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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/10/10


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Adam says that they can't stop the transfusion because JR will die.  Dr. Kahn says that they need to ventilate him.  Adam tells JR to breathe.  Tad tells JR to fight.  Dr. Kahn says that ventilating isn't working and orders a laryngoscope and ET tube.  Adam asks what they are doing and JR flatlines.

JR says that he wants to stay and Dixie can't make him go back.  Dixie says that maybe someone else can make him go back.

Dr. Kahn says that they need to open JR's airway and that they are losing him.  Dr. Kahn tells someone to close the blind.  Marissa says that this can't be happening.  Adam says that the transplant should be saving JR's life, not costing him it.  Adam says that Annie should be in bed because she looks pale.  Brooke tells Adam to stay there with JR and she will go see Annie.  Annie tells Brooke that she did go to the spa, but twisted her knee.  Brooke says that she knows about Annie being the donor. 

Tad tells Angie that they stopped the transfusion.  Adam tells Angie to get in there and save JR.  Jesse says that it's going to be okay because JR's a tough kid.  Tad says that "she's" here and that he can feel it.

Dixie says that she misses JR.  JR goes off on Dixie about being selfish.  Dixie reminds him that she thought she was going to die and admits that she made mistakes.  Dixie says that she knows of someone who has never hurt JR and needs him.  JR realizes that she is talking about AJ.

Damon asks AJ where he is headed to.  Opal asks AJ where he wants to go at this hour.  AJ says that he wants to go see his dad.

JR apologizes.  Dixie says that JR is still connected to them, so he feels what they feel.  JR asks if Dixie feels anything and she says that she feels love.

Tad tells Jesse that he feels like Dixie is in the chapel.  Tad tells Jesse about hearing Dixie singing in the chapel.

Brooke tells Annie that she should be in bed.  Annie says that she can't believe Adam told.  Brooke says that she saw Annie and that Adam just confirmed it.  Brooke says that she will do anything to make things easier for everyone.  Annie asks if something else happened.  Brooke says that apparently JR had a bad reaction when they started the transfusion and that they are trying to stabilize him.  Annie says that JR can't die.  Brooke says that the doctors are doing everything they can.  Annie says that if JR dies, everyone will blame her.

Angie tells Adam, Marissa and Scott that JR went into anaphylactic shock and is now on medication to correct the reaction.  Angie says that they will have to wait and see if JR responds to the medication and if he does, they will resume the transplant.  Angie says that JR's condition has deteriorated severely and he might not have the strength to pull out of this.  Marissa says that there has to be something that Angie can do.  Angie says that if there is anything that they would like to say to JR, now would be the time.

Brooke tries to calm Annie down, but she keeps ranting about what will happen if JR dies.  Annie accuses Brooke of coming back for Adam, not Tempo.  Brooke tells Annie that Adam insisted that she stay at the mansion.  Annie says that Brooke is trying to get into Adam's bed, but Brooke says that Adam's bed is the last place she wants to be.  Annie tells Brooke to move out because Adam doesn't need her.  Brooke says that Annie is more desperate than she thought.

Angie explains that everyone will still need to wear protective clothing.  Adam tells Angie to go back in there and fix JR, or he will take everything away from her: her license, her job and everything else she cares about.  Angie says that JR needs his family now more than ever.  Marissa asks how she says goodbye.

Dixie tells JR to sit and listen to the people that love him say their goodbyes.  Scott talks to JR about when they were kids.  Colby tells JR that he can't die because he is the only big brother she has and she needs him. 

Jesse says that it makes sense that Dixie would be on Tad's mind, since JR is her son.  Jesse says that all Tad needs is Dixie right now, and she is there for him.  Tad starts to say something and stops.  Dixie tells Tad that she misses him too.

Annie says that she's not desperate, she just loves Adam and doesn't want to lose him.  Brooke says that she used to be like Annie and understands.  Brooke tells Annie that she needs to trust the love.  Brooke says that she should let Annie rest, but Annie asks her to wait and says that she doesn't want to make any more mistakes.

Damon asks Colby what's going on.  Colby says that JR is dying.

Scott tells Adam to talk to JR, but JR says that he won't say goodbye and let go of his son.

Opal brings AJ to the hospital and explains that he wants to see JR.  Marissa tells AJ that JR is still asleep.  AJ says that he can wake JR up.  Opal and Krystal convince AJ to go see his grandpa.  Angie asks if AJ wants to see JR.  Marissa asks how she tells AJ that JR might not wake up.  Angie says that when she told Frankie that Jesse died, she answered his questions honestly.  Angie says that if AJ sees Marissa feeling sad, he will know it is okay for him to feel sad too. 

JR says that he never got a chance to give Marissa a proper honeymoon and that she never complained about taking care of him.  Dixie says that is what people do when they love you.  JR says that he never realized that Marissa needed so much and now he is leaving her AJ, who he promised to always be there for.  Dixie says that AJ is a lucky little boy because he has a big family and will never be alone.

Krystal talks to JR about when she first met him and says that if he has to leave them, then she knows he is going to find peace with Babe.

JR tells Dixie that he wants to stay with Babe.  Dixie asks if he wants that because he loved Babe.

Marissa tells JR that he can't die because she doesn't know how she will be strong for AJ without him.  Marissa says that she is going to wait for the miracle!

Annie tells Brooke that Adam is her shot at everything she never had, and she wants that for Emma too.  Annie says that she comes on strong sometimes and tries too hard, but she just doesn't want to screw it up.  Brooke says that if it is love, maybe Annie doesn't have to try after all.  Annie says that she can feel Adam slipping away from her and she can't let it happen.  Brooke says that Adam lost his brother and now might lose his son.  Brooke tells Annie to focus on Adam instead of thinking about herself.  Brooke tells Annie to stay in bed and get strong so she can help Adam through whatever is ahead for him.  Annie says that she wants to be by Adam's side every step.  Brooke says that she is going to check on JR and asks if Annie is okay.  Annie says that she is better now and is glad they talked.  Brooke leaves and Annie says that she needs Brooke gone.

Angie tells Tad to spend some time with JR.  Adam tells Tad not to say goodbye to JR, but to tell him to fight for his life because JR will listen to Tad.

Colby tells Damon that she couldn't say goodbye to JR, so she ran.  Damon says that running feels right when you are doing it, but not right when you realize that what you ran from isn't gone.  Damon asks if Colby is going back to the hospital and she says that she is.  Damon programs his number in Colby's phone in case she needs him.  Liza walks in and Colby asks her to take her back to the hospital.  Colby thanks Damon.

Marissa tells AJ that JR is really sick and the doctors are trying to help him.  AJ asks if JR is going to die like Babe did and Marissa says that they don't know.

JR says that there are so many things that he has to do and fix.  JR tells Dixie about all the things that he has to make right and asks if he can.

Tad tells JR that he misses Dixie every day and doesn't want to have to miss JR too.  Tad tells Dixie to tell JR that he isn't done yet and is still needed.  Dixie says that is what she is trying to do.  Tad tells Dixie to send JR back because he has just started being the man he can be.  Tad says that losing Dixie almost killed JR and asks Dixie not to do that to AJ.

Adam asks everyone to leave JR's room for a moment.  Adam and AJ spend some time with JR.  Adam tells JR to come back to his son.  AJ tells JR to wake up.  Tad tells Dixie to send JR home.  AJ tells JR that he loves him.  JR starts coughing.

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