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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/23/10


Written by Mandy
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Randi says that she didn't know that Frankie was working a night shift.  Frankie says that something came up.  Randi confronts Frankie about missing his physical therapy appointments.  Randi says that if Frankie doesn't continue with the therapy, his hard work and progress could be lost.  Frankie says that he messed up and it might ruin his mother.

Angie tells Jesse that she would love to do that more often, but she has to deal with something because they lost a patient last night.  Dr. Simon tells Angie what happened with the patient and Angie realizes that the patient could have been saved.

Tad tells Adam that he found Sonia Reyes and her son Miguel and that Miguel did the swab after he got Adam's money.  Tad says that they should get the results at the hospital this afternoon.  Tad says that he will get Adam the swab as soon as it is delivered.  Annie tells Adam that she wants to apologize.

JR suggests that they should celebrate Little Adam's birthday today and Little Adam agrees.

Erica gets back to David.  David tells Erica to let him go so he can make sure Greenlee is okay, but Erica says that she is sure Greenlee is fine.  David agrees to Erica's deal and says that Erica wins.  Erica asks how David plans to get Greenlee to walk away from Fusion.  David says that he will explain the situation with her health and that Greenlee will listen to him because he is her doctor.  David says that he can get Greenlee to leave town because of the stress too.  Erica says that Greenlee can't be too concerned about him because she hasn't called once, but that Nurse Gayle has called a lot.  David says that he just wants to call Greenlee to make sure she is okay and doesn't care about Gayle.  Erica says that she would give David his phone if she believed him. 

JR asks what Little Adam wants for his birthday and he says that he wants a new name because he's not little anymore.  Marissa suggests that his new name should be AJ and he agrees.

Annie apologizes for upsetting Adam and agrees that JR is all that matters.  Annie says that the least she can do is try to keep the peace in the household.  Adam and Annie talk about her work at Chandler Enterprises.  Annie says that her skills could be utilized elsewhere in the company, such as the Chandler magazine.  Adam says that he is looking for a new editor-in-chief and Annie tells Adam that she wants to do it.

Frankie tells Randi about giving his mom the night off from work and now a patient is dead.  Randi says that Frankie can't blame himself for the patient's death because Dr. Simon said it wasn't an emergency.  Frankie says that he should have called Angie when he first found out, but he reacted like a son instead of a doctor.  Frankie says that he is going to tell Angie that he forgot to give her the message, so the blame will stay on him instead of going to her.

Dr. Simon explains the situation to Angie and tells her that the aneurysm burst before surgery could be scheduled.  Angie thanks Dr. Simon and says that she will tell the family.

When David's phone rings, he asks Erica to give it to him in case it is Greenlee.  Erica says that it is Gayle again.  Erica and David talk about Gayle.  Erica asks if Gayle knows that David is marrying Greenlee.  David says that Gayle is nothing more than a nurse to him and he doesn't have to get permission to live his life. 

Adam says that it takes a lot of experience to bring a magazine like Tempo back from the brink and Annie asks who is better at coming back from the brink than she is.  Annie admits that she doesn't know the day-to-day details about running a magazine, but Tempo needs a vision and a fresh approach.  Annie says that she wants to contribute and she can make the magazine a force in the industry.  Adam says that he has a lot of qualified candidates and has cancelled the interviews for today.  Annie says that Adam is so concerned about JR and he could skip all the interviews if he gave her the job.  Adam agrees to think about it.  Angie calls Adam and says that nobody was a match for JR.  Adam tells Angie that he will have another sample today and Angie says that she will rush it through.  Adam says that he has to go to the hospital and will talk to her later.

Frankie tells Angie that they need to talk and Angie tells him about her talk with Dr. Simon.  Angie asks why Frankie didn't call her and Frankie says that he screwed up big time and it is all his fault.

JR and AJ talk about the cake and AJ asks if JR is okay.  JR says that he is great.

Frankie says that he was at Angie's desk when Dr. Simon came in and explained the situation, but he got busy taking other messages and forgot.  Angie says that there will be an inquest and Frankie tells her to explain that the patient's death was his fault now.  Angie says that it would have only taken one phone call and Frankie tells Angie to treat him like any other doctor who messed up and let him deal with the consequences, but Angie says that she will deal with it.  Adam walks in and demands that Angie double-check the tests, but Angie says that it won't change the results.  Adam tells Angie to test him, but she refuses.

David tells Erica that her relationship with Gayle is strictly professional and her job was done when he brought Greenlee home, but Gayle can be a bit obsessive.  Erica tells Gayle to come in and Gayle confronts David.  David tells Gayle that she is a wonderful woman and that he is sorry if he misled her.  Gayle says that David used her and this time he can't pay her off or flatter her so she will go away without saying anything.  Gayle says that David can marry Greenlee if he wants, but he will be spending his honeymoon in jail because of the things she knows.  Erica says that it isn't going to work exactly like that.

Tad and Adam talk about the tests.  Adam says that if this doesn't work, he will have to find a doctor who will test him.  Tad asks if Adam told JR about the results and Adam says that he wanted to wait utnil they have exhausted all of the possibilities.

JR calls Tad and asks him to stop by.  Tad says that he will be right there and Adam says that he is on his way to the lab.

Frankie tells Angie to let him face the inquest because he is responsible for the patient's death, but Angie says that Frankie isn't part of this anymore.  Angie says that Frankie chose not to call her because he let his personal life affect his professional life.  Angie says that Mr. Wheeler would be alive if she had been there, so it is her problem and her responsibility.  Angie tells Frankie to keep his mouth shut.

Gayle says that David deserves to go to prison and Erica says that David will get everything that he deserves and that she will help Gayle start a new life.  Gayle leaves.

Tad shows up and asks what the party is for.  AJ says that he is turning 6 and JR says that they decided to celebrate a little early this year.  Marissa asks AJ to help her put the candles on the cake.  Tad says that JR doesn't look so good and asks how he feels.  JR says that he is hanging in there and wanted to talk to Tad about contingency plans.  Tad realizes that JR wants him to be there for AJ as he grows up and Tad agrees and says that JR is going to be there too.  JR says that Marissa will need Tad too.  JR says that he has a sugar rush, but is okay.  Tad suggests that they should go to the hospital, but JR says that they gotta get through the cake first.

Frankie tells Angie to be the chief of staff and suspend him or something.  Angie says that she will fire him if he doesn't respect her decision and follow her orders.  Angie says that she is going to meet with Dr. Simon's team to try to contain the fallout for the hospital.  Frankie leaves and Adam comes in.  Adam gives Annie the sample and Angie says that she will get it tested immediately.  Adam says that JR's time may be running out.

When AJ tells him that the cake is done, JR says that it is time to blow out the candles.  Marissa asks if JR is okay and he says that he is fine.  As JR collapses in his arms, Tad tells Marissa to call 911.

Annie looks over the current style of Tempo.  Brooke shows up at the Chandler mansion and asks if Adam is home.

Erica and David talk about Greenlee.  Erica says that all David has to do for her to keep Gayle under control is marry Greenlee and get her to turn Fusion over completely.

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