AMC Update Tuesday 2/2/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/2/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Adam knocks on Colby's door and says that she can't be asleep already.  Damon says hi to Adam from Colby's bed.

Annie tells Scott that he is good and she wants him to teach her everything.

Liza says that before she files the lawsuit, she wants to read it to them carefully.  Jake says that she can just tell them the specific claims that they are going to make.  Liza reads the information and says that she just wants to make sure everything is correct.  Amanda says that she doesn't want to get up on the stand and relive the whole situation.  Tad gets a call.  Jake tells Amanda that they don't really have a choice since David doesn't want to leave them alone.  Tad thanks Jesse and tells everyone that David brought a friend back with him.

Greenlee sees Ryan and Erica together in the penthouse and closes the door.  Greenlee tells David to get her out of there.

Jake says that David doesn't have any friends and asks who he brought back.  Tad explains that he asked Jesse to do some follow-up on David's reappearance and found out that three people got off David's plane.  Tad says that he is going to ConFusion to talk to the pilot and see if he can get some information on the third person.  Jake says that he is going too and Tad says that they have to finesse the confrontation.  Tad and Jake leave.  Amanda asks Liza why David came back and Liza says that is how David plays.  Amanda says that they should wait to file the lawsuit to see if David leaves town because if they end up in court, David will be in town for a lot longer.  Liza says that David is probably waiting for them to file something and asks where Amanda is going.  Amanda says that she is going to talk to David because she can convince him to leave.  Liza asks Amanda not to do it, but Amanda says that she has to end this.

Greenlee asks David how long Ryan has been seeing Erica.  David says that he thinks it has been going on for a few months, but isn't sure.  Greenlee asks if Ryan even mourned her at all.  David says that Ryan was devastated over Greenlee's death and that everyone saw his pain.  Greenlee says that she should have walked into Ryan's penthouse and let him know what he has done to her.  David asks Greenlee what she is doing and Greenlee says that she is going back there to let Ryan know that she is alive and make him hurt.

Scott asks Annie what she wants.  Annie says that she wants to learn everything there is to know about Chandler Enterprises.  Annie says that Scott just has to let her know what divisions are being audited and let her know how his spreadsheets are laid out, so she can backstop him.  Scott says that he appreciates the offer, but it is complicated.  Annie says that she worked on a budget a lot when she worked on Fusion and was really good at it.  Annie looks at Scott's work and says that he is making sure each division has met all the tasks for their income and expenses.  Scott says that maybe Annie does know something about it and Annie tells Scott that they will make a great team.

Adam asks who is in Colby's room.  Colby tells Adam to get out and never barge into her room again.  Adam tells Colby that it is her house and Colby says that she can move out tonight if that is what Adam wants.  Adam says that Colby is rubbing the guy in his face because she is mad at him.  Colby says that Adam came in there uninvited and it isn't like she is parading a guy around in a towel in the halls.  Adam says that he wants the guy out of the house.  Damon and Colby talk about Adam and then she tells him that she brought him some food and an aspirin.  Damon thanks Colby for helping him and for believing him.  Colby says that Adam isn't the one Damon has to convince that he is innocent.  Damon says that it's clear that Bailey has already given up on him.

Erica tells Ryan that Val texted her the first headline of the night.  Ryan asks about it and Erica tells him that it said "Kane cuffs hubby 11."  The phone rings and someone knocks on the door.  Opal tells Ryan and Erica that she loved the announcement and is happy for them.  Ryan thanks Opal for the surprise and she says that it isn't her work, even though she wishes she could take the credit.

Greenlee tells David to get out of her way.  David says that she can't let her anger do this to her.  Greenlee says that she wants to make Ryan hurt, so he knows what he did to her.  David says that she can't because she doesn't know how it will play out.  Greenlee asks if David thinks that she would make a fool out of herself.  David says that Greenlee was right in Gloucester when she said she didn't want to come back unless everything was the same and she could walk back into Ryan's life the way she was when she left him.  Greenlee says that it will never be the same no matter what she does and tells David to help her start a new life anywhere but Pine Valley.

Scott says that he is under too much of a deadline to bring Annie on now and he has already been paired up with JR.  Annie says that JR hasn't been dependable lately and she is.  Scott says that maybe Annie should get back out into the workforce then and Annie says that is what she is trying to do.  Scott says that neither he nor Chandler Enterprises need Annie.  Adam says that if his pacemaker leaps out of his chest it is Colby's fault and asks what Annie and Scott are up to.  Annie says that Scott is afraid to work with her.

Damon asks Colby if he can get out of there without being nailed for breaking and entering now that Adam thinks he is just a one-night hookup.  Colby and Damon argue a little and then she says that he isn't going anywhere yet.

David asks Greenlee if she is completely sure that she is done with Ryan and Pine Valley.  Greenlee says that she won't be having second thoughts.  David tells Greenlee that Ryan thought she was dead and he would never see her again.  Greenlee says that Ryan trashed everything they had by sleeping with Kendall and then with Erica.  Greenlee says that there is something she has to do before they leave and needs David's help with it.  David asks what she needs help with.  Greenlee says that she needs David to get her something and it won't be easy, but she is going to leave them a farewell present before she leaves.  Amanda and Liza show up and Liza says that someone isn't happy about Erica and Ryan being together.

