AMC Update Monday 2/22/10

All My Children Update Monday 2/22/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Angie asks what Natalia and Jesse are doing at the hospital.  Natalia says that she had to interview a crime victim and ran into Jesse, so she was turning in her report.  Natalia says that she has a few more questions to ask, so she has to go.  Jesse says that he better go too because it isn't going well.  Angie stops Jesse from leaving and says that she doesn't like the way they left things.  Jesse asks if Angie is ready to tell him the real reason she was going to resign and she says that it was a bad moment on one of those days. 

Liza tells Tad that she will eat with him as long as she has enough room to spread out the paperwork allowing Marissa to adopt Little Adam.  Tad says that as long as he has room for a cheeseburger and his cell phone, he is fine because he is hoping someone will call with information on Sonia Reyes.  Damon shows up and tells Liza that he was in Ohio visiting Bailey and Stuart.  Damon tells Liza that Bailey and Stuart aren't coming back to Pine Valley.

Adam asks Annie what is wrong.

Greenlee tells Jake that if Ryan doesn't back off, it might kill her.  Jake asks why Greenlee has to be so melodramatic and Greenlee says that Jake doesn't know what it feels like.  Jake tells Greenlee that she is doing this to herself as a result of the self-induced stress.  Jake and Greenlee talk about what happened with Trevor and Greenlee says that David told her the truth about it.  Jake asks why Greenlee is so helpless when it comes to Ryan.

Scott asks Annie what she is doing with a tire iron and Annie says that she doesn't know, but it was sitting on the table.  Annie suggests that Greenlee put it on the table to provoke her about how she killed Richie.  Adam asks how Greenlee could have gotten on the property without setting off the alarms or alerting the guards.  Annie says that it didn't get out there by itself.  Adam says that they are going inside to get warmed up and figure it all out.  Scott asks Colby what she was thinking.

Angie says that her job is hard since she knows how it has been abused.  Angie says that quitting would be better than being forced to have the position taken from her.  Angie says that ever since she maneuvered David out of the position, he has been biding his time.  Jesse assures Angie that she can do the job and still hold onto her values.

Liza says that Stuart and Bailey will eventually come back, but Damon says that Bailey didn't understand why he had to spend the night in Colby's room.  Damon says that he and Colby are just friends.  Liza asks about Bailey's plan in Ohio.  Damon says that she already has a job and her parents are going to help with Stuart.  Liza says that it is funny that Bailey didn't call her and let her know.

Greenlee asks if Jake is there to be Ryan's wing man and Jake says that it is for Greenlee to figure out and decide.  Greenlee thanks Jake.  Jake says that he hates to see Greenlee hurting because she is one of his best friends.  Jake says that he is going to get Greenlee a drink and walks out into the hall.  Jake asks Ryan how long he has been standing by the door.  Ryan asks what he was thinking by bringing Greenlee there.  Ryan says that he thought he was helping by bringing her there away from David, but the only thing he may have accomplished is losing Greenlee for good.  Ryan says that he should have looked at Greenlee's body and double-checked the DNA to make sure it was Greenlee.  Jake tells Ryan that Greenlee is stressed and dehydrated, which she has done all by herself.  Jake says that he will go and give Ryan a minute with Greenlee. 

Frankie walks in on Angie and Jesse and asks if he is interrupting.  Jesse says that they were just leaving.  Angie tells Frankie to let the on-call administrator know that she is signing out.

Adam tells Annie that when he saw her with the tire iron, he didn't know what she was going to do next.  Annie says that she used to dream about what she did to Richie.  Annie says that she feels like she has a normal stable life again, but now someone is trying to make her relive the horror of what she did.  Adam says that he is calling the police, but Annie says that he doesn't have to because all she needs is his protection.

Scott confronts Colby about planting the tire iron so that Annie would flip out.  Colby says that she just wanted to make sure Adam could see how crazy Annie still is.  Scott says that Adam nearly saw it in a big way and asks if it got Colby any closer to her goal.

Tad tries to assure Liza that Bailey could still come back, but Liza says that she had to hear about it through Damon.  Liza asks what she is going to tell Colby because Colby loved Stuart as much as she did.

