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All My Children Update Thursday 3/18/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Jack gives Erica the temporary partnership agreement.  Erica says that she appreciates Jack doing this and that it couldn't have been easy to meet all of their conditions.  Jack asks Erica to stop the vindictive war with Greenlee.  Erica says that Greenlee started it and that she won't surrender to anyone.

Krystal tells Angie that JR seems stronger and Angie says that he is doing much better.  Angie asks if Tad has left to see Hillary yet and Krystal says that he is leaving this morning.  Krystal and Angie watch Damon and a girl come out of the closet rearranging their clothes.  Angie says that they have proof that behavior is genetic.

Liza tells Tad that they have to talk.  Tad says that he is on his way to Ohio to see Hillary, but Liza tells him that Hillary left for Europe on an extended trip with her husband.  Liza says that Hillary didn't want to talk about Tad or Damon.  Liza says that she was trying to help, but Tad says that she should have stayed out of it.

David asks Adam if he has thought about the proposal.  Adam says that he will not help David get rid of the impending charges.  Adam says that he is already harboring a fugitive and that should be enough for David's services.  David says that if Adam won't give him anything else, Adam has 6 months to live.  Annie asks Adam who is in the room with him and rattles the doorknob.

Greenlee says that the casino looks better than she remembers.  Madison asks if she is fired and Greenlee says that Madison still has a job and that the casino will definitely work.  Ryan tells Greenlee and Madison that he just bought the casino.

Annie asks why the door is locked.  Adam says that he is on a business call and that he will be right out.  Annie starts pounding on the door and Adam tells her to let him finish his business.  David says that making Annie happy in bed will kill Adam and he won't be able to resist for much longer.  Adam lets Annie in the room and she asks who is there.

Jack tells Erica that Greenlee is only trying to reclaim her life and her company.  Erica says that she refuses to discount all the work she put into Fusion to save it.  Erica says that nobody is giving her credit and that she won't just hand the company over to Greenlee because she has to think about Kendall too.  Erica tells Jack not to risk tarnishing their friendship over Greenlee's accusations.

Greenlee asks if Madison knew that Ryan bought the casino.  Ryan says that it just happened and they are the first two to know.  Madison congratulates Ryan.  Ryan says that he wants to make sure Greenlee isn't uncomfortable with having him around.  Greenlee says that a building's owner has nothing to do with her ad campaign and asks how he managed to buy the place.  Ryan says that he got a little sneaky.  Ryan asks Craig to work out a location lease with Madison.  Craig and Madison go to his office.  Greenlee says that maybe she and Ryan can actually make things work out after all.

Angie asks Damon what he was doing in the closet with the young volunteer.  Damon says that Cherry is 18 and that he was helping her find a tongue depressor.  Angie tells Damon that his break is over and to get back to work.  Krystal asks if Tad was like that at that age and Angie says that Krystal has no idea.

Tad asks what Liza was doing in Ohio.  Liza says that she went to see Bailey and get some papers notarized and figured while she was there, she would find out why Hillary is shutting out her son.  Liza says that Hillary's bags were already packed when she showed up.  Liza asks what is going on with Hillary.  Tad says that Damon is his son.

Adam says that nobody is there and that he had the business call on speakerphone.  Annie says that it is bad enough that he is making her sleep in the guest bedroom, without locking her out of her room.  Adam says that he didn't know the door was locked and that he must have done it out of habit.  Annie says that she doesn't understand why Adam has to be alone all night.  Adam says that he is having trouble sleeping and that they will be back to normal soon.  Adam tells Annie that he will meet her downstairs for breakfast.

Greenlee says that she thinks that she and Ryan can coexist without letting the past interfere.  Ryan asks about David and Greenlee suggests that they agree not to talk about David.  Greenlee asks how Erica feels about him snookering the casino away from Zach.  Ryan says that he is sure that Erica doesn't know yet.

Erica asks Randi which restaurant Greenlee booked for her photo shoot.  Randi says that there was a change of venue to the casino.  Erica asks Val to get her the manager of The Seasons East Casino on the phone.  Erica asks Craig if Zach approved Greenlee's photo shoot and learns that Zach sold the casino.

