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All My Children Update Monday 2/15/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan slowly approaches the altar, not believing that Greenlee is really there. He stutters as he tries to ask questions, but he can't get them out. He touches her face gently with the back of his hand to see if she's real. She flinches away. He assures her that whatever happened, it's okay, and he will take care of her. She tells him that David is taking care of her. He looks over and sees David, finally realizing what is going on. Greenlee tells him that David found her, kept her alive, and brought her home. Ryan tells her that she doesn't have to do what he wants, but she informs him that it's what she wants. Ryan uncertainly asks, "To- to marry Hayward?" She replies that they were in the middle of their wedding ceremony. She asks him to sit down so that they can finish. Ryan is still confused and asks her what's going on. He starts asking her more questions. He asks when David found her, so she tells him that he found her a year ago today, on their wedding day. Ryan looks at David, shocked, and asks, accusingly, "And you never told me?" He yells at David for not telling anyone. Everyone else starts in on David. Tad yells that he probably drugged her, like Krystal, but Greenlee protests that she hasn't been drugged. Jack demands to know what he did to her. Opal thinks he brainwashed her. Jake yells at him for playing God. Ryan starts toward David, demanding answers, but Greenlee steps forward and puts her hand on Ryan's chest to keep him away. She yells at him to leave David alone.

Ryan grabs Greenlee's and pulls her toward the door. David tries to stop him, yelling that he's going to hurt her, but Jake and the others restrain David. Jesse screams at them all for how they are acting. They ignore him. Jack demands that David be arrested. Jesse asks Tad to keep an eye on everyone until they get it straightened out, so he can take David out to another room. Greenlee protests that he can't do this because it's her wedding. Jesse insists that she sit down and then asks her with a "please". She glares at him until David points out that she should get off her feet. She does, finally, sit down. Jesse promises that he will bring David back if he hasn't broken any laws. David reminds Jake about Greenlee's condition and tells him to watch her. He adds that he should keep Ryan from throwing her over his shoulder like a caveman. She yells at them not to hurt David, but he assures her that he'll be back.

Scott chats with Adam about some environmentally-related ideas for Chandler Enterprises. Annie walks in and says angrily that they will never believe what she just saw on the news. She is annoyed to find out that David married some mystery woman but didn't invite them. Scott and Adam think they should work on business instead. They're not interested in the wedding. Annie sighs and says she's not dressed for work, so she will go change. She gives Adam a kiss and then walks out. however, she throws on a wrap, grabs her purse, and sneaks out the door.

At the house, Jack yells about what David has done while Jesse listens. David argues. Jack thinks that Greenlee just feels indebted to him. Jesse Jack points out that David has done all of these illegal things, like messing with a corpse. Jesse reminds him that there is no evidence. David and Jack argue some more. Jesse asks David about the flash drive with his and Greenlee's prints. David tells him that he has nothing against Fusion, but if Greenlee wants to use a virus to take down her own company, that's her right (well, the board of directors or other owners might have a problem with that). Jack wants to get back to talking about what David did to Greenlee. David points out everything he's done for Greenlee, including calling Jack so that they could be reunited. David accuses Jack of wanting to run Greenlee's life. Jack just wants to keep Greenlee safe. They keep arguing. Jesse has no reason to keep David, so he goes to leave and go back to his bride-to-be. Jack yells at Jesse. Krystal arrives before David goes. She tells him that everyone left, including the preacher. He says that it's interesting that she stayed, since she wasn't even invited. She smiles and says that she knows why. David claims that it was an oversight. Krystal laughs and says that she knows him better than anyone else. She admits that this is not his typical manipulation. He claims that he just wants Greenlee to be happy. She is suspicious that this is about Greenlee, and not him.

Jake asks Greenlee some medical questions. Ryan is happy to learn that she's ok. Jake takes Ryan aside to chat with him. Ryan wants to know if Jake knew that Greenlee was alive, since David had mentioned that he saw her X-rays. Jake explained that he didn't know they were hers because David said they were Nurse Gayle's. Ryan asks if David was lying about her condition. Jake says that the fact that she is doing so well is a miracle.

