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All My Children Update Monday 2/1/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Liza asks if Krystal minds her stealing Tad.  Tad asks if they are going to limbo and says that he hasn't done his stretches.  Liza says that Tad doesn't need to stretch and kisses him.

Rob asks if Krystal is okay and she says no.  Rob asks what he can do and she says that he can take her back to his place.

Liza asks if Tad wants to dance and says that they can make their own music.  Tad asks what Liza is doing and she says that she is making a little party for them and nobody else is invited.  Tad says that he is enjoying every minute of it and asks if she is doing it for Krystal's benefit.  Liza says that a woman has to lay claim on her man.

Amanda says that if the storm gets louder, it will wake the baby.  Jake tells Amanda that the sound of the wind helps the babies sleep.  Amanda says that she couldn't sleep a wink with all the noise.  Jake says that since they are both awake and the baby is asleep, they should be doing something other than what they are doing.  Amanda suggests that they should wash the dishes together.  Jake says they could wash the dishes, do the laundry or a hands-on domestic activity.  Opal knocks on the door and Jake asks her to come in.  Opal tells them that she was messing around with her tea leaves and they told her that something from the past is coming back to town.  Jake says that it will be okay.  Opal says that she knows David is coming back or might already be there.  Amanda says that David is gone and she doesn't think he is coming back.

David grabs Greenlee and then lets her go.  Greenlee asks what David is doing and he reminds her that she needs to rest, or she will end up back in surgery.  Greenlee says that she had to find Ryan, but David says that they need to leave.  David says that Greenlee will see Ryan when the time is right.  David suggests that they should go to the roof to talk about it because he is not saying another word down there.  Greenlee agrees to go up to the roof for 5 minutes and then she is going in Erica's office.

Ryan says that Erica is overthinking things again and she shouldn't be because what they have works.  Erica says that Ryan is right and doesn't want to look for problems anymore, but she's not used to things going so smoothly.

Opal asks if David has contacted Jake and Jake says no.  Opal asks how they can be so sure that David is gone if they haven't heard anything.  Jake says that they saw Wildwind when it was being packed up and a real estate agent is showing it.  Jake suggests that it might be someone other than David that the tea leaves were talking about.  Opal says that she better get back home and tells Jake to call if she needs anything.  Jake thanks Opal and says that it is nice to see her.  Opal leaves and Jake says that he wishes she was a coffee drinker.  Jake asks Amanda if she is okay and she says that she will show him how fine she is.

Liza says that she was being a little possessive, but Tad should be flattered.  Tad says that it is the way she played that makes him wonder if she thinks there is something going on between him and Krystal.  Liza says that there is chemistry there, but Tad says that it is not happening.  Tad says that he and Krystal are sort of cheering each other on, hoping they can each pick up and move on.  Liza says that she just wanted to make sure there was nothing going on between Krystal and Tad. 

David asks if Greenlee calmed down.  Greenlee says that she knows Ryan was in there and asks why David doesn't want her to see him.  David tells Greenlee that life didn't just freeze because she was asleep for a year and Greenlee says that she knows that.  David asks how it will affect her recovery if Ryan's world has changed.  Greenlee says that she knows the difference between fantasy and reality.  David says that he needs to examine Greenlee, but she says that he needs to talk to her.  Greenlee suggests that David and Ryan have a surprise for her, but says that she is going to ruin it.  David says that Greenlee needs to be honest with herself and she says that Ryan is in the office with another woman.  David says that there is no way he could possibly know that, but it is a good possibility.  Greenlee says that she needs to get her head straight and David offers to take her back to his place. 

Erica asks Ryan how she looks and he says that she is as beautiful as ever.  Ryan says that he is going to take Erica home and make her an incredible dinner.  Ryan says that they will have the penthouse to themselves because Emma has a sleepover.  Erica says that they better lock the door and hold each other in front of the fireplace.  Erica says that is what she wants almost more than anything and Ryan asks what she could possibly want more than that.  Erica says that Ryan will see.

Liza and Tad talk about her relationship with Zach.  Liza says that her encounter with Zach was the reason she wanted to make sure things were over between Tad and Krystal.  Liza says that she doesn't want what they have to end and Tad says that he hasn't felt like this in a long time.  Tad says that he wants Liza there with him and doesn't want anyone else to get her.  Tad and Liza kiss and he says that he thought he saw David.  Liza asks if Tad always kisses with his eyes open and he says that he doesn't always do it and asks if she ever has.  Liza says that she squinted once to get her bearings.  Tad says that if it was David, he has something to do.