Angie asks if Krystal is okay.  Krystal says that she is stressed about JR, Damon and walking on eggshells around Liza.  Krystal tells Angie that she has done nothing to make Liza jealous, but it still seems like Liza is threatened by her.  Angie tells Krystal to be ready to go to the mat if she crosses Liza.

Liza asks Tad how Damon could be his son.  Tad says that he saw Hillary one night about 19 years ago and that Angie, Jesse and Krystal also know.  Liza says that she would have liked to have known.  Tad says that Damon can't find out the truth until Tad can talk to Hillary.  Liza agrees to keep quiet and tells Tad to call if he needs anything.  Liza calls Damon and cancels their lunch date.  Liza says that she has a business meeting and that they will reschedule.  Colby says that it must have been important if Liza canceled.  Damon says that he wanted a picture of Stuart and that he could have went himself, but he was stuck at the hospital.

Annie says that Brooke seems to have made herself at home in a hurry.  Brooke says that she wanted to get down there before Adam so she could talk to Lucretia about his diet.  Brooke says that she also cleaned out the liquor cabinet.  Annie says that Brooke is changing a lot of things around the mansion.  Brooke says that she wants to help Adam and it's the least she can do, since he is giving her a place to stay.

Erica and Ryan talk about him buying the casino.  Erica asks about Greenlee booking a photo shoot.  Greenlee takes Ryan's phone and confronts Erica about trying to get details about her campaign from Ryan.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about Erica.  Ryan tells Greenlee that trying to bulldoze her way through life won't make her happy.  Ryan tells Greenlee that she has to trust something and someone.  Greenlee says that she trusted David, but Ryan and his friends have driven him away.

Tad asks how Hillary could just take off.  Krystal says that it could destroy Hillary's marriage if her husband learns the truth about Damon.  Tad says that he doesn't understand how she could do this to him or their son.

Damon says that he has to find a way out of the dead-end job and asks Colby if she can pull some strings with her dad.  Colby says that she will see what she can do and will also talk to Liza to find out how things went in Ohio.  Damon thanks Colby and says that she is his only friend right now.

Brooke goes into the kitchen to get some fresh coffee.  Adam comes in and asks if Annie has already eaten.  Annie says that the breakfast is Brooke's and that she went to get some coffee and the breakfast that Annie had Lucretia make for him.  Annie says that she is going to get Adam's sweater that he left in the study and leaves.  Brooke pours coffee for Adam and asks where Annie went.  Adam says that Annie is in the study and asks Brooke to keep Annie busy with Tempo for a little while.  Brooke says that she will do it, if Adam will tell her why she is doing it.

Annie goes into Brooke's room and enters the tunnel.

Colby confronts Liza about canceling with Damon.  Liza says that she can't see Damon right now and that it is complicated.

Adam says that he can't get into the reasons right now, but he needs Annie to be occupied.  Brooke asks if there is something wrong with Adam.  Adam says that he will ask someone else to do it as a favor.  Brooke says that Adam isn't well and she has felt it for weeks.  Brooke says that Adam needs to see a doctor and he says that he has it covered. 

Erica points out that she was the picture of congeniality on the phone with Greenlee.  Jack says that after all the years of experience, Greenlee probably hears Erica's battle cry even when it's quiet.  Erica says that Greenlee is going to self-destruct and that all she has to do is sit back and watch.  Jack leans in to kiss Erica, but she turns her head.  Erica says that she has to get back to work.

Ryan tells Greenlee that she will find a way to trust him and that she will find that there are people who know how to help Greenlee.  Greenlee tells Madison that they are leaving.

Tad says that he doesn't know what to do and that he can't tell Damon the truth until he finds out why Hillary fled the country.

Angie asks Damon if he is trying to get fired.  Damon asks if Angie knows what it is like to do crap work.  Angie says that Damon is doing a service to patients who are a lot worse off than he is.  Angie says that she is calling Damon's probation officer because Damon would rather be in jail.

Colby asks what is going on.  Liza tells Colby to stay away from Damon because his life is about to explode.

Adam agrees to do everything the doctors say and says that Brooke has to promise to jumpstart Tempo.  Annie moves around in the tunnels and hears Adam say that he doesn't want her suspicious about what he and Brooke are doing.  Annie hears a snap and asks if someone is there.

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