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Written by Mandy
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Tad asks a nurse for his DNA results.  The nurse hands them to Tad and he thanks her.  Tad remembers Dixie telling him that he will be in the lives of all of his children.

Angie asks Damon if he was going to sell the pills or use them himself.  Damon swears that he was going to give them to the front desk nurse.  Damon says that the last thing he needs is trouble and asks her to forget he was seen with the pills.  Angie introduces herself as chief of staff.

Ryan buys Zach's casino.

Jesse gets his people started on the search for David and goes to explore the tunnel himself.  Greenlee says that she knew David couldn't trust Adam.  Adam says that if they make Jesse get a search warrant, he will know that they are up to something.  Greenlee says that she will pop in anytime she wants to see David and that they will be taking meetings on a regular basis about his investment in Fusion.  Adam says that he will go along with the meetings, but isn't investing a cent in Fusion.

The police check the attic while David hides, but don't find anything.

Ryan and Jake talk about the casino.  Ryan asks about Amanda and Jake says that he loves married life.  Jake says that he will buy Ryan lunch.  Jake asks what he has to do to get a drink and Amanda asks him what he is doing there.  Amanda says that Gwen, the manager, called and was shorthanded, so she came to help out.  Jake asks about Trevor and Amanda says that Opal agreed to keep him for the afternoon.  Gary gives Amanda a drink order.  Amanda says that they can talk, as long as she stocks at the same time.  Jake says that her skirts a little high, but it's nothing a few hundred yards of fabric wouldn't fix.

Ryan asks Madison if everything is okay.  Madison says that Greenlee is about to fire her because she screwed up.

Tad tells Krystal that Damon is his son.  Tad asks why Hillary would keep him from his son.

Angie tells Damon to be grateful for the second chance or she can call his probation officer.  Damon says that he is on the job.  Angie leaves a message for Frankie to call her.

Krystal says that maybe Hillary doesn't know that Damon is Tad's.  Tad says that Hillary has to suspect something and asks what he is going to do.  Krystal says that Tad will find a way and tells him to call if he needs anything.  Damon comes up and asks to talk to Tad.

Amanda says that she would think that Jake had a problem with her picking up the shift.  Jake says that he thinks it's great that she covered her friend, but he thought she was into the whole mom thing.  Amanda says that their nest is great, but she misses working.  Jake says that he just wasn't ready to give up their little bubble nest yet.

Madison tells Ryan that she forgot to call and confirm the location for the photo shoot and Greenlee is going to kill her because it is already booked now.  Ryan suggests that she should use the casino.

Jake says that whatever job Amanda picks, could involve more clothing.  Amanda says that Jake loves it when she dresses sexy, but he says that he loves it when it is for him.  Jake asks Ryan for a rain check on lunch and Ryan agrees.  Amanda says that she is filling in and asks Madison to keep her in mind if something opens up.  Madison says that Greenlee is launching a new cosmetics line and tells Amanda to call Greenlee.

Adam asks Jesse if he found anything.  Jesse says that they didn't and are done for now.  Greenlee tells Jesse to stop having her followed.  Jesse leaves and Greenlee starts searching for David. 

Krystal tells Tad and Damon that she will see them at home.  Tad asks Damon what he wanted to talk about.  Damon tells Tad about the incident with the pills and asks Tad to help clear things up.  Tad agrees to talk to Angie.  Damon asks if everything is okay with JR and Tad says that everything is fine.  Tad leaves another message for Hillary and says that it is urgent.

Ryan meets Craig Burnett, the casino manager.  Ryan asks for the P&L statements and the quarterlies, so he can check out the financial situation of the casino.  Ryan asks Craig to get the staff together for a meeting.  Ryan asks Madison what she thinks.  Madison says that the casino is lucky to have Ryan as its new owner.

Greenlee finds David and he says that he was hiding in the furnace supply.  David says that it didn't take long for Adam to rat him out to the police.  Greenlee says that the police followed her and that Adam saved him.  Greenlee says that she will be there as often as possible because she told Jesse that Adam is investing in Fusion, so they will be taking a lot of meetings.  David says that he should move on because it's too hot.  Greenlee tells David that the mansion is the logical place for him to be.  David says that Greenlee is amazing and just gave him a great idea and kisses her.

Ryan asks if the casino will work for the shoot and Madison says that the question is whether it will work for Greenlee. 

Greenlee says that she was okay with the "thank you."  David apologizes for kissing her.  David says that it won't happen again.  Greenlee says that she has to get back to work.

Madison says that she is still trying to figure out how to explain to Greenlee that she lost the location she wanted.  Ryan tells Madison to be genuine and believe in her pitch.  Madison says that once Greenlee finds out that Ryan owns the casino, she might back out of the idea.  Ryan tells Madison that the purchase won't go public for a couple of days, so all she has to do is pretend that she didn't know.  Ryan says that if Greenlee fires Madison, he will give her a job.

Jake asks Amanda if she really wants to do modeling.  Jake says that he was talking about a job with more clothing.  Amanda assures Jake that she is happy, but she likes being in the world contributing and challenging herself.  Amanda asks Jake to stand behind her on this because she wants to do it for herself.

Tad and Angie talk about Damon.  Angie tells Tad that he sounds like a protective father already.

Jake says that he loved having Amanda all to himself, but he won't stand in her way. 

Greenlee asks where Madison has been.  Madison says that she was scouting locations for the shoot.  Greenlee says that they have a location, but Madison explains that she forgot to confirm it.  Madison says that before Greenlee fires her, she has an idea and Greenlee says that it better be good.

Tad asks Jesse what he is supposed to do.  Jesse asks what Tad wants to do.  Tad says that he wants Jesse to watch over Krystal and the kids for a little bit, while he goes to Ohio to confront Hillary.

Frankie asks Angie what's going on.  Angie gives Frankie his pain meds and says that they were found by someone on staff.  Frankie says that he isn't using them anymore and that he will dispose of them properly.  Angie thanks him and says that she is proud of him.  Damon watches from the sidelines, while Angie and Frankie talk.

David tells Adam that he needs to follow the schedule, which means no stress.  David says that he thought Adam was selling him to Jesse, but Greenlee explained the situation.  David says that it is time to renegotiate the deal.  David says that Adam will be alive and seeing his family under one roof, which is what David wants too.  David says that with Adam's connections he could get the charges dropped and David would be able to keep his medical license.

Madison explains the details of the shoot, using the casino.  Music plays as Greenlee imagines herself with Ryan at the casino.  Madison asks what Greenlee thinks and says that she hates it.  Greenlee says that it is pure fantasy and agrees to do it.

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