Colby says that she will be smarter next time.  Scott suggests that Colby should leave guns around the house for Annie to find.  Scott says that Annie is unstable because Colby keeps twisting her mind, but Colby says that it wouldn't be so easy to twist if Annie wasn't already insane.  Scott asks how Colby can be playing games like this when JR is so sick and Colby says that JR is behind her completely.  Scott says that either Colby confesses to Adam, or he will tell Adam.  Colby asks if Scott is angry because she is the only one trying to defend the family or because she is going after the wild woman he still has the hots for.

Greenlee asks where Jake is and Ryan says that he had to go.  Ryan says that he brought her some French toast, but if she wants something else he will go get it.  Ryan says that he understands what she needs and says that he is going to get out of her way, so that she can get better.  Ryan promises that there will be no more talk about the future.

Adam confronts Colby about planting the tire iron.  Colby says that it was a joke.  Adam and Annie get into it about her war with Colby and her flirtation with Scott.  Adam says that if everyone doesn't shape up, he will write them all out of his will.

Dr. Simon runs into Frankie in Angie's office and says that they need approval to operate on an uninsured patient.  Frankie says that he will relay the message to her.  Dr. Simon gives Frankie his beeper number and says that he will wait to hear from Angie.  Dr. Simon leaves and Frankie answers a call for Angie.

Angie and Jesse enjoy some time together.

Natalia asks what Frankie did with Angie.  Frankie says that Jesse came and whisked Angie away, so he is helping out.  Frankie answers another call for Angie and says that he will let her know about the message.  Natalia says that she needs someone in charge to initial something.  Frankie says that he has to get the on-call administrator for that and answers another call for Angie.  Natalia says that she will pick it up later and leaves.

Damon says that he would really like to hang onto his job and the manager says that they have some pretty clear rules.

Tad says that he thought Damon would be half way to Ohio by now, but Damon says that he isn't supposed to leave Pine Valley.  Tad says that Liza could probably work something out so that Damon could be around his son, but Damon says that he is thinking about sticking around Pine Valley and that he can send money back to Stuart.  Damon says that it would be hard to be in the same town with your son and not being able to see him.  Tad says that Damon has a legal right to see Stuart if he wants, but Damon says that things are hard enough on Bailey without him forcing himself on her.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about eating French toast the night he laid out his big surprise for her.  Ryan says that he didn't try to trade in on the memory.  They reminisce about the memory and Greenlee says that they can't go down memory lane until they figure out everything else.  Ryan tells Greenlee that he remembered her birthday and asks her if she is going to make a wish.  Ryan tells Greenlee the bedtime story that her housekeeper used to tell her when she was growing up.

Tad says that he is impressed by Damon's willingness to work and send money back to Stuart because there are plenty of guys who wouldn't.  Tad says that he might be able to find some things for Damon to do, to go along with his job there.  Damon says that he appreciates the offer and Tad leaves.

Jake tells Liza to hold on to her memories with Stuart because they will come in handy when she needs them the most.  Tad walks up and agrees that it is a good idea.  Tad gets a call from Adam about a lead on Sonia Reyes.  Damon says that he should go too and gives Liza some pictures of Stuart.  Liza asks Damon to look at them with her.

Scott tells Colby that JR has to be their only focus.  Colby says that Annie was so tempting because she was a problem that she could help with, unlike JR.  Colby says that she needs to get some air.  Annie asks Colby if she really thought that Annie would have hit Adam with the tire iron, while holding one.  Colby says that Annie won't hit her with it and Annie says that she bets Colby will lock her bedroom door.

Tad and Adam meet up at the hospital.  Adam says that he was looking for JR and Tad says that they sent him home.  Adam tells Tad that he needs Sonia's son to be tested as a possible donor and gives Tad some money.

Liza and Damon look at the pictures.  Natalia walks up and says that she is there to arrest Damon because the blood found at the burglaries matches Damon.  Damon tells Liza to hold on to the pictures for him because he might need them in jail.  Natalia reads Damon his rights.

Angie says that it has been heaven and starts to suggest calling work.  Jesse says that the hospital will call if it is an emergency and asks her to stay with him for a little longer.

Frankie tells someone that he will let Angie know.  Frankie calls down to the ER and is told that the uninsured patient died before surgery could be scheduled.

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