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All My Children Update Friday 2/12/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Jake fixes his tie in the mirror at home. Amanda comes up behind him, wearing a red teddy, and she wishes him a Happy Valentine's Day. He is impressed by the outfit. She suggests that she show him what the day is about. They kiss. He knows that she is trying to stall him from going after David. Amanda rants and raves about it. Jake argues that he wants to know what David is up to, so he won't be able to hurt them again. Liza arrives and can tell they are arguing. Amanda tells her what is going on. Liza tells her that she and Tad are going, too, because Tad wants to see if David is up to something. Jake yells and then leaves, saying he's going to the wedding. Amanda is upset and talks to Liza about it. She tells Amanda about Tad being in Gloucester. Liza chats with Amanda about her and Tad's relationship and tries to advise her about Jake. Liza thinks Amanda should go to the wedding and stand by Jake's side, to support him and protect him from whatever David has planned.

Greenlee admires her wedding dress, which is draped over a chair. She is wearing a silky white robe. David walks in and hopes that it's not bad luck for him to see her or the dress. She thinks that she used up all her bad luck. He asks how she's feeling. She's worried about Jack finding out before the wedding, and she's worried about Ryan not showing up. David assures her that she's the only one who can call off the wedding. She insists that they go through with it so that Ryan can see that she has moved on, too. He knows that Ryan will show up.

David gives her some gifts, even though their wedding is not traditional. He hands her a single red rose and wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day. He also gives her the something borrowed (handkerchiefs), something blue (a blue butterfly encased in glass, in a frame), something old (Leo's St. Christopher medallion), and something new (the rose). Greenlee is very touched by his gifts and hugs him. David asks her again if she is having second thoughts, but she is certain. David helps her put on the St. Christopher medal. Greenlee is a little annoyed that she doesn't have anything for him. He assures her that having her there and well is all he needs. She hasn't forgotten her promise to help him get his daughter back.

Erica is chatting with Val on the phone about new security at Fusion. Ryan walks in, so she hangs up. She is aghast at his black eye and guesses that it was David. Ryan tells her the short version of what happened. He sits down and also tells her about the dead butterfly in his invitation. Ryan wonders how David could be so sick. They are both disgusted. Ryan tells her that it's taking all of his strength not to kill David. Erica knows that David is just trying to push his buttons, and that he's not worth it. Ryan agrees but is still upset. Erica asks him what butterflies meant to Greenlee. Ryan explains that butterflies represented spreading your wings and letting go, and that took guts, grace, and power. That's how she led her life. Ryan points out that today is Valentine's Day, which would have been their first anniversary. He says that it's also a full moon, and David is using these symbols to get to him. He admits that it is working. Ryan, knowing that it's crazy, says that it feels like Greenlee is there with him again.

J.R. and Marissa are at home. He is a little woozy from the chemo. J.R. has a cut on his head from where he fell. They hug. Marissa says that she should pick up Little A from Tad and Krystal's place. She knows that he will be happy to have his dad home. J.R. stops her, wondering if they should take advantage of the time alone. He pulls her onto his lap, and they kiss. He suggests they go to David's wedding. She thinks it's a bad idea. J.R. thinks that she is still being emotional about David. He suggests that she make a rational decision to cut David out of her life, and that going to the wedding might be the thing to help her do that. He smiles and admits that he is also curious about who David blackmailed into marrying him. She wonders with a laugh why she can't say no to him.

Tad phones Ryan to tell him that he found something in Gloucester, and he will explain it to him with Jesse. Ryan tells Erica he has to go find out what Tad has learned. Erica hopes that Ryan doesn't get into a fight with David again, but he can't promise that.

Opal and Krystal chat about David and his wedding. Krystal feels bad for whomever is marrying him. She admits that she had trouble sleeping, thinking about how she had married David despite what everyone was telling her. She wishes she could spend ten minutes explaining to the poor girl that is marrying him what a bad idea it is. Opal asks if she wants to go, pointing out that she has an invitation, and it says that she can bring a guest.

Jesse, Natalia, and the virus-maker Lawson are at the computer in the police station. Lawson explains that there was a video feed of the virus being released. They can just see the feet of the people. Jesse says that it looks like David and some woman. He wonders who the woman is. Tad and Ryan arrive. Jesse asks Natalia to take Lawson out to get some coffee and a donut.

Tad and Ryan go in and chat with Jesse. Tad explains that he spoke with Nurse Gayle, who knew nothing about what was going on. She got upset when she learned that David was getting married. Tad explains that Gayle let slip that she "should have pulled the plug on the bitch" while she had the chance. They keep wondering who this mystery woman is and whether she was helping David or not. They compare all of the information they know and keep speculating it. Ryan refuses to go to the wedding because he knows that he's David's prime target.

