AMC Update Tuesday 2/16/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/16/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Angie yells at someone angrily on the phone and hangs up. Jake walks into her office, saying "What a day!" and pulls up a chair. He asks if she's heard about Greenlee. She heard it from Jesse but says the shock hasn't really sunk in yet. Jake says that at least they know who David has been taking care of in Gloucester all this time. He puts his feet up on his desk, so she gives him a look. He quickly puts them down, apologizing. He has some kind of candy that he eats while she tells him that she was working on the janitor strike. Oblivious to her bad mood, he tells her that he is there to help out, he says, in case they strike, but he asks what they want. She tells him that she handled it; they're not going to strike. She tells him that she has work to do. He wonders what's going on. She yells at him, saying she has a lot of work to do. She tries to push him out of her office. He yells back that he is worried about her. He tells her to take a deep breath and suggests they talk about good things. He congratulates her for settling the strike and asks her how she did it. She looks at him sadly and says that he doesn't want to know.

J.R. and Marissa visit the hospital. He has chills and fever, so she thinks that he just has the flu. They are waiting for test results. His doctor returns. She tells them that the chemo isn't working, so they have to stop. The next step is a bone marrow transplant. She describes the procedure and that he has to get a close genetic match for it to work. He reminds her that they saved some bone marrow before the chemo, but she says that it had some hepatitis, so they can't use it. He wonders what will happen if there is no match, so the doctor explains that he will be put on a national registry right away. Marissa tries to reassure him. J.R. doesn't want to tell his family tonight.

David is relaxing in front of his fire with a glass of champagne. He hears someone walk in, so he thinks it's Greenlee. He jumps up and is annoyed to see that it's Jesse. He yells at him for just walking in. Jesse shows him that he has a search warrant. David wonders how he got it. Jesse tells him that since Greenlee was missing and is now doing whatever he says, with his history of drugging women, it gives them grounds. Jesse returns a while later, having not found anything. David gloats a little. Jesse tells him that he's patient and that it's not over. He intends to question Greenlee as well. David assures him that Greenlee will stand by him, so Jesse wonders if her story will change once she and Ryan connect again. David shrugs, saying he hasn't done anything to worry about, either way. Jesse warns that one day he'll slip up. He suggests that David do them all a favor and go live somewhere else, since no one there likes him. After he leaves, David shakes his head and sits back down.

Annie chats with Adam and Scott about how Greenlee is not dead and tried to marry David, right in front of Ryan. Scott can't get over that she is still alive. Colby walks in and is shocked to hear it, too. Adam tells her that she is marrying David. Colby wonders if Ryan knows, so Annie tells her that Ryan was there, so she's not sure if there will be a wedding. Colby smirks at Annie, wondering how Greenlee's living makes her feel. She taunts Annie for her mental breakdown and asks Adam if the guns are all locked up. Adam tells her to behave. Colby swears that it was just a joke. Annie says that Greenlee means nothing to her now that she's married to Adam. They kiss. Adam and Annie leave because he has something that he wants to talk to her. Adam tells Annie that she doesn't have to finish the report by tomorrow, since she got this shocking news about Greenlee. She assures him that it's fine, and he will have it tomorrow morning. He kisses her hands, telling her that he has a meeting with someone.

Adam meets with a city councilman about the environmental (green) improvements his company has made. Adam credits Scott for the changes. They shake hands, and the man leaves. The maid brings Adam a folder with some papers that came for him. It's a fax with J.R.'s medical report. He reads it and then gets upset.

