AMC Update Monday 3/8/10

All My Children Update Monday 3/8/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Adam pours some scotch for him and Brooke.  Adam says that his doctor still doesn't acknowledge the benefit of the occasional indulgence.

Annie stops the procedure and says that she can't do this.  Angie tells Annie to relax and Annie says that she can't breathe.

Ryan says that he knew how Greenlee would feel.  Greenlee asks why Ryan did this if he knew it would hurt her.  Ryan says that staying with David would hurt her more because David hurts people.  Greenlee says that David stood by her when everyone else abandoned her and saved her life.  Greenlee asks Natalia how much Ryan is paying her.  Natalia says that David is a criminal and that she is just doing her job. 

David says that he hitched a ride in Erica's trunk and it wasn't too uncomfortable. 

Annie says that she needs her inhaler, but Angie says that it is a panic attack and not asthma.  Angie gets Annie to take some deep breaths and Annie says that she is ready to proceed.  Angie says that they have to get Annie stable before they can proceed.  Angie says that she is going to call Adam, but Annie says that Adam can't know that she is freaking out because she has to save JR.

Adam says that Annie saved his life the night Stuart was killed and that he never would have survived without her.  Angie calls Adam and tells him that Annie is having some anxiety about the donation and they wanted to know if he could come soothe her.  Adam says that he will be right there and tells Brooke that he has to deal with hospital board business.  Adam says that he will be back soon.

Erica and David argue about what happened at Wildwind.  Erica tells David to turn himself in, but he refuses.

Greenlee and Ryan argue in front of Natalia.  Ryan says that he doesn't want to hurt Greenlee, but can't let David get away with the things he has done.  Greenlee says that if David spends the rest of his life in prison, Ryan will regret it for the rest of his.

Erica says that if David turned himself in, the DA would make a deal.  David says that he would have done anything to save Erica's life when he saw her laying in a pool of blood.  David tells Erica that he wants his 10 million dollar investment back now.

Greenlee says that she will do anything necessary to protect her husband.  Ryan hands Greenlee her purse.  Greenlee says that David will never spend a day in prison and that if he has to spend the rest of his life on a faraway beach, she will be there with him.

Natalia gives Jesse the confession and Jake says that Gayle is with Amanda.  Greenlee walks into the station and suggests that Natalia broke a lot of laws to get David to sign the confession.  Natalia says that all she knows is that David signed it and there were witnesses.  Jesse tells Greenlee to get David a lawyer.  Greenlee says that Jake and Amanda both knew what was going on.  Jake says that Greenlee is better off without David.  Greenlee reminds Jake that she wouldn't be standing there if it weren't for Greenlee.

Angie explains that she called Adam to help de-stress Annie so that they can go forward with the procedure.  Angie tells Adam that they can't start the process until Annie is calm.  Adam says that it is the emotional stress and that Annie will be fine.

Brooke and Scott talk about Stuart.  Brooke tells Scott that Adam is at the hospital dealing with board issues.  Brooke and Scott come across Annie's search about Brooke. 

Ryan asks if Gayle calmed down at all and Amanda says that she is a basketcase.  Ryan says that the DA swore that Gayle would get total immunity for her testimony against David.  Gayle asks if she can go to Cincinnati to wait for the trial after giving her statement and Ryan agrees.  Ryan says that Gayle can even use the Cambias jet to get there and Gayle thanks him. 

Erica says that she spend all of David's investment because she is launching a new line that is very expensive.  Erica tells David that if he runs like a common criminal, he could be killed.  Erica says that if David takes Greenlee with him, she can arrange for them to get out of the country safely.

Greenlee and Jesse talk about David.  Jesse asks where David is and Greenlee says that she would never tell Jesse, even if she did know. 

Erica says that David is falling for Greenlee.  Erica asks if they have a deal and David suggests that they should seal it with a kiss.

Adam and Annie talk and he assures her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  Angie asks if Annie is ready to start the procedure and Annie says that she is completely ready.

Scott and Brooke talk about Pine Valley and Tempo.  Scott tells Brooke that Adam had a pacemaker put in a couple of months ago.  Brooke heads to the hospital to tell Adam that he needs to let the board issues go for now.

Amanda goes to check on Gayle.  Jake asks about pizza and Ryan says that it is on him.  Jake suggests that they should call Tad because of all of his PI connections. 

Natalia tells Jesse that there is no sign of David anywhere.  Jesse tells Natalia that she did a good job.

Greenlee looks for David.  David calls and tells Greenlee that his Valentine's Day present to her will tell her where he is.

Brooke looks for Adam at the hospital.  Angie explains the procedure to Adam and Annie.  Brooke asks Adam if Annie is JR's donor.

Ryan tells Jake that he is tracking Greenlee right now.  Jake asks how Ryan did that.  Ryan explains that he dropped his phone into Greenlee's purse and she will lead them to David.

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