AMC Update Tuesday 3/23/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/23/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Lark

Angie asks Krystal if Tad is home.  Krystal says that he is out and she isn't sure when he is coming back.  Angie says that she wants to talk about Damon.  Krystal asks if Angie caught him locking lips with another candy striper and Angie says that it's worse because Damon is a ticking time bomb.

Damon tricks Liza into looking at nothing and downs her shot again, while Tad watches from the shadows.  Tad walks up.  Liza says that she is having a drink, but it isn't Tad's business.  Tad says that it is since she is drinking with Damon.  Tad asks how many Damon has had and Damon says that he hasn't had as many as he wants.  Tad asks Liza what she is doing with his son.  Damon pops another pill with Liza's beer.

JR says that he thinks he has a way to get things back to normal.  Colby says that it will only be normal when they say goodbye to Annie.  JR says that Annie is still out to ruin the family and they will use Annie saving his life against her.  JR says that Annie will be his new best buddy because it's only right that he pay her back for saving his life.

Annie says that JR made her feel like she will never be good enough for the family and she won't let anyone make her feel like that.  Adam asks Annie what she is doing and she says that maybe it is time for her to go.  Adam asks if Annie is really leaving or if she is just threatening to so that he will beg her to stay.  Annie asks how long it took Brooke to convince him that she is a user, but Adam says that Brooke has nothing to do with this.  Annie says that their marriage has been shaky since Brooke came back to town and asks what happened to them.

Greenlee yells at Jesse for parading her around the press like a thug.  Jesse says that aiding and abetting is pretty big news around there.  Jesse tells Greenlee to bring David in and the press will forget about her perp walk.  Greenlee says that David is skiing in Switzerland, but Jesse says that he is still here in Pine Valley.  Jesse says that he is sure the love of Greenlee's life will walk through the door to save her.  Ryan walks in and Jesse says that he was hoping for her current husband.  Ryan says that he is there because he was worried about Greenlee.  Jesse tells Officer O'Neil to uncuff Greenlee.  Greenlee asks where Jesse gets off using her as bait for David and Jesse says that it is his job.  Ryan asks Jesse to leave Greenlee alone and just go after David.  Jesse says that if Greenlee brings in David, she can go.  Jesse tells his officers to find David.  Ryan stops Greenlee from smacking Jesse and she thanks him.

Annie asks why Adam won't let her go and he says that the problem is how she relates to everyone in his life.  Annie tells Adam that JR summoned her to the hospital so that he could attack her and that Adam is the one who told JR that she did something amazing for him.  Annie says that it would be nice for once if Adam would defend her and he says that he has tried many times, but she doesn't make it easy.

Colby asks JR what happens after he convinces Annie that he is eternally grateful.  JR says that Colby doesn't want to know the details, but this has to stay between them.  JR and Colby pinky swear as Marissa walks in and she says that JR is the wrong sex for that.  Colby says that brothers have to pinky swear because it is in the sibling handbook.  JR tells Marissa that he is being released from the hospital tomorrow and that it is time to move into the mansion, where they belong.

Liza tells Tad that she didn't buy Damon a drink and that he took hers when she wasn't looking.  Liza says that she didn't want to cause a big scene because the bartender would have called the cops, which isn't something that Damon needs.  Tad suggests that they should get Damon out of there and Liza agrees.  Damon tells Liza that she is empty and that he will get another one for her.  Tad tells Damon that he is headed for prison because he is drinking in a bar while he is underage and that goes against his probation.  Damon asks if Hillary would visit him in jail.  Tad says that Damon can't be that drunk and Damon says that he can get there.

Madison says that they need to set up another staging area for the models.  Randi says that she works for Erica, not Madison.  Madison answers the phone.  Natalia and Brot walk in.  Randi asks if they have seen Greenlee and Natalia says that Jesse hauled Greenlee in.

Greenlee tells Jack to get her out of there.  Jack asks if Greenlee has slugged Jesse yet and Ryan says that he caught her right before she made contact.  Greenlee says that Jack has to stop this because she can't take it anymore.  Jack says that they will get it cleared up and meets with Jesse.  Jesse says that he has done everything by the book.  Jack says that Greenlee will drop the idea of a lawsuit if she is let off.  Jesse says that Greenlee knows where David is hiding, but Jack says that she doesn't.  Jack asks Jesse not to punish Greenlee for putting her faith in the wrong man.

