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Written by Mandy
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Brot asks if Natalia has a hot date or something.  Natalia says that it is just bait.

Liza tells Damon that when the paperwork is filled out, he is free to go.  Damon says that he will pay her back for the bail money.  Damon says that he doesn't care if he gets locked up because he has nothing left, but Liza says that he still has her.

Adam and Tad tell Colby and Scott that they have a match for JR.  Adam says that he has to give JR the news.  Annie comes in and asks what the news is.

Adam tells Marissa and JR that A.J.'s wish came true and that they found a match!  Marissa asks if they found the match on the national registry.  Adam says that it was just someone he tracked down to get tested.  JR asks who the donor is.

Jake shows up at Ryan's and says that he drove out to the castle to see how Greenlee was doing, but she is gone.  Ryan says that Jake will have to ask David.

Reverend Fisher starts the ceremony.  Erica walks in and asks if they need a witness.

Colby says that it is amazing and asks why Adam doesn't look happier.  Scott says that they didn't think the doctors would find a match and JR announces that Adam found the donor.  Scott asks how Adam knew the person would be a match and Tad leaves.  Adam tells Annie, Scott, JR and Colby that he met a woman in California years ago and that he fathered her child.  Adam says that he asked Tad to track down Sonia Reyes because JR is sick.  Adam tells JR that Miguel is on his way to Pine Valley right now.

Ryan says that Greenlee insisted on going back to Wildwind.  Jake suggests that Ryan should fight for Greenlee, but Ryan says that the problem is fighting against Greenlee.  Jake tells Ryan that hope will only get them so far, but Ryan says that hope is all he has.

Greenlee says that it is a private wedding and tells Erica to get out.  Erica says that she will leave as soon as she has the new keys to her office.  Erica says that she isn't leaving her daughter's company.  Greenlee says that Erica wants Fusion for herself and it isn't happening.  David says that he promised the reverend that they would get through the ceremony this time.  Erica says that she has no intention of stopping it and Jack walks in.  Greenlee tells them both to get out of there.  Jack says that he hoped and prayed the time Greenlee spent with Ryan would get through to her and admits that he gave Ryan his blessing for the trip.  Erica tells Greenlee that if she gives her the keys, she will be on her way.

Brot says that beat cops don't do undercover work.  Natalia says that if she wants to wear a dress and have a drink at ConFusion, it's her business.  Brot says that it isn't when she is using herself as bait to catch an identity theft.

Liza says that she will do whatever she can to make sure the sentence is reduced.  Damon asks why Liza is still helping him.  Liza says that the sooner they can get the charges taken care of, the sooner he can get back to Bailey and prove he deserves to be Stuart's dad.

Colby calls Liza and says that she will be right there.  Damon asks if Colby is okay, but Liza keeps going.

Krystal asks if they found a donor and Tad says that it is Adam's long-lost son.  Brooke says that she is surprised that Adam didn't fight to keep part of his son's life.  Tad says that he is sure Adam will try to make up for lost time if Miguel is on his way to town.

Annie asks why everyone assumes that Miguel will be welcomed into the family and Scott says that Miguel is Adam's son.  Scott asks if Annie is afraid that the kid will be competing with her for Adam's attention.

Natalia asks a man if the seat next to him is taken.  The man asks if he can get Natalia a glass of wine and she says that he can get her a vodka tonic.  Natalia thanks him.  The man introduces himself as Larry and Natalia says that her name is Michelle.

Ryan and Jake walk into ConFusion.  Ryan orders a bottle of bourbon and Jake asks for another glass.  Ryan says that Jake can stay, but they can't talk about Greenlee and Jake says that it is a deal.

David suggests that Greenlee should discuss it in private with Jack and Jack agrees.  Greenlee says that she told Ryan that they don't belong together and Ryan let her go, so it is time for Jack to accept it.  Jack says that he will never accept Greenlee being with David.  Jack says that Greenlee can forgive Ryan, so she should give it some time, but Greenlee says that what they had was over and they can't go back.  Greenlee says that this is what she wants and if Jack can't accept it he needs to leave.

David tells Erica that she will get the company, but it will take time.  Erica says that Fusion doesn't have a lot of time at the moment and that she needs the keys to her office now.  David says that he is working on it.

Brooke says that she has to take a call.  Krystal thanks Tad for giving JR a fighting chance. 

Liza asks if there is a problem with JR.  Colby says that Adam has this son that nobody ever knew about and that he is coming to be JR's donor.  Brooke comes in and says hi to Liza.  Brooke says that she came back to town to interview for Tempo, but the position has evidently already been filled.  Annie asks if she can borrow Brooke for a minute and tells Brooke that it isn't the time or place to be discussing business.  Scott asks Annie if Adam really gave her the job and Annie says that he will.

Tad tells Adam that Miguel's plane gets in soon and that he is on his way to the airport to meet it.  JR says that he owes Adam his life.

