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Written by Mandy
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Frankie tells Krystal that she has to wait until her test results come back to leave and suggests calling Tad, but Krystal says that if Frankie tells Tad, he won't live long enough to regret it.

Tad shows up at Liza's.  Liza keeps typing and Tad asks if he should leave and come back.  Liza apologizes and says that she has to get it done so that she can file the lawsuit in the morning.  Liza thanks Tad for dinner and says that she is starving.  Tad asks if Liza is really going to file the suit and she says that she will if Amanda and Jake sign off on it and David is still in town.  Tad says that David's plane is still in the hangar at the airport and that nobody has seen the pilot.  Tad suggests that they should hold off on the suit for a while.  Liza asks why it seems like there is a secret plan in action that Tad isn't telling her.  Marissa shows up and says that Tad asked her to come by and said it was about David.

Angie asks Jake what David was up to with the drugs.  Jake says that they need to get the pills tested.  Angie says that if the drugs match the labels, David is treating someone with serious medical problems.  Jake says that he is thinking David's patient is a transplant patient or it has to do with stem cell therapy.  Amanda tells Angie that the pills were delivered to David's pilot at ConFusion.  Angie says that she will get started and Jake thanks her. 

David tells Greenlee that her pressure is up and that she almost killed them both.  Greenlee says that she wasn't going to let David take her to the hospital.  David asks what she was thinking by grabbing the wheel.  David says that he has to see if Greenlee needs more surgery now.  Greenlee says that she is fine and that it is probably just the pulled muscle again.  David gives Greenlee a shot and she falls asleep.

Erica and Ryan talk to a guard about the vandalism at Fusion.  Ryan says that the whole computer crashed and Erica says that she doesn't remember Kendall having a problem like this.  Ryan says that nobody has ever tried to sabotage their company's computers before.

Frankie tells Krystal that her family is going to be worried about her.  Krystal asks how Rob is doing and Frankie says that it will take some time for him to heal.  Frankie tells Krystal to call home and let them know she is okay.  Krystal uses Frankie's phone and calls Opal.  Opal asks if Krystal is with Rob and Krystal says that she is.  Krystal asks how the kids are doing and Opal says that she just tucked them in.  Opal asks when Krystal will be home.  Krystal says that she isn't sure yet, but will be home soon and hangs up on Opal.

Angie asks how Krystal is doing.  Frankie says that Krystal will be fine and asks what Angie is doing there.  Angie says that the hours she decides to put in are her business.

Marissa asks Tad why David is back.  Tad fills Marissa in on David's claims and asks when she has seen David last.  Marissa says that she hasn't seen David since she confronted him about what he did.  Tad asks if Marissa would mind helping them to find out why David is there and she agrees to do it.  Tad thanks Marissa.  Opal calls Tad and says that something is going on with Krystal.  Opal asks Tad to come home and Tad agrees.  Tad apologizes to Liza and leaves.  Liza apologizes for what Marissa is going through with David.  Marissa says that she is fine and that if David is up to something, then she wants to help before anyone else gets hurt.  Liza asks if Marissa would testify against David in court.

Jake suggests that Amanda should go home and relieve the babysitter, while he waits for the results, but Amanda says that she doesn't want to leave Jake alone.  Amanda tells Jake that if they file the lawsuit now, David has to stay there until it is settled and she thinks he really wants to leave.  Jake says that David is up to something and suggests that David is terrorizing a new victim.

David tells someone about Greenlee's condition and asks them to get there as fast as they can.  The pilot returns and says that the CT scan is set up in the study.  The pilot gives David the box he received at ConFusion.  David asks if Jake and Tad were at the bar and the pilot confirms that Tad was.  David says that somehow Tad and Jake switched the boxes. 

Jesse questions the guard, Ryan and Erica at Fusion.  Ryan asks if the break-ins in the area are connected to the situation.  Jesse says that Fusion wasn't broken into, the person had keys and the alarm code.  Natalia says that it was a deliberate attempt at sabotage and that the person probably downloaded the worm off the flash drive.  Brot asks about the backup files.  Natalia says that she is working on it, but doesn't know if they were hit or not.  Erica asks if everything could be gone.  Natalia tells Erica that the worm destroyed the backup drive before it got to the main server.  Ryan says that whoever did this wasn't after Fusion's secrets and that they wanted to destroy the company.

Opal says that the tone in Krystal's voice sounded strange, evasive and afraid.  Tad suggests that maybe Krystal was out on a date with Rob and didn't want to talk about it.  Opal says that she wants Tad to go find Krystal.  Tad says that he doesn't want to go anywhere.  Frankie calls Tad and tells him that Krystal is in the hospital and that there was an accident.

