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Marissa tells JR that David is back.  JR says that he heard.  Marissa asks JR what she can do and he asks her to hold him.

Colby tells Liza that they need to talk about Damon.  Liza asks if it can wait because she is dead on her feet.  Colby says that Damon doesn't trust anyone anymore, especially Liza and that he is innocent.  Colby asks Liza to keep Damon out of jail and from being framed for the break-ins.  Colby asks Liza to promise, but Liza says that she can't because she doesn't know how it will come down for Damon.

Brot gives Natalia some paperwork on Fusion and nearby businesses and a menu for the Chinese they will be having delivered.  Natalia says that it sucks that she is stuck there while her dad is out in the field.  An officer brings Damon in and Natalia asks what is going on.  The officer says that Jesse wanted Damon brought in for questioning.  Natalia says that Jesse wants her to take care of it.

Erica shows Madison that she found the name and address of their Milwaukee distributor.  Madison agrees to cross-reference the database and put it in the new contact directory.  Randi comes in and says that the phone system has been nailed as well as the mail server.  Erica asks if Randi is giving up and Randi says that she doesn't know what they are supposed to do.  Erica says that if Randi really thinks that Fusion is finished, she needs to get in the elevator and not come back.

David tells Jesse that it isn't a good time, but Jesse says that he needs some explanations.  Jesse asks how David's fingerprints got on a flash drive that destroyed the computers at Fusion.  David says that if his fingerprints are on it, it must have been his and that he can explain how it ended up at Fusion.

Ryan hears the smoke alarm beeping and Greenlee coughing inside Wildwind.  Ryan tries to get David to open the door.  Firemen show up and Ryan says that someone is inside.  A fireman tells Ryan to get back.

Brot says that Natalia isn't going to question Damon without his attorney.  Natalia says that she will be questioning Damon as a potential witness, so he doesn't need to be Marandized.  Natalia tells Damon to go with her.  Brot asks Bailey if Damon called his lawyer before being brought in and Bailey says that he didn't have time.  Brot tells Bailey to call Damon's lawyer before he says anything he shouldn't.  Natalia questions Damon about the break-ins at the Chandler estate and he says that he was with a friend, Colby.

Colby says that Damon admits to messing up a lot, but that he is taking being a father seriously.  Liza questions Colby about spending so much time with Damon.  Colby says that she is the only person who will listen to Damon and try to help him.  Colby says that Damon is right not to trust Liza because she thinks the worst of him too.

David says that when Wildwind was broken into recently, the thief must have taken one of his flash drives and used it to sabotage Fusion, or maybe someone was trying to frame him.  David gets a call about the fire at his house and says that he has to go.

Randi says that she doesn't want to give up, but it doesn't seem possible to piece everything together in time for a launch.  Madison says that they can use their cell phones until the system is back up and they found a lot of hard copy files, so the production data can be done the old fashioned way.  Erica says that she is going to dig through the files in her office.  Randi asks why Madison made Randi look bad in front of Erica.  Madison says that she was just trying to put a positive spin on things.  Erica leaves a message for Ryan asking him to call her.

The firemen get inside Wildwind.

Marissa tells JR to take deep breaths and apologizes for ranting when she came in.  JR asks Marissa how she is feeling and Marissa says that she feels like an orphan again.

The firemen tell Jesse that they didn't find anyone inside, but there was a fire smoldering and the flue was closed.  Ryan tells Jesse that he heard someone inside and asks David who he had hooked up to an IV.  Jesse asks David who was hooked up to the IV.  David says that the IV and meds are for a patient of his that he was planning to fly down for an emergency surgery, but doesn't need to now.  David says that he is leaving town for good, tonight, if possible.  Ryan says that he found a woman's sweater on the couch earlier tonight.  David asks if Ryan broke into his house and Ryan says that he would prefer to call it stopping by.  David asks if Ryan closed the fireplace flue.  Jesse tells them to stop. 

Erica tells Kendall that she doesn't know who could have done it.  Erica says that she will call when she knows something concrete and says goodbye to Kendall.  Madison comes in and gives Erica something from Lacey's.  Erica announces that the CEO of Lacey's has plans to stick with them through the rebuilding process and is sending the IT people over to help.  Madison says that Billingham's are pledging their full support too.  Erica says that they will survive the whole thing and come out stronger on the other side. 

Natalia tells Damon that Colby was at a party with her family during the break-in.  Damon says that he was at the Chandler house, but didn't break in.  Liza walks in and stops the interrogation.  Natalia says that Damon admitted to being at the Chandler mansion during the break-in.  Damon announces that he was a guest at the Chandler mansion and stayed in Colby's room.

