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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/24/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Annie talk about Tempo.  Brooke explains that she had an interview to run Tempo again, but it was cancelled.  Annie tells Brooke that she is the new editor in chief of Tempo.

Angie tells Adam that she put a rush on the swab.  Dr. Kahn checks out JR and Adam asks what happened.  Tad says that JR got lightheaded and collapsed and AJ asks if JR is going to be okay.

Greenlee realizes Ryan is still there and says that she thought she dreamed being there telling him that she loved him.  Ryan tells her it was all real.

Erica tells David that all he has to do to get her to keep Gayle under control is marry Greenlee and get her to turn Fusion over to Erica.  David says that he can't believe that Erica got to Gayle because she was the one person he could count on.  Erica says that David did it when he decided to marry Greenlee and that all Erica did was offer Gayle a shoulder and some sympathy.  David tells Erica that Fusion will be hers.

Brooke asks Annie if she has editorial experience and Annie says that she has a vision.  Annie says that she is very confident that she can restore Tempo to its former glory, or maybe surpass it and Brooke says that she applauds Annie's confidence.  Scott shows up and sees Brooke.  Scott and Brooke talk about Stuart and the memorial service.

Marissa tells Krystal and Adam that they were celebrating Little Adam's birthday early.  He tells them that his name is now AJ and that was his birthday present.  AJ says that JR didn't get any of the cake.  Krystal suggests that they should go get the cake and bring it there, so JR can have it when he wakes up.

Dr. Kahn tells Adam and Marissa that JR has regained consciousness, but still has serious internal bleeding.  Dr. Kahn wants to keep JR in the hospital because he is very vulnerable to infection and will probably end up back there.  When Marissa asks how long JR needs to stay in the hospital, Dr. Kahn answers indefinitely.

David says that Greenlee is stubborn and will want to hold on to Fusion tighter because Erica wants to run it.  Erica says that the only way she can ensure that Kendall will have a company to come back to is if she takes control.  David says that he will need some time and Erica says that she understands that, but if David takes too much time, Gayle is only a call away.  David asks what Erica is going to do if Greenlee is back with Ryan.

Greenlee asks what Ryan did while she was sleeping and he says that he was watching her.  Ryan says that Greenlee is beautiful and Greenlee says that she is still a prisoner.  Ryan says that Greenlee is free to go.

Scott asks what brings Brooke back to Pine Valley and she says that she came to interview for Tempo's job.  Scott says that Tempo was never stronger than when she was running it.  Brooke thanks Scott and says that Adam has apparently already made his decision.  Scott asks if Adam named Annie editor in chief.  Annie says that Adam wants a fresh approach.  Scott thinks that when Adam finds out that Brooke is back, he might change his mind.  Colby comes in and tells Scott that Marissa called and JR is back in the hospital.  Scott tells Brooke that JR has cancer.  Brooke decides to go too.  Annie says that she is going too, but Colby says that JR doesn't want her there.  Scott tells Annie that she needs to stay and watch Emma and they will call her when they know something.

Dr. Kahn says that they will put JR in reverse isolation to help him fight infection.

Erica says that she doesn't want any excuses because David is the master of controlling women.  Erica asks if she should take David home so he can start working on Greenlee and David agrees. 

Greenlee asks if she is really free to go and Ryan apologizes for bringing her there.  Greenlee says that she is leaving, but Ryan stops her and she asks if he changed his mind already.  Ryan says that he loves Greenlee, but wants her to be happy and just wants her to know that he isn't going to give up hope.  Ryan says that he will take Greenlee anywhere she wants to go and suggests the yacht club.  Ryan says that Greenlee can stay anywhere she wants as long as it isn't with David.  Greenlee asks if David has called her.  David calls Greenlee, but she says that she can't do this on the phone.  Greenlee says that she will call a car.  Ryan tells Greenlee to know that this isn't goodbye.

David asks where Greenlee could be.  Erica asks if David has real feelings for Greenlee.

Annie reads up on Tempo and Brooke.  Annie tells Emma that she is going to be the new editor of Tempo magazine, but first she has to convince Adam.

