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Liza tells Tad that his ex, Hillary Wilson, is Damon's mother.  Tad asks if Damon knows that they knew his mom.  Liza says that she doesn't think he knows that she ever stepped foot in Pine Valley.

Damon says that Tad thinks he is working everybody to get off and Colby asks if he is.  Damon says that if the judge or the DA thinks so, he is done.

Marissa brings AJ to see JR.  AJ asks if JR can come home now and JR says that he can soon.  Marissa reminds JR that Dr. Kahn doesn't want him to overdo it.  JR says that he is just talking to his son.

Annie asks if Adam is okay.  Adam says that he is just tired, and Annie suggests that maybe it is something more than that.  Adam says that they should get some champagne and food in there.  Annie says that she will have Lucretia make his favorites.  Brooke walks in and says that she thought Adam was going to get some rest.  Adam says that there is plenty of time for rest, but Brooke tells him not to pretend that he is okay because he can't fool her.

Ryan tells Greenlee that if she gives up David, he will leave her alone for good.  Greenlee says that she won't tell the police where he is, but she has lost him forever and it's all Ryan's fault.

Adam says that he is allowed to celebrate because his son came back to life.  Brooke says that she is concerned, but Adam tells her to leave him the hell alone.

Marissa says that AJ will probably be asleep before Krystal tucks him in and that JR should rest too.  JR says that he can't rest because he wants to go home.  Marissa tells JR to stop pushing so hard, but he says that pushing is what brought him back.  Marissa tells JR that everything is going to be fine.

Adam tells Brooke that he can take care of himself.  Brooke apologizes for upsetting Adam and he says that he shouldn't have barked at her and that he just forgot to take one of his medications.  Brooke tells Adam to stop pushing himself and Adam says that Brooke is just what the family needs.  Adam goes upstairs.  Annie comes out and asks Brooke where Adam is.  Brooke says that Adam went upstairs.  Annie asks Brooke to go back to the Valley Inn because she and Adam could use some alone time now that JR will be okay.

Greenlee says that David is gone because of Ryan, but Ryan says that David broke the law and that is why he is gone.  Ryan asks how David managed to get out of town and Greenlee says that David sealed himself in a coffin and shipped himself out of town.  Ryan hugs Greenlee and she bites his head off for it.  Greenlee says that she needs to figure out what to do with her life and Ryan says that she will be just fine.  Ryan tells Greenlee that she can hate him all she wants, but he is glad that she is free of David.

Brooke agrees to move back to the hotel and asks Annie to take extra care of Adam.  Annie says that she knows how to take care of her husband.  Brooke says that she will get her things and see herself out.  Annie thanks Brooke and then calls Ryan to see if he can come get Emma for the night.

Liza tells Colby what to tell the judge.  Liza and Damon go into the courtroom.  Opal asks Tad if he is okay.  Tad tells Opal who Damon's mother is and they talk about Hillary. 

Greenlee says that she needs the quarterlies for the last three years for the mediation and Randi says that they are on Greenlee's desk.  Greenlee tells Madison and Randi that they will have a definite, permanent boss today.  Greenlee says that they will come to some sort of agreement.  Randi tells Greenlee about a location for the photo shoot, but Greenlee tells her no and says that Randi shouldn't go to Erica for advice.  Madison realizes that the location was the castle where Greenlee and Ryan got married.

Ryan tells Jesse that Greenlee tried to convince him that she doesn't know where David is, but that he doesn't believe her.  Ryan tells Jesse that David is somewhere in Pine Valley.

Annie tells Emma to get ready to go visit with Ryan.  Adam asks what Emma is so excited about.  Annie says that Emma is going to spend the night at Ryan's and they will have the house to themselves.  Adam asks about Brooke and Annie says that she told Brooke to leave.  Annie says that she thought Brooke would be more comfortable at the hotel.  Adam reminds Annie that he invited Brooke to stay there and says that he wants Annie to apologize to Brooke.  Annie agrees.  David watches from the tunnels as Adam pours another drink.

Tad asks how Damon's trial went.  Colby says that Damon was great and Damon says that he played it straight, so hopefully the judge believed him.  Liza says that the recess is over and it's Tad's turn.

Madison explains that when she got hired, she did some research about Fusion and its founders.  Greenlee asks if Madison has the partnership agreements and amendments.  Madison tries to talk to Greenlee and Greenlee reminds Madison that she is her employee.

Ryan tells Jesse that they need to lay back and let Greenlee believe that they honestly think David is out of town.  Jesse says that it might be a good idea for Ryan to check in at Fusion every once in a while and Ryan agrees.

Adam asks if Annie talked to Brooke and Annie says that Brooke is already gone.  Adam says that he has to make this right with Brooke.  Annie says that he can call Brooke tomorrow, but he says that he needs to do it now.  Annie says that she will go with him and call Brooke to apologize.  David sneaks out and eats some food off the tray, but hides when he hears the front door close.  Annie asks Emma if she is ready.  Ryan shows up to get Emma.  Ryan says that he is happy Emma wanted to see him tonight and Emma says that it was Annie's idea.  Ryan tells Emma to grab her bag and he will meet her at the car.  Ryan confronts Annie about lying to him.  Annie says that maybe she wanted a little alone time with her husband after all the days and nights he spent at the hospital.

Brooke shows up at the hospital to see JR.  Marissa and Brooke talk.  Brooke gives Marissa her number and tells her to call for anything.  Marissa thanks Brooke.  JR wakes up and calls for Brooke.  JR thanks Brooke for looking out for Adam and says that Adam needs her.  Brooke tells JR that she will visit everyday until he goes home, but if she can't she will call him from the office or the hotel.  Marissa says that she thought Brooke was staying at the mansion.  Brooke says that Annie thought it would be better for her to move out.

Damon tells Tad how much he appreciates Tad talking to the judge.  Liza comes out and tells Damon that he has been sentenced to probation and community service, but that he has to be under the supervision of a court-approved adult for the duration of his probation.  Tad offers to do it and Liza says that it will involve Opal too.  Opal says that she is on board, as long as there is no funny business.  Damon says that he doesn't have a problem with Tad supervising him.  Liza says that now all they need is for the judge to sign off on Tad.

Tad and Jesse talk about Tad supervising Damon.  Damon comes out and says that the judge wants to talk to Tad.

Greenlee thanks Madison for making the extra effort.  Madison says that after the year she had, she is just glad to be doing something productive.  Madison asks if Greenlee really hates Ryan.  Greenlee changes the subject to needing the Q4 2009 supplemental sales data and Madison says that she will go get it.

Ryan tells Annie that she doesn't have to make up excuses about Emma spending time with him.  Annie says that Ryan is critical and she was trying to avoid any drama.  Ryan says that all he wants is what is best for his daughter.  Annie says that she does too and the best thing for Emma is for her and Adam to have a good solid relationship.

JR tells Brooke that Annie is trying to seduce Adam so that he will have a heart attack.  Brooke says that she doubts that Annie would deliberately hurt Adam.  JR says that someone has to stop Annie.  Marissa comes in and tells JR to relax.  Brooke says that she just got a message on her voicemail from Annie and Adam asking her to come back and stay at the mansion.  JR says that Brooke has to.  Brooke promises JR that she will move back in and look after Adam.  JR thanks Brooke.

Adam says that maybe Brooke left town and that they should have heard from her by now.  Annie says that she is sure Brooke will come home soon and suggests that they go upstairs and take a nap together.  Annie says that she is going to put on something more comfortable.  Adam says that he took the wrong pill and tries to find the right one, but collapses on the sofa with chest pains.  David comes out and says that it looks like Adam is going to die.

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