AMC Update Wednesday 2/10/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/10/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Scott and Annie kiss passionately in the living room while Colby watches through the patio door's window. Colby takes a photo of them with her phone. Her phone rings, so she quickly turns it off so they won't see her. They stop kissing as soon as they hear the noise. Colby walks in. Scott and Annie are pretending to be busy with work, each one on the opposite side of the room. Colby asks what they're doing, so Annie replies that theyre working. Colby remarks that number crunching seems to have made them sweat. When Scott says they should get back to the spread sheets, Colby agrees that they shouldn't keep the sheets waiting. She asks where Adam is, so Annie tells her that he's out. Colby smiles knowingly at them, saying that he will be sorry he missed all the fun. She leaves dramatically, with a big smile on her face. Colby gets her phone out and returns Damon's call. He tells her that he's sorry for the way he acted and that he got the job at Confusion. He invites her there to make it up to her. She answers, "Maybe".

Annie worries about what Colby saw and about her telling Adam. Scott guesses that means their kiss wasn't worth it after all. Scott blames her for getting to him again. Annie is only concerned about damage control with Colby. She suggests they come up with a good story to cover it. The phone rings.

Marissa walks in to find Adam and J.R. hugging. J.R., all choked up, is glad to see her. Adam wants to know why J.R. didn't tell him that his cancer was back. J.R. didn't want him to look at him with pity. Adam understands that but thinks that J.R. needs his support system, his family. He begs him not to shut them out. J.R. is outraged that now Adam is being family after he chose Annie over the rest of them. Marissa tries to get them not to fight. Adam tells J.R. that he loves him and he is concerned. J.R. yells at him about how he tries to control him, and more about choosing Annie. J.R. faints and falls on the floor.

Adam phones home, looking for Colby. Annie lies that she hasn't seen her. Adam tells her to find her and have her meet them at the hospital. Annie, looking worried, asks if he's allright. Adam assures her that he's fine, that J.R. is the one in trouble. Marissa tends to J.R. nearby, putting a wet cloth on his face. J.R. is conscious again and looking up at Adam.

Colby goes to ConFusion and chats with Damon, complaining again about her family. Annie tries to phone her, but Colby doesn't answer it. She decides to let Annie sweat a little more.

J.R. is taken to the hospital. The doctor tells him that he just needs a few stitches but that his oncologist might want to adjust his protocols. Adam wants a second opinion. J.R. tells him that this is why he doesn't need him there. Marissa suggests that he wait outside. Adam tells him that he'll be there for him when he needs him. After he leaves, J.R. rants that it is classic Adam to try to control everything. Marissa tells him that he is just worried about him. Scott and Annie arrive. Adam tells them that J.R. took fall and needs stitches. Annie assumes with disgust that he is drunk again. Adam angrily asks where Colby is. Annie tells him that that she couldn't find her and that she's not answering her phone. Adam curses, annoyed, saying that J.R. needs her and all of them. Annie wonders why when he just has a bump on the head. Scott also wants to know what's really going on. Adam tells them about the camera. colby arrives, so Adam fills her in on what happened. Colby is surprised that he knows about the cancer. Adam wishes that she had told him, but he respects her decision to keep her word to J.R. He hugs her and tells her how proud he is. She glares at Scott and Annie over his shoulder.

Colby visits briefly with J.R. His doctor chats with him, too. Scott asks Colby outside how he's doing. Colby asks where Annie, so Scott tells her that Adam and Annie went outside for some air. Scott figures out that Colby saw them together. Colby thinks that this means he is on board with her plan to get rid of Annie. He tells her that he's not playing and that this is over. Colby tells him about the photo she took of them kissing, on her phone. Scott blasts her for showing it to Adam when he just found out that his son has cancer. Colby corrects him that it was video. She thinks that Adam will wonder about Scott and fire him for kissing Annie. Scott sighs as Colby blackmails him into helping her get rid of Annie.

Annie and Adam discuss J.R.'s health and how Adam wants him back in his house. Colby watches them. Annie hugs Adam and assures him that she's there for him, whatever he needs. Adam goes to do something. Colby comes up and gives Annie a hard time for pretending to care about J.R. and Adam. Colby thinks that if J.R. moves back home, the bonding he will do with Adam will be Annie's undoing. Annie tells her that she's glad to see the real Colby back. Colby taunts her about kissing Scott. Colby shows her the video on her phone. Annie grabs it away from her, breaks the phone and drops it on the ground. Colby tells her that won't stop her from busting her. Annie gets in her face and retorts that without proof, she's just seen as a jealous immature girl that's jealous of her daddy's new wife. Colby sees Adam and suddenly hugs Annie, putting on a show for his benefit. Annie wonders what she's up to, so Colby tells her that she's playing nice.

Marissa brings Scott some coffee. He's mad at himself for yelling at J.R. all this time for drinking when he was actually sick. Marissa reminds him that he didn't know and suggests that he go talk to J.R. right now, since he's alone. Scott thanks her sincerely and goes to visit J.R. Scott tells J.R. that he's an ass, but J.R. tells him that he's his cousin, as if that explains it. J.R. admits that he hates to ask for help, but the disease forces him to do that. Scott tells him that he can help him however he needs. J.R. says that he trusts him more than anyone and asks him to take care of his family. Scott doesn't want to hear that but gives his word that he'll do it. They shake hands. Marissa watches them from outside.

