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Written by Mandy
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Erica says that she has no doubt that David is capable of doing it, but she doesn't know why he would.  Jesse says that he is working on finding out, but Erica says that she will get the answers.  Erica says that she knows how to work David to get what she wants.  Ryan says that there is no way that Erica is going after David alone.

Amanda asks if Gayle's surgery has been called off and Angie says that the surgery is not needed.  Amanda says that it is great because now there is no reason for David to stay in town.  Angie says that she has to take a call.  Jake says that it's great because David is leaving and it will be over.  Amanda asks if Jake is really ready to let it be over.

Opal tells someone how to prepare their tea leaves for a reading.  Krystal tells Tad that it doesn't hurt that bad.  Tad says that every time he sees Krystal in the splint, he thinks about all the pain that Rob is in.  Krystal says that Rob is okay.  Opal says that this isn't over by a long shot and that there is trouble and deceit coming.  Krystal asks if Rob is lying to her.  Opal says that whatever is happening is just getting started and it has wicked written all over it.  Krystal and Tad say it has something to do with David.

Greenlee tells David that nobody would know who he was marrying until she raised her veil during the ceremony.  Greenlee asks David to tell her that he will still marry her.

Erica tries to leave, but Ryan asks her to let the police handle it.  Erica says that her company has been decimated and she isn't going to sit back and hope for the police to solve it.  Erica says that they figured out the virus was part of Kendall and Greenlee's fail-safe plan, but now it is her turn to take it to the next level and get David to incriminate himself.  Ryan asks Erica again to let the police take it from there.  Erica says that she knows everything there is to know about David and is the one who can get the answers because she needs to know why he did this and why now.  Erica tells Ryan not to try to talk her out of it.  Ryan says that David is more dangerous than ever because he is in a corner.  Erica tells Ryan that Kendall entrusted the company to her and it has been attacked, so it is her job to make it right.  Erica says that she knows when to stop talking with David.  Ryan says that it is too dangerous, but Erica says that David is the only one in danger.

Tad says that David swore he was leaving town, but Krystal reminds Tad that David claimed he was dying too and wasn't.  Opal says that David isn't done.  Tad says that the minute that David's plane is in the air, they will know.  Krystal asks what will happen if David decides to stay.  Tad says that Jake will take care of that if it happens.

Jake tells Amanda that he wants it over too.  Amanda asks if Jake is going to drop the lawsuit and Jake says that the lawsuit is a little extra incentive to get David to leave as soon as possible, but Amanda says that it might goad him to stay.  Jake says that when David infests a new zip code he will be delighted to drop the whole thing.  Amanda says that David is moving on and asks why Jake can't.  Jake says that he will as soon as he knows that David is gone.  Amanda asks Jake to let David go.

David says that he isn't having second thoughts, but thought maybe she was.  Greenlee says that she really wants to do this and isn't going anywhere.  Greenlee says that Erica wants a fight and is going to get it.  David says that Greenlee wants to annihilate Erica and Ryan, but Greenlee says that she just wants them to feel her pain.  David asks if Greenlee is sure this is all worth it.  Greenlee says that she has nothing left but payback and she will get it with David's help.  Greenlee tells David to stay and fight for his daughter.  Greenlee proposes to David and he asks if she has picked a date.  Greenlee says that it will happen on Valentine's Day, the anniversary to the date she "died."

Erica says that she will get everything they need to expose David and Ryan tells her to be careful.  Ryan reminds Erica that they have a date in the sun soon and says that they aren't taking this problem with them.  Ryan asks Jesse why David would want to bring Fusion down.  Jesse says that the attack on Fusion is straight out of left field.  Jesse says that Greenlee and Kendall are the only ones who knew about the flash drive and asks how David got his hands on it.

Amanda and Jake show up at Tad's and announce that David is leaving.  Amanda asks if Krystal is okay and Krystal says that she is fine.  Jake and Tad joke about Rob's injury and Krystal says that she is leaving.  Jake asks Krystal to stay and apologizes.  Amanda says that Jake wants to drop the lawsuit, but Krystal says that it wouldn't hurt to wait because you have two years to file it.  Opal brings up the tea leaves.  Amanda suggests that they should take David at his word this time and Jake agrees with her.  Tad gets a call and finds out that David's plane took off for Gloucester.

Greenlee tells David about the invitations she has in mind and says that she wants one sent to Kendall and Zach.  Greenlee says that she wants to see Kendall's face because she is the most infuriating, stubborn pain in the ass.  David says that Greenlee misses Kendall.  Greenlee tells David to call the designer and that she is going to work on her vows for revenge.

Opal says that whatever is hanging over them didn't leave on the plane.  Krystal says that if the vibe that Opal is feeling is connected to David, she should read Jake and Amanda's leaves. 

David talks to the designer and says that his bride trusts him completely.  Erica stops by and David asks what he can do for Erica.  Erica says that she has a problem and thought he could help.  Erica says that David's name has come up a lot since the vandalism at Fusion.

Greenlee imagines the wedding ceremony with thunder and lightning enveloping the Wildwind chapel.  She sees Erica and Ryan's faces and imagines Ryan saying that he needs her.  Greenlee says that she doesn't need him.

Ryan tells Jake, Amanda, Tad and Opal about the break in at Fusion.  Tad says that he doesn't see David having a grudge against Fusion.  Amanda tells Ryan about seeing the tabloid with Ryan and Erica torn up at Wildwind.

Erica and Ryan talk about the good memories at Wildwind.  Erica says that David needs to get out from under suspicion and Fusion needs a large amount of cash.  David asks if Erica wants him to be her partner and she says that she wants him to be an investor.  Erica says that she thought he was leaving town and that Fusion needs 10 million dollars.  David asks what 20 million would buy him and she says that it would buy him a bigger piece of profits once Fusion is back.  David says that he was hoping it would buy him the truth.

Krystal shows Amanda a tabloid and Amanda says that it is the one that was torn up.  Ryan says that the issue came out the day before Fusion was sabotaged.  Opal offers Ryan a cup of tea and says that she is reading everyone's tea leaves, which are telling her that something bad is happening.  Amanda tells Ryan to flip his cup.  Ryan says that he can't imagine why David would want to come after him.  Ryan says that the only connection is Erica, and she is over at Wildwind now.

Erica says that she had forgotten how suspicious David is.  David says that Erica has been after information since she walked in.  Erica says that she wants the truth.  David says that his house was robbed and that he has dozens of flash drives.  David says that he will wire Erica the 10 million dollars for Fusion and tells Erica that if she wants to find the person responsible, she needs to find out who broke in there.  Erica leaves.

Amanda tells Jesse that she and Liza found a copy of the tabloid ripped in half at Wildwind.  Jake lies and says that he saw David going to the top floor in the elevator the night Fusion was attacked.  Tad says that he is going to call Liza because Jake needs some legal advice.  Amanda confronts Jake about lying under oath to get David convicted.  Opal says that whatever is coming will change Ryan's life for good because his leaves are the worst of all.

Ryan shows up at Wildwind asking David where Erica is.  David says that he doesn't know because Erica left.  Ryan says that he will look around to make sure.

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