Greenlee protests that they are treating her like a prisoner. Tad sits down and chats with her, trying to figure out why she would do this to all of them. They all offer to help her. She keeps arguing that she wants to marry David, and they fill her in on all of the things David did while she was gone. Greenlee sees red when she views Erica whispering in Ryan's ear. That's all she can, and the rest falls on deaf ears. She jumps up and lets them know how she survived, and it's all due to David. She tells them in no uncertain terms that she chose to come home and marry David. She points out that they all have fought for their relationships and to have their freedom, just as she does. She asks why they can't let her have that same freedom. She tells them that anyone who can't support her should leave. Ryan walks forward and tells her that he's not going anywhere. Marissa tells her that she knows David too well; she doesn't want to be a part of this. She leaves, with J.R. following reluctantly. Opal tells her that she's thrilled that Greenlee is alive, but she thinks this whole thing is a terrible shame. She leaves, and Krystal sadly follows. Tad and Liza leave silently, even though Greenlee asks her not to. Erica just looks at her and then walks out. The reverend tells her that she can call him if or when she decides to go through with it. He suggests that prayer might be helpful. Greenlee reminds Jake that he is her friend. He agrees that he is, but he and Amanda still walk out. She is left alone with Ryan.

Ryan asks Greenlee if they can talk. Greenlee is annoyed that no one will listen to her or to her wishes. He points out that they are trying. Greenlee talks about how David was there, no one else. Ryan wonders if she's marrying David out of gratitude. She insists that they fell in love. Ryan doesn't buy it. He reminds her that this would have been their one year anniversary and that they were going to spend their lives together. Now when he sees her for the first time again, after thinking she was dead, she is about to marry someone else. He asks what happened and what is going on. He begs her to help him understand. He says that she hasn't even asked him how he feels. She says coldly that she understands if he's hurt. He tells her passionately that he loves her and that he never stopped. Greenlee blinks, not wanting to believe him. He tells her about how he found out that she died and was told that she couldn't have survived. He talks about how he kept looking anyway, not wanting to believe that what they had was gone. He says that he's just been trying to accept it this year, trying to dig himself out of the pain. He asks her in a broken voice why she's marrying David. He understands her having a bond with David, but he insists that it's nothing like what they had. He reminds her that they were going to join their souls. Greenlee tries not to be affected by what he says. She tells him that she knows what he went through. The way she describes it, reminds him that he made her think that she was dead before (when he faked his own death). Ryan looks stunned. He asks if that's what this is about. He wonders if she never forgave him for that. He begs her to tell him if it's that or something else. He tells her again that he loves her and that he will make it right.

Greenlee doesn't say anything. Annie arrives just then. She is shocked to see Greenlee there. Greenlee is shocked to find that Annie is not in a loony bin. Annie says quickly that her problems were all resolved. Ryan tells Annie that they are trying to have a conversation. Annie realizes that she was supposed to be David's bride. Ryan asks her to leave, but Annie insists on knowing what's going on. Ryan says that she is the last one that Greenlee owes an explanation, and he won't let her near her. He grabs Annie's arm and throws her out as she protests. Annie keeps asking Ryan questions outside. He tells her again to leave. She says that she's happy now with Adam, and stable. She is glad to see Greenlee alive because now it's one less thing for him to blame on her. He blames her for holding a gun on him when Greenlee crashed. She advises him that it's over, and he should let it go. She figures Greenlee is moving on now, too, and asks why they can't just act civilized. Ryan retorts that he knows her too well. She is acting brave but is freaking out inside and possibly might be dangerous. Annie rants and raves to him about her new life with Adam. Ryan just looks at her with a stone face. Annie then taunts him about Greenlee marrying David instead of him. He tells her to shut up and get up. Annie tells him insincerely not to feel bad and that time heal all wounds. She giggles and then leaves.