Tad and Jake talk about how the guy at the end of the bar seems to fit the description of the pilot.  Tad tells Jake to disappear for a while and introduces himself to the pilot as George Grayson.

Scott says that he is just under a serious crunch with the audit coming up.  Annie says that she is just as invested in the future of the company as everyone else in the family.  Adam says that he wants Annie to have a chance to help out at Chandler.

Erica thanks Opal for coming over.  Ryan tells Opal good night and thanks her.  Opal leaves.  Ryan asks who set up the surprise if it wasn't Opal and how they got in.  Erica says that it was Opal, but she denied it because she thought Erica would get upset at her for pushing again.  Erica reminds Ryan that he wanted to call Emma before she went to sleep.  Ryan thanks Erica.  David shows up and tells Erica that he is moving to Malaysia, but wanted to make sure that Kendall had a good doctor when she came home.  Erica says that is a great idea and goes to get David a piece of paper and a pen.  David thanks Erica and Ryan comes out and asks what David is doing there.

Amanda and Liza wonder why David would have torn a picture of Erica and Ryan up.  They hear Greenlee whimper.

Erica explains to Ryan why David stopped by.  Erica gets a call.  David and Ryan get into it.  David asks Ryan if Erica has taken the place of Greenlee.

Tad offers to buy the man a drink, but the man turns him down and reveals that he knows who Tad is.

Adam says that Annie has a way of easing into things and maybe watching the audit could get her acquainted with the company's distribution techniques.  Adam says that he will leave them to work and that he is going to have a soda, but pretend there is scotch in it.  Annie asks Scott not to be angry.  Scott tells Annie to correlate each department's quarterlies with the matching audit.

Bailey asks Colby why she couldn't talk on the phone.  Colby says that she doesn't think Damon is guilty of the things the police are accusing him of.  Bailey asks if Colby has seen Damon and if he broke into her house.  Damon says that he knew Bailey wouldn't believe him.

Amanda tells Liza that she used to think the place was haunted, but realized it is just big and old.  Liza says that they should get out of there before David gets home and catches them.  David walks in and asks what they are doing there.  Amanda says that she came to talk to David.  David explains that he came back to tie up a few loose ends and that he will be leaving town as soon as he can.  Liza and Amanda leave.  David finds Greenlee and asks if she is okay.  Greenlee says that she just needs a pain pill because she got twisted up.  David says that he will get her some water and then examine her back.  Greenlee tells David to forget the water and asks if he got the flash drive.  David says that he wants to examine her back first and asks what is on the flash drive.  Greenlee says that if she tells him, it will ruin the surprise.

Tad tries to claim that he is George Grayson, but the man says that he has been warned with a very detailed description of Tad and Jake.  The bartender brings a box to the man and the man leaves.  Tad says that David warned the pilot and Jake says that he overheard that the man was waiting for a box.  Jake explains that he intercepted the box and that David will now get a brand new pair of sneakers instead of what he was supposed to get.  Tad asks what is so covert that David had to have it delivered at ConFusion.

Erica says that Ryan seems upset.  Ryan says that something doesn't feel right about David and that he was looking at something.  Ryan realizes that there was something taped on the back and Erica asks what it was.  Ryan says that he doesn't know what it was, but David took it.

Greenlee tells David that she needs to log into the system at Fusion.  David tells Greenlee to try Erica's name backwards and explains that a lot of the doctors at the hospital do it.  David asks what is on the flash drive.  Greenlee explains that she and Kendall made a deal that if they ever lost control of Fusion, they would crash the whole system and that there is a worm on the flash drive.  Greenlee says that the worm should have a read-out of the files as they are deleted and David suggests that maybe they put up a new firewall on the system.  Greenlee says that she will not let Erica win.

Bailey asks Damon where he has been and Damon says that he was at the Chandlers because he needed a favor.  Damon says that he was there and someone broke in.  Bailey says that she wants to know the truth.  Damon says that he has to find out who the burglar is before he goes down for the crimes.  Bailey asks Damon not to do anything stupid.  Colby asks where Damon is going and he says that he can take care of himself.  Bailey asks Damon to wait.

Annie gives Scott the work he asked her to do and asks him what is wrong.  Scott says that the third quarter detail isn't matching up with the yearlies.  Annie points out that Scott has the wrong paper and he thanks her.  Annie tells Scott that he is doing too much on his own, but he needs to trust her.  Scott says that he wants to trust Annie, but he also wants to trust himself around her.

Liza says that they have to sit back and wait to see if David is going to actually leave.  Liza asks Tad and Jake if they found something.  Tad and Jake explain the medications that are in the box and Jake says that maybe David was treating someone.

Ryan gets upset and Erica tries to calm him down enough to get him to agree to let Jesse take care of it, but he refuses.  Erica says that she thought David lived alone since Amanda left and Ryan says that apparently he doesn't.

David says that they have to get out of there, but Greenlee says that she has to finish this.  Greenlee tells David that it is working.

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