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Adam says that he won't let Dr. Kahn give up on JR.  Dr. Kahn says that nobody is giving up.  Adam says that if Dr. Kahn isn't going to help JR, he will find a doctor who will.

Annie asks Angie to rush her results.  Angie says that she will definitely rush them because JR doesn't have time to wait.

Tad tells Adam that Dr. Kahn is doing everything she can to help JR.

Ryan tells Erica that he needs her to help him with Gayle.  Ryan says that they should team up and take David down together.

Jake asks Greenlee to tell him where she wants to go.  Greenlee says that she wants to go in the room.  Jake says that Greenlee should be home with her husband on her wedding night, instead of being there.

Amanda's phone buzzes and David realizes that she is there.  David asks what Amanda is doing there.  Amanda says that she is looking for Trevor's bear.  David says that Amanda is covering and asks what Jake is doing now.

Ryan says that he found Gayle and Erica asks where he found her.  Ryan asks why it is so important for Erica to take on David alone and Erica says that Ryan won't like what she will say.  Erica says that she is trying to get rid of Greenlee and that is why she was using Gayle.

Greenlee says that marrying David is a new chapter in her life and she wanted to close the old one by going to the place where she and Ryan were married.  Jake says that Greenlee came out there because she doesn't know how to let it go or doesn't want to.  Greenlee says that what she and Ryan had is over.

David tells Amanda to go ahead and search the house for the toy.  David tells Amanda that if she runs into Jake, tell him not to wake up Greenlee.  Amanda says that marrying David could be the worst mistake of Greenlee's life. 

Adam says that A.J. needs his father.  Brooke says that Colby needs her father too.  Colby says that she was trying to figure out how to stay positive for JR before the alarms went off.  Annie comes over and asks if Adam is okay.  Adam asks where Annie was and Annie says that she thought he needed some time alone with Colby.  Adam's phone rings and he finds out that he isn't a match for JR.

Marissa asks Colby to sit with JR for a little while.  Colby tells JR that he can take as long as he needs to recharge, but he has to come back.

Jake says that Greenlee can tell him anything.  Greenlee says that she knows what is best for her and right now that is being with David.  Jake asks if Greenlee is going to say goodbye to him and she says that she already has.  Jake returns to the room and Gayle says that David and Greenlee don't deserve to be happy.  Jake says that he and Ryan are going to make sure David pays for what he has done.

Amanda and David talk about being happy.  Jake calls Amanda and she tells him that she will see him at home.

Ryan says that Greenlee has to be free to make her own decisions, but she isn't with David.  Erica tells Ryan that the wedding was Greenlee's idea because she wanted to hurt him.  Ryan says that David is the one hurting people and Angie is his next target, but Erica says that David's focus isn't on the hospital.  Erica says that she won't help Ryan benefit Greenlee, but she will help make David pay and asks what their next move is.

David says that he thought Greenlee was in bed.  Greenlee says that she went for a walk, but then tells David that she went back to the castle.  Greenlee says that she told herself it was to say goodbye, but realized that she was lying to herself as well as to David.

Jake tells Gayle that he thinks they can put David behind bars for a long time if she is willing to turn him in.  Jake asks what he has to do to convince her and Gayle says that Jake convinced her by the way he talks to Amanda.

Tad says that Colby is stronger than Liza thinks.  Liza apologizes to God for taking Colby away from Pine Valley and away from JR.  Damon shows up and says that he got tested.  Tad tells Damon that JR is in a coma and they could lose him at any time.  Damon says that he will leave, but Tad pushes him to talk to Colby because she needs a friend.

Brooke says that she was going to get some coffee and asks Scott if he needs anything.  Scott goes to get her coffee.  When Brooke asks if there is anything she can do for him, Adam asks her how she held it together when she lost her child.  Brooke tells Adam about Laura being hit by the car and says that eventually, you find a way to go on.  Adam thanks Brooke.

Angie tells Annie that she is a partial match for JR and that she is the best hope right now.  Annie asks what the next step is.  Angie says that they have to discuss the process and make sure Annie knows the potential risk because she will be under anesthesia.  Annie says that nobody told her that there would be surgery involved.

Damon apologizes to Colby for piling more stress on her.  Colby says that she wonders if JR even knows that she is there.  Damon says that JR knows that Colby is there and tells Colby not to give up on JR.  Colby thanks Damon.

Angie says that most donors leave the hospital the same day or the morning after the procedure.  Annie asks if she has to be put under anesthesia.  Angie says that Annie can be kept awake during the procedure, but will have to be numb from the waist down to prevent any discomfort during the collection process.  Angie says that Annie should share the news with her family, but Annie says that she wants to do it.

Jake tells Ryan and Erica that Gayle is ready to roll over on David.  Gayle sees Erica and asks what is going on.  Ryan says that the plan hasn't changed, but they have brought in a little help.  Jake and Ryan step out into the hall and Jake says that Greenlee was there earlier.  Ryan says that Greenlee knows where he is and he will be waiting for her when she is ready.

Greenlee says that she wanted to believe that she could just put everything with Ryan in the past, but it doesn't work that way.  David tells Greenlee that he really is working with Erica to give her Fusion because Erica threatened to send him to prison for a long time and maybe that is what he deserves.

Jake arrives home and Amanda tells him to be quiet because she just got Trevor down.  Jake says that he was out trying to help a friend trap a rat.  Jake tells Amanda that he was holed up for most of the night in a romantic getaway with a beautiful woman and she tells him that he is impossible.

Erica suggests that Gayle should take a hot bath.  Erica asks if there is anything she can do for Ryan and he says that all he can do is give Greenlee the space she needs.

Damon apologizes for being late and says that he will pull a double shift tomorrow.  The manager says that Damon doesn't work there anymore because he tried to rob the place.  Damon asks for another chance, but the manager says that he can't have a felon working there and fires Damon.

Colby asks if Liza and Tad know where Damon went.  Tad asks how things went with Damon.  Colby says that she didn't want to see him, but Damon said some things to help her.  Annie comes up and asks if Adam left.  Scott says that he just passed Adam and Brooke down the hall and Annie says that she will wait for him.

Adam says that he hasn't been in a church since Stuart's memorial service because it is hard to ask God for anything when you have taken the life of the sweetest human being on the earth.  Adam asks if God will take JR as punishment for Adam taking Stuart's life.

Amanda and Jake talk.  Amanda says that his sense of humor turns her on.  Jake asks if she would change anything about him if she could and Amanda says that his break dancing could use some work.

Greenlee says that now she understands why David wanted them to leave town.  David says that he wanted to give Greenlee a way out too so that she could get some peace in her life.  David says that he will help Greenlee, even if it means that he goes away to prison.

Ryan says that they will all be fine once David is rotting in jail.  Gayle says that she won't be ending up in the cell beside David.  Erica says that Gayle will be protected and Gayle says that she needs more than Erica's word.  Ryan says that he knows someone who can give Gayle all the guarantees she needs.

Brooke tells Adam not to punish himself for what is happening because it isn't his fault.  Adam tells God that he will take JR's place if he is looking for a Chandler.

Annie tells JR that she could save his life and he tells her to get out.

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