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All My Children Update Thursday 2/18/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Annie says that she invited Scott to spend the night.  Colby is surprised that Annie made Scott sleep on the couch.

Adam asks if JR is all right.  JR says that he is worried about Adam.

Jake and Tad search David's house for the blackmail tape.  Angie calls Jake and tells him to stop searching.  Jake says that they will find the tape.  Angie says that resigning is her only option. 

David wakes up tied to a chair.  Erica asks if last night was as good for him as it was for her.  David asks what Erica wants.

Greenlee wakes up and asks where Ryan drug her off to.  Ryan asks her if she remembers the place and says that this is where their life will begin again.

JR asks Adam if he got in contact with any bone marrow experts.  Adam says that he has ordered every global business partner to start a bone marrow registry in their companies.  JR asks Adam to get Scott and Colby together for a family meeting and apologizes for not telling Adam about the cancer before.  JR asks Adam to stay while he tells Little Adam what is going on.  Little Adam comes in and JR says that they will be starting a new treatment to make him better.

Marissa apologizes for not being able to tell Krystal about JR's cancer before.  Krystal asks if Tad knows.  Marissa says that Tad has been there for JR from the beginning.  Krystal asks how Marissa is holding up.  Marissa says that she felt so alone.  Krystal says that anytime Marissa needs to talk, she just has to pick up the phone. 

Annie says that if Colby had a life, she wouldn't be as focused on Annie's.  Colby says that they have a mansion full of rooms, so why should Scott have had to sleep on the couch.  Scott says that Adam has been dealing with a hospital board crisis all night.  Colby says that Adam shouldn't be pulling all-nighters under his condition.  Annie goes for coffee.  Scott asks if Colby called Annie's doctor from Oak Haven.  Colby says no and Scott explains that he showed up last night, but Annie doesn't remember making the call.  Colby says that she wouldn't put anyone in danger by driving Annie crazy.  Annie comes back and Scott says that he is going to the gate house to take a shower.  Annie asks why Greenlee can't stay dead.

Ryan says that Greenlee needs to eat something.  Greenlee throws the breakfast tray and dashes to the door.  Greenlee yells for help, while pounding on the door.  Ryan reminds Greenlee that they came there to get married a couple of years before.  Greenlee says that she remembers the things Kendall did to her, so she could have Ryan.  Ryan says that Kendall didn't succeed and Greenlee says that Kendall waited until she was dead.

Erica asks what David remembers about last night.  David says that he remembers Jake calling and saying that Marissa was in the hospital, but she wasn't.  Erica says that it isn't nice to blackmail anyone, especially Angie. 

Angie reads her resignation letter.  Jesse shows up to see her and says that they have to work their way through this and stop freezing each other out.  Angie says that she is resigning and that it isn't about Jesse. 

David realizes that this is about Fusion and says that he won't betray his fiancee.  Tad shows up and asks where the tape is.  Erica says that it might be in the hiding place behind a loose brick in the fireplace. 

Greenlee yells for help and Ryan says that they are completely alone because he rented the entire castle and sent the staff home.  Greenlee says that when she gets out of there, she is marrying David and Ryan says that Greenlee missed something incredible.

Annie rants about Greenlee.  Scott tries to calm Annie down.  Adam gets home and yells for Colby.  Annie suggests that Adam needs to get some rest before the pow-wow, but he says that he is fine.  JR shows up and says that he needs a bone marrow transplant because the chemo isn't working.  Adam says that everyone needs to be tested.

Jake says that Angie doesn't have to resign and Tad says that they won't tell Jesse.  Angie says that she already sent her resignation letter.  Tad and Jake leave.  Jesse walks in and sees Angie drop her nameplate in the trash.  Jesse gives Angie her letter back and says that he stole it. 

Erica says that she and David need to talk about Fusion.  David tells Erica that she will have to go after Fusion on her own.  Erica says that David has to get Greenlee to walk away from Fusion or it won't be pretty.

Greenlee asks what she missed.  Ryan says that she missed their first year of marriage.  Ryan goes into details about what he had planned for the wedding night and honeymoon.  Greenlee says that they can never get that year back.  Ryan says that they lost time together, but they didn't lose love.  Greenlee says that their love died in Connecticut, but Ryan refuses to accept that.  Ryan says that he isn't going to let her out of the room until she admits that she still loves him.  Greenlee fakes being in pain to get out of there.  Ryan opens the door and Greenlee hits Ryan in the face with it and runs out.

Erica says that it is time for David to save Greenlee again.  David's phone rings and he says that it might be Greenlee.  David reminds Erica that Fusion is Greenlee's company.  Erica says that it is also Kendall's company and reminds David that Greenlee tried to destroy it. 

Jesse says that he slipped the letter out of the messenger's bag.  Angie's cell phone goes off and she says that it is the ER and she has to go.

Frankie and Jake explain how the bone marrow donor search goes to JR's family.  Adam says that he wants to be tested, but Frankie says that due to Adam's age and medical history, he can't donate.  JR says that they will find a match.

Erica asks why David is wasting all of his effort on Greenlee.  David criticizes Erica's choice of men. 

Ryan says that he is worried about Greenlee and that he doesn't want her to get hurt again.  Ryan says that he will just sit there and wait for Greenlee to get honest about how she really feels about him.  Greenlee says that this is ridiculous because she will never admit that she still loves Ryan.

Jesse tells Angie to update the magazines at the hospital.  Angie tells Jesse to go home, but he says that he wants to know what she is hiding from him.  Jesse storms out.

Jake calls Scott in for his swab.  Scott and JR talk about what they are going to do if Scott is a match.  Marissa says that they will all take a family vacation to Aspen.

JR and Colby talk about Annie and JR says that Colby will find a way to get rid of Annie.

Tad says that it is Marissa's turn.  Krystal offers to go with her and they can get them both out of the way.  Adam tells Tad that he needs to find a woman named Sonia Reyes and says that she lived in California years ago.

David flirts with Erica.  Erica asks what Greenlee would think and David says that she would probably cancel the wedding.  Erica says that she wants the wedding to take place and wants David to take Greenlee away from Pine Valley and Fusion forever.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he finally found real love with the perfect partner when he got involved with her.  Ryan says that he doesn't want to live his life without Greenlee.  Greenlee admits that she still loves Ryan and asks if he is happy now.

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