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All My Children Update Monday 3/15/10


Written by Mandy
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Greenlee asks Madison to help her put the mockup ads in a safe place where Erica won't find them.  Madison says that she is so ready to be done with the whole two bosses thing and Greenlee says that it will be all worked out today.  Madison asks when Erica is scheduled to be there and Greenlee says that Erica is 20 minutes late.

Jack runs into Erica at ConFusion and reminds her that they are supposed to be in the Fusion office mediating her working relationship with Greenlee.  Erica says that annoying your adversary by keeping them waiting is negotiation 101.

Adam says that he took the wrong pill and tries to figure out which one it was, but collapses on the sofa with chest pains.  David comes out and says that it looks like Adam is dead and the guards can't save him now.

Emma tells Ryan that she found it and they leave.  Adam calls for Ryan just as the door closes.

Adam asks David to help him.  David says that Adam is a dead man walking.  David dunks Adam's head into a bowl of ice water and says that he is saving Adam's life.

Greenlee says that Erica has two minutes and then she can forget about working there at all.  Madison says that maybe Erica is stuck in traffic, but Randi says that she is eating at ConFusion. 

Jack says that if Erica isn't going to take this seriously, maybe they should all go home.  Erica says that she is taking this seriously.  Jack asks Erica if she has contacted Kendall to see how she wants this handled and reminds Erica that she is the only one who has Kendall's satellite phone number.  Erica says that Kendall is off working on her relationship with Zach and doesn't need asked about a little spat in the company.  Jack tells Erica that Kendall doesn't even know that Greenlee is still alive.  Erica says that the best thing she can do is protect Kendall's wishes and take care of Fusion.  Greenlee runs into Erica at ConFusion and they head upstairs.

Tad asks why Opal is still there.  Opal says that she wanted to make sure that Tad is going to be okay and asks what the judge said.  Tad says that the judge allowed him to take legal responsibility of Damon.  Jesse comes up and asks why Tad didn't tell Opal.  Tad asks why he should and Jesse says that Damon could be Tad's.  Tad says that he doesn't believe that is the case.

Adam asks what David is trying to do.  David says that he is trying to slow down Adam's ridiculously dangerous heart beat.  David apologizes and says that the ice water is all he had at hand to help Adam.  Adam asks what David is doing in the house.  David says that he has been hiding out and that he has seen a lot in his short stay.  David says that he knows exactly how sick Adam is.  Annie knocks on the door and calls for Adam.  Adam asks David what is in this for him.

Jesse asks if Tad called Hillary and Tad says that she hasn't answered any of his messages.  Damon tells Tad that he asked his parents to take his place, but he doesn't know if it will happen.  Tad says that Damon can't expect his parents to just pick up and move to a strange town.

Randi asks Madison what Greenlee has her doing.  Madison says that she is doing some straightening up.  Randi says that it seems like Madison and Greenlee have their own secret thing going on.  Greenlee asks Madison to go downstairs and get some food.  Madison says that she did the other thing too and says that she doesn't understand.  Greenlee tells Madison that negotiation is about the art of surprise. 

Erica says that she wants this done in her office.  Erica comments on the change to the office layout.  Greenlee says that it seemed like the logical place to start and that if Erica had been there on time, she could have had some input.  Greenlee says that since she is the only company founder there, it makes sense to have the nicest office in the place.  Erica says that it was her base of operations while she single-handedly kept Fusion afloat, so Greenlee went through the trouble for nothing.  Jack suggests that they should bring in another desk and they can share the office, but they both refuse.

Ryan and Emma have dessert at ConFusion.  Madison helps Emma choose and Emma goes to order.  Ryan and Madison talk about Fusion.

David tells Adam that he needs sanctuary because he is trying to stay on the run and out of jail long enough to expose the trumped up charges he is facing.  David says that he can easily avoid being seen at the mansion.  David tells Adam that bouncing in bed with Annie is only going to weaken his heart.  Scott knocks on the door and Annie says that something is wrong.  Adam says that he fell asleep and was just washing his face to wake up.  Annie asks if they can pick up where they left off.  Adam says that he is going to call it an early night.  Annie says that this is about Brooke, not about Adam being tired.

Jesse asks if Damon called his mom about court.  Damon says that he gave it one more shot.  Tad tells Damon that Hillary is staying away from Pine Valley because of him, not Damon.

Madison and Ryan talk.  Emma comes back and says that she ordered them each a sundae.  Ryan offers to let Madison join them and she agrees.  Madison asks how she can survive at Fusion with Erica and Greenlee.  Ryan tells Madison that if she sees them in the same room, leave the room.

Jack, Greenlee and Erica work to iron out all the terms of the partnership.  Opal shows up and Greenlee says that it is a private meeting, but Erica says that she values Opal's counsel.  Jack suggests that they should see how both lines come out and then divvy up the budget accordingly.  Erica says that making this a competition is unacceptable, but Greenlee says that they have to do it.  Greenlee says that the winner will take total control of the company and the loser walks away.  Erica thanks Jack and Greenlee walks him out.  Erica tells Opal that she came determined to hold on to the company and Greenlee just handed it to her on a silver platter.

Greenlee thanks Jack for bringing up the idea of a competition.  Greenlee runs into Emma at ConFusion.  Emma asks why Greenlee didn't come live with her and Ryan when she got back.

Tad explains that a long time ago he knew Damon's mother and that he didn't treat her very well.  Damon gets a call from the court telling him that he needs to take something to the hospital so he can start his community service tomorrow.  Tad says that they will finish the discussion later.  Jesse suggests that Tad do a DNA test to find out if Damon is his son.  Tad asks what the point would be and Jesse says that the point would be finding out the truth.

Scott asks how Adam being too tired to romp with Annie has anything to do with Brooke.  Annie says that she asked Brooke to move out and then Adam made her call and ask Brooke to come back.  Brooke walks in and says that she is back. 

Adam goes into the attic and David asks if he is there for a checkup.

Annie tells Brooke that she and Adam talked and she decided that she overreacted.  Brooke tells Annie to cut the BS because it doesn't serve a purpose.  Annie asks Brooke how she feels about moving into a house where she isn't wanted.  Brooke says that she doesn't want to break up Annie's marriage, but JR asked her to keep an eye on Adam.  Brooke asks Scott to help her settle in and he agrees.

David tells Adam to sit down because he needs to be examined.  David asks if they have a deal and they shake hands.

Greenlee says that she missed Emma.  Greenlee apologizes for not coming to see Emma, but says that she has been really busy with the company.  Ryan says that they were just leaving and Greenlee tells Madison that they need to get upstairs because lots of changes are going to happen.  Greenlee says that the staff is going to be split down the middle and she wants Madison on her side.  Greenlee says that Erica won't be around long enough for it to be an issue.

Opal says that it is an interesting plan.  Erica says that she was trying to figure out a way to suggest a competition without making it look like her idea, and then Jack planted the seed and Greenlee leapt at it.  Opal tells Erica to be careful and Erica says that she doesn't need to be because Greenlee has a fatal flaw: she wants revenge because she resents the success Erica has made there. 

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