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All My Children Update Friday 2/19/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Liza says that the petition is ready to go and she just needs the okay.  Tad tells someone that he needs everything possible on Sonia Reyes and that he has already done a passport check.  Tad tells Liza that Adam hired him and Liza says that she got a new client too: JR.

Marissa tells JR that getting tested didn't hurt at all.  Annie brings Adam a cup of coffee.  Adam asks Annie to go see if she can pick something up for JR.

Erica asks David what Greenlee would think if she heard him flirting with the enemy.  David says that Greenlee would probably call off the wedding and Erica says that they can't have that.  Erica says that she wants the wedding to take place and then wants David to take Greenlee away from Pine Valley and Fusion forever.  David says that he is trying to see what he can get out of the deal.

Greenlee admits that she will always love Ryan and he kisses her.  Ryan tells Greenlee that she doesn't have to be afraid of this.  Greenlee says that she may love him, but nothing has changed.  Ryan asks why Greenlee kissed him and she says that she was kissing him good-bye.

Erica asks what David wants and what he will get out of marrying Greenlee.

Tad tells Liza that everyone is at the hospital being swabbed to see if they are a match for JR.  Liza says that she will get herself tested too.  Tad says that the chances of a non-familial match are so slim that she would be wasting her time, but Liza says that she wants to do it.  Tad and Liza talk about Adam hiring him.  Liza says that Adam hates Tad, but knows how much Tad loves JR.  Tad says that Adam knows he will turn the country on its side to find Sonia Reyes.

Annie asks how she can help JR, other than getting tested.  JR says that they are fine.  Annie says that if she is a match, she will walk into the procedure willingly.  Jake comes in and tells Annie that they are ready for her test, but JR says that he doesn't want what Annie can give him.  JR says that nothing from Annie will be transplanted or pumped into his body.  Adam walks in and asks what is going on.  Annie says that she doesn't know what happened.  Jake asks them to page him when they decide what is going on.  JR asks Adam to get Annie out of there.  Annie says that she is just trying to help, but Adam suggests that Annie should go home.  Adam says that Scott will be there to take care of Annie until he gets back.  Scott and Annie leave.

Greenlee says that what they had ended the day she died, but Ryan says that he won't let Greenlee go.  Ryan asks Greenlee to promise not to marry David.

David says that he will get a young, beautiful bride out of the deal.  Erica says that she didn't hear David mention love.  David asks if Erica is going to tell him that he is incapable of love.  Erica says that the notion of love scares David to death.

Adam says that they have located the top lymphoma oncologist on the East Coast, but he is presenting a paper in Berlin.  Adam says that he hated sending Annie home and JR says that he hated having Annie there. 

Annie rants about Adam sending her home.  Scott says that Adam's first concern was JR.  Annie asks what it takes to be accepted by the family and Scott says that she is about as in as she can be.  Scott says that the focus is on JR right now.  Annie drops a glass on the floor and it shatters.  Annie and Scott try to clean it up.  Annie grabs Scott's hand and says that at least she still has him.

Erica brings up David's childhood and he says that the subject is definitely off the table.

Greenlee says that what she does with David doesn't concern Ryan anymore.  Ryan asks Greenlee to promise not to marry David.  Greenlee says that she won't marry David and asks if she can go now.  Greenlee says that it is very hot in there and Ryan says that they can do this later.  Greenlee says that they are going to do this now until they are done and she is home.  Greenlee faints to the floor.

Annie says that Scott can't just look at her like that and pull away.  Scott apologizes and says that things have to change around there.  Annie says that she needs an ally.  Scott says that he can't ever be alone with Annie and can't work with her at Chandler anymore.  Scott says that Annie needs to find something else to do with her time because things are changing, starting now.

JR tells Colby that they have to talk.  JR starts to say something about Annie, but Colby cuts him off and says that she knows the right push and will be back soon.  Liza asks Adam where JR is.  JR asks if Liza got the papers and she says that she just has a few questions.  Adam says that Chandler Enterprises has a full floor of lawyers, but JR says that it doesn't require a corporate lawyer.  JR tells Marissa that he wants her to adopt Little Adam.

Ryan asks Jake how Greenlee is doing.  Jake says that he thinks it is just dehydration.  Ryan and Jake talk about what was going on with Greenlee before she fainted.  Jake says that he thinks it is just stress and that Greenlee did this to herself.  Ryan says that he didn't know how else to get through to Greenlee.

Erica apologizes to David for bringing up his childhood, but David says that she knew exactly what she was doing.  Erica and David talk about love.  David's phone rings and he says that it might be Greenlee, but Erica says that she will leave a message.  Erica looks at the phone and says that it isn't Greenlee.  David gets Erica to get closer to him and reaches for the key to the handcuffs in her bra.  Erica says that apparently it is going to take some more time for things to sink in. 

Ryan suggests that they should take Greenlee to the hospital, but Jake suggests that Ryan should go to the kitchen and find something to spike Greenlee's blood sugar.  Ryan leaves and Greenlee asks Jake to help her.

JR says that Little Adam needs a mom.  Marissa says that JR will be there too, but he says that he wants Marissa in their son's life no matter what.  Liza says that since Marissa is already Little Adam's stepmother it should go pretty smooth as long as nobody contests.  Adam asks JR for a moment alone with him.  Liza steps out in the hallway.  Adam asks JR if this is really necessary and JR says that he wants to make it legal since Marissa is already Little Adam's mother by name.  Tad interrupts and asks for a moment with Adam.  Tad tells Adam that he can't find anything on Sonia Reyes and needs more information.  Adam says that he might have something at home and says that he will get back to Tad about it.

Scott says that it has to stop because Adam walked in on them last night.  Annie says that nothing happened and that Scott is the only person she trusts.  Annie tells Scott that Greenlee is messing with her head.  Scott says that he wants to help her. 

JR tells Little Adam that Marissa is going to officially be his mommy now, if he wants her to be.  Marissa assures Little Adam that she won't ever replace his mom and Little Adam says that it is the best news ever.  Marissa suggests that she and Little Adam should go get some ice cream.  JR asks Colby where she went.  Colby says that she thinks she might have found a way to deal with Annie and asks where Adam is.

Annie says that she needs Scott.  Scott apologizes and says that this is how it has to be.  After Scott walks out, Annie goes to the terrace, where she sees a tire iron.  Adam comes outside as Annie picks up the tire iron and thinks about what has happened.  Adam walks out to the terrace and watches Annie holding the tire iron.

Erica tells David that she is leaving because she has a meeting with her decorator.  David tells Erica that she can't do this.  Erica says that David can handle it and leaves.

Jake tells Greenlee to drink something.  Greenlee tells Jake that Ryan won't give up.  Jake tells Greenlee that she needs to take it easy and lower her stress levels.  Greenlee tells Jake that if Ryan doesn't back off it might kill her.  Ryan listens to Greenlee and Jake from the doorway.

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