AMC Update Wednesday 2/17/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/17/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At ConFusion, Erica is interviewed about Greenlee's return. She uses it to talk about Fusion and makes clear that she will not back off from the company until Kendall returns. She then talks about how great Ryan has been to the company. The reporter asks about their personal relationship. Erica gets a phone call before she can answer. She hands him her card, to call her later and finish the interview. Jack is on the phone. He just talked to Greenlee on the phone, and she claims she's fine. He is giving her and Ryan some space, but he wants to shake some sense into her instead. Erica understands and just counsels him to be patient. He invites her to dinner, so she accepts.

Jesse and Tad chat at the bar about Greenlee and Ryan. Tad is surprised that Jesse has doubts about whether they will get back together. He reminds Jesse about how great he and Angie are. Jesse wonders, if that's so true, why he is there with Tad instead of with his wife. Ryan shows up, so they ask him what happened. Erica is there, too. Ryan explains that he learned that Greenlee did the whole wedding thing just to hurt him. They wonder why, so Erica guesses that it was because of her. Ryan points out that Greenlee is hell-bent on marrying David to prove that she's over him. He knows that there is still love there, and he hopes to keep going until she sees it, too. They chat more about what Ryan has learned, and Greenlee's involvement in Fusion. Erica excuses herself to meet Jack. Jesse worries about what Erica will do, so Ryan follows her. Ryan asks Erica to let him handle David. She apologizes that she interfered in his reunion with Greenlee, but he assures her that it wasn't her fault. He points out that she was completely honest with him, and he wishes Greenlee could be that same way. She tells him that he's a good man, and Greenlee is a fool if she doesn't take him back.

Tad urges Jesse to talk about what's bothering him. Jesse is worried because his and Angie's jobs are not leaving them much time together.

Erica is greeted by the mayor of Los Angeles, for some weird reason. They chat. He is in town for a jobs conference. She gets another call, and he leaves after exchanging pleasantries. Jack has to cancel their dinner because his client from Paris called with an emergency. She suggests breakfast, so they make a date for tomorrow at the Yacht Club. They flirt on the phone before hanging up.

Jake chats with Angie in her office about why she is so upset. He gives her a pep talk about her job, but it doesn't work. She is angry that she sold her soul to the devil, which in this case is David. Jake thinks that she's making too big of a deal about what she did. She compares herself to David. Jake lets her know how she's very different from David. She asks him if he can look into her eyes honestly and tell her that she's doing a good job. He tells her that she's doing a great job. She still looks skeptical. He points out that people are working longer hours for less money because they are very happy in their jobs there, thanks to her replacing David. They trust and believe in her, and they respect her. Angie is not so sure that she has what it takes to be in charge.

They keep discussing it as Angie rants and raves about how she feels insecure. When she mentions how her father had such high expectations for her, he tells her that his father, Joe, told him that she could fill his shoes any day. She laughs and says that she doesn't come close. They keep talking abut her predicament, with David blackmailing her. He thinks she should talk to Jesse about it, but she won't because what she did was illegal. She doesn't want to put Jesse in that position. Jake is annoyed that David wins again. She tells him to give it up, but he starts yelling about all of the things David has done. He vows never to let him hurt anyone that he loves again, and he storms out. Angie looks worried.

David still sits at home by the fire. Greenlee walks in, still in her wedding dress. He thinks that she is there to say goodbye. Greenlee talks about how she had envisioned her return, seeing Ryan again. She tells David what happened. David asks if Ryan got through to her. Greenlee can't pretend that the last year didn't happen. They discuss what she feels and wants. Greenlee surprises David by telling him that she still wants to marry him, just without any audience this time. He thinks that it is only about her getting hurt again. Greenlee mentions that they have to talk to the minister. She starts to rush out, so he asks where she's going. She says she has to take care of something, but they'll be husband and wife by tomorrow. David smiles in admiration.

