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All My Children Update Monday 2/8/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Amanda tries to argue with Jake, who plans to lie that he saw David breaking into Fusion. She is very angry. He just wants to get rid of David. Outside, Tad is on the phone, trying to get Liza. She walks into the station for some other business, so Tad hangs up and fills her in on what is happening. After Liza learns about Jake's plan to lie to the police, she assures Tad that she'll handle it. Liza insists to Jesse that she give Jake legal advice. Jake just wants to give his statement, but Liza advises him that he needs to hear from her. Jake relents, so Jesse gives them a few minutes. Liza, Tad and Amanda start yelling at him. He doesn't want to hear it. They point out that he could go to jail. Liza lays out a scenario where Jake could get caught in his lie and then go to prison. He doesn't think it will happen. Liza maintains that he won't see his wife and child except on visiting days. Jake grows quiet, and they keep working on him. Jake says that they always just react to David, and they won't win the war that way. Liza tells him that David will win because only the people Jake loves the most will get hurt.

Jesse returns, and Jake tells him that he'll give his statement. Amanda and Tad go outside and worry about what will happen. Jake tells Jesse his story. He says that he saw David get on the elevator and go up to the Fusion offices. Jesse asks him what else he saw that Tuesday night. Jake says he is talking about Monday. He admits that he assumed that Monday was the night Fusion got attacked. Jesse gets irritated, tells him off, and then leaves. Liza puts his hand on his arm to comfort him. Tad and Amanda return, so Liza tells them that Jake saw the light. Jake is still determined to go after David.

Erica opens her door to Jack, who is back in town after being gone many months. She is surprised. He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and asks to come in, so she lets him in. He tells her that he just flew in from Europe because of her. She figures he is there to help Fusion. He offers to help. Things are a little awkward between them, but they are clearly flirting as well. Erica assures him that they will fix things, despite how awful it has been. When she mentions that they will find out who is responsible, he wonders who "we" is. She tells him with hesitation that Ryan has been helping her and that they are partners. Erica talks about how great Ryan's work is and what a great team they make. Jack shows her a French tabloid cover of her and Ryan kissing, saying sarcastically that word of their professional teamwork has made it all the way across the Atlantic.

Erica is stunned. She can't believe he flew all this way for that. Jack knows that she has lied to him and that a phone call wouldn't have worked. Erica thinks that he's devastated by seeing her with Ryan. Jack laughs at the idea that he's jealous. He tries to insinuate that the magazine upset Bianca, Kendall, and Spike, whom he's seen recently in Europe. Erica tells him that she spoke to the girls and thinks that Spike is too young to be affected. Jack points out that Kendall had to hide the magazine from him. He wonders how Kendall can explain to him that her mommy and his daddy are sleeping together. Erica gets annoyed and tries to slap him, but he grabs her hand. She tells him that he should be ashamed of himself. He is still holding her hand. Later, Erica returns to the room and is surprised to find that Jack is still there. They are both calmer now. He asks her to explain this thing with Ryan. Erica is indignant about his questions. She wonders why Kendall wouldn't tell her when she talked to her on the phone if this is bothering her. Jack says that Kendall is busy trying to put her family back together. Erica doesn't buy that Kendall sent Jack to talk to her. Erica wonders why Jack is so personally upset about this. She asks if it's about Greenlee. Jack warns her not to dismiss him. Erica apologizes for the tragedy of Greenlee's death. She wonders if he wants Ryan to grieve for the rest of his life. Jack tells her that Ryan is not over Greenlee. He thinks Erica is going to get hurt. Erica is suspicious that there is still more to why Jack flew all this way. She talks some more about how Greenlee's death affected him and suggests that he's wasting his time trying to talk her out of being with Ryan. Jack talks about how Greenlee's death affected him and how angry he was at Kendall for her part in that. He says that he and Kendall have made up, but Greenlee is not the main reason he's there. She wonders what he means. He leans in towards her and tells her that he's been in Ryan's shoes. He states that Erica is hell to get over. Erica looks touched. He knows that Greenlee was hell for Ryan to get over. When something like that happens, we look for escapes, he says - anywhere we can find it. Jack asks her in an exasperated tone if Ryan is really the love of her life, or if he is just a safe and easy escape because what they had was hell to get over. Erica just looks at him. Jack says that she deserves more.