Greenlee thanks Ryan!  Ryan brings up David and Greenlee assumes that he is part of it.  Ryan says that he heard about her arrest on the radio and was concerned about her.  Jesse walks in and Greenlee asks him if they are done.  Jesse says that Greenlee is free to go.  Jack thanks Jesse.

Angie tells Krystal that she caught Damon pocketing a prescription bottle from the trash and then the next day a bottle of pills disappeared.  Angie says that Damon made a big show about how innocent he was, but she has a bad feeling about it.  Angie says that she thinks that Damon is headed for a concrete jungle and she doesn't want to be the one to send Tad's son to prison.  Damon and Tad walk in.  Krystal asks if Damon is okay and Tad says that he won't be after he sobers up.  Damon says that he is going to hurl and Tad tells him to make it to the bathroom.  Krystal and Angie take Damon down to the bathroom.  Angie asks Damon how much he had to drink.

Liza apologizes to Tad and says that she wasn't thinking.  Tad says that he thought Liza had changed, but she is still the same vindictive person from the past.  Liza asks Tad to let her explain, but he refuses.  Tad says that he is sorry he couldn't handle a relationship right now, but at least he could be honest about it.  Liza asks Tad to tell Damon that she hopes he feels better.

Damon comes back out and Tad asks what happened.  Krystal says that Damon didn't toss his cookies.  Angie says that she wishes he had because it would help clear his system out.  Damon asks if there is anything to drink.  Tad says that he should be grateful that Damon can't hold his liquor and Angie says that it might be more than just alcohol.

JR presses Dr. Jones to release him from the hospital.  Dr. Jones says that he would like to monitor JR for another week.  Marissa tries to get JR to realize that it is only a couple more days, but JR says that all he needs is a clean environment and he can have that at the mansion.  Colby says that they will hire round-the-clock nursing care for JR too.  Dr. Jones says that as soon as Dr. Khan signs off, JR will be discharged.  Marissa asks JR when he decided that he wanted to move into the mansion.  JR says that Adam invited him and it might be easier on her to have all the help around.  Marissa says that she doesn't want the stress of living with Annie to get to JR.  JR tells Marissa that Annie was his bone marrow donor and that maybe he should give her a second chance.  Marissa asks if JR is ready to end the battle with Annie and JR says that it is time he puts his family first.

Annie says that sometimes she can't deal with Adam's family and she doesn't have the strength to wait them out.  Adam says that Annie can handle anything and anybody.  Annie says that she needs a break because she can't pretend that the hatred doesn't hurt her anymore.  Adam tells Annie not to be jealous of Brooke and Annie says that she isn't.  Annie tells Adam to fire Brooke from Tempo and send her packing.  Adam says that Brooke isn't a threat and that Annie needs to put the insecurity thing behind her.  Annie asks if Adam is going to divorce her if she doesn't.

Madison asks Randi why Greenlee was arrested.  Randi says that all she knows is that Greenlee is at the police station right now and Madison says that she is going to find out what is going on.  Natalia and Brot gamble.  Randi says that she can't take the competition anymore.  Natalia says that Erica values Randi and Randi says that she wishes that Greenlee didn't act like she didn't exist.  Brot tells Randi that she can score some points with Greenlee by hiring Natalia as the model.  Madison tells Randi that Greenlee is free, but isn't coming.  Randi goes to talk to Ryan about the things they need for the model search.  Ryan says that he can't get into it right now.  Madison tells Ryan that she heard about Greenlee.  Ryan says that protecting David will hurt Greenlee in the end.

Greenlee tells Jack that they should still sue the police department, but Jack says that suing isn't a good idea.  Jack says that Greenlee needs to unwind a little and suggests that they have dinner together, but Greenlee asks for a rain check.  Greenlee goes inside and Jack leaves.  Greenlee asks David what he is doing there and David says that he was worried about her after hearing that she was arrested.  Greenlee asks what they are going to do and David says that he needs to turn himself in.  Greenlee says that David can't turn himself and that they will figure something out.  David says that it will be hard to figure anything out with the two unmarked cars outside.  David says that there is no way out, but Greenlee says that there is always a way.

