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Angie says that Annie is in good condition and can be released.  Angie asks how Annie feels.  Annie says that she feels different and humbled because JR is alive and owes it all to her.

Dr. Kahn tells Adam and Marissa that the transplant has been completed and JR is in stable condition.  Dr. Kahn tells everyone that if they go into JR's room, they have to keep up with the precautions to avoid potential infection.  Adam says that JR has defied all the odds.  Colby says that JR has fought so hard and won't give up now.  Marissa says that she thought she lost JR and Krystal says that something brought him back.

Tad says hi to Dixie.

Greenlee asks Randi if Erica has faxed over the proposals from the marketing meeting and Randi says that she hasn't received anything yet.  Greenlee says that she wants the papers as soon as they come out and tells Madison that she wants the receipts from the purchase orders double-checked.  Jack shows up and Greenlee asks if he heard about David.  Jack says that he heard David incriminated himself and then ran.  Greenlee says that is why she called and Jack says that he will have the annulment papers drawn up immediately, but Greenlee says that she isn't ending her marriage.  Greenlee says that she and David are going to be together, but she needs Jack's help to make it happen.

Ryan says that Greenlee figured out that he was trailing her and must have given David a heads-up.  Jesse asks if Greenlee said anything at the hospital and Ryan says that she was making a big show of arguing with Jake.  Jesse tells Ryan about David offering to make a donation to the chapel and locking the clergyman in the closet.

Greenlee says that she needs to find David a lawyer.  Jack refuses to represent David, and Greenlee says that she will find someone who will.  Jack asks why Greenlee would stick her neck out for a man who has hurt so many people and Greenlee says that it is loyalty.  Jack says that they both know it has nothing to do with love.  Greenlee says that David will never hurt her like Ryan did.  Jack says that David's crimes are very real in the eyes of the law.  Greenlee says that David did them to protect her because she almost died.  Jack asks if Greenlee helped David escape and says that she could be charged as an accessory.  Jack tells Greenlee that if she stays by David, she will get hurt.  Jack tells Greenlee to stop pushing Ryan away.  Greenlee says that she can't be with Ryan for the same reason that Jack can't be with Erica: self-preservation.

Jesse says that the town was on lockdown after David left the hospital, so it wouldn't be easy to get out of town unnoticed.  Ryan asks about David's pilot friend.  Jesse says that it doesn't seem like the pilot will ever be flying David anywhere again.  Jesse says that David still could have gotten out of town.  Ryan suggests that maybe David is still in town, but laying low where nobody will look for him.

David sits at Leo's headstone at the cemetery talking to him about Greenlee.

Colby says that she feels like something bad will happen to JR if she takes her eyes off him.  Brooke reminds Colby that JR has come this far and won't be leaving.  Marissa tells JR that Scott called.  Adam says that he is proud of JR.  Marissa tells JR that AJ went home with Opal to get some sleep, but will be back soon.  Adam tells JR that when he gets released, the whole family will be there to help him and that the family will stay together this time.

Tad sees Dixie and she tells him that it is a dream.  Tad asks if Dixie sent JR back because of his begging.  Dixie says that JR had some more life to experience and now he will.  Dixie tells Tad to keep watching over JR because he has a long road ahead of him.  Tad says that he misses Dixie and she says that she misses him too.  Tad and Dixie talk about Kathy and Dixie says that she has to go.  Tad says that he doesn't want to have to wish for Dixie, he just wants Dixie and Dixie tells him that she will see him in the stars.

Liza tries to go over Damon's testimony again, but he says that he is prepared.  Damon gets a call from his mother saying that she won't be able to make it for his trial, but will be sending over some money for the legal fees. 

JR tells everyone that he felt Dixie there with him.  JR says that he couldn't leave because he needed to spend some more time with his little sister.  Tad comes up and tells Brooke that he had a weird dream about Dixie.  Annie shows up to see how JR is doing and Colby says that she will get rid of Annie.

Ryan tells Jesse that David was smart to get with Greenlee because she is the best person to have at your side when your back is against the wall. 

Jack tells Greenlee that he doesn't trust David.  Greenlee asks Jack to do it for her, but Jack refuses.  Greenlee asks Randi if Erica faxed the papers and Randi says that Erica is bringing them up when she comes back to the office.  Madison says that she will call Erica and go meet her to pick up the paperwork.  Greenlee thanks Madison.  Madison asks Greenlee if she is okay and explains that she knows how Greenlee feels.  Greenlee tells Madison that she needs the papers.  A woman walks up and tells Greenlee that she has a call.  David tells Greenlee that he is on a disposable cell phone and she asks where he is.  David says that he is with Leo.

