AMC Update Monday 3/22/10

All My Children Update Monday 3/22/10


Written by Mandy
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Jesse asks Jake what happened.  Jake says that he tripped on a toy train set at home.  Jesse says that he needs opinion on a David related case.  Jake says that he can't do it, but will be rooting for Jesse from the sidelines.

David tells Adam that Annie is the same opportunistic liar she has always been.  Adam says that he doesn't need David spying on Annie.  Adam says that he trusts his wife.  David says that Adam might want to pick out his cemetery plot.

Annie tells JR that she was the bone marrow donor who saved his life.  JR tells Annie that if she can't be honest with him, she needs to leave.  Annie shows JR her hip and asks if that is enough proof for him.

Angie stops Damon and asks him about a missing bottle of diazepam.  Damon asks if his new job at the hospital is to be the regular fall guy for everything that goes wrong. 

Liza asks if Tad is breaking up with her.  Tad says that he needs some time and that she has been frustrating the hell out of him lately.  Tad and Liza argue.  Tad says that maybe they should think about breaking up. 

Angie tells Damon that part of her job is watching out for the people who work there and that Tad is her friend.  Angie tells Damon that he got a second chance and if he blows it, he will be lashing out at Tad, the hospital and himself.

Jake says that he can't go there again because he almost lost his family because he was wrapped up in the Hayward vendetta.  Jake tells Jesse that David's kryptonite is Marissa.  Jesse thanks Jake and says that he thinks he has something he can work with.

David says that he isn't through examining Adam yet.  Adam says that as soon as JR comes home, David will have to find someone else to blackmail for asylum. 

JR asks who Annie paid to scratch the mark into her hip, but Annie says that she didn't fake it.  Annie says that JR will owe her for the rest of his miserable life.  Scott walks in and JR tells Annie to get out.  Scott tells Annie that she should go and then calls for a nurse.

Adam asks what happened to his liquor and Brooke says that she flushed it down the drain because he doesn't need to be drinking.  Brooke asks if Adam had a fight with Annie.  Adam says that Annie's pretty hard-headed and not always easy to live with.  Colby tells Adam that Scott is calling from the hospital.  Scott tells Adam to come immediately and Adam says that he is on his way.  Adam says that he is going to see JR and Colby says that she is going too.

Damon tells Angie not to give him all the campy lectures and just accuse him if she is going to.  Angie asks Damon if he stole the pills.  Damon says no and Angie says that she believes him.  Angie is paged and leaves.  Damon pops some pills into his mouth and struts away.

Tad and Liza argue about Krystal.  Liza asks what Tad wanted from her and Tad says that with her he could cut loose.  Jake walks in and Tad apologizes to Liza.  Liza says that she feels stupid because she knew better than to think it might work.  Liza leaves and Jake asks if Tad is just going to let her go.  Tad says that is exactly what he is going to do.

Annie asks where Adam is and Brooke says that he went to the hospital.  Annie says that she doesn't need JR telling Adam his version of their conversation.  Brooke asks what happened and Annie says that Adam slipped and told JR about something she did for him.  Brooke asks if Annie told JR that she was his donor.  Annie tells Brooke that JR didn't believe her and it is Brooke's fault.

Scott tells Adam to calm down.  Adam asks what happened and Scott says that Annie and JR were going at it.  JR says that Annie was claiming that she saved his life and that Annie is usually a better liar.  Colby asks what kind of person lies about being a bone marrow donor.  Adam says that Annie wasn't lying and that she really did save JR's life.  JR asks how Adam could let this happen because now Adam is forever in Annie's debt.

Annie says that none of this would have happened if Brooke had stayed away from Pine Valley.  Brooke suggests that Annie doesn't really care about Adam's family.  Annie says that she should get some credit because she saved JR's life.  Brooke says that Annie couldn't keep her mouth shut about being JR's donor because she wanted everyone to think she cared.  Annie says that everyone calls her selfish and she wanted to prove them wrong.  Brooke says that the most important thing to Annie is being the most important thing in Adam's universe.  Brooke asks if Annie really loves Adam.

David calls Fusion and asks if Greenlee is there.  He is informed that she isn't there and says that he doesn't want to leave a message.

Jesse asks how JR is doing and Angie says that he is out of isolation.  Angie tells Jesse that Damon needs to know the truth about Tad being his father. 

Tad tells Jake that he decided to cool things down with Liza.  Tad says that Liza just nailed him all over again for sleeping with her mother.  Jake says that Tad and Liza had a good thing going. 

Liza orders a beer and a shot.  Damon comes up and asks what a guy has to do to get a drink.

Tad tells Jake that he is Damon's father.  Jake asks what Tad is going to do and Tad says that it's Hillary's responsibility to tell Damon the truth.  Jake changes the subject back to Liza.  Tad admits that he should have told Liza sooner and says that he should go find her.  Tad and Jake realize Liza is at the bar.

Liza tells Damon that there are other seats.  Damon asks what is wrong with Liza.  Liza says that maybe she just doesn't feel like being around anyone.  Damon asks what has Liza so pissed off.  Liza says that with one word from her, Bartender Bob will kick Damon out.  Damon says that he will prove that he has a right to be there.  Damon shows her his fake ID and says that he paid a hundred dollars for it.  Liza says that Damon got ripped off and takes the ID.  Damon asks how he is going to drink now.  Damon sneezes and downs Liza's shot.

Angie talks to Jesse about Damon.  Jesse asks if they can pick this up later.  Angie apologizes and says that she will let Jesse get back to work.  Jesse asks about the progress.

David hears that the jury is still out in his case, but that Greenlee has been arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

JR tells Adam that Annie didn't do this out of the kindness of her heart.  Colby asks Adam if he is sure that Annie was the donor and Adam says that he was there when they took her in for the procedure.  Scott suggests that they finish the conversation later, so that JR can get some rest, but JR says that he wants to do it now.  Adam tells JR that he would have died without Annie's bone marrow.  Adam says that he has to find his wife and make things right with her.

Annie says that she doesn't have to justify herself to Brooke because she came back to get Adam.  Brooke says that you can't force or manipulate anyone into loving you. 

David leaves the attic.

JR says that he thinks he has a way to get things back to normal.  Colby says that the only way things will be normal is when they say goodbye to Annie.  JR says that Annie is still out to ruin the family and they will use her saving JR's life against her.

Adam gets home and Brooke asks if everything is okay at the hospital.  Brooke says that she has a meeting with a writer about Tempo, but can cancel if Adam wants someone to talk to.  Adam tells Brooke to go to her meeting and asks if Annie is home.  Brooke says that Annie is upstairs.  Adam asks Annie how she could tell JR that she was his donor and tells her that JR doesn't need the stress.  Annie says that JR made her feel like she will never be good enough for the family and she won't allow anyone to make her feel like that.  Adam asks where Annie is going.  Annie says that maybe it is time for her to go and Adam asks if she is really leaving or threatening so that he will beg her to stay.

Liza asks Damon how old she was and Damon says that she looked at his ID and said he was foxy.  Damon says that he practically had to run out of the bar to get rid of her.  Liza laughs and thanks him.  Liza tells Damon that he can stay if he doesn't touch her drink.  Liza asks Damon why he is pissed at the world.  Damon says that he has a girlfriend who ran out of town with his son and won't let him visit, a boss who hates him and his parents.  Damon tricks Liza into looking at nothing and downs her shot again, while Tad watches from the shadows.

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