AMC Update Tuesday 2/9/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/9/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Adam kisses Annie, who is sitting on the couch. She admires their beautiful new parlor, and he agrees that they did an amazing job. The phone rings. Adam, knowing it's J.R., wonders why he's not there yet. J.R. tells him that he got a cold from Little Adam, so he can't help out. Adam tells him it's okay because they have someone else to help. Colby comes in and asks Annie who Adam is talking to, so Annie fills her in that J.R. is not feeling well. Adam laughs and hangs up. He tells Annie that it looks like she'll be doing more work. Annie is glad to hear it. The doorbell rings. Colby asks Adam about J.R. being so sick. Adam replies that he sounded half sick. Colby's face falls, and she asks Adam not to joke that way. Colby yells at Adam, who doesn't know why she is being so melodramatic about a cold. She lets him know that she knows about the cancer. Adam tells her that J.R. is in remission. Keeping J.R.'s lie, she points out that the cancer could come back. She wonders what Adam will do then. He says he will do whatever he can. Adam says honestly, upset, that he would have to re-think a whole lot of things. Colby wonders if he's talking about the merit trust clauses in his will. Adam agrees that they were set up to help his family, not hurt them, so she thinks that he will change it if J.R. is sick. Adam thinks Colby has come up with this whole idea about J.R. being sick with cancer again just so Adam will change the clauses. Colby is disgusted that he thinks she is just trying to manipulate him.

Marissa asks J.R. if he is still feeling bad. He tells her that the chemo is really kicking his ass, but he'll fine as long as he has her there for "beautiful inspiration". She gives him a kiss. He notices the envelope in her hand and wonders if it's an early valentine. She jokes about it as she opens it. She is shocked, saying she shouldn't have opened it. She tells him that David is getting married. J.R. wonders who he drugged this time, but Marissa doesn't know. Marissa is very upset. J.R. suggests that she just ignore the invitation. She would rather go over to Wildwind and tell him off. He asks her not to get involved again.

Ryan leaves the kids with Annie. She wonders why he's dropping them off early. He says that he needs a favor. She is happy to have Emma spending the night, but she laughs at the idea of him being with Erica. He wonders why. She points out the relationship they both have with Spike, so he stops her. She wonders if they're doing it to get free press for the Miranda line. She knows him better than he thinks. Ryan won't hear any more and leaves. Scott comes downstairs and wonders why they were fighting. Annie notes that Ryan is delusional if he thinks he can make it work with Erica, any more than he could with her. She says that the only woman who ever completely had his heart was Greenlee.

Annie walks in on Colby and Adam arguing. Colby, annoyed, leaves. Adam tells Annie that the argument was about control. He asks her how she honestly feels about the merit trust and whether he made a mistake. She sits down and reminds him that she was hurt at first. She knows now that he was just looking out for her, and she loves him for it. He wants his family to be safe after he's gone. She thinks that Colby should and will understand that. He's not so sure about J.R. Adam really misses J.R. She assures him that they'll be close again. Adam gets upset that he's losing everyone that matters to him. She hugs him and assures him that he'll never lose her. He gets up, saying he has to do something. She offers to go with him, but he says that she and Scott have work to do. They exchange a quick kiss, and then he leaves. Annie has a strange look on her face. A little later, Scott wonders where she's been because he's been waiting for her in the library. She tells him that she was with Adam. She thinks he's having second thoughts about the merit trust. Scott wonders why that matters. Annie worries that Colby will convince Adam to just drop her conditions, and then they will suffer. Scott laughs, saying that he has no problems with the rules and wonders if she does. She gets annoyed, saying her problem is with Colby wanting her out of Adam's life. He doesn't think she has any proof, but she doesn't need any because she can spot another manipulator.

Still later, Annie and Scott are working, but it's clear that they are both thinking of each other and having a hard time concentrating on work. They both keep exchanging steamy glances. Their hands accidentally touch. Annie tells him awkwardly that she doesn't scheme to get what she wants any more. Without moving his hand from hers, Scott says that he believes her. She asks if he does. He suggests they put it to the test. The security cameras are gone now. He asks if she hadn't changed, how she would use this marriage trust to her advantage. She moves closer to him as she says that she would make Colby fall for the wrong kind of guy, and she would take her share of the money. She would keep J.R. out of the house. He asks what she would do to him. She grabs his chin and whispers, "Guess". He notes that they'd both be out of the trust. She replies that it could be worth it. They look deeply into each other's eyes.