Colby asks Scott if she didn't think that Annie was being twitchy.
Later, while trying to work, Annie has a flashback to arguing with Greenlee over Ryan. Annie tries to ignore the memories, but they keep coming back. Scott walks in and asks if she is okay. Annie assures him that she's fine, so he asks about the report. She tells him that she's not ready yet to have anyone see it. He is concerned about her still. She gets annoyed and assures him that she's fine. He tells her that if she needs to talk, she knows where to find him. She thanks him, and he walks out. Colby is sitting on the stairs with some ice cream to celebrate Greenlee's return. He says that he didn't realize she cared so much about her. Colby laughs that she does now. She doesn't want to miss the show. She figures that Annie will freak out soon. He can't believe that she is talking this way and accuses her of having a vendetta against Annie. She says that she won't push him on Annie any more because she'll go crazy again. He is shocked that she wishes this on Annie. Colby thinks that with Adam divorcing her, and J.R. getting well, all will be right in their world. He points out that if Annie is ill, it will affect Emma and Adam. Colby dismisses that notion. Meanwhile, Annie keeps remembering fighting with Greenlee, and getting upset.

After Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him, she says no and starts to rush out, upset. He grabs her arm and insists that he loves her and never stopped. then he kisses her passionately. She pushes him away and tells him again that she is marrying David. He asks why, since she doesn't love him. She snaps at him not to tell her how she feels. She says again how David stood by her, and adds that everyone was going happily on with their lives. Ryan reminds her that they thought she was dead. She ignores that and adds that David gave her the strength to go on living. He doesn't believe that she loves David, and he tells her again how much he loves her and that she loves him, too. He asks her again to marry him. Greenlee replies through gritted teeth that she can't, so he asks why. She yells that he didn't wait. Ryan doesn't know what she means. She accuses him of not standing by her memory by standing by while he lets her worst enemy take over Fusion. He says in a questioning way that Kendall gave Erica the company. She keeps yelling at him for letting Erica take over her dream, her greatest achievement, her baby. He realizes that she is the one that told David where to find the flash drive. She admits it readily and then keeps blasting him for letting Erica take Fusion.

Greenlee accuses Ryan and Kendall of betraying him, so he knows then that she found out about them sleeping together. She stares at him coldly and then adds, "That's not all I know". She yells at him for crawling into Kendall's bed so quickly. She can't believe that Zach and Kendall were not as solid as she thought, or she and Ryan for that matter. Ryan tells her that Kendall and Zach still love each other. She refers to him and Kendall as "any port in a storm". He tells her that he was devastated that she was gone. He says that he made a mistake because he was in so much pain. They realized their mistake, so they worked though it and got on with their lives. Greenlee notes that it's not the first time that Kendall has played the grief sex card. She says that maybe she could accept that as a simple past mistake, but she then yells at him, wondering how the hell he could end up in Erica's bed.

Greenlee reminds Ryan about the video she left for him, where she urged him to move on. He replies that he watched it again just a few weeks ago. He confides that it ripped his heart out. She tells him angrily that she didn't mean her best friend or her worst enemy, and not within weeks of her death. Ryan looks chastened as he tells her that he never stopped loving her. He adds that everyone who knows him, knows that, including Erica. His feelings for her never died. He is sorry that she hates how he got close to Erica, but it was nothing like the love he had for her. She tries to tell him how she felt. He figures he was just trying to get over the memory of her because it was so painful. She lashes out at him about the pain she felt, being bedridden, and then how she set up a special dinner for them, only to find out that he and Erica used it instead. "And you used it to seduce that witch!" she yells. She is about to leave when he realizes that she didn't really come back for David; she came back for him. She claims that she was just trying to soften the blow for her marriage to David. He thinks that her marriage to David was going to be a marriage of convenience, like their original one. He knows that she was trying to punish him. She only admits that he deserves to be punished. He walks slowly toward her as he talks about how their marriage grew into something real and incredible. He says that she can't walk away from that. They draw closer, as if about to kiss. She stops and walks away, yelling at him for his ego. She asks who the hell he thinks he is. She still intends to marry David. Ryan says calmly that he knows she loves him and will not be able to marry David. She yells, "Just watch me!" and rushes out. Ryan smiles, having won.