Erica stops Jack from going into the church so that Greenlee and Ryan can keep talking. Jack is very angry at Greenlee for wanting to marry David. He says that no matter what her reasons, she always ends up hurting herself. Erica suggests that he should trust Ryan and Greenlee to figure things out for themselves, that they are still in love (or is she talking about her and Jack?). They leave together and go to ConFusion. Erica suggests that Jack take a moment and think about just how much of a miracle it is that Greenlee is alive and back in his life. She assures him that everything will be all right and that Ryan and Greenlee will rediscover their love. Jack is annoyed that Greenlee didn't tell him about marrying David, so Erica realizes that he already knew that Greenlee was alive. Jack looks ashamed. Erica also realizes that the special celebration he had planned was for her and not some special woman he met. She asks him how long he's known, so he fills her in. He wonders why she would hurt Ryan like this. Erica says wisely that Greenlee was probably afraid that Ryan had moved on, so she had to protect herself. She holds his hand and tells him that since she broke up with Ryan, he's free to be happy with Greenlee. Jack looks at her in amazement.

Marissa goes home with J.R., annoyed at David. She can't be involved with a man who wants to blow up everything around him. J.R. can't believe that Greenlee is still alive. He winces in pain, so she worries. He says that the pews were very hard. She helps him off with his coat. He says that he needs an aspirin and gets annoyed at her hovering. She apologizes for all her worrying. He smiles at her that not only is he fine, he's starving. She is glad to hear it and goes to order food. J.R. goes back to looking glum.

Greenlee looks sad as she fingers Leo's St. Christopher medal. She turns, and David walks in. He asks her what happened and if she spoke with Ryan. Greenlee, crying, wonders why she thought that Ryan would be so crushed that he'd walk away. She wanted to humiliate him, but she was the only one humiliated. David tells her softly that it is not true. She asks why he didn't warn her. He reminds her that he tried to get her to reconsider it. She says unfairly that he should have known this would happen. He asks if she really thought Ryan would let her go without a fight. She sighs heavily and adds that she ruined everything. She wanted to be strong and in control, but now she doesn't know what to do or say. He asks what she really wants. She insists that she wants to marry him and is surprised when he says they will get the minister back. David tells her that he'd be proud to be her husband and to protect her as his wife. He thinks that she should take some time to think about what she really wants. Greenlee sighs heavily again and sits down. She muses that it was supposed to be so easy. He advises him to forget about winning, payback, and being in control, and think about why Ryan is getting to her so much. They hug and she wipes away her tears. Ryan comes back in and says that he and Greenlee aren't done. David tells her to call him if he needs her for anything, and then he walks out.

Greenlee and Ryan face each other once again. Ryan asks her again if she never forgave him for faking his own death. She says that's not what this is about. He asks her again to tell him what it is, then. He is really trying to wrap his head around the fact that she's there and alive. He calls it a miracle, but he's still stunned that she told him by marrying David on the day they were supposed to get married. He knows that a year is a long time, but his love for her hasn't changed. He knows that she loves him, too. Greenlee still tries not to be affected by what he says, but she wipes away tears. He talks to her about the full moon tonight and how it brought them back together. He says that nothing can stop them from starting their life together. He asks her to marry him--tonight.

Tad and the others are back at Tad and Krystal's house, wondering about Greenlee and David. Liza wonders if Greenlee was in on sabotaging Fusion. They discuss it. Tad thinks it's all David. Jake surprises them by being more interested in food than in discussing how awful David is. He tells them that he does still hate David, but he is grateful that he performed a miracle by saving Greenlee. He gives David a lot of credit for that.

Scott looks for Annie, so Adam realizes that she went to the wedding. Annie returns and tells them that she did go to the wedding, but it didn't happen. She tells them that Greenlee is alive and that David saved her. Annie says that Ryan stopped David and Greenlee from getting married and then warned her to "stay away from the bitch". They stare at her then, so she laughs and assures them that it's just a figure of speech. She swears that she's over all that stuff in the past. She holds Adams hands and reminds him that she is living her perfect dream life now. They hug, but then Annie looks very unsure.

Back in his house, David opens some champagne and drinks a glass.

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