Colby drops by to see J.R. with some chicken soup. She thinks he should tell Adam that he's out of remission. J.R. doesn't want to because he refuses to die and thinks he will be in remission again. She offers any help that he needs, but he assures her that he'll be there to baby-sit her grandkids. He wonders why she wants him to tell Adam. She sighs and says that if Adam knew the cancer had returned, maybe he would take another look at his own life. J.R. knows that she means his marriage to Annie. She thinks that Adam would pick J.R. over Annie if he has cancer. J.R. refuses to use his cancer again to manipulate him. She keeps arguing, but he tells her that it's not going to happen. He has learned with being sick not to waste time with needless drama.

Erica, at Fusion wearing a strange-looking white outfit with a big fur collar, tells her staff that the phones are working again, but the computer files have not yet been retrieved. Madison wonders if they should hire a hacker to fix the problem. Randi is surprised that she would want to hire a criminal. Erica likes the idea and asks Val and Madison to work on it. She also tells Val to hold all of her calls while she's in her office.

Erica goes to her office and shuts the door with a sigh. She phones Kendall, who wonders if everything is okay. Erica tells her that everything is under control at Fusion, but they need to deal with Ryan. Kendall reminds her that she doesn't have a problem with them seeing each other. Erica doesn't believe her and asks her to tell her the truth. After a pause, Kendall tells her that she thinks it's weird, uncomfortable and wrong. Erica looks stunned by her attack. Kendall then finishes, saying that she can't judge her about their relationship. Kendall reminds Erica that she was with Ethan (Zach's son) before she married Zach. Kendall wonders if Ryan is really the man that Erica is meant to be with. Erica looks thoughtful. Kendall tells her that she has to leave. She informs Erica that she and Zach are taking a complete break from everything, with Spike and Ian, so they might be out of contact for a long time. She asks Erica to only call them if it's a real emergency. Erica understands and asks Kendall to kiss the boys for her. They exchange "I love you's" and then hang up.

David meets with the wedding planner at Wildwind while Greenlee hovers nearby on the stairs, listening in. He tells the planner that his fiancée won't be able to make their meeting. She is surprised because usually the bride makes the plans. He lies that it's a surprise for Valentine's Day. She thinks it's very romantic. The woman takes notes while David tells her what he wants. Greenlee texts him what kind of flowers she wants, sweet peas instead of roses, so he tells the woman what Greenlee said. David picks one, but Greenlee sends another text, telling him that she wants petals, not a spray like the woman said. David passes on the info, and the woman asks him what kind of bouquet he wants. David tells her that it should be something elegant and understated. He looks at his phone and is relieved that he got it right; there's no text from Greenlee. The woman asks about the invitations, but he tells her that they have already gone out.

Later, David tells Greenlee to come out after the wedding planner has gone. They joke around about his choice in flowers. He doesn't think anyone at the wedding will care about the flowers once she drops her veil. He is looking forward to Ryan being crushed, and so is she. Marissa knocks on the door, so Greenlee hides. David is happy to see her, but Marissa is angry. She blasts him for delivering an invitation without any warning. She wonders if he would have done this to Babe. David tells her that he wants to have a real relationship with her, although he does admit he came back for revenge. She doesn't believe what he says about wanting to spend time with her. David gets defensive and annoyed, pointing out what Jake did to him. She yells at him for the "family" he had with Jake and Amanda, when he brings it up. He says that she can't understand because she had a nice family upbringing. She yells at him some more for ignoring her pleas to have a real connection with her. He swears that his revenge this time is to be happy. He hopes that someday he can be a real father to her, but she insists that her real father is dead. Then she storms out. David looks wounded.

Later, he looks down in the dumps. Greenlee offers to talk to Marissa for him. He is not so sure that she'll even be at the wedding. Greenlee assures him that they are family, and family supports family. David wonders why Jack was not on her list of invitations. Greenlee doesn't want her father caught up in the revenge scheme and says that she will fill him in after the wedding. David thinks that Erica will get to Jack before she can. Greenlee worries about that. David suggests that she talk to Jack and that he will be overjoyed to see her alive. Greenlee thinks, wondering if Jack is still in Europe. David smiles and tells her to check the chapel.

The invitations are delivered around town, including to Fusion. Madison almost gives Erica the envelope, but Val tells her to add it to the pile of marriage proposals that Erica always gets.

