AMC Update Tuesday 3/16/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/16/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Tad, Opal and Krystal have breakfast with Kathy and Jenny.  Damon walks in and tells Kathy that he fixed red bird's beak.  Krystal says that red bird is ready for his next performance and Kathy begins the show.  Opal asks if Damon is ready to start his community service at the hospital and he says that he can't wait.  Tad reminds Damon that if he screws it up, he will spend the next 5-10 years in jail.  Damon says that he would never want to disappoint Tad and leaves for the hospital.  Krystal asks what has gotten into Tad and he says that Damon is his responsibility.

Jesse asks Angie what is going on and she says that she might have to fire Frankie.

Frankie says that Randi didn't have to walk him into the hospital.  Randi says that he has been working hard to get his hands ready for surgery and she wasn't going to just kick him out of the car.  Frankie asks if Randi wants to be his nurse in the OR and she says that she will be his nurse, but not in the OR.  Randi asks if Frankie is taking his pain meds and he says that he can't pop pills before a procedure.  Randi says that she is sick of seeing Frankie in pain.  Frankie tells Randi to go kick some Fusion butt.

Greenlee tells Madison not to talk to anyone on Erica's team about her line.  Madison says that it seems disloyal not to work for Erica because of everything she has done.  Greenlee tells Madison that she has to choose between her and Erica.

Adam brings David some breakfast in the attic.  David asks if Adam slept well and Adam says that he feels a million times better than he did last night.  David says that he needs to check Adam's meds and might want to change the dosages.  Adam says that he made David's breakfast himself and that he knows why David is a fugitive.  David says that he bribed a coroner's assistant to protect Greenlee in Connecticut.  David says that he didn't drug Adam, Gayle did.  David tells Adam that Gayle fell in love with him and that she is paying him back for rejecting her.  Adam says that he could poison David and bury him in the tunnels without anyone ever finding out.

Madison tells Greenlee that she feels like she owes Erica.  Madison says that her father and husband were abusive, but Erica helped her start a new life and stand up to her father.  Greenlee says that Erica never does anything unless there's something in it for her.  Madison asks if Greenlee thinks that Ryan was playing her too.  Greenlee says that Ryan would never do that because he knows all about abusive fathers.

Angie says that three of her residents have to go because of budget cuts and that Frankie is supposed to be filling a spot on the surgical rotation, but hasn't been in an OR since his hands were crushed in Iraq.  Jesse says that Frankie is in the OR today and that he will ace the procedure.  Angie says that half the board is more concerned with the flowerbeds outside the hospital than the patients inside the hospital.  Jesse tells Angie that she is a hero because she saved Officer Hancock's arm and he was able to save three children who were trapped in a burning car.  Jesse says that Frankie is too much like Angie to fail.

Tad and Krystal talk about the possibility of Damon being his son.  Tad says that he was with Hillary right before she got married again because she couldn't move on without putting some things to bed in her past.  Krystal asks what Hillary says about it and Tad says that she won't respond to any of his calls or messages.  Tad says that Angie ran a DNA test for him and that the results will be back this afternoon.  Krystal realizes that Liza doesn't know about this.  Tad says that he didn't want to bring it up if it wasn't necessary.  Liza walks in and Tad tells her that she was brilliant in court.  Liza asks if Tad found out anything about Hillary and he says that he hasn't yet.  Tad leaves for the hospital and Liza asks Krystal what is going on.

David says that Adam isn't going to kill him because they need each other.  Adam says that his heart is racing and David tells him to take a deep breath and relax. 

Krystal says that Tad is concerned about JR.  Liza says that it is something else and that Tad couldn't wait to get away from her.  Krystal says that Tad probably fled to avoid housework.  Opal comes in and says that the puppet show is about to start.  Krystal asks if Liza wants to watch.  Liza says that she would love to, but she has legal research screaming for her attention.  Krystal goes to watch the puppet show.  Liza asks Opal about Krystal and Rob.  Opal says that things haven't been the same since the accident.  Opal says that this isn't about Krystal, it is about Tad.