Adam tells Tad that this assignment stays between them, unless the results are what they are hoping for.  Brooke runs into Adam and Tad at the hospital.  Brooke says that she would like to get tested to see if she is a match for JR.

Marissa asks if JR is up for AJ's cake and JR says that he is.

David says that he and Greenlee are practically family because she was married to Leo.  Erica says that if David has genuine feelings for Greenlee, it will be hard for him to double-cross her.  David asks Erica what Ryan is going to think.  Erica says that she wants Ryan's happiness more than anything, but Greenlee isn't good enough for Ryan.  Erica says that Greenlee isn't even good enough for David.  David asks if Greenlee is okay and she says that she will be fine when Erica leaves.  Erica leaves.

Annie asks what Ryan is doing there.  Ryan says that he was hoping to see Emma.  Emma comes out and Ryan asks if it is okay for him to spend a little time with Emma.  Annie says that Ryan's timing is perfect because there is something she needs to do.

Brooke stops in to see Angie.  Brooke says that she got swabbed and was told that Angie already ordered a rush on it.  Angie says that she is really praying for a donor.  Angie and Brooke talk about Jesse and Angie's job.  Angie asks if Brooke has seen JR yet.

AJ says that he brought a present for JR and gives JR the magic shell.  JR thanks AJ.  Marissa tells AJ to make a wish and blow out the candles.  AJ says that he hopes JR feels all better.

Erica walks into Fusion and asks Randi where everyone else is.  Randi gives Erica the memo that Greenlee sent out.  Jack walks in and says that he is there to ask Erica to step aside.

Adam thanks Brooke for being tested and says that he hopes she will be in town for a while.  Krystal walks up and talks to Brooke about Tad and the girls.  Brooke meets AJ.  Colby says that she feels useless because she can't do anything to help JR.  JR says that he would really like another piece of cake.  Marissa says that she is going to grab another round of water.  Adam introduces Brooke and Marissa.  Marissa says that JR would love to see her and Brooke goes into his room.  Colby and Scott leave to give JR and Brooke some time to talk.

JR thanks Brooke for getting tested and asks about Jamie.  Brooke tells JR about a basketball team that Jamie started for the kids in the village.  JR and Brooke talk about Annie.  JR says that he is glad Brooke came back.

Erica tells Randi to draft a memo telling everyone to disregard Greenlee's memo.  Erica asks Randi if Greenlee's memo is the reason that nobody is there.  Randi says that when Greenlee didn't show up by noon, everyone went home.  Erica tells Randi that she needs everyone at their desks and Randi says that she is on it.  Erica asks if Greenlee put Jack up to this and he says that he came as a friend.  Jack tells Erica that Greenlee needs the company right now.  Erica says that there is no way that she is going to hand the company over to Greenlee.

Greenlee says that she won't let Erica screw up her life.  Reverend Fisher shows up and asks if they still want to go ahead with the ceremony.  David suggests that they should wait, but Greenlee says that now is perfect.  David agrees to marry Greenlee now.

Erica says that Greenlee just tried to destroy the company and asks Jack not to indulge her, but Jack says that Greenlee deserves a chance.  Jack says that it's going to take more than a memo to get rid of Greenlee and Erica says that she isn't going anywhere.  Randi tells Erica that the locks on her office have been changed.

Annie says that nobody will give her an update on JR, so she had them patch her through to Angie.  Angie says that she can't help either because Annie isn't on the list.  Ryan asks about JR and Annie says that he is better.  Annie asks if Emma wants to have a sleepover at Ryan's.  Emma brings up the magazine.  Ryan says that he should get going and that he can't wait to see Emma this weekend.  Ryan thanks Annie for letting him see Emma.  Ryan leaves and Annie gives Emma something to do.  Annie calls Lucretia to see if she will come sit with Emma for a while.

JR tells Marissa that they need to talk, but she says that they can talk later.  JR tells Marissa that he is the luckiest man in the world.  Tad tells Adam and Brooke that they have a match.

Reverend Fisher starts the ceremony.

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