AMC Update Thursday 2/11/10

All My Children Update Thursday 2/11/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and Liza prepare to order lunch at ConFusion. They joke around and flirt, and they kiss. Tad admires that Liza has a healthy appetite. They see Bailey bussing tables. He tells Liza defensively that he's trying to show that he can provide for his family. Liza hassles him about spending the night with Colby, but he insists again that they are just friends. He walks off after telling Liza to stay out of things with his child. Liza tells Tad that she's lost her appetite. They have some wine. Liza is still very angry, so Tad tries to get her to calm down. Liza is not only annoyed about Damon but also about Bailey having left town, and about David's mysterious wedding. Tad asks her to be his date at the wedding. She laughs at the idea, but he is serious about going. She wonders if he needs the same intervention that they just did for Jake. Tad gets close to Liza to ask her again to go with him, and she agrees. They kiss and make jokes. Tad gets a phone call from Krystal. She tells him that Kathy is sick and asking for her daddy.

Liza and Tad go home to see Krystal and Kathy. Tad rushes up to see Kathy. Krystal apologizes to Liza for interrupting their date. Liza tells her that it was no big deal. Liza assures her that they share children together, so that has to come first. Krystal points out that they also share a roof, which must be hard for Liza and Tad to have sex. Liza reminds her that they have walked in on her and Rob a few times, so that must be just as difficult. Krystal informs her that she and Rob are over. After their accident, Rob is not so interested in coming around. Liza thinks that they should make up. she really plays it up. Krystal is not so sure. Tad returns. Liza goes up to say hi to Kathy. Krystal thanks Tad for coming. Tad tells her that Kathy is the light of his life, so she doesn't have to thank her for being as good a father as she is a mother. Krystal assures him that he is the best.

Brot shows Natalia a flyer about a charity bowling tournament. She wonders if he's asking her out on a date. Both are unwilling to call it a date. Brot says they can meet at the lanes if she wants, so she agrees to that. They joke around about the dance contest. Brot looks like he wishes that he had handled it better.

Madison, Dani, and Val are working hard at Fusion. Dani wonders where Erica is and makes a snide remark about how it must be nice being the boss (meaning Erica is nowhere around). Madison defends Erica, saying she is probably all over this. Dani thinks Erica is in denial about Fusion being toast. Jesse walks in and says that maybe they can save Fusion after all. Jesse says that they found a symbol on the computers that were hacked and traced it to a tracker named Mitchell "The Plague" Lawson. Dani wonders why anyone would do that, to get caught. Val and Madison wonder if the damage can be reversed. Jesse hopes they can do that if they find him.

The police find Lawson and ask him questions about the virus. He doesn't know anything about Fusion being infected by it. Jesse shows him the signature. Lawson says that he did create the virus, but he wasn't the one that infected Fusion. He suggests that Jesse talk to one of the women at Fusion that hired him. He confirms that Greenlee and Kendall hired him. Jesse notes that anyone could have used the information to run the virus. Lawson brags about how complex the virus is and says that only one of the three of them could have done it. Jesse asks Natalia to keep working on Lawson to see if she can get any more information. Brot and Natalia question him. Lawson is impressed that a hot girl like Natalia knows about technical computer stuff. She suggests that he cooperate. He tells her that it will cost her a date. Natalia agrees to his terms. Lawson goes to Fusion with them and brings back the company's computer information. He asks Natalia to agree to dinner, and she agrees. Natalia flirts with him to get the job done fast. Brot watches uneasily. Madison teases Dani about how Fusion is not so dead after all.

Brot chats with Natalia about Lawson. He is miffed that she is going to spend the evening with him and cancel on the bowling tournament. She assures him that they're going to be working and also remidns him that the bowling tournament wasn't a date. She urges him to still go bowling and have fun, since she won't be. Brot is not so sure about that.

Jack goes to visit Erica, who has asked him to come by. He flashes back to Greenlee asking him to promise that he hasn't seen her. Erica opens the door, wondering why he hasn't knocked yet. He lies that he was just finishing up a text on his cell. Erica is wearing her weird white outfit from the other day that has fur around the collar and under the arms. Erica informs Jack that he was right about her and Ryan, and that she broke up with Ryan. Jack is not sure how to react to the news. Erica gives him a speech about Ryan and says that she's free to find whatever love she can find. She says that Ryan is also free to find the next Greenlee. Jack quotes it back to her. Erica looks worried that she said something insensitive. Jack asks to change the subject. Erica is very sympathetic to his grief. Jack struggles with what to say, since he is trying not to tell her the truth about Greenlee. Erica turns the discussion to their reliatonship. She says they never had any closure. She wants them to be honest with each other. Jack agrees, but he suddenly says that he has to go, which confuses Erica. Jack is about to leave when he turns and tells Erica awkwardly that he has some things to take care of. Opal is walking to the door just then and is very happy to see Jack. They hug. Jack rushes off, leaving Opal and Erica to wonder why.

