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All My Children Update Friday 3/19/10


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Tad asks how he is supposed to sit on this information.  Tad says that if he springs the information on Damon, he will take off all over again.  Krystal asks about Liza talking to Hillary in Ohio.  Tad says that Liza acts like she is crushed if she isn't tied up in every aspect of his life.  Krystal says that Liza has fallen for Tad hard.

Liza tells Colby that she can do a lot better than Damon and Colby reminds Liza that she and Damon are just friends.  Liza tells Colby that she met Damon's parents in Ohio and he is damaged goods.

Damon tells Angie that there is no need to call his probation officer and that he was just taking a break.  Damon apologizes to Angie and says that he will never act like that again.  Angie tells Damon that he has an hour for lunch and if he comes back late, he doesn't need to come back.  Damon says that he is going to go home for lunch, if that is okay and Angie tells Damon that this is his last chance.

Angie walks into JR's room and tells him that she doesn't need a mask anymore because JR is making great progress.  Angie says that from now on, healthy visitors will just have to wash their hands.  JR asks when he can get out of there and Angie says that they have to take it one step at a time.  JR says that money is no object if there is anything they can do to speed it along.  Angie comments on the similarities between JR and Adam.

Adam says that he doesn't want Annie suspicious about what he and Brooke are doing and that Annie has to be kept busy.  Annie hears a snap in the tunnel and asks who is there.  Annie screams and Adam asks what she saw in the tunnels.

Krystal tells Tad that Liza's feelings have been obvious for a while.  Tad says that he and Liza are just friends that enjoy each other's company with no strings or promises.  Krystal tells Tad that Opal said something about Liza being threatened by their relationship.  Tad tells Krystal about Liza's reaction to her knowing the truth about Damon.  Krystal asks Tad how he is going to deal with this.  Tad asks what he is supposed to do.  Krystal suggests that Tad should track Hillary down because he should at least find out how Hillary feels about this.  Tad asks Damon what he is doing at home.  Damon says that he is home for lunch and tells Tad to expect a call from Angie.  Tad asks what happened and Damon says that he screwed up.

Liza says that it isn't Damon's fault.  Colby asks if she is damaged goods too because of all the things Liza and Adam put her through.  Colby tells Liza about everything that happened before and after she crashed the yacht.  Liza says that she doesn't think it is a coincidence that everything happened while Colby was living with Adam.  Colby tells Liza not to blame Adam because they both used her as a weapon.

Brooke asks if Annie always hangs out in the tunnels.  Annie says that it is her house and she can do whatever she wants.  Annie asks Adam and Brooke what she isn't supposed to be suspicious about.  Adam explains that they were talking about Tempo, but didn't want to talk too much until they cleared everything up.  Annie says that she was just exploring the tunnels because she thought she should polish her research skills, since she will be working at a magazine again.  Annie asks if Brooke knows much about the tunnels and if she has been in them lately.  Adam says that he is going to check on JR.  Brooke accuses Annie of being in the tunnels to spy on her and Adam.

Liza apologizes to Colby for not being there when she was needed.  Liza says that she didn't realize how much of a difference a simple apology could make.

Damon says that he can't stand Angie because she is always in his face.  Tad says that Angie wants Damon to take his job seriously and that if Damon shows a little enthusiasm, Angie will back off.  Damon and Tad talk about what will happen after his community service is over.  Tad says that he will make some calls and see what he can come up with and Damon thanks him.  Tad tells Damon to go eat before Angie calls.  Damon asks if he has gotten any messages and Tad says no.  Tad tells Damon that his parents left for an extended trip to Europe.

Brooke asks Annie if she was spying and Annie dodges the question.  Brooke suggests that they should get to the Tempo office.  Annie says that she has a Pilates session, but reluctantly agrees to postpone it until tomorrow.  Brooke starts talking about a psychological study, while Annie daydreams about Adam leaving her for Brooke.  Brooke asks if Annie is going to get dressed and Annie says that she can't work with Brooke today.

Liza shows up to see Tad and Krystal says that it isn't a good time.  Liza says that Krystal is really on top of it because she knows Tad's schedule too.

Tad tells Damon that he had someone take off to Europe on him too.  Damon talks about his parents leaving him alone a lot and says that it will be Tad's problem if he screws up this time.

Adam asks Angie about JR's progress and she says that they are very encouraged.  Angie asks Adam if he is due for a cardiac checkup.  Adam says that he has never felt better.  Adam goes in to see JR and says that he wants Adam to move back into the mansion when he gets out of the hospital.  JR gets a business call and says that he has to take it.  Adam says that Scott has the company covered, but JR says that they could have had the casino if Scott wasn't so swamped.

Scott asks Annie what is wrong and realizes that she is upset about Brooke.  Annie says that Brooke has everyone fooled, but her.  Scott says that Brooke isn't out to get Annie, but Annie says that Brooke is trying to take over her life.  Annie says that everyone hates her no matter what she does, but Scott says that he doesn't.  Annie asks Scott if he still cares about her.

JR asks when Adam slept last and Adam says that with JR on the mend, he will be sleeping better.  Adam says that JR should be very grateful to Annie because what she did for him was amazing.  JR asks what Annie has ever done for him.  Adam says that the conversation is over because JR is too upset.  Angie walks in and says that she will be limiting JR's visitors from now on.  Angie tells Adam that he does need a checkup because he has a serious heart condition that needs to be monitored by an expert cardiologist.  Adam says that he has it covered.

Scott tells Annie that they can't go there again.  Annie says that they haven't broken any rules, but Scott says that they have broken enough already.  Annie says that they need someone to talk to about Brooke and Scott suggests that she talk to Adam.  Annie says that Adam just defends Brooke.  JR calls Annie and tells her to come to the hospital alone.

Krystal tells Liza that it isn't a competition and that they both care about Tad.  Liza says that she needs to talk to Tad, but Krystal says that she should wait until he is done talking to Damon.  Tad tells Damon that he will track his parents down, but Damon says no and that he has to go.  Liza asks if Tad has a second and he says that it isn't a good time.

Adam tells David that when JR is released, David needs to be gone.  David says that while Adam was at the hospital, there was a lot going on there with Annie.

Liza apologizes to Tad for looking for Hillary in Ohio.  Liza says that she was wrong and made things worse.

Colby tells Damon that JR is doing much better and that she didn't get a chance to talk to Adam, but she will.  Angie comes up and says that they don't do special favors.  Colby apologizes and says that she didn't mean to get Damon in trouble.  Damon says that Angie has had it in for him since he got there.

Annie says that JR should be going home soon.  JR says that when he gets out, he is moving back into the mansion and will be laying down some ground rules.

David says that as Adam's physician, he feels like he has an obligation to be honest.  Adam says that now that JR will be all right, so will he.  David tells Adam that his wife is a new health hazard.  David tells Adam that Annie was complaining about Adam's finances and then basically threw herself at Scott.

A woman comes up and says that their closet is free, but Damon tells her that he is busy.  Angie asks a nurse where some medication is.  The nurse says that they are gone and Angie stops Damon.

Tad tells Liza that it isn't a good time because he has to focus on Damon right now.  Tad tells Liza that they should cool things off a little bit.  Liza asks if Tad is breaking up with her.

David says that he would like to start Adam on a new regimen of yoga and relaxation exercises.  David tells Adam to ask Scott or Brooke about Annie, but Adam says that he will ask Annie.

JR tells Annie that she has to be completely honest with him about everything.  JR asks Annie about what she did for him that was so great.  Annie tells JR that she was the bone marrow donor who saved his life.

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