Natalia asks Larry to order her another drink while she goes to the bathroom.  Natalia tells Brot to back off and he says that he just came here for a beer.  Natalia says that he came to babysit.  Brot asks what happens if the guy takes it a little too far and Natalia says that she can handle it.  Jake starts talking about David targeting women and Ryan steps away for a second.  Ryan asks Natalia if he can buy her a drink and Larry says that she already has one.

Greenlee tells the reverend that they are ready to proceed.  Erica says that she will leave, but Greenlee tells her to stay and asks her to be the matron of honor.  Greenlee says that she wants Erica to see that when she commits to something, she follows through and that nobody is going to stop her from getting everything she wants.  The minister finishes the ceremony and pronounces David and Greenlee husband and wife.

Dr. Kahn tells JR that he will have to be in isolation to get his body ready for the transplant.  JR asks when they start.

Marissa tells Krystal that the donor doesn't seem real because it was only a few hours ago that JR was making peace with the fact that he was dying.  Krystal says that Tad wouldn't give up and that is why they found the donor.  Marissa asks if Krystal still loves Tad.  Krystal says that she will always love Tad for giving her Jenny, but Marissa says that Krystal shares more than a child and a house with Tad.  Krystal says that she will take A.J. home and get him tucked in and Marissa thanks her.  Marissa tells Krystal to tell Tad how she feels and Krystal tells Marissa goodnight.

JR asks if Tad is at the airport and Tad says that he is at the gate waiting for Miguel.

Larry says that he was just having a drink and Ryan bumped into him.  Ryan says that he found a data reader and was scanning Natalia's credit cards from her purse.  Larry says that he never touched her purse and Ryan says that he didn't need to because he could have been a foot away and still decoded the data.  Natalia says that it explains why they haven't been able to catch him in the act.  Natalia calls for a squad car.

Jake tells Ryan that he did a nice job and Ryan says that he can spot a con a mile away because of bad habits.  Jake says that bad habits die hard.

David asks if Greenlee is okay.  Greenlee says that she would be doing better if it felt more like a party because they should be celebrating.  Greenlee and David share their first dance.

Erica asks Brot if he can help her with something and asks how his swing is.  Erica tells Brot that the lock needs to come off of her office door.  Brot asks if it would be easier to call a locksmith.  Erica says that nothing has been easy since Greenlee came back.  Erica gets a call and thanks Brot for his help before leaving.

Adam tells Liza about the donor for JR.  Liza says that she isn't there to judge him and that she has the adoption papers for JR and Marissa.  Adam asks if they really need to continue with this since JR is getting his transplant.  JR says that he still wants Marissa to adopt A.J. and says that all they need is Marissa's signature.

Scott says that Adam doesn't need his family fighting because they will be dealing with enough when Miguel gets there.  Liza comes over and asks how Colby is holding up.  Colby says that she will be better once JR gets the transplant.  Liza asks Colby to go for a walk with her so they can talk.

Annie and Adam talk about Miguel and Brooke.  Brooke tells Adam that when she heard about Tempo, she couldn't resist coming back to try for it, but apparently Annie beat her to the punch.  Adam says that he didn't know that.  Annie claims that she said she was in the running for the job and that Adam still has several interviews to conduct.  Adam says that now that Brooke is interested, he can call off the search.  Adam tells Annie that she can learn the business from Brooke and tells Brooke to mentor Annie.

Colby says that Bailey will be back because she has threatened to take Stuart before.  Liza says that Bailey is really gone this time.  Damon tells Colby that Bailey moved home to Ohio and got a job, so she is staying there.  Colby asks if this is goodbye and Damon says that he can't go back there.  Liza tells Colby that Damon's DNA matches blood found at the crime scenes.  Damon apologizes for lying to Colby.

JR asks what will happen if the transplant doesn't work.  Marissa says that the donor is on the way to save JR's life.  Tad shows up at the hospital alone and tells Adam that Miguel wasn't on the plane.

Ryan apologizes for stepping on Natalia's toes, but she thanks him for helping her out because Larry would have walked away with her credit card information if he hadn't stepped in.  Ryan tells the bartender to toss the check because the drinks are on the house.

Ryan tells Jake that Larry's job doesn't even compare to the cons he used to pull.  Jake says that it is a shame to see Ryan's talent go to waste, but Ryan says that he got out of the game a long time ago.  Jake asks if Ryan would ever consider getting back into the game if David was the mark.

Erica tells Gayle that David will pay for what he has done, but Gayle says that she is tired of waiting.  Gayle asks if David married Greenlee and Erica confirms that he did.  Brot shows up and Erica tells Gayle to hide behind the fireplace.  Brot tells Erica that he would love to help her, but he can't.  Erica thanks him and says that she will find someone else.  Erica looks for Gayle and realizes that she is gone.

David suggests that they should find a nice private beach somewhere to let Greenlee's body recover from everything she has been doing.  Greenlee asks David what was really going on between him and Erica.

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