Opal quizzes Erica about Jack's visit. Erica tells her about breaking up with Ryan. Opal wonders if she plans to get back with Jack, but Erica denies it. Erica tries to explain their conversation, but she has difficulty and asks to change the subject. Opal tells Erica about David getting married. They wonder who his bride could be. Erica picks up the phone but then puts it down. Opal knows that she was going to phone Ryan. Erica notes that it will be hard to break that habit. Opal figures that it might be easier if she finishes talking to Jack. Erica is not so sure because she thinks Jack was acting strangely, like he'd seen a ghost.

Greenlee continues to listen in on the stairs while Ryan and David argue at Wildwind. Ryan socks David in the face when he mentions Greenlee. David gets up. Ryan goes to leave. Greenlee is about to walk out when he turns. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. David punches Ryan back so that she can hide again. They argue some more. Ryan insists that David tell him the name of his bride. David assures him that this wedding is all about love. He does make sure that Ryan knows that he is invited. Ryan can't believe he would want him there, but David says he wants his bride to be happy and have a church full of people. Ryan thinks that his bride must be as twisted as David is. Greenlee, still listening, looks angry when he says that. Ryan says he can't make it to the wedding because he'll be busy with Erica, trying to fix the mess at Fusion. Ryan advises David that if he has an issue with him to take it up with him directly and not to go after Erica. David continues to taunt him while Greenlee listens, getting angrier every time Ryan sounds protective of Erica. Ryan tells him that he failed in trying to take down Fusion. He leaves after telling him to enjoy his wedding.

Greenlee walks out and yells at David for ruining everything. David puts ice on his face while he points out that he was trying to show her how everyone feels by bringing Jack there and pushing Ryan's buttons. He figures she might not go through with it. He advises her to go after Ryan, but she refuses. Greenlee thinks that Ryan is only interested in Fusion and Erica. David thinks that Ryan is just deluding himself about being in love with Erica. Ryan is in love with Greenlee, David insists. He thinks it would change everything if he knew she was alive. Greenlee doesn't agree. She thinks she is the one who used to delude herself about their love being so great and once-in-a-lifetime because otherwise Ryan wouldn't have been able to move on so quickly.

Jack pounds on the door and demands to talk to Greenlee. Jack tells them that he's not leaving town. David leaves them alone to talk. Greenlee thinks Jack should go. Jack doesn't want to leave her alone so soon after finding her alive again, especially with David. They hug again. Greenlee claims she just wants him out of town so that he won't accidentally tell people about her being alive. She insists that she really wants to surprise Ryan. Jack gets suspicious that there's more to it. Greenlee lies that she's just stressed out about seeing everyone again. Jack agrees not to tell anyone yet but still won't leave town. Jack gets a phone call from his client in Paris, so he goes outside to take it. He then returns. He will be busy with work at the hotel during the weekend, he tells her. She is glad to hear it and suggests he stay there until he's finished. He wonders if she still plans to tell Ryan on Valentine's Day that she's alive. She replies quickly that she is, but he hears doubt in her voice. Greenlee makes a joke to deflect his suspicions. Greenlee worries to David about whether Jack might show up again and spoil her plans. David jokes that he could knock Jack out for a while, but Greenlee doesn't think that's very funny. She sits down and insists that he tell her about the corpse that he put in her place. He admits that he did quite a bit to help her. He thinks she's giving him a hard time, but she's really trying to thank him. She admires what extremes he went to protect her. He thanks her in turn because she looked like she was going to clobber Ryan for hitting him. She wonders if their genius planning will matter. David points out that Ryan hasn't seen his invitation yet. He assures her that it will make Ryan show up to the wedding.

Ryan drops by the police station to chat with Jesse. Jesse can tell from the mark on Ryan's face that he went to see David. Ryan tells him that David is lucky to be alive. Jesse wonders if he found out who David's bride is, but Ryan replies that David was too busy being an ass. Ryan wonders who the guy is, so Jesse informs him that he is the guy who made the virus that attacked Fusion. Ryan wants to beat him up, but Jesse holds him back. He tells him what Lawson said about how complicated it was. Jesse tells Ryan that the print on the flashdrive was Greenlee's, so they know David did steal it from his house. Jesse wonders if Greenlee told David about the code, but Ryan doesn't think she would do that. They wonder if his new bride helped him. Jesse thinks they should go to the wedding, but Ryan gets a better idea.

Ryan visits Tad, who teases him about his black eye. Ryan tells him that it is from David. He shares his theory that David's new bride had something to do with the virus at Fusion. They speculate as to who it could be and wonder if it's Nurse Gayle. Ryan begs Tad and Krystal to help him figure out who the mystery bride could be. Tad agrees to go to Gloucester to investigate. Liza is surprised to hear that Tad is going out of town. Liza reminds him that the city of Gloucester has a restraining order against him. She insists on going with him, but he doesn't want her to. He has to do this. Liza and Tad kiss goodbye while Krystal pretends not to be in the room. Tad and Krystal go upstairs so he can say goodbye to Kathy. Liza watches them thoughtfully.

Ryan finds the wedding invitation on the floor of his place. He opens it up. Besides the invitation, there is a little dead green butterfly.

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