Tad brings Damon something to eat and apologizes for being a jerk.  Tad says that he doesn't know anyone who would be excited to clean bed pans.  Damon says that if Tad feels bad, he could clean a couple.  Damon asks about what his mom was like when she lived in Pine Valley.  Tad says that Hillary was spectacular and could always make everyone feel better.  Damon says that he and Hillary should take lessons from Tad and Opal.  Tad says that he has two moms because Joe and Ruth took him in when he was 9, but there is only one man he considers his father.

Angie asks Frankie if he is okay and he says that he has been preparing for surgery.  Angie asks how Frankie's hands are and he says that they are ready.  Frankie says that he won't screw this procedure up and embarrass her.  Angie is paged and she tells Frankie that he would never embarrass her.

David tells Adam that he needs to keep his blood pressure down and asks for the list of medications.  Adam says that it is in his jacket pocket.  David pockets Adam's cell phone and asks if the agreement still stands.  Adam says that he will let David live, if David lets him live.  Adam tells David not to leave the room because Annie and Colby could be back at any time.  David says that he could use a big juicy T-bone for lunch.

Greenlee and Madison go over the new line.  Madison says that she always thought that Greenlee was the one person at Brookings who could have had a normal childhood.  Greenlee says that you can make people believe what you want and that she won't let anyone stop her from living her life her way.  Madison says that she wants to be in control of her future too.  Randi walks in.  Greenlee gets a message and asks who "Bathsheba" is and Randi says that it is King David's wife.  Greenlee tells Madison to reschedule her session with product development because something came up.

Adam asks what Greenlee is doing there.  Greenlee says that she came as quickly as she could because the text message said it was urgent.  David asks if Greenlee missed him.

Angie wishes Frankie luck in surgery and he says that it is just a basic procedure.  Frankie says that he is tired of being something else that Angie has to worry about.  Angie says that she will see him when the procedure is over.  Frankie takes some pain pills out of a bottle in his pocket.

Opal reminds Liza that they have history and says that she can hear the old divisive wheels of Liza's starting to spin again.  Liza says that she is curious, not jealous.  Opal tells Liza to get a grip on the green-eyed monster before it destroys any chance she has with Tad.

Tad tells Damon about his father.  Tad says that he had to learn the hard way to count his blessings and that he doesn't want Damon to mess up the way he would have.  Damon says that he would much rather clean bed pans at the hospital than in the state pen.  Tad says that he will see Damon at home.

David tells Greenlee that Adam is letting him stay there in exchange for medical care.  Greenlee says that she doesn't like David being there alone.  David says that he likes having her eyes and ears on the outside.  Greenlee says that she will have to come up with an excuse to be there and says that she has an idea.

Randi tells someone to have the prototypes sent directly to Erica's house.  Madison and Randi talk about the competition.  Randi says that she will be watching Madison.

A surgeon and Angie both congratulate Frankie on his procedure.  Angie says that this is cause for celebration and Frankie says that he will check with Randi.  Angie tells Frankie to call his father because he will be thrilled too.  Frankie throws away his pain pills.

Adam says that Greenlee is only there because David was.  Jesse walks in and asks if David is hiding in Adam's magic wall.

Opal tells Krystal to be careful of Liza because she wants Tad.  Krystal says that she and Tad are just friends and Opal asks if she is sure about that.

Tad asks a nurse for the DNA results.  The nurse hands them to Tad and he thanks her.

Angie asks Damon what he put in his pocket.  Damon gives Angie the medication and says that he was going to turn it into the front desk when he was finished bagging the trash.  Angie asks if Damon was going to sell them or use them himself.

Greenlee asks if Jesse is following her again.  Jesse says that his people told him that she was there, so he thought that he would follow up.  Jesse asks where David is.  Adam says that he saw David there.  Greenlee tells Jesse that she is there because Adam has agreed to invest in Fusion.  Adam says that David was in the library looking for money, but ran when Adam went for his gun.  Jesse asks if he can look around.  Adam says that he would love to see David caught, so they have his cooperation.

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