Marissa and J.R. go home. He yells at her for being too positive. He just wants to go to sleep. She asks him not to shut her out, so he asks her to face the reality of his situation. She doesn't want to hear it, but he insists that he needs her there with him, facing whatever will happen. He takes her hand as he says it. Then he feels dizzy, so she has him sit down. She asks what she can do for him, so he asks her to go pick up his sedative refill at the pharmacy. She kisses him and then leaves. J.R. picks up a photo of Little Adam and then puts it down loudly, upset. He opens the door, and Adam is standing there. He asks J.R. in an accusing tone where he thinks he's going. Adam tells J.R. that the hospital faxes him any medical records with his name on them, since he's on the board of directors. J.R. is annoyed and tells him that it's none of his business. Adam wants to bring in a better oncologist, but J.R. says he won't do that. Adam is determined to get everyone in the family tested, including out-of-town family members, and he'll make sure that he's at the head of all of the national donor lists. J.R. tells him that he'll handle this his own way. Adam is annoyed that he hasn't done that great of a job so far. He says J.R. should have told him the moment he got the cancer diagnosis. J.R. thinks he's just trying to take over his life again, but Adam says he just wants to save his life. They keep arguing about the cancer. J.R. sits down and asks him to leave, saying he's not feeling very well. He pleads with him to leave him with what's left of his life. Adam sits down next to him, gets in his face and says that he can't. J.R. tells him that he doesn't want his pity or his doctors. Adam tells him it's not pity and that he won't go. He plans to fight J.R., wear him down, and then he'll fight for him. Adam's voice cracks as he says that he will not let him die.

Later, some of the hospital board members congratulate Angie for settling the strike. She thanks them. Angie still looks very stressed out. Jesse comes up and starts talking to her about David, but he notices that she doesn't look so good. She tells him that it was just another stressful day. When she tells him about settling the strike, he suggests that they go out and celebrate. Even though it's Valentine's Day, she says she still has some work to do. He says that he has some, too, so he will meet her at ConFusion. He doesn't let her finish and assures her that no matter how late it is, he'll be there. He insists that they need to spend some time together. She nods and agrees, asking him to call her when he's ready. Angie goes back to her office and slams the door. David is sitting there in her chair. She demands to know why he's there. He replies that he's starting to feel right at home again. He talks fondly about being back in the chair. She had heard he was getting married, so he tells her that got put on hold. She muses that his sitting there is more important than Greenlee being alive again. She reminds him that she saw her medical records. She wonders if Greenlee was even ready for a wedding after these surgeries. David protests that he wouldn't have let her go through with it if she wasn't safe. She laughs that it must have been Greenlee's decision not to go through with it. He asks if she isn't going to thank him for giving her the information about the union head's private life. He knows that she used it to settle the strike by blackmailing the man. She orders him out loudly. He taunts her for "feeling dirty" and welcomes her to the dark side.

They argue. When David tries to hug Angie because he's proud of her, she pushes him away roughly. He says that she has dropped the ball a few times, so the board has met behind her back and talked about replacing her. She points out that she just prevented a critical work stoppage, but he says that there are other things that will come up. He plans to take his job back. She warns him that he won't do that. He says that she is not as good at hiding her conniving. She claims not to know what he's talking about, but he says that he has a recording of her blackmail against the union chief. She thinks that he is bluffing, but he quotes some of it back to her and tells her that the union chief gave him the tape because they are now friends. Angie tries to claim that she was just negotiating. David tells her that she has 48 hours to resign and name him as her replacement. He promises that he will give her a strong recommendation at another hospital. Otherwise, he will give the board a copy of the tape. Angie looks trapped. David takes her nameplate, saying she won't need it any more. He walks out.

Jake returns later, and she yells at him to go away because she's busy. He tries to joke with her, saying he misses her. She is almost in tears, so he sits down. She starts babbling that there is no way out of this and that every choice is wrong. He says that he can help. She tells him that she is going to resign.

Scott checks in with Annie, and she is almost done with her report. He asks if he can get her anything, so she replies, "Just some Greenlee". Stopping for a moment, she corrects herself, "Green tea" and then laughs. He walks out. She sighs heavily.

Colby calls someone at Oak Haven, claiming to be a student doing research.

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