Ryan says that there isn't a person on the planet who should be helping David.  Madison says that sometimes love makes a person lose reason, but Ryan says that Greenlee doesn't love David.  Ryan says that they will discuss the photo shoot later.  Madison tells Randi that it's easier for her to handle the details because it is a Fusion Natural campaign.  Randi says that Madison doesn't fool her, so she can stop with the sweet little worker bee act.

JR tells Marissa that they should do a railroad theme in AJ's room and get a mural painted.  Marissa says that Angie could stop the early release if JR doesn't promise to behave.  Marissa says that she doesn't want anything messing with JR's progress.  Marissa says that she better get going with the arrangements and tells JR not to go overboard on AJ's room.  Marissa leaves and Colby asks why JR didn't tell Marissa about their plan to destroy Annie.  JR says that Marissa would just get worried all over again.  JR says that they will all be safe when Annie is out of their lives.

Adam says that he isn't going to feed into Annie's paranoia.  Annie says that she will get out of the way, so that Adam can change the sheets for Brooke.  Adam says that Brooke isn't nearly as close a friend as Annie's friend: Scott.  Adam gets a call from JR saying that he is being released from the hospital tomorrow.  Adam says that he is going to clean house and tells Annie that JR is coming home.

Angie checks on Damon and asks him if he stole the pills from the hospital.  Damon asks if Angie wants to party and Tad says that Damon's partying days are over.  Angie asks Damon how many pills he took and he says that he took two.  Tad says that maybe they should have Damon's stomach pumped.  Angie says that the dose wasn't dangerous, but it upped the effects of the alcohol.  Tad apologizes to Angie.  Angie says that if she does a drug test and it turns up positive, she has to report it to his probation officer so she won't run the test.  Tad thanks Angie and swears that she won't be regret it.  Angie tells Tad to figure out why Damon is so bent on sabotaging himself and let her know how bad the hangover is.  Angie leaves.  Krystal says that she wishes there was more she could do.  Tad asks Krystal to make a strong pot of coffee because it will be a long night.

Madison says that she just wants to do a good job.  Randi tells Madison to preach it to someone else because she can tell that Madison wants Ryan.  Ryan comes over and tells Madison that Craig will help with the details.

Brot offers a truce and Natalia accepts it.  Jesse comes up and talks to them.  Jesse says that they still have someone on Greenlee, but not close enough to find out where David is.  Brot says that they need to put someone in Greenlee's circle and Brot suggests having Natalia model for Fusion.  Natalia points out that Greenlee knows that she is a cop.  Jesse tells Natalia that she is fired.

Madison thanks Ryan and says that without Greenlee there, she isn't sure she could have pulled it off.  Madison tells Ryan that Craig asked her out and asks if it is against any sort of policy.  Ryan says that Madison doesn't work for him, so if it is okay with her it's fine.  Madison says that she hasn't been on a real date since before she was married and asks about the dating rules.  Ryan says that she is asking the wrong guy because he doesn't know either.  Madison says that she is nervous and asks if Ryan ever thinks about testing the dating waters again.  Ryan says that there is only one woman for him.  Madison says that Greenlee is a genius when it comes to cosmetics, but not about love.  Randi says that she needs to warn Ryan about Madison.

Damon asks Tad if walking is really good for him.  Krystal brings the coffee out and Tad tells Damon to drink it, but Damon says that it is disgusting.  Tad says that this is about getting Damon sober.  Damon says that coffee will only help keep him awake, not sober him up.  Tad says that whatever Damon is going through doesn't give him the right to act like that in Tad's house.  Damon says that he is just having a good time.

Annie runs into Liza at ConFusion.  Annie orders a drink and says that she may need a lawyer.  Liza asks what is going on and says that a dollar will buy confidentiality.  Annie asks Liza what she can get if Adam leaves her.

Adam looks for Annie.  Adam opens the door to find Greenlee with a crate.  Greenlee says that Adam is a big-time Fusion investor and she thought maybe Colby would like some samples.  Adam says that JR is coming home tomorrow and he doesn't want David lurking around.  David pops out of the crate and tells Adam that he is back.

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