AMC Update Friday 1/29/10

All My Children Update Friday 1/29/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

At ConFusion Jesse says that he should take off and Randi asks him why.  Jesse says that it isn't really his scene.

Liza says that it feels good to be away from the police station.  Liza says that Tad is the first man to stage his own arrest to get her to smile and Tad says that not everyone has such a gorgeous smile.  Tad says that Krystal is there with her pet architect and Liza says hi.

Colby asks if Chase just happens to be there and Adam asks if Colby honestly thinks he orchestrated this.  Colby says that she knows he did.  Annie asks how Adam could have set it up when they didn't know that Colby was coming.  Chase comes out and says hello.  Colby says that she didn't know Chase was into makeup and Chase says that his girlfriend couldn't help it.  Chase says that he will introduce everyone to Allison as soon as she gets back from the restroom.

A woman asks Greenlee if she gets airsick and Greenlee says that she just had surgery.  The woman asks if Greenlee should be flying and Greenlee says that she doesn't have a choice because she has to get back to Pine Valley.

Erica tells Ryan that she is just trying to protect what they have.  Ryan asks Erica if she has to do it by denying that they exist and she says yes.  Ryan asks Erica for the real reason she doesn't want people to know the truth.  Erica says that what they have belongs to them and nobody else.  Ryan says that Erica doesn't think they have a chance of making it, but she points out that none of her relationships have went the distance so far.  Ryan asks if Erica wants to run away and she says no.  Erica asks if it is wrong to want things to keep being their private escape.  Erica suggests that they should arrive at the media party separately and says that she will take the car service and meet him there.

Liza says that she wonders where the host is.  Tad says that grand entrances are Erica's thing.  Krystal says that she is glad Tad is there instead of being home alone.  Tad says that maybe he should send Krystal a fruit basket for her advice and Krystal says that he should since she lives right down the hall.  Tad and Liza leave to get a drink.

Jesse says that he didn't know Angie was going to be there.  Angie says that she dealt with her emergency quicker than she thought and she would have called him, but she thought he went back to work.  Jesse says that he did, but wanted to support Randi.  Angie says that is why she is there too.

Frankie comments about how his parents aren't spending an evening alone.  Randi says that she thought he and Natalia had it worked out.  Frankie says that they did until the hospital paged Angie for an emergency and Jesse went back to the station.  Randi says that they are together now and Frankie asks if it looks like they are together.

Chase says that he is looking forward to starting his internship and leaves.  Annie says that Allison is a lucky girl and asks Colby her opinion.  Colby says that it is hard to say because both Allison and Chase are strangers.  Colby leaves and Adam says that he just can't win with Colby.  Annie says that Adam won, but Colby will never admit it.

The security guard says that the perp must have escaped through the window.  Another security guard asks if they should call Adam, but the first guard says that they should check to see if anything is missing first.

Greenlee walks into the penthouse and calls for Ryan.

Ryan asks Madison how it is going.  Madison says that they have a great turnout and the press is buzzing about the new line.  Ryan asks about Erica and Madison asks if he wants her to find Erica.  Ryan says that he sees Erica.

Frankie asks Jesse how it went with Angie.  Jesse says that their night got cut short because of work, but he appreciates what Frankie and Natalia tried to do.  Frankie says that things seem to be strained between Angie and Jesse.  Jesse says that if his marriage to Angie could survive the 20 years that he was gone, it can survive anything.

Randi thanks Angie for coming and apologizes for Angie and Jesse missing their dinner.  Randi suggests that Angie and Jesse should get out of there and pick up where their night was cut short.  Angie says that it is a nice idea, but the moment has passed, at least for tonight.

Colby says that she needs to get out of there.  Liza asks if Adam did something and Colby says that Adam has basically fixed it so that he can arrange her marriage.  Colby says that she will get a small yearly stipend until she finds a suitable man, then it skyrockets apparently.  Colby asks if there is anything Liza can do legally and Liza says that she is going to check into it.  Colby thanks Liza and says that she is going to go home.  Liza promises Colby that she will fix this.  Liza asks Adam if she can talk to him alone.  Adam says that anything she has to say to him, she can say in front of his wife.  Liza confronts Adam for manipulating their daughter.

Madison asks Erica if she has talked to Ryan because he was looking for her and Erica says that she hasn't yet.

Colby asks what is going on when she gets home.  The security guard tells her that someone broke in and escaped through an upstairs window, but nothing is missing so far.  Another security guard says that they were about to call Adam and Colby tells them to do it.

Liza tells Adam that Colby will rebel.  Annie says that Liza should have been a better role model for Colby.  Annie says that she hopes Colby will try to emulate what Annie and Adam have.  Liza says that she will contest the merit, but Adam tells her that if she goes to court, Colby will get nothing and that will be her fault.

Angie bumps into Krystal and Rob.  Rob asks Angie if she would like a drink and when she refuses, he goes to get drinks for himself and Krystal.  Angie says that things seem easy between Krystal and Rob.  Krystal says that she is taking a page from Jesse and Angie and Angie says that Krystal might want to take a page from someone else.  Angie tells Krystal that she is starting to feel a strain with Jesse and Krystal says that they will get through it.  Krystal says that Angie and Jesse are the real deal and are living a real-life fairy tale.

