asks if it is the best shot and Jesse tells her that Greenlee knows where David is.  Jesse tells Natalia that this is the fast track to becoming a detective and she better get with the program because results get promotions.  Natalia says that apparently so does humiliation.

Ryan asks Randi what is so bad about Madison.  Randi says that there are things that went down between Madison and Randi's family that she can't talk about.  Ryan says that he knows about Madison's past and knows what it is like to have a dirtbag for a father.  Ryan says that survivors of abuse need understanding.  Randi tells Ryan about her past and he apologizes.  Ryan says that survivors need to stick together and tells Randi not to worry about Madison.

Greenlee reminds Adam that he made a deal with David.  David reminds Adam that Annie doesn't know that his heart can't handle a roll in the hay.  Greenlee tells Adam that if David goes down, so does he.  Adam says that it isn't worth it anymore because his son is coming home.  Adam tells David to walk out the door or he will call the police.  Adam says that David has been helpful and that is why he won't report this to the authorities until sunrise.  Adam hears a car door slam and says that the conversation is over.  Brooke tells Adam that they need to talk.

Liza says that Annie isn't the first of Adam's wives to seek divorce counsel.  Liza says that Annie might have found the one person who will listen.  Annie says that she doesn't know what to do.  Liza says that Adam had an affair with Brooke when they were married too.  Liza says that Adam cheated on Brooke too.  Annie asks Liza what she should do and Liza says that Annie should do it before Adam does.  Annie says that she loves Adam and doesn't want a divorce.  Liza asks if Adam actually cheated and Annie says that she isn't sure.  Liza says that if Adam did cheat, they have a good case.  Annie says that she doesn't want out of the marriage.  Liza tells Annie to call when she is ready to fight.

Brooke tells Adam that she had a discussion with Annie that didn't go so well.  Adam says that he had a discussion with Annie too and it went worse.  Adam says that Annie is very jealous of Brooke.  Brooke says that they can't ignore it because it will just get worse.  Adam asks if Brooke is going to leave and Brooke says that she wants to stay.  Brooke asks if Adam is committed to Annie and he says that Annie is his wife.  Brooke offers to help Adam keep Annie.

David says that without Adam, they have no options.  Greenlee says that they are not quitting and that they will make Adam give in.  Greenlee says that she needs a little time and will figure something out.  David tells Greenlee to stop.

Brot and Jesse discuss outfits for Natalia.  Natalia says that she will just go home and grab something of her own to wear for the casting call.  Brot tells Natalia that she can't go in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  Jesse says that Natalia looks great in everything she wears.  Brot picks out an outfit and says that it will get her noticed.

Madison goes on her date with Craig.  She asks about his job at the casino and Craig says that he has only been there a couple of months.  Ryan shows up and says hi.

Ryan runs into Liza and asks if she is okay.  Liza says that she has had better days.  Ryan says that there is still time left to make it a great day.

Adam thanks Brooke for her offer, but says that he and Annie are fine.  Brooke says that if she makes Annie jealous, she feels like she should help repair the damage.  Annie shows up and Brooke leaves.  Annie says that she heard voices and Adam says that he just turned the TV off and was heading to bed.  Annie says that she will go with him, but Adam says that he needs his rest.  Adam tells Annie goodnight.

Greenlee says that she won't let the cops find David.  David tells Greenlee that it is time to stop.  David says that he wanted Greenlee to talk him out of this before, but now things are different.

Annie comes into Adam's room and he says that it isn't what he meant when he said goodnight.  Annie says that she wants to make love to Adam.  Adam remembers David telling him that his heart can't take a roll in the hay.

Natalia says that she won't forget that this modeling thing was Brot's idea and Brot says that she can thank him later.  Natalia says that she is going to go turn her stuff in because she needs her beauty rest.

Craig suggests that he and Madison should stop by his friend's party, but Madison says that she doesn't think so.  Madison says that she was married not too long ago and it is too soon.

Ryan tells Liza a story and gets her to smile.  Liza says that when Colby was a little girl they made their own version of the Scouts.  Liza says that she would like another funny story, but Ryan says that it is getting a little late and will be last call soon.  Liza says that they could continue this at her place.

David says that he is doing this for Greenlee.  Greenlee says that they will beat everyone, but David tells her to let it go.  Greenlee says that she wouldn't be pushing this so hard if she didn't believe they belong together.  David says goodbye to Greenlee and locks her in the attic.  Greenlee pounds on the door and David apologizes.

Annie asks what is wrong and Adam says that he is just tired.  Annie asks if she can sleep there and says that she won't interfere with Adam's sleep.  They say goodnight.

Ryan and Liza talk about Tad.  Ryan realizes that Tad and Liza are not together anymore and says that it is definitely Tad's loss.  Ryan says that if he wasn't in love with someone else, who knows where it would go.  Ryan says that he has to get back to the casino before it closes and asks Liza to join him, but she says that she is going home.

Jesse says that Natalia will get over it when she sees the detective badge.  Brot says that he hopes Jesse is right.  Jesse says that Natalia will forgive Brot in about 5 years or so.

Adam sneaks out of his bed while Annie sleeps.

Liza and David bump into each other and she tells him to watch where he is going.  David asks where Tad is and says that it is her dream come true.  David tells Liza to call the cops and Liza asks why David is so eager to turn himself in. 

Ryan runs into Madison at the casino and asks about Craig.  Madison says that the date ended early, so she figured that she would go over stuff for the search.  Ryan says that he will let her get back to what she was doing.

Annie wakes up and realizes Adam isn't in bed.

Brooke says that she thought Adam went to bed and Adam says that he couldn't sleep.  Adam says that he feels like he can tell Brooke anything and she says that there is nothing he could tell her that would be a surprise.  Adam says that he is very glad that Brooke is there.  Annie sees Brooke and Adam holding hands.

The attic door opens and Greenlee realizes that David just wanted a head start.

David says that Liza doesn't seem to appreciate the opportunity that is being presented to her.  Liza says that she is out of the whole thing and tells David to enjoy prison.  David asks Liza to represent him.  David tells Liza that if she won his case, she would have every high profile defendant on the coast knocking her door down.  Liza says that she is expensive and David says that he is rich.  David offers Liza a $1 million retainer and Liza says that it is a good start.  David asks if he has a lawyer and Liza says that she is going to sleep on it.  David says that he has no place to go and Liza says that it isn't her problem until she takes his case.

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