AMC Update Wednesday 3/3/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/3/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee tells David that she thinks she might have rattled Erica.  David reminds Greenlee not to underestimate Erica.  Greenlee says that she knows what Erica is capable of, but is worried that she might trip David up.  David says that he might be able to fix the whole thing with a short phone call.  Greenlee tells David to blast Erica out of the sky.

Jake says that he is there to take over watching Gayle.  Ryan says that Gayle is still willing to help them, but now they need the name of the guy David bribed to switch the DNA. 

David calls Gayle and apologizes for hurting her.  David tells Gayle that he wants to talk to her in person.

Tad asks JR to hang on long enough for him to fix this.

Angie tells Annie that she is still the only person who is even a partial match.  Angie asks if Annie is going to be JR's donor and says that his condition is deteriorating.

David tells Gayle that he was only trying to get Erica to let him go.  David asks where Gayle is and she says that she is in a fairy-book castle hotel with a suite in the turret.  Gayle says that she has to go.  Jake and Ryan walk in and she says that she was waking up when her phone went off, so she answered it as a reflex. 

David asks Greenlee about the castle that Ryan took her to.  Greenlee says that she is going to change and will be back.  David looks up Pine Valley plus castle hotels while she is gone.

Angie says that Annie can think about it a little longer, but just not too long.  Brooke tells Adam, Scott, and Krystal about a website she created.  Annie asks if they can go somewhere to talk and Angie says that they can go to her office.

Scott tells Marissa that there hasn't been a change and that Colby is in with JR.

Colby tells JR that she is scared of him going away. 

Liza tells Marissa that she is officially A.J.'s mom.

Angie assures Annie that everything they talk about is confidential.  Angie says that they could do the donation anonymously.  Annie asks why she should subject herself to the procedure and the risk for someone she doesn't like.  Angie says that Annie is the only match so far.  Angie says that if this is not done soon, JR will die and asks if Annie could live with that.

Tad says that he is losing someone again, just like he lost Dixie.  Tad says that a man isn't supposed to bury his children.  His phone chirps and Tad says that there may be a little hope left.

Tad tells Adam that he got another contact number for Sonia Reyes and thinks that Adam should make the call.  Adam agrees.  Annie tells Brooke that the website is very impressive and that she looks forward to them working together at Tempo.  Adam comes back and says that Sonia doesn't know where Miguel went and didn't know he was a match either.

Tad tells Liza about finding Damon asleep at the hospital because he lost his job and his room at the Pine Cone.  Tad and Liza end up talking about his ex, Hillary.

Damon says that Bailey took Stuart and went back to Ohio, so he is done with the break-ins.  Kathy comes out and asks if Opal can fix her clock.  Opal says that she doesn't know how and Damon offers to look at it.

David runs into Ryan at the castle.  Ryan says that he rented the whole place out and asks why David is there.  David says that Greenlee told him about Ryan taking her there.  Ryan asks what David is really doing there.

Jake and Amanda talk about Gayle.  Amanda asks why he didn't tell her they would have company.  Jake explains that he was with Gayle the other evening, but hasn't told her the best part yet.

Annie visits JR and tries to get him to respond to her. 

Ryan tells David to enjoy the room because it is rented out for the rest of the week. 

Jake asks Amanda to keep an eye on Gayle and help them with this.  Jake says that he will check in with Ryan and then be back.

Damon fixes Kathy's clock and she thanks him.  Opal and Damon talk about kids.  Damon says that by the time he gets to see Stuart again, he could be bigger than Kathy is.

Tad and Liza talk about their pasts.  Tad steps out to ask Krystal how things are going.  Krystal says that she isn't giving Marissa enough support and can't keep from falling apart.  Tad suggests that they should find someplace quiet.

Scott says that it was nice of Annie to visit JR.  Adam says that he has to see JR and wants Brooke to come with him.

Ryan and Greenlee meet up at ConFusion and end up talking about her visiting the castle on her wedding night.

Colby thanks Damon for what he said about JR being able to hear her.  Damon says that he is sorry about JR and tells Colby that he got tested, but wasn't a match.

Adam apologizes to JR for letting him down.

Amanda and Gayle talk about David.

Greenlee asks if Ryan can get Erica to drop out of Fusion and he says that it won't happen.  Greenlee asks if Ryan can persuade Erica to agree to a truce.  David walks up and Greenlee leaves with David.  Greenlee says that she left a notepad on the patio before and will be right back.

Ryan tells Jake that he missed the show, but Jake says that he saw everything.  Ryan says that he might have an idea on getting David to tell them the name of the coroner that he bribed, but it could be dangerous.

Annie gets a phone call that tells her that she is a partial match for JR. 

Dixie holds JR's hand as a bright light appears at his bedside.

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