Ryan goes to see David, wondering where Erica is. David, annoyed, tells him that Erica is gone. Ryan insists on looking around anyway. David tries to get in his way. Greenlee walks in behind Ryan's back just then. Greenlee hides while David distracts Ryan, threatening to phone the police. Ryan again accuses David of sabotaging Fusion. They trade insults. Ryan wonders why David is going after Fusion. He tells him that Amanda found the ripped-up cover with him and Erica. He wonders why David is so worked up about him and Erica. David says that maybe it's not about Erica, but about him. Ryan wonders why David is going after him. David doesn't admit to that. He says that Ryan has hurt and disappointed a lot of people.

Ryan, confused about what David is getting at, says that is true of most people in town. Greenlee listens as David tells Ryan that he deserves this kind of attack more than most people. Ryan gets indignant and starts in on David about the pain he has caused people. They argue, but then Ryan stops and says Greenlee's name. He wonders if David still resents him for being with Greenlee. Ryan asks incredulously if David is so twisted that he can't let go of the past. David laughs and notes how easy it is for Ryan to move on from the past. Ryan reminds him that Leo and Greenlee are both gone. He insists that he let go because he had to. Greenlee looks affected when Ryan talks about how he's trying to get on with his life. Ryan figures David is even more pathetic than he thought, dwelling in the past. He walks out.

Greenlee walks back in the room. David is sorry that Ryan went off on a tear like that, and that she had to hear it. She isn't sorry. She needs to hear that he let go of her in his heart. Now she's done with him, too. They discuss what Ryan said and how she feels about it. She is very angry that Ryan moved on with her best friend and with her worst enemy, and that he helped Erica take over her company. Greenlee is very angry. David is worried about her. They talk a bit about their wedding plans. David tells her that he has to go to the police station to explain to Jesse why his fingerprints were all over the flash drive. She apologizes for that. David tells her that he'll come back afterwards to help her with the wedding plans. Greenlee says that he's the only person who understands her. He quips that that's not too hard, since he's the only one who knows that she's alive. She smiles and adds, "For now". He tells her that it means a lot to him to do this for her. There is a knock on the door, so he asks her to hide. A delivery man brings in some large gold boxes. David directs him inside, tips him, and then the man leaves. Greenlee returns, wondering what the boxes are for. He says that while he's gone, she should enjoy herself with the boxes. He kisses her head and then leaves.

Ryan runs into Jake, Amanda, and Liza at the police station, looking for Erica. They leave. Jesse asks Ryan for details, having overheard what he said to them about Erica visiting David. Ryan doesn't know because he can't find Erica. Jesse asks what David said. Ryan just tells him that he was smug and hinted about targeting Fusion. Both Jesse and Ryan wonder what David's up to. They discuss what David said and what it means.

Later, David sits down with Jesse to answer his questions. He reminds Jesse that the flash drive was stolen from his house. Jesse says a witness places him at Fusion. He gives David hints and plays Jake's tape (leaving out the fact that it was Monday). David says that it's a lie and that if this was true, Jesse would have arrested him. David points out that Jake would say or do anything to put him away. He also assures Jesse that he didn't do it, then he walks out.

Greenlee looks through the boxes, which have wedding dresses for her to try on.

Tad, Jake, Liza and Amanda go to ConFusion. They try to talk him out of his vendetta against David. Jake still wants to frame David, with planted evidence. Tad tells Jake that this is an invention. They want Jake to stop. They all tell him to back off David. Amanda doesn't want him to turn into David by sinking to his level. Jake is still angry about having his son stolen. She wants him to focus on her and their son. Jake apologizes but says that he didn't start this. Liza yells at him and walks out. Tad follows her, knowing she is upset about something else. Liza informs him that Bailey took Stuart and went back to her parents. She doesn't know if they'll ever come back. Tad tries to cheer her up.

Ryan phones Erica while she's in the middle of her discussion with Jack. She sniffles and wipes away tears as she answers. He says that they need to get together to compare notes about David. She asks him not to come over. He wonders if everything is okay. She assures him that it is and suggests he come over tomorrow. He reminds her that they are headed to their tropical escape. Erica tells him that she'll see him tomorrow. He can tell something is not right when she hangs up without saying anything nice. Jack notes that maybe this wasn't a wasted trip after all, and then he leaves.

David finds Tad, Jake, Amanda, and Liza sitting at ConFusion. He taunts them about what happened to the police station. They tell him to go away. He tells them that he's getting married on Valentine's Day and that they're all invited. Tad wonders who it is. David says they'll have to come to the wedding to find out.

Greenlee admires herself in the dresses as she flashes back to kissing Ryan. She gets upset.

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