David speaks with the minister about their getting married. He assures him that it will work out this time. The man lectures David about marriage being a sacred covenant. He suggests a secular ceremony at city hall instead. David offers to make a big donation to his parish. Ryan walks in just then, looking for Greenlee. He doesn't bother to knock, so David chews him out. Ryan wants to know where she went. David tells him that's between the two of them. They argue more about Greenlee, and then Ryan leaves just as abruptly as he came in.

Jake meets with Tad at ConFusion, explaining what happened with Angie. Jake wants to use David's own tactics against him. Tad wonders how. Ryan walks up and says he has a way, but he needs their help.

David, still at Wildwind, chats with a woman from the hospital board about Angie. He suggests that Angie has not been that good at her job and that she needs to be replaced. He gets a phone call, and she leaves. Jake is phoning him. He lies to David that Marissa was brought into the ER by paramedics. David is concerned and demands to know what is wrong with her. Jake tells him to just come into the hospital now while he tries to stabilize her. Ryan leaves then, as per their plan. Erica watches them from nearby. Jake and Tad leave, with plans to kidnap David.

Jesse brings food to Angie in her office. She is embarrassed that she forgot about meeting him for dinner. She doesn't have time to even eat. He wants to know what's really wrong, so he asks her not to shut him out. Instead, she yells at him for all the times he did the same thing. Jesse beats himself up for what he did to lose her trust and respect. He hates the wall between them. She tells him that he can't fix this. He's worried about her. She tells him not to worry because she's resigning. He is shocked and suggests that she not make a rash decision right now. He asks her to come home, but she asks him to leave. Jesse gives up and leaves, taking one final worried look back at her.

David rushes to the hospital, looking for Marissa. Jake tells him to calm down, telling him that she is fine. David is livid that Jake lied to him about his daughter being hurt. Jake asks if he got his attention now. He says that Greenlee is one of his best friends. He plans to help her understand who David is and what he's done. Jake calls him a bunch of names. David says that this was pathetic, even for him, and then he leaves, annoyed. Jake phones Tad to let him know that David is on his way out, and he's right behind him.

Colby lurks nearby in the Chandler mansion while Annie thanks Scott for his help on her report. He points out that she did all the hard work. Colby hides when she hears them coming. They say goodnight to each other, all smiles. Annie goes upstairs. Colby phones Annie's former doctor at Oak Haven, pretending to be her and upset. She says that she really needs to speak with him and it can't wait. She talks about Greenlee being back and how it has her worried.

Later, Colby walks in to the living room and gives Annie a hard time for fooling around with Scott and only pretending to do work. Annie smiles and tells her that she has a very active imagination. Annie goes to leave and asks Colby to tell Adam that she went upstairs to take a bath. Colby tells her to tell him herself because she's spending the night at Corinna's.

Annie's doctor, Dr. Burke, drops by for a visit, saying that he got her message. Annie doesn't know what he's talking about and says that his secretary must have gotten it wrong. He looks at her face and asks when she last slept. Shocked, she wonders what he means. He observes that she looks exhausted. She tells him that she's just been up working all night and hasn't had time for a break, let alone a phone call. He suggests they talk about it tomorrow, but she doesn't want to talk to him at all. She assures him that she's fine. She's worried that Adam will see him and get worried. She opens the door, so he leaves, telling her to call him if she needs to. Annie is very upset after he leaves. She pours herself a drink. Scott walks in, talking about her report. He can see that she's upset. She tells him that she feels like everything in her life is falling apart. He takes her in his arms, and she cries on his shoulder.

They sit down and chat. She tells him about how she's been feeling since she saw Greenlee. She can't stop thinking about what her life was like a year ago. She feels that everyone is just waiting to see when she'll snap, and she worries that she will. He assures her that she won't because she's better now. He knows that she won't do anything to jeopardize her family. She tells him that when she was locked up in Oak Haven, she lost everything. She wonders what will happen if Greenlee tries to get her locked up again. She babbles on and on. He tells her that he and Adam won't let that happen. He does think she should talk to Dr. Burke about what she's going through. She refuses to have therapy again because it would be like admitting that the past year was a lie. She tells him that she's happier than she's ever been. She says she's happy living there, and working at Chandler. She adds, "With you", and Scott is clearly affected by that.