Jake drops by to visit David. Jake tells him that he's not letting him do this. He knows that David is up to something, and he figures it is some other attack on his family. David calls him paranoid. Jake accuses him of wanting to steal Amanda and Trevor, and he thinks he still does. They bicker about what happened while Greenlee listens in from the stairs. Greenlee hears some of the awful things that David did. David assures Jake that he is through with them and that's why he invited them to the wedding. He wants to prove to them that he's moving on. Jake finds it hard to believe. David tries to get him to leave, so that he can get ready for the wedding. Jake sits down, insisting on staying and meeting the bride. He then jumps up and calls upstairs to the mystery bride, saying that she shouldn't marry David because he's a real bastard. David grabs him and throws him toward the door. Jake leaves as David says he'll see him at the wedding. David sighs heavily after he leaves.

Greenlee walks down the stairs and asks him to tell her that he didn't do what Jake accused him of, such as forcing himself on Amanda. David denies it, saying the sex was consensual. He does admit that he blackmailed and manipulated both of them into agreeing to carry his child. She doesn't say anything. David reminds her that he did warn her that he's done some bad things. He points out that it's nothing compared to what they'll all be telling her after they realize who he is marrying. David doesn't think that Greenlee will be able to convince them that he's not a bad guy. If she does stand by him, she will be alienating everyone, not just Ryan and Erica. He gives her another chance to back out. She just shakes her head and says she won't back out. She will be his wife, and if everyone hates her for it, that's their problem. She is determined to do this. He smiles and suggests that she get ready for her wedding, then.

Greenlee wants to know why he's so certain that Ryan will be at the wedding. David tells her that he stuffed a dead butterfly into Ryan's invitation. Greenlee's mouth falls open in shock and her eyes widen. Greenlee assures him that she's ok and that it was a good idea, but she is worried that it won't be enough to get him there. David has another idea to get Ryan there, but she has to do this one. We don't hear his suggestion, but Greenlee hears it and agrees that it would work on Ryan. She is reluctant to do what David suggests, at first, so he suggests she go get ready and think about it. Greenlee then decides that she will do it.

Jack sets up a special celebration for tomorrow at Confusion (for Greenlee, I'm sure). Erica enters, dressed up beautifully, with a sparkly pin in her hair. She hugs and kisses Jack in greeting. She asks him about the celebration and if it's for anyone special. Jack lies that it's no one she knows. He tries to avoid Erica, but she keeps bugging him about who his guest is. They flirt and joke around. Erica thinks that he met someone in Paris, and that's why he's acting so strangely. She suggests that he be honest about his relationship, the same way she was honest about hers with Ryan. Jack swears that he has to protect the person's identity for confidentiality, letting Erica think it's a client. She jokes that he must be trying to outdo David. He wonders what she means, so she explains that David is getting married in less than an hour to some mystery woman. Jack realizes what's going on and says, "Oh my God!". He then rushes off.

Amanda dresses up in a beautiful purple dress and gets a babysitter for Trevor. Jake is happy to see her when he goes home. She tells him that she has to go to the wedding, too.

J.R. and Marissa are the first ones to arrive at the chapel, then Opal and Krystal. (Marissa's hair looks very strange, as do Krystal's eyebrows) Tad, Liza, Jake, Jesse, and Amanda arrive. David walks in and welcomes them. He tells them that the bride is not quite ready yet, so there will be a short delay. He turns to leave, but Marissa walks over and stops him. She asks why he's doing this and who his bride is. David apologizes gently and says that she'll have to wait. Tad notes that either David has a really sick sense of humor, or he's just trying to make the rest of them hate him even more. David just smiles and walks out.

Ryan goes home and takes off his coat. He goes out to the patio and looks outside for a moment. He pours  himself a drink as he looks down at the invitation and at the butterfly (which looks plastic, not real). He gets a phone call and looks at the caller ID, but it doesn't say who it is.  He answers, curious.  After a pause, Greenlee says, "Happy Valentine's Day, Ryan" and then hangs up. Ryan looks stunned.

David tells the guests that they're ready to begin, so everyone takes their seats. There is a minister standing up front, so David joins him up there. Greenlee walks in. We can't tell who she is because of the thick veil. They all stand.  She can see them through the veil, as we see from her point of view. They all peer into the veil curiously. The minister has them all sit as he starts the ceremony. He tells the crowd that the couple want to say their own vows. David takes her hand and says his vows to Greenlee. He talks about how they found each other, but he says it in fairly vague terms. The audience all watch intently. David pledges that he will never desert her or let her down, and he will always protect her. Greenlee turns to make her vows. Jack walks into the church just then and yells, "What are you doing? Why? Why?" with Erica running in behind him. Greenlee lifts her veil. Everyone watches with shock. Greenlee tells Jack that she's getting married. Ryan walks in then and sees her, and he can't believe it.  He stares and then says her name in a small voice.

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