Opal drops by to see Erica at her request. She wonders what's wrong. Erica tells her that she has to break up with Ryan. Opal wonders why. Erica tells her that Ryan wanted to go on a romantic getaway, but she couldn't bring herself to pack last night. She questions why she is with Ryan and what their future holds. Opal advises her to live in the moment. Erica doesn't think that works. She tells him about how Ryan took her sailing last summer when she was upset. She admits it was great, but she thinks that Ryan is just her escape. Opal doesn't know why that is so bad. Erica thinks she's just using Ryan to escape from life. Erica rants on and on and shows Opal a French tabloid with a picture of her and Ryan. Opal gets suspicious and wonders she got it from. Erica is evasive at first but then admits that Jack sent it. Opal learns that Erica saw Jack yesterday and figures that's why Erica is having doubts now about Ryan. Erica denies that's the reason. Opal thinks that Jack is staking another claim on her. Erica says that Jack opened her eyes to the truth. Erica can't see a future with Ryan, and she doesn't want to waste time with him when she could be looking for her soul mate. Opal wonders if that's Jack. Erica insists that's not what she means. She thinks she just has to end things with Ryan. Opal wonders how Ryan will react to that. Erica thinks that Ryan has to deal with his loss of Greenlee so that he can move on to someone else that is his soul mate.

At the police station, Natalia gets annoyed when Brot gives her a hard time for taking on more work that she is supposed to give to someone else. She gets more annoyed as he reads what she is doing. It is a performance evaluation of Brot's work. She grabs him and holds him down, with his face to the desk, saying that Cadet Monroe needed to be schooled. She walks off. Everyone watches what happened, as Brot looks like he knows he pushed her too far. Later, Natalia finds a red envelope on her desk, with her name on it and three Hershey's kisses. She looks around, wondering where it's from. She opens the envelope. It's a cute valentine, with a bunny on it, hoping that her Valentine's Day will be hopping fun. She smiles and puts it on her desk. S he sees that Brot's desk has a bag of kisses. He comes up and jokingly asked her where her warrant is. She says that she has probable cause. He grabs the bag back and asks if she's sampling her kisses. She jokingly sings that he thinks she's special. He says that she's just annoying, but she knows that he left the kisses on her desk as a peace offering. He puts a kiss in his mouth and says suggestively that he loves a great kiss. She looks at him in a questioning way as her phone rings. She gets a note from her dad, saying that he hopes she enjoyed the Hershey's kisses. She looks embarrassed. Brot throws one of the kisses at her, and they both laugh.

Ryan makes plans for his trip with Erica. He doesn't see the invitation sitting on his table. He phones Erica, who has been ignoring his calls. She tells him that she's not going away with him. Later, Ryan comes to see Erica and says she looks gorgeous. He won't let her veto their vacation. Ryan can tell that she is upset and wonders what happened. She says that he's right. She tells Ryan that they can't do this any more. Ryan is surprised. Erica tells Ryan why they have to break up. He argues, but not too strenuously. They both care about each other, but she doesn't think they would ever really love each other deeply. She doesn't think they should settle for less.

Colby meets Damon at ConFusion. She asks if he was able to find Bailey and explain things to her. He says that he did, but she took Stuart home to her parents' house to figure things out. Colby assures him that Bailey will return, and by then the charges against him will be dropped. He's filling out a job application and mentions how many he's filled out today. She thinks that he will find something. She tells him that he can use her for a reference, so he thanks her. She gripes about Adam marrying Annie and calls her a bunch of names. Bailey laughs at what she says and makes jokes, but Colby is not in the mood to hear jokes. She fills him in on Adam's legal trust while he eats her shrimp cocktail. He makes more jokes, so she gets annoyed at him. She reminds him about all she's done for him. Colby prepares to storm out, so he stops her and asks her not to be like that. She declares that she knows who she can depend on and whom she can't.

J.R. is surprised to see Adam stopping by his house and wonders if he is checking up on him to see if he's gotten drunk. Adam mentions that he sounded horrible on the phone and looks even worse. Adam, knowing that something is up, says that he spoke to Colby. J.R. thinks that she spilled his secret. He gets annoyed, saying that he told her not to say anything. J.R. says that he will beat this. Adam realizes that J.R. is out of remission. J.R. is shocked that he didn't know. Adam wonders why it happened. J.R. tells him that it doesn't matter. The cancer isn't going to win- he will. Adam grabs him and hugs him.

Greenlee finds Jack at the chapel. He hears her come in and thinks it's David. He's annoyed that he was summoned there and wonders what is so important. He turns and his mouth drops open as he sees Greenlee. She just says, "Hi, Dad".

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