Angie tells Jake that the drugs are exactly what the labels say.  David comes in and tells them that he is treating a woman in her 30s with post-op stem cell therapy.  David tells Jake and Angie that he is treating Nurse Gayle Walker.  David says that he had a specialist flown in and asks Angie to have the x-rays and blood tests done for Dr. Clayton once he arrives.  Angie says that she will do David's tests and David thanks her.  Jake hands David the box of medication and David thanks him.

Tad runs into Rob and asks what he did to Krystal.  Rob tells Tad to go away.  Tad asks how Rob hurt Krystal.  Rob says that he didn't hurt Krystal and says that Tad needs to leave him alone.  Krystal tells the men to stop fighting.  Tad asks what Rob did to Krystal and she says that it was the bed, not Rob.

Brot says that he will get Forensics working on this.  Natalia says that whoever did it had to get root access to the system and it wasn't tough because they didn't use a very secure password.  Jesse says that he is tired and Natalia suggests that he should take some time off.  Jesse says that Angie works as hard as he does and he never sees her.  Natalia asks if Jesse and Angie are doing okay. 

Liza asks Marissa what she thinks about the lawsuit and Marissa says that David deserves everything he gets and agrees to testify.  Marissa says that she will do whatever she can to stop David from hurting more people.  Liza gets a call from Jake about David's claims of having Gayle as a patient.  Liza tells Jake that the lawsuit is ready to be filed and hangs up.  Marissa asks what David is doing now and Liza says that apparently David is treating a patient.  Marissa thanks Liza and leaves.

Erica talks about the situation at Fusion and asks everyone to wrack their brains trying to figure out who might have done this.  Ryan asks if the man left the lot.  The parking attendant says that he was at his post since lunch and he remembers a car with really nice rims on it leaving very quickly.  Ryan says that he has to check something out and will be back.

Greenlee asks the pilot where David is and he says that he isn't sure.  The pilot asks if Greenlee wants to watch TV.  On the TV, Ryan declares his love for Erica.  Greenlee tells the pilot to get out and says that she doesn't want anyone there right now.  The pilot leaves.  The TV news anchor talks about the vandalism at Fusion.

Krystal confronts Frankie about calling Tad.  Frankie says that Krystal seemed all worked up about it.  Tad asks Krystal about her accident.  Krystal says that Rob's apartment has a low railing and a high bed.  Frankie tells Krystal that her x-rays came back and she is free to go home.  Krystal thanks Frankie.  Tad starts making jokes about Rob's injuries.  Krystal tells Tad that he has said enough.  Tad asks who came out on top.

Jake says that David is cooking something up.  Amanda asks Jake to leave it alone.  Jake gets a call and says that he will be right back.  Amanda tells Angie that Jake won't back off David and doesn't see what it might to do them.  Angie says that it isn't easy to live with a man who is willing to put so much at risk to set things right.  Amanda asks how Angie deals with it and Angie says that she doesn't handle it well.  Amanda gets a call from the babysitter.  David introduces Angie to Dr. Clayton.  Dr. Clayton thanks Angie for helping out and Angie gives him the test results. 

Madison asks Erica if it is really bad.  Erica says that they have a great non-profit ready to launch, but don't know where to send it or any other information.  Madison says that when Erica meets an obstacle, she considers it a challenge.  Erica says that she isn't giving up and is just trying to figure out the best way to meet the challenge.  Erica says that she intends to find out who did this and look them square in the face.

Angie and Jesse run into each other at the hospital.  Jesse asks if he can help and Angie turns him down.  Jesse gets a call from Brot saying that David's fingerprints were on the flash drive.  Jesse thanks Brot.

Dr. Clayton tells David that he doesn't see any reason for further surgery on the patient and that they need to bump up her steroids and immunosuppressants.  David says that he has started her on an IV and Dr. Clayton says that she should show improvement within 24 hours.  David thanks Dr. Clayton for coming.  Dr. Clayton leaves for his conference.  Marissa shows up and confronts David about why he is there.

Reporters ask Erica questions about the break-in at Fusion.  Erica says that it was a deliberate destruction of their files and records, but they have no suspects at the moment.  Erica says that Fusion is still in business.

Tad tells Opal that Krystal fell at Rob's and had to be checked out.  Opal goes to pull brownies out of the oven.  Krystal thanks Tad for covering for her.  Tad says that it is a good thing that Rob broke Krystal's fall and she says that she broke Rob's fall.  Liza shows up and asks what the family crisis was.  Liza asks Krystal what happened.  Tad says that Krystal had a minor accident.

Jake asks Amanda if she knows where David went.  Amanda tells Jake to drop it and that all she wants is to go home and forget about David for one night.  Jake agrees to go home.

David says that he won't lie to Marissa again, but can't tell her everything right now.  Marissa tells David to go to hell and stay there.  Marissa leaves and Jesse shows up.  Jesse asks David how his fingerprints ended up on the flash drive that destroyed the Fusion computers.

Ryan knocks on the door at Wildwind as Greenlee sleeps inside with smoke around her.  Ryan turns to leave and hears an alarm inside the house.

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