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Erica tells Opal about the things Greenlee said.  Opal says that Greenlee is still jealous.  Erica says that Greenlee wants them to work together to save Fusion.  Greenlee shows up and asks Erica if they are going to do this or not.

Ryan says that they will force David to sign the confession.  Jake asks what happens if David tries to weasel out of the confession.

David tries to call Gayle, but she won't pick up the phone.  Natalia tells David that he isn't going anywhere.

Adam says that JR needs to hear that Annie is a partial match, but Annie reminds Adam that JR doesn't want a transplant from her.  Annie says that keeping JR alive is all that matters.

Dixie tells JR to go with her and he asks if he is in heaven.

Tad and Brooke talk about how hard this is for Jamie.  Tad says that he walked in the other day and smelled fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Brooke says that Tad is thinking about Dixie too.

Dixie says that it is her heaven.  JR says that it looks a lot like Pigeon Hollow.  Dixie says that she is glad JR could visit and he asks what she means.

Adam asks about the success rate with a partial match and Angie says that it varies with the patient.  Angie says that they are going to admit her today and start harvesting her bone marrow.  Adam asks about the risk to Annie.  Angie says that complications are almost unheard of.  Angie says that Annie is making the right choice.  Adam asks how long Annie has known that she could be a donor.

Erica and Greenlee discuss the idea of working together to save Fusion.  Greenlee says that she has an idea for a whole new line of cosmetics and that if Erica wants to know about it, she has to partner up.  Greenlee says that if both lines succeed, Fusion will blast right back to the top.  Erica says that she will think about it and Greenlee reminds her that time is critical.  Erica says that she has to talk to her attorney in New York first and Greenlee says that she will talk to Jack.

Natalia tells David that he has a lot of unpaid parking tickets and David pays for them.  Natalia thanks David.

Annie says that she waited a little while to say anything because she asked Angie to research the whole partial match question.  Annie says that she has to be hospitalized for the procedure, so they have to come up with a story as to why she would leave during the current situation.  Annie says that she has an idea.

Ryan says that he and Gayle know the script and that Gayle has been prepped.  Jake says that he has to talk to Amanda.  Ryan tells Erica that they are putting David in a life or death situation.  Erica says that David respects her, so he will trust the plan even more.

Jake tells Amanda that he needs her to keep Greenlee away from Wildwind for an hour.  Amanda says that she can't wait to help and Jake thanks her.  Amanda says that she is doing this for Greenlee and Gayle too. 

Jake tells Gayle that she will be great!

David says that he has places to go and Natalia reveals that she had his car towed.  Natalia leaves and calls Ryan.

Erica tells Greenlee that she has somewhere to be.  Greenlee says that Jack agreed to mediate the deal.  Erica agrees to the meeting, but says that she isn't necessarily committing to a partnership.

JR and Dixie reminisce about the past.  Dixie says that JR has a future to think about.  JR tells Dixie that he is dying.

Tad and Brooke talk about Dixie and Laura.  Tad says that he and Adam have kept from killing each other because they love the same people.

David calls for a cab and opens the door to see Gayle standing there.  Gayle pulls a gun and confronts David about lying to her.  Ryan walks up and asks Gayle what she is doing.  Gayle says that David deserves to die and Ryan says that he can't argue with that.  David tells Ryan to do something, but Ryan says that he is just going to watch it play out.

Marissa says that it seems like JR is in another place.

JR asks Dixie how she said goodbye to them and Dixie explains that it was a long process, but she felt peace when she did.

Annie goes off on Brooke.  Scott suggests that Annie could use some coffee and Tad says that it should be decaf.  Annie says that Brooke is using the situation to take advantage of Adam's vulnerability.  Annie and Colby get into it about who belongs there and who doesn't.  Marissa asks them to stop because JR could wake up at any moment.  Marissa asks if Colby really wants JR to hear them fighting in the hall.  Colby says that she wants Annie gone and so would JR.

JR says that his life has been one fight after another and he is tired of fighting.  Dixie says that it isn't that easy.

Adam tells JR that they found a partial match and that this donor is going to work out, so JR needs to hold on.

Colby says that if Annie really wants to help, she should go away for good.  Annie says that since everyone seems to hate her, she should go.  Marissa says that everyone is stressed and that nobody hates Annie.  Annie says that JR hates her and he is all that matters right now, so she is going away for a few days.

Amanda runs into Greenlee and asks about a part-time position at Fusion.  Greenlee says that they can work something out and that Amanda can bring Trevor, with a nanny, to work too.  Amanda says that she is very interested! 

David tells Gayle that there is no reason for a gun because she isn't a killer.  Gayle says that she could go to jail because of him.  Gayle says that all David has to do to live is sign a confession.  David says that he would never turn Gayle in for helping him.  Gayle tells David to sign it and give her the name of the coroner he bribed.  David asks why Gayle needs the person's name.  Gayle says that she doesn't want any loose ends that could come back to her.  Erica walks in and tells Gayle that this isn't the way to deal with David, but Gayle says that it is the only way.  Erica asks Gayle to give her the gun.  David tells Gayle to shoot him.  Erica tells Gayle that it will be all right.  David says that it looks like they fail again.

Angie tells Scott, Tad and Colby that they found a donor.  Scott asks if the donor is anyone they know and Angie says that it is a partial match from an anonymous donor.  Angie suggests that they should all go home and get some rest.

Amanda tells Greenlee about finding true love and asks if Greenlee still loves Ryan.  Greenlee says that Ryan was her past life and that she has moved on.  Greenlee says that she has to go, but Amanda tries to stop her.  Amanda tells Jake that Greenlee is headed to Wildwind and Jake says that he is too.

Erica tells Gayle that they will make it right and Gayle asks if it will be more lies.  Gayle says that there is no way she is going to prison and grabs Erica, pointing the gun at her.  Ryan tries to get Gayle to let go of Erica.  Gayle says that if she doesn't get what she wants, she will shoot Erica.

Colby, Adam, Marissa and Tad talk to JR before he goes in for the procedure.

JR tells Dixie that he wants peace and serenity and that he is accepting his fate.  Dixie says that JR doesn't get to run there.  JR asks if he has to go back.

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