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All My Children Update Friday 3/5/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Gayle says that she is not going to prison and grabs Erica.  Ryan tries to get Gayle to let Erica go, but Gayle says that if she doesn't get what she wants, she will shoot Erica.  Gayle says that Erica betrayed her too.  Erica asks David to do as Gayle says.  Gayle says that she wants the name of the coroner David paid to switch Greenlee's DNA, but he tries to avoid it.  Gayle says that the name is the only bargaining chip she will have if she is arrested. 

Adam says that he hates leaving the hospital in case something happens to JR during the procedure.  Adam says that he can't repay Annie enough for this.  Annie says that all that matters is that JR never finds out.  Annie tells Adam that she has written a letter for Adam to give to Emma, in case she dies during the procedure.  Adam says that Annie will walk away from the hospital a hero.

Tad hears singing in the hospital chapel and realizes that it is a song Dixie used to sing.

JR tells Dixie that he wants peace and serenity and that he is accepting his fate.  Dixie tells JR that he can't run up there.  JR asks if he has to go back.  Dixie asks if JR really thinks he is ready to die and JR says that he knows he is.  Dixie says that JR will have plenty of time to rest once he finally gets there, but JR says that he isn't going back and she can't make him.  JR says that he is ready to die and Dixie asks how he can be ready to die when he hasn't finished living.  Stuart appears to JR.

Tad and Krystal talk about the situation.  Krystal says that Tad really helped her when she was having a meltdown and asks how she can do the same for him.  Tad asks Krystal not to leave.

Colby rants at Annie about going to a spa while JR is at death's door.  Adam tries to defend Annie, but once alone, Annie tells Adam that Colby wouldn't feel that way if she knew the truth.  Annie says that she is going to get some things together.

Ryan tries to convince Gayle that it isn't worth shooting Erica.  David asks Gayle to let Erica go and Gayle says that she wants the name of the man he bribed.  Gayle shoots Erica.  David says that the man's name was Thomas West and Gayle tells Ryan to check it out.  David asks Gayle to let him take Erica to the hospital, but Gayle tells him to stay away from Erica.  Ryan calls the coroner's office and finds out that there is nobody there by that name.  Gayle tells David that if he doesn't give her the real name, he will be joining Erica.  David finally tells Gayle that he bribed Wilson Kuckley and signs the confession.  Erica tells David that she just needs a good dry cleaner.

Colby and Damon talk about JR and about him maybe going to jail.

David asks Erica, Ryan and Gayle what they want.  Erica says that she is sure Mr. Kuckley will entertain police for hours with tales of David's crimes.  Greenlee comes in and confronts them.  Ryan assures Greenlee that it isn't about her.  Greenlee starts having pains and Ryan tells her to take it easy.

Adam asks to take Annie to the hospital, but she says that it is better this way because she has it all arranged with Angie.  Annie says that she hates to leave Adam alone like this.  Brooke shows up and Adam says that he invited Brooke to stay at the mansion until she gets settled.

Liza shows up to talk to Damon about his hearing.  Colby says that she is babysitting for a few hours before heading back to the hospital.  Damon goes to take care of his paintbrush.  Colby asks if Damon is really going to have to go to jail and Liza says that it is possible, but that she has an idea.  Liza tells Damon that since he has no prior record, they might be able to get the people he burglarized to testify on his behalf and he might get just community service.  Liza explains the idea to Damon and Colby.

Tad says that he blew it for JR when he couldn't track down Miguel.  Tad says that he really wanted to give JR his bone marrow and that is how he failed JR.  Krystal says that Tad didn't fail anything because none of them could beat those odds.  Krystal reminds Tad that he has saved JR many times.

Stuart and JR talk about the place.  JR says that it must be the best place for him, but Dixie says that it isn't.  JR asks why it isn't the place for him.  Stuart says that he worked out the things that needed to be worked out and is at peace now.  Stuart tells JR that there are too many loose ends and that he needs to go back and fix it.

Brooke says that she will put her things in the guest room.  Annie says that Adam can sneak into the hospital to see her later, but he says that he will be there when she wakes up.  Annie leaves for the hospital.  Brooke and Adam talk about the house and Stuart.

JR tells Dixie that her telling him that he isn't ready and that he needs to make peace is only making him want a drink.  Dixie tells JR to go back to earth and pour a strong one.

Krystal reminds Tad of the times he has saved JR.  Tad thanks Krystal.

Ryan tells Greenlee not to move because she will hurt her back more.  Jake shows up and asks what happened.  Jake says that he wants to check out Greenlee and Ryan says that he will go find David.  Greenlee reveals that she is fine and that they will never find David.  Erica tells Gayle to go back where she has been staying, while she gets cleaned up.  Greenlee thanks Ryan for the lesson and asks if he remembers teaching her the grift.

Damon goes to check on the kids.  Liza says that Damon is the outward appearance of responsibility.  Colby says that Damon has been there for Opal, the kids and her.  Colby explains what Damon told her at the hospital about JR.

The doctor asks if Annie is ready to proceed.  Annie has a nightmare about Adam leaving her for Brooke.  Annie stops the procedure and says that she can't do it.

Tad and Krystal get back.  Colby explains Liza's idea to Tad and he agrees to go along with it.  Colby says that she is going back to the hospital.  Tad and Krystal go upstairs to check on the girls.  Damon assures Liza that he and Colby are just friends.

Dixie tells JR to take a long look back at his life and at his future.  JR says that he doesn't have a future, but Dixie says that JR's future depends on him.  Dixie disappears and JR tries to get in.

Ryan says that he knew this wasn't the way to win Greenlee over and that this was only about justice.  Greenlee asks why Ryan did this if he knew it would hurt her.  Ryan says that it would hurt Greenlee even more to stay with David because David hurts people.

David says that Erica betrayed him and asks if she really thought he would let her get away with it.

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