Tad tells Liza to relax and says that he will be to the courthouse in plenty of time.  Liza tells Tad that they need to talk about Damon's mother before the trial.  Liza asks Tad to meet her at the police station and bring Colby with him and Tad says that they are on the way.

Adam thanks Annie for saving JR's life.  Annie asks how JR is doing and Adam says that JR is on the road to recovery.  Colby walks up and starts criticizing Annie about going to the spa.  Colby tells Annie that the sight of her might kill JR and Annie says that she is family whether Colby likes it or not.  Adam says that Annie looks tired and suggests that she should go home and he will meet her there.  Annie says that she can't believe Adam is trying to get rid of her after what she did for JR and Colby asks what Annie did for JR.

Greenlee orders the cops to come out of hiding.  Greenlee tells the officers that she is allowed to visit her dead husband's memorial without being followed.  The officers are called to an armed robbery.  David steps out after the cops leave and tells Greenlee that he misses Leo too.

Ryan asks Jack what is going on.  Jack says that Greenlee wants him to defend David.  Jack says that David has Greenlee brainwashed into thinking that he is a saint because he found her when she was hurt and vulnerable.  Ryan tells Jack not to underestimate Greenlee because she is using David as much as he is using her.  Ryan says that he might have the perfect way to break up David and Greenlee's alliance.  Jack begs Ryan not to give up on Greenlee.  Ryan tells Jack that he is going to give Greenlee exactly what she wants.

Greenlee says that this is the last place the police would look for David.  David says that it's just a matter of time before the officers report following Greenlee.  Greenlee says that she has been careful.  David apologizes and says that he never meant to drag Greenlee into this.  Greenlee says that she asked Jack to defend David, but all he wanted to do was wave annulment papers in her face.  David suggests that maybe they should go with the annulment because it could be a very long time before he can contact her after he leaves town.  David says that Greenlee doesn't need him anymore, but Greenlee reminds him that they are married.  David says that Greenlee can handle Ryan on her own, but Greenlee says that it only has to do with wanting to help David.  David says that he has to get going and Greenlee asks where he is going to go.  David says that he is going to lay low until things die down and then make his move.  Greenlee asks David to let her do something and he says that maybe there is something she can do.

Colby asks Annie what she did for JR.  Adam tells Colby to stop browbeating Annie.  Krystal walks up and says that she would like to know too and so would JR.  Annie says that she has done a lot for JR by being there for Adam and the family.  Colby reminds Annie that she ran off to a spa when JR almost died.  Tad tells Colby that they need to get to Damon's trial.  Colby tells Annie to stay away from JR.  Adam tells Annie that he will never forget what she did for JR.

Brooke tells Angie that she is worried about Adam.  Angie says that Annie is probably not helping the situation.  Brooke says that Annie thinks she wants to seduce Adam, but her only concern is his health.  Angie tells Brooke to make sure Adam takes care of himself.  Adam comes up and asks Brooke to go home with Annie.  Annie suggests that Adam should because he could use some rest and JR will be there when he gets back. 

Angie checks JR's vitals and asks how he is feeling.  JR says that he feels tired.  JR asks Angie about the donor and says that he owes them his life.  Angie tells JR that the donor wants to remain anonymous and that she can't break confidentiality.  Angie leaves.  JR tells Marissa that his family saved him just as much as the donor did. 

Annie says that she is glad she could do this for JR because he looks so much better already. 

Damon tells Colby that Liza is meeting with the DA.  Damon asks about JR and Colby tells him that JR woke up and is doing better.  Colby thanks Damon for helping her when things were looking bad for JR.  Tad tells Damon to stop with the act because he has to go into the courtroom and be real or he won't get out of this.

Ryan shows up at Greenlee's and says that he wants to offer her a deal.

Liza tells Tad that Damon's mother bailed on him at the last minute.  Liza says that she decided to look into it a little because it seemed strange and tells Tad that Hillary's maiden name was Wilson. 

Krystal shows up in JR's room and Marissa says that he just fell asleep.  Dixie tells JR to keep his heart open and allow himself to live and love.  Dixie sings to JR.

Greenlee says that she isn't making a deal with Ryan because she doesn't trust his deals.  Ryan tells Greenlee that if she gives up David, he will leave her alone for good.

The officers show Jesse where they followed Greenlee to.  Jesse finds the chaplain's collar and says that David was there.

Annie suggests that they open a bottle of champagne and toast to JR's survival.  Adam says that he isn't up to it right now and that he needs to rest.  Annie says that the only thing that got her through the procedure was knowing that Adam would be there to hold her when it was over.

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