AMC Update Tuesday 3/2/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/2/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan asks Liza if she wants some coffee and she agrees.  Liza asks who her new client is.  Ryan says that he needs Liza to start working with the temporary DA about bringing down David.  Liza asks if Ryan won over Nurse Gayle.

Erica asks Gayle if she would like some tea and Gayle agrees.  Erica tells Gayle that they will make sure David is very sorry for passing her over for Greenlee.

David asks how Greenlee is this morning.  Greenlee says that she spent the night dreaming about Erica in a variety of torture devices.  Greenlee says that Erica will be gone from their lives and won't even know what hit her.

Randi agrees to have a cup of coffee with Frankie before heading back to the office.  Randi tells Frankie that he should get back to his physical therapy.  Randi asks if Frankie is still worried about his mom.

Jesse says that Angie was praying pretty hard and asks if it was for JR.  Angie says that she was praying for JR and others.  Angie says that she made a big mistake and a man is dead because of it.

Tad finds Damon sleeping in the hospital.  Damon says that he lost his place and his job at ConFusion.  Damon asks about JR and Colby.  Tad says that JR is the same and that Damon should go talk to Colby.  Tad offers to buy Damon breakfast.

Frankie says that the patient would probably still be alive if he would have told his mom about the surgery request.  Randi tries to get Frankie to take a pain pill, but he says that he doesn't need to take drugs.  Randi says that Frankie doesn't have to be in pain and leaves for work.

Angie tells Jesse that she missed a message about a surgery authorization the night they got the hotel room at the Yacht Club and the patient died because her phone was off.  Jesse asks if the board blames her and Angie says that she got off with a reprimand for turning her phone off because the hospital is trying to cover their butts against a lawsuit. 

Ryan brings Liza in to see Gayle.  Ryan says that Liza is there to protect Gayle.  Gayle suggests that maybe they are all using her and that maybe she should disappear for good.  Erica tells Gayle that when she makes a promise, she delivers.

David and Greenlee talk about taking down Erica.  Greenlee says that she has a few tall buildings to leap and a diva to step on and tells David that she will see him later.  Greenlee leaves and David says that Erica better watch out.

Erica tells Liza to earn her retainer and keep Gayle there.  Liza says that everyone will benefit from Gayle coming forward.  Ryan says that Liza will make sure that Gayle doesn't have any legal issues due to this.  Gayle says that she will do it and Erica says that she has to get to work.

Greenlee gets to Fusion and finds Madison alone.  Greenlee tells Madison that she wants a full status report on the company since the computers went down.  Madison says that they are at a complete standstill because they don't know who to take orders from.  Greenlee says that it is her company and Madison works for her now.

Frankie tells Angie that he isn't letting her take the fall for him, but Angie says that it is already done because the board already wrote her up.  David walks in and tells Angie that this time he brought her visual aids to help her decide to resign.

Damon asks why Tad is being so nice to him and Tad says that he has been in the same place as Damon is.  Tad and Damon talk about JR.

Gayle says that before they talk about the strategy, she needs to change and get ready for her day.  Liza says that whatever Gayle has on David better be solid.  Liza asks if Ryan is doing this to get David out of the picture.

David shows Angie pictures of her and Jesse from the night that her approval was needed for a lifesaving surgery.  Angie says that the board already dealt with it and she is still there.  David says that it was before the board had all the details.  Angie says that she will not let David blackmail her.  Angie tells David to drop dead and to do it somewhere other than her hospital.

Greenlee asks Madison if they have met before and Madison reveals that they went to the same boarding school: Brookings Academy.  Randi shows up for work and Madison introduces Randi and Greenlee.  Randi says that she knows Greenlee and Greenlee announces that her last name is now Hayward.  Greenlee says that she is in charge of Fusion now and they can either follow her lead or pack up their desks.

David says that he will show the pictures to the board at the next meeting.  Angie says that if David opens the hospital up for a lawsuit, he might not have a hospital to return to.

Tad tells Damon about JR's donor bailing.  Frankie stops and tells Damon that he wasn't a match for JR. 

Liza asks Ryan why he isn't fighting for Greenlee and Ryan says that he will be there when Greenlee realizes what they have.

Greenlee thanks Erica and says that her services are no longer needed.  Erica says that she won't let Greenlee destroy Kendall's company.  Greenlee says that she will pack up Erica's desk and courier her the contents since her name isn't on any of the stock certificates.  Erica says that in her desk is a proxy signed by Kendall.  Erica asks Madison for the status report, but Greenlee tells her not to say anything.  Greenlee says that Erica is making her employees uncomfortable.

Gayle tells Liza about David switching the DNA by bribing a technician at the coroner's office in Connecticut.  Liza asks what the technician's name was and Gayle says that David never told her his name.  Liza says that it is all hearsay and isn't enough to nail David.

Erica tells Madison and Randi to give her a moment with Greenlee.  Greenlee asks Randi for a copy of every project on and off the book.  Greenlee and Erica get into it about Ryan.

Tad asks if Damon's parents know he is in trouble.  Damon says that he and his dad stopped talking a long time ago and that Hillary doesn't need to deal with a phone call like that right now.  Tad says that Damon will be staying with him for a while.  Damon thanks Tad.

Angie tells Frankie that they will be fine and all he needs to do is concentrate on getting himself back into the OR.  Frankie says that he is trying.

Gayle says that David wins again.  Ryan says that they will find witnesses and corroborating statements.  Gayle says that she has to get out of there before David figures out a way to turn it all on her.  Liza says that they will find out who the technician was.  Liza says that she is fresh out of ideas and Ryan says that he isn't.

Greenlee suggests that she and Erica should work together to save Fusion.

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