Colby shows up to see JR and Marissa.  JR says that he has the flu again and Colby asks if he has seen a doctor.  JR says that he just has to ride it out.  Colby picks up JR's medication and confronts him.  JR finally tells Colby that he has cancer.

David asks if Greenlee hurt herself trying to get away.  Greenlee says that she almost got caught because she barely had the IV unhooked before the door flew open.  David asks what happened to Steven, the pilot.  Greenlee says that she made him leave because she wanted to be alone.  Greenlee says that Ryan showed up along with a very smoky room.  Greenlee asks what David put in the IV.  David says that he upped all of her dosages and that she doesn't need another surgery.  David asks if Greenlee is okay to travel and says that he wants to get out of there tonight.  Greenlee says that she has to stay in Pine Valley.

Ryan shows Jesse the picture and says that something was taped to it, but that David removed it a couple of hours before Fusion was hit.  Ryan says that he thinks David sabotaged the computers at Fusion with a drive that he knew was hidden there.  Jesse says that David's prints were on a flash drive recovered from Fusion, but that David claims he had some flash drives stolen from him. 

David asks Greenlee what has changed.  Greenlee says that she saw Erica on TV holding a press conference about Fusion and realized that she was wrong to hit Fusion and to do it in secret.  Greenlee says that she intends to go one-on-one with Erica.

Colby says that there must be a mistake and insists that they should see another doctor.  JR tells Colby that he has lymphoma and that he tried to keep it from everyone.  Colby asks if Adam knows and JR says that Adam thinks he is in remission.  Colby says that JR can't be sick because she needs him.  Marissa tells Colby that she needs to calm down.  Colby says that everyone she cares about is going away.  JR says that Colby won't lose him.

Bailey asks if Natalia is done with Damon.  Natalia says that his lawyer wanted some alone time with him, but they aren't done.

Liza accuses Damon of seducing Colby and using her as an alibi.  Damon says that nothing happened between him and Colby.

Brot asks if Liza kicked Natalia out.  Natalia asks if he called her and Brot says that Damon has rights too.  Natalia says that Brot can be a real jerk.

Colby walks in.  Liza asks if Colby invited Damon to stay the night at the mansion with her.  Colby says that she did and Damon spent the night with her in her room.  Bailey storms off and Damon goes after her.  Bailey says that she never wants to see Damon again.

Jesse asks if Ryan knew that the lethal flash drive was hidden there.  Ryan says that he had no idea, but thinks that it was Greenlee's nuclear option in case she got pushed out of the company she loved so much.  Jesse asks how David would have known it was there when Greenlee has been gone for a year.

David says that Greenlee is being impulsive and will be playing right into Erica's hands.  Greenlee says that she will get her dignity back because Erica is getting deep personal satisfaction in humiliating a dead woman.  Greenlee says that she just wants Erica's claws out of Fusion.  Greenlee asks if David is going to stay and fight with her.

Damon tells Bailey that nothing happened between him and Colby and that he went to Colby for money to get out of town, but that she convinced him to stay and fight for Bailey.  Damon says that he loves Bailey and Stuart.  Bailey says that she loves Stuart too, and that is why she can't do it anymore.  Bailey says goodbye to Damon and leaves.  Damon asks Natalia if they are going to arrest him or let him go and she tells him to get out of there.  Liza says that she had no idea how deep Colby was in this.  Colby says that she knows Liza wants Damon to go to jail, so she can get Stuart and Bailey back.  Liza says that she doesn't care about anyone else but Colby.  Liza asks Colby what is wrong.  Colby says that it is about JR, but refuses to say anything else.  Liza tells Colby to stay away from Damon and Colby says that she will sleep with whoever she wants.

JR leaves a message for Colby to call him.  Marissa says that she can track Colby down and try to talk to her.  JR says that Colby will come by when she is ready to talk and asks God to get him into remission, so he can give Colby some good news.  JR says that he wants to start living again.

Erica asks if Ryan knows who hid the flash drive at his apartment.  Ryan says that it must have been Greenlee and that she apparently confided in David at some point because David's prints are on the drive.  Jesse says that David claims to have had some flash drives stolen from him recently and that someone used one to frame him.  Jesse says that he and Ryan couldn't figure out why David would want to destroy Fusion.  Erica says that if David did this, she will get the truth out of him.

Greenlee tells David that they are kindred spirits.  Greenlee says that they can take the town and make it theirs.  David says that he understands why Leo loved Greenlee so much.  Greenlee asks if David is going to stay and fight.  David says that he has no place to go and nobody but her in the world and asks if she has a plan for taking back Pine Valley.  Greenlee says that they are going to start by getting married.

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