Amanda tells Jake to answer his phone and he does.  Tad tells Jake that he saw David in the parking lot at ConFusion.  Tad says that he was distracted, but he believes that they should follow up on it because David is probably on his way back to Wildwind.  Amanda asks Jake what is wrong and he says that it is an emergency at the hospital.  Tad tells Jake to fill Amanda in, but Jake just says that he will meet Tad there. 

Tad says that he has to get to Wildwind and that Jake is on his way.  Liza asks what they are going to do if this is a false alarm.  Tad says that if it isn't, Jake will need his help.  Liza says that she will go check on Amanda because she will probably need company. 

Amanda tells Jake to be careful on the road because of the wind.  Jake says that it will be fine and tells her to lock the door when he leaves.

David asks if Greenlee has been waiting long and she says no.  Greenlee says that she realizes that David really was leaving town.  David says that there is nothing left for him there and that they need to get her back to Gloucester.  David says that Dr. Clayton thinks that Greenlee needs another surgery.  Greenlee asks David why Ryan got involved with someone else and David says that to everyone, Greenlee was dead.  Greenlee asks David who Ryan is involved with and says that she has to know.

Madison says that she thought Erica already went home and Erica says that she is soon.  Madison offers to have security escort Erica out back, but she says that she needs to talk to the press.  Randi warns Erica that the press has been talking about the personal questions they asked since she left.  Erica tells the press that she and Ryan are indeed involved personally.  Ryan kisses Erica and everyone applauds.  Randi says that Erica and Ryan are the power couple of the century.

Liza shows up to see Amanda.  Amanda asks what Liza is doing there and Liza says that if Jake hasn't already told her then it was to protect her.  Amanda says that Jake never lies to her unless it is about David.  Liza tells Amanda that Tad saw someone run across the parking lot and was sure it was David.  Amanda says that Opal predicted it and now David is back.

David asks Greenlee to have a seat, but she says that she has to figure out who Ryan's girlfriend is.  Greenlee asks David who Ryan has been seeing and David says that he doesn't know.  Greenlee says that maybe she will start asking around and David reminds her that everyone thinks she is dead.  Greenlee says that she will ask Kendall because Kendall will keep her secret, but David tells Greenlee that Kendall and Zach left town with the boys.  Greenlee asks if Ryan fell back in bed with Kendall when she "died" and he says yes.  Greenlee says that Ryan is with Kendall.

Tad and Jake pound on the door at Wildwind and confront David about being back in town.  David says that he had to come back to tie up some loose ends and that he will be gone in a couple of days.  Jake tells David that if he ever goes near Trevor again, Jake will kill him.  David says that he really is leaving Pine Valley.

Erica tells Ryan that he was right and it is better to just have everything out in the open.  Ryan says that he has to have a talk with Emma, but he is sure she will be okay with it.  Erica and Ryan walk into the penthouse and assume Opal redecorated the place.  Ryan finds a picture of the moon that Emma drew on the table.  Ryan says that he put it away and Erica suggests that maybe Emma pulled it out and he didn't notice, but Ryan says that he would have noticed.

David continues to agree that he should leave Pine Valley and says that they can watch him vanish.  Jake says that they will be watching David.  David closes the door and starts to tell Greenlee that they are gone, but realizes that she is too.

Ryan says that Erica doesn't look tempted to log on and see what the world is saying about her big announcement and Erica says that the only thing she cares about logging on about is Ryan putting logs on the fire.  Ryan says that Erica's cider should be chilled by now and can't believe Opal forgot that.  Erica goes to check and says that it isn't ready yet.  Ryan says that he can't get over how Emma's picture just showed up and Erica suggests that maybe they have a magical guardian angel who has a flair for atmosphere.

Jake and Tad return to Jake's house.  Jake asks if David called and Amanda asks why Jake didn't tell her that he was looking for David.  Jake says that he didn't want to get Amanda upset in case it wasn't true.  Tad relays David's claim and says that maybe he really will be gone in a couple of days.  Jake says that they have no choice but to file the lawsuit because it will humiliate and expose David in open court.

While Ryan and Erica make love on the floor of his penthouse, Greenlee opens the door with a key hidden under the mat and gets an eyeful.

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