The phone rings, so Annie answers it. It's Adam. He has some things to do at the hospital, so he won't be home tonight. Scott has work to do and suggests that Annie go to bed. She tells him that she doesn't want to be alone. She's too upset about Oak Haven, too scared. He asks her to stay there, but he protests, in pain, that he can't. She asks him to stay, and to come upstairs with her.

Greenlee goes to Fusion and does something on the computer while talking to Erica's poster. She tells her that she'll love this. The real Erica walks in and demands to know why she's in her office. Greenlee reminds her that it's her office. She tells Erica to leave. Erica retorts that since she tried to destroy the company, she has given up all of her rights. They argue about it. Erica reminds Greenlee that she taught her everything she knows about the cosmetics industry, and she rescued the company when it was in trouble. Greenlee blasts her, and Kendall, for sleeping with Ryan in the last year. Erica explains how Kendall and Ryan turned to each other in their grief, for comfort. Greenlee asks Erica what her excuse was for making a play for Ryan. Erica points out that she is so busy lashing out that she doesn't see the facts. She says that Ryan and Kendall are long over. She and Ryan are over, too. Greenlee thinks that she did it just because Greenlee was alive, but Erica says they broke up before they knew she was alive. This surprises Greenlee.

Erica talks about how great Ryan is, so Greenlee makes a snarky comment about how he proved how great he was this last year, having sex with them. Erica gets fed up. She grabs Greenlee's coat and purse and throws them at her. She yells at Greenlee for bad-mouthing Ryan, who is such a decent man that loves her more than anything. Erica thinks that Greenlee doesn't deserve him. Erica lashes out more at her, saying that she has convinced Jack and Ryan that she is this delicate flower, but in truth she is too spiteful to die. When she says that last part, Jack walks in. He glares at Erica.

Jack is upset that she is attacking Greenlee, after all she's been through. Erica won't back down, saying that Greenlee knows why she said it. Erica angrily cancels their breakfast date, saying she remembers now where his priorities lie (why they broke up). She walks out in a huff before Jack can argue. He asks Greenlee if she's okay, and Greenlee replies, "I am now".

Jack questions Greenlee about why she planned to marry David, and not tell him. Greenlee still plans to marry David, which annoys Jack even further. He says that he can't accept David after he kept her being alive a secret for a year. Greenlee notes that she had the same problem accepting him and Erica. She makes a comment about Erica wasting no time in jumping from breaking up with Ryan to making breakfast plans with Jack. Jack wonders if she got enough time to talk to Ryan. She says it didn't change anything. Jack still doesn't think she should marry David and points out that it will not make her pain and hurt go away. Greenlee doesn't want to be lectured. She realizes that he came there to see Erica, not her. Greenlee yells at him for getting involved with her again, but he doesn't want to discuss it. Greenlee says fervently that Erica took everything that mattered to her. She vows that Erica will get what's coming to her.

Later, Ryan and Jack confer. Ryan tells him about their plan, and they both agree that Greenlee will not like it. Ryan knows that she will fight him every step of the way. Jack phones Erica to apologize. He wants to get together to chat. She tells him that she's in a hurry and has something much more important to attend to. She rushes out of ConFusion.

Jake and Tad drag David's unconscious body inside Erica's new place. Tad asks, "What now?" and Jake replies that now the fun begins.

Back at Fusion, Greenlee sends out an important email and smiles widely. She rips down one of Erica's large posters of herself, and rips it up into little pieces violently.  She then turns off the lights and leaves. As she opens the door to go, she is surprised that Ryan is there. He tells her it's okay and picks her up, and walks out while she orders him to put her down.

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