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Ryan says that it doesn't compare to the cons he used to run and Jake says that it is a waste of talent.  Ryan says that he got out of the game a long time ago.  Jake asks if Ryan would consider getting back into the game if David was the mark, but Ryan says that he is past all of that.  Jake says that this is a chance to do something for Greenlee and asks if Ryan can really say no to that.

Erica looks for Gayle and realizes that she is gone.  Someone knocks on the door and Erica assumes it is Gayle, but it is really Opal.  Opal says that she brought Erica a housewarming gift to celebrate the new place.  Erica says that Gayle is gone.  Erica says that Gayle is the only leverage that she has against David and Greenlee.

David suggests that he and Greenlee should go away to a private beach.  Greenlee asks David what was really going on between him and Erica.  David says that Greenlee is overly paranoid and Greenlee says that David is busted.  David says that he and Erica are working together to get Greenlee.

Tad tells Adam that Miguel wasn't on the plane and that he is trying to figure out what went wrong.  Marissa asks if everything is okay and JR asks when he gets to meet his little brother.

Annie says that it should be fun for her and Brooke to work together.  Brooke says that the details haven't been ironed out for her taking over as editor again.  Annie suggests that they use Adam's story for Tempo, but Brooke says that she doesn't think Adam would want the details of his illegitimate son splashed in the media.

Colby asks if Tad came back alone and Liza says that she is sure everything is fine.  Liza asks about Colby's hand and she says that it is okay.  Scott says that Damon's cheek got the worst of it.

JR asks where his brother is.  Adam tells JR that Miguel isn't coming. 

Ryan says that what David is doing to Greenlee is killing him, but he promised Greenlee that he would stay out if it and wait for her to come to him.  Ryan agrees to help bring David down.  Jake asks Natalia how she is doing.  Natalia thanks Ryan again for helping her out.  Ryan tells Jake that they need to find Nurse Gayle and get her to turn on David.

Opal and Erica talk about Gayle.  Erica says that Gayle is the only way she can get David to drag Greenlee out of town.  Opal suggests bringing Kendall into the Fusion situation, but Erica says that Kendall needs time with her family and that she can squash Greenlee without Kendall.  Erica says that she is going to Wildwind to look for Gayle.

Greenlee says that David is the one person in her life she thought had her back.  David says that Erica wants Fusion and he agreed, but has no intention of doing it.  David tells Greenlee that they have to let Erica think that Greenlee has taken a step back and then oust her from Fusion for good.  David tells Greenlee that he would never hurt her.  A car approaches and someone closes a door.  David says that once Erica realizes that he has double-crossed her, it will be too late. 

Ryan and Jake talk about getting Gayle to turn on David.  Natalia asks if David really tampered with a corpse and DNA to hide Greenlee.  Jake tells Natalia what David did to Angie and Natalia says that she wants to help.  Natalia asks what they need and Jake says that they need Gayle's phone number.  Jake asks what they do now and Ryan says that they wait.

JR asks what happened and Adam says that Miguel never got on the plane.  Tad says that they have to contact Miguel and find out what happened, so they can fix it.  Adam reveals that he was also tested and is waiting for his results, but JR says that he won't let Adam put his life on the line.  JR says that he wants to be alone with Marissa right now and that he wants to see A.J..

Colby asks Adam where Miguel is.  Adam says that Miguel apparently never made it on the plane and Tad says that he is looking into it.  Adam says that this is all Tad's fault.  Liza points out that Adam is the one who has ignored Miguel his entire life.  Brooke tells Adam that blaming Tad is not going to help anything.  Liza tells Tad that this isn't his fault and Tad asks why he feels like a stupid son of a bitch.

Annie asks Adam if he wants to go with her.  Adam asks Dr. Kahn what he has for them.  Dr. Kahn says that he was hoping JR's match would have arrived, but Adam says that they can't depend on that donor anymore.  Dr. Kahn says that there has been no movement on the national registry.  Brooke says that she was tested and Dr. Kahn tells her that she wasn't a match and neither was Jamie.  Annie tells Dr. Kahn that she wants to be tested and Dr. Kahn agrees.

JR tells Marissa that they need to talk because he has been a selfish bastard, but she tells him that it can wait until they are at home together.

Natalia gives Gayle's number to Ryan.  Erica walks into the police station and Natalia says that Brot will help her.  Erica asks Brot if there have been any reports of unusual activity.  Brot says that there hasn't been and asks if Erica has something she would like to share.  Erica tells Brot to forget that she was there.

David says that if Greenlee doesn't believe him, maybe they shouldn't have gotten married.  Greenlee says that she is over Ryan and points out that David keeps bringing him up.  Greenlee tells David to make love to her.  David says that Greenlee doesn't have to prove anything to him.  David says that there is no way he wants to jeopardize his friendship and partnership with Greenlee.

Jake gets a call from Amanda, but doesn't answer it.  Ryan asks how things are going and Jake says that they are great and he wants to keep it that way, which is why he wants to get rid of David.  Jake tells Ryan to call Gayle.  Ryan reads the text to Jake before sending it to Gayle.

Opal asks if Erica found Gayle and Erica says that it seems like Gayle disappeared.  Erica tells Opal that David is planning to double-cross her and push her out of Fusion.

Greenlee says that she is going to bed.  David says that he will turn in too as soon as he puts out the fire because they don't want the fire department there again. 

Marissa tells Tad that JR wants to see him.  JR and Tad talk about the "magic shell" A.J. found on the beach and gave to Babe.  Tad tells JR that he will fix this and JR tells Tad that it isn't his fault. 

Brot and Natalia talk about her big bust.  Brot says that he heard that Ryan leveled the guy.

Jake points out Gayle.  Gayle realizes that the text was from Jake and Ryan.  Jake says that they need information on David.  Gayle announces that Erica also contacted her.  Gayle also announces that David married Greenlee.

David tells Erica that he has taken the first steps to separate Greenlee from Fusion.

Adam apologizes to JR about Miguel not showing up.  JR tells Adam that it is time to start being realistic about the situation.  JR's monitors start beeping and Dr. Kahn says that the protocol can't keep up with the disease.  Dr. Kahn says that JR is slipping into a coma.

Erica tells David that nobody but her knows where Gayle is.

Gayle tells Jake and Ryan that Erica and David keep calling her.  Jake says that they can protect Gayle and keep her safe.  Jake leaves the room and goes into the hall, where he bumps into Greenlee.  Jake says that he lost his medical bag and thought he left it there.  Jake offers to buy Greenlee dinner, but she says that they can do it another time.

Erica calls Gayle and Ryan shows up.  Ryan tells Erica that he needs her.

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