Erica breaks up with Ryan because she knows they will never love each other that deeply. He tells her that she is both gorgeous and wise. He looks relieved but tells her that she's amazing and strokes her face. He wishes that she could have been the one, and she agrees. She is glad to still be his friend. They are both a little sad, they admit. They joke around a little. Ryan hopes they didn't screw up their friendship. She doesn't believe it did. In fact, it may have brought them closer. She assures him that they are still running Fusion together. He thinks that they will have their work cut out for them with the press. Erica doesn't think that will be important. She suggests they don't bother telling the press anything. Ryan takes her hand and says that some incredibly lucky guy will fall for her. Erica tells him that it will happen for him, too, but he doesn't think so. They discuss whether Ryan will find love again.

Ryan talks fondly about Greenlee, saying that kind of love doesn't come along twice. Erica expresses her sympathy. Ryan states that he has enough memories of Greenlee to last a lifetime. He talks about how he tries to will Greenlee back by staring up at the moon. Erica recalls his looking at the moon and is a bit shocked by the intensity of what Ryan is saying. Ryan is glad that he can talk to Erica about Greenlee. She realizes that he was holding back before, since they were lovers. He thinks it would have been awkward. Erica hopes that he never holds back now that they are friends again. Although Erica and Greenlee didn't like each other, she likes seeing her through Ryan's eyes. They hug. Ryan gets a page from Jesse. He kisses Erica's hands and then gives her a tender kiss on the cheek before leaving.

We see next that Ryan is on the phone with someone, very angry. He shouts, "Valentine's day? No way in hell!" Meanwhile, Erica flashes back to seeing Jack.

Jack can't believe his eyes when he sees Greenlee standing in the chapel at Wildwind. They walk toward each other, and they hug. Jack questions her about what happened. Greenlee just tells him that she's there and asks him to leave it at that way. He keeps asking her about her accident and how it happened. She tells him that someone found her. She was unconscious and in a coma. When she woke up, she was confused and still thought it was her wedding day. She found out how much time it had passed and that everyone thought she was dead. Jack wonders why she or her rescuer didn't call them. He asks what kind of a monster would let them all think she was dead. Greenlee sits down with him in the chapel. David comes up behind and watches them. Greenlee assures Jack that it was her idea not to contact anyone. She explains that she couldn't move her legs and that the therapy was very risky. She didnt want him to lose her a second time. Jack is very pleased that she is healthy and strong now. He asks if Ryan knows. She tells him that he's the first.

Jack demands to know who is responsible for this miracle, so he can thank him. Greenlee tells him that he's here. Jack turns and sees David, who walks in, reluctantly. Jack is shocked. He can't believe this, either, and is angry that David didn't tell them. David tells him that he wanted to tell him, and Greenlee tells him that it was her decision. Jack ignores what they say and insists that David was enjoying their suffering. David explains the situation to Jack in detail, with Greenlee's help. Jack is still suspicious and wants to know what David's angle is. He figures that David found a corpse for them and tampered with the DNA. Jack gets out his phone so that he can tell the police all about it. Greenlee insists that she would be dead if not for David. Grabbing his phone, she tells him forcefully that she really will be dead to him if he makes the call. They argue some more. Jack reluctantly closes the phone. Greenlee hugs him, thanking him. Jack urges her to come stay with him and see everyone. Greenlee says, "No!", but Jack wants to know why.

David leaves them alone to talk. They go back to arguing about David until Greenlee asks him to drop it. Greenlee asks him not to tell Ryan that she's alive. Jack wonders if this is David's idea. Greenlee assures him that it was all her idea. She asks him to promise not to tell anyone that she's alive. Jack doesn't like the idea but goes along with it. They hug again. He asks her again to come stay with him, but she wants to stay there at Wildwind. Jack reminds her about what was happening a year again. He thinks she is waiting to tell everyone until it's Valentine's Day, the one year anniversary of her "death". She lets him think that is all she has planned. She thinks he is going to leave town as planned, but he won't leave now that she is alive. She asks him to give her a week and go wrap up his business in Europe. She begs him, so he agrees. He says it will be the hardest thing he's ever had to do. They hug again and tell each other, "I love you". Greenlee walks out, and Jack watches her. He looks sad.

Jack returns a call to Erica, who had left a message for him. He does't want to see her, but she insists, saying that it's important. Jack looks worried.

Greenlee tells David about how Jack wanted her to see Ryan. They hear screeching tires outside. Greenlee rushes upstairs as Ryan rushes inside, slamming the door. David yells at him for not knocking again. Ryan is angry that David scheduled his wedding day for Valentine's Day. Ryan calls him a son of a bitch. They argue as Greenlee listens. David laughs, wondering what Greenlee would have said about Ryan calling Fusion "Erica's company. Ryan suddenly punches David and warns him never to mention Greenlee's name again.

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