Tad asks Jesse if something is going on between him and Angie.  Jesse says that they are having issues that are inundated with work.  Tad says that it sounds like an everyday marital rough patch and Jesse says that he wishes Tad would explain that to Frankie and Natalia.  Jesse says that he and Angie showed up separate to the party and Frankie suggested they were in divorce court.  Tad says that it doesn't matter that they arrived separately, as long as they don't leave the same way.

While walking around Ryan's apartment, Greenlee finds a picture and says that she can't believe Ryan kept it.  Greenlee hears a TV reporter say that there is a big party downtown.

The TV reporter says that there is a buzz surrounding Fusion's new charity line and soon they will see what the buzz is all about.  Erica and Ryan start talking and Randi comes over to let Erica know that the press is ready for her.  Erica thanks everyone for showing up.  Erica tells the press about the new line.  A reporter asks Erica about her relationship with Ryan and Erica suggests that they stick to the new nonprofit line for Fusion.  Another reporter asks the status of Erica's relationship with Ryan and he agrees with Erica.  Another reporter tells Ran that stonewalling only fuels the rumors and Erica says that she is not afraid of anything and thanks everyone again for being there.

Tad tells Krystal about his arrest mishap.  Krystal asks if things are okay between Tad and Liza again and Tad says that they are better than okay and he really does owe Krystal.  Tad says that it seems strange to be getting romantic advice from Krystal after everything they have been through.  Krystal asks Tad who knows him better than she does.

Jesse and Angie talk about Erica's press conference.  Jesse suggests that they should go home and do something that they care about and Angie agrees.

Adam says that it wasn't exactly the evening Erica anticipated.  Annie says that she enjoyed every second of the humiliation on Erica's face.  Adam gets a call and tells Annie that someone broke into the house.

Damon tells Colby that he didn't break in.

The TV reporter announces that he was hoping to speak to Ryan Lavery, but it's time to get back to the studio.

Ryan and Erica talk about the reporters' questions about their relationship.  Ryan says that they owe it to each other to finish the conversation they started at his place and Erica says that she thought they finished it.  Erica says that she doesn't know what there is left to say.  Ryan says that if they leave things where they are now, he doesn't know where they go from here.

Randi says that the press conference wasn't bad.  Madison says that the reporters never asked a question about the Miranda line and says that Randi picked a perfect time to give her the credit for the idea.

Rob asks Liza if she has seen Krystal.  Rob says that Krystal already found a refill and asks if Liza is interested.  Liza thanks him.  Rob asks if Liza feels like Tad and Krystal hang out a lot and how he is supposed to compete with Tad.  Liza tells Rob to watch and learn.

Annie asks the security guards if they are sure nothing was taken.  The security guard says that they have gone over the house twice and the other guard asks if Adam wants them to call the police.  Adam tells them to call because there has been a recent string of burglaries in the neighborhood.  Adam asks if Colby made it home and the guard says that she is in her room.  Adam asks about her mood and the guard says that Colby didn't look happy.

Colby says that she can't believe Damon would try to rob them again and Damon swears that he didn't do anything.  Colby asks who it was if it wasn't Damon.  Damon says that he tried chasing the guy, but he knocked Damon out.  Colby asks if Damon saw who broke in and Damon says that he was downstairs looking around and the guy ran right past him.  Damon says that he followed the guy to Colby's room and got hit from behind.  Colby asks if Damon remembers anything and Damon says that he thinks the person had brown hair.  Damon asks if Colby believes him.

Greenlee talks to a man about the party at ConFusion.  Greenlee asks if Ryan Lavery is still there and the man says that all he knows is Ryan wouldn't give him an interview.  The man wishes Greenlee luck if she wants a sound bite.  Greenlee thanks the guy and says that she isn't going to need it.

Ryan says that the reporter asked what they were afraid of.  Erica says that she is scared of losing Ryan in front of the entire world.  Ryan says that he is a little scared too and that is why he keeps pushing for them to go public.  Ryan says that maybe if they told the world they would be accountable to each other.  Ryan says that he has been in failed relationships that have been splattered all over the headlines and it sucks, but maybe they could make that work for them.  Ryan asks Erica if they should walk away and cut their losses or stick it out and fight.  Ryan says that he isn't going anywhere because he knows that what they have is worth fighting for.  Erica and Ryan kiss.

Jesse asks if he can get Angie anything.  Angie says that she is going to get to the sofa because she has been on her feet all day.  Jesse gives Angie a foot massage and promises to make more time for her.  Jesse sees that Angie is asleep and realizes that she didn't hear a word he said.

Liza asks if Krystal minds her stealing Tad.  Tad asks if they are going to limbo and says that he hasn't done his stretches.  Liza says that Tad doesn't need to stretch and kisses him.

Rob asks if Krystal is okay and she says no.  Rob asks what he can do and Krystal says that he can take her back to his place.

Adam suggests that he should go talk to Colby, but Annie advises him not to.  Annie tells Adam to let Colby sleep it off.

Damon says that he should go, but Colby stops him.  Colby says that he is staying there tonight and that if he snores, she will kill him.

Greenlee reaches for the doorknob to Erica's office as she and Ryan have their hands and lips all over each other.

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