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Written by Mandy
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Krystal asks Marissa how she is holding up.  Marissa says that she can't believe that they found a match for JR, just when she thought there was no chance.  Colby says that they can't even thank the donor.  Colby says that at least the family that matters is there, since Annie couldn't care less about what is going on.  Colby says that a total stranger is on an operating table about to save JR's life, while Annie is on a massage table.

Brooke asks Adam if Annie is JR's bone marrow donor.  Adam says that Brooke can't let anyone know.

Angie apologizes for not returning Jesse's phone calls and says that it has been crazy around there.  Jesse tells Angie that it looks like David might finally be going down.

Ryan says that he is tracking Greenlee right now.  Jake asks how Ryan managed that.  Ryan says that he has GPS on his cell phone and he slipped it in Greenlee's purse, hoping she would lead them to David.  Jake says that Greenlee isn't going to like it when she finds out.  Ryan says that Greenlee is the only person that David trusts, so she is their best shot of finding him.  Ryan says that Greenlee is at Erica's new penthouse and asks why she would be there.

Erica tells Greenlee that she won't find David there.  Greenlee says that David doesn't deserve to have these crimes pinned on him, but he will get away because he is smarter than Erica's lynch mob.  Erica says that they both know that somewhere in the room, David left Greenlee a clue to finding him and suggests that they work together.  Erica says that she wants David to get away and says that if Greenlee uncuffs her, she will help look for the clue.

Brooke says that Scott told her about Adam's heart problems.  Adam says that it was a bad year, but he is recovered.  Adam says that he appreciates her concern, but tells Brooke to save it for JR.  Scott asks if there is any news.  Adam says that JR is being prepped for the transplant. 

Jesse tells Angie about Ryan, Erica and Jake finding Gayle and convincing her to talk about what David has done.  Jesse asks about JR and Angie says that JR is getting a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor.  Angie says that she has to get back to work.

Jake asks why David would go to Erica's.  Ryan says that he needs to get over there immediately.  Jake suggests that he should go, so that Ryan doesn't push Greenlee away even further.  Ryan says that he has to go after David, whether Greenlee likes it or not.

Greenlee says that David is too smart to let anyone track him down.  Erica says that Greenlee is looking for something only she and David would understand.  Greenlee says that David knew she would love to see Erica cuffed to a chair and Greenlee says that the least she can do is get rid of David's fingerprints.  Erica says that she wants David to run away, especially if he drags Greenlee out of town with him.  Erica asks if Greenlee found what she was looking for and says that she might as well share David's whereabouts because it isn't going to stay a secret for too long.  Greenlee says that she was hoping that David would leave her a clue about where he went, but he didn't.  Greenlee leaves and Ryan shows up.  Erica tells Ryan to follow Greenlee because then he will find David, but Ryan says that he knows exactly how to find Greenlee.

Jake and Angie talk about David.  Angie says that she became chief of staff to protect the hospital from David.  Jake says that Angie is the best one for the job and she suggests he would be.

Dr. Kahn explains the procedure to Colby, Adam, Scott, Marissa, Tad and Krystal.  Marissa says that she is almost too afraid to hope and asks what happens if the transplant doesn't work.  Krystal says that Marissa isn't going to help herself or JR by thinking like that.  Tad tells Marissa to stay positive because JR is going to make it.  Colby asks Adam if he thinks the donor is still in the hospital and Adam says that they have to respect the donor's wishes to stay anonymous.  Adam says that he will see that they express their gratitude somehow. 

Marissa asks if Krystal can make her more like her.  Krystal asks why Marissa would want that and Marissa says that Krystal is always steady in moments like this.  Krystal says that Marissa is the one keeping everyone else together.  Scott walks in.

Jake says that he isn't going to help Angie get out of her job.  Angie tells Jake that he is capable and qualified and that he has a stronger stomach for this stuff than she does.  Jake reminds Angie that she wouldn't let him give up on his marriage and his life.  Angie says that this is about a chance to get her life back.  Jake says that Angie is the chief of staff and he won't help her change that.  Jake leaves.

Erica thanks Ryan and says that David left Greenlee a clue to help her find him.  Ryan asks if Erica saw it and Erica says that she didn't, but it had something to do with the roses.  Erica says that Greenlee bolted out the door as soon as she found something over by the roses.  Erica asks why Ryan is there.  Ryan says that he snuck his cell phone in Greenlee's purse and is tracking her through it.  Ryan says that Greenlee is at the hospital.

Greenlee asks David who he had to bribe for the outfit.  Greenlee tells David that they have to get somewhere safe fast because the police have a warrant out for his arrest.  David says that he doesn't plan to stick around, but Greenlee says that they just have to lay low for a while.  Greenlee says that she gets a vote on whether they stay or go.  David says that he is leaving Pine Valley alone.

Colby daydreams about JR surviving the procedure and trying to convince him to move back to the mansion.  Scott asks if Colby is okay and she says that she will be.

Krystal goes to get some more water and Marissa daydreams about life with JR after he survives the procedure.

Ryan asks why Greenlee would rush off to the hospital.  Erica suggests that Greenlee is meeting David and says that she is going too.  Erica says that she has to change her clothes and then she'll be ready.

Greenlee tells David not to let Ryan's minions run him out of town.  David says that he married Greenlee to protect her, not to drag her down with him.  Greenlee says that she will get on the stand and claim it was all her idea.  David says that him skipping town is the best option.  Greenlee says that she will go with him.  David asks about Fusion.  Greenlee asks what she is supposed to do without David.  David asks Greenlee to let him go.  A phone rings and Greenlee finds Ryan's phone in her purse.  David says that Ryan is tracking them and Greenlee says that she won't let Ryan get away with this.  David thanks Greenlee and promises that he will be back.

Jesse tells Angie that he sent her flowers because he was thinking about her.  Angie apologizes for rushing off earlier.  Jesse asks about JR and Angie says that the transplant is in progress.  Jesse reminds Angie that he is there if she needs to talk about anything.

Erica suggests that they start on the first floor and work their way up.  Greenlee yells at Jake.  Ryan asks Greenlee what she is doing there.  Greenlee says that she is grilling Jake on the do's and don'ts of friendship and asks if that is a crime.

Tad leaves a message for Liza letting her know that they are starting JR's transplant and asks her to call.  Tad daydreams about JR after he survives the procedure.  Tad says that JR has Dixie's heart.

Brooke asks if Adam wants to go check on Annie.  Adam asks if Brooke can do it for him because he can't leave JR right now.  Brooke agrees and leaves to check on Annie.  Adam daydreams about trying to convince JR to return to Chandler after he survives the procedure.  Brooke comes back and tells Adam that Annie is resting.  Adam thanks Brooke.  Colby comes out and tells everyone that the procedure is starting.

Greenlee tells Jake that they will finish this later, without his sidekicks listening in.  Erica asks Greenlee where David is and Greenlee says that Erica was the last to see him, so they should be asking her.  Greenlee gives Ryan his phone back.

Dr. Kahn says that JR's airway is inflamed and Adam freaks when JR gags.

David hides out in a mausoleum.

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