AMC Update Thursday 1/28/10

All My Children Update Thursday 1/28/10


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Colby dials 911 when she finds Damon in her room with her jewelry. Adam goes to see Colby in her room and asks if he can come in. She opens the door and he tells her that he heard voices. She is hiding Damon in her room and does not want Adam to find out. Adam apologizes to Colby for pushing a young man on her. She tells Adam that she will choose her husband by herself. Adam leaves and Damon and Colby talk about her being a troubled youth.

Jesse arrives with backup to follow up on the 911 call; he speaks to Annie and Scott. Adam comes downstairs and explains the quirks in the new security system; he tells Jesse that security is checking out the new system. Jesse is dressed up and Annie asks why he is out of uniform. Jesse tells her that he is attending a Fusion/Miranda Center benefit at Confusion. Annie asks Adam why they were not invited; Adam received the invitation but rejected it. Annie insists that all of the Chandlers go to the party and Adam decides to go with her. Scott refuses to go to the party, but Colby goes with them.

Frankie wants to know David’s whereabouts, but Jake suggest that he forget about David. Frankie is not going to physical therapy; Jake cautions him about not getting necessary treatment.

Greenlee wakes up and see the full moon; she sees it as a sign that she would go home to Ryan. David comes into Greenlee’s room and cautions her to be careful and not to push to hard to walk again, because it could hurt her recovery. Greenlee insists on getting back to Ryan, but David disagrees. She wants Dr. Clayton’s opinion. Nurse Gayle advises David to tell Greenlee the truth about Ryan and Erica.

Erica and Ryan are having, the Fusion/Miranda Center fundraiser, at Confusion. Ryan and Erica catch Randi and Madison reading a newspaper article exposing their affair. The paper also talks about Greenlee’s death one year ago. The newspaper article shows Erica And Ryan with a heart circled around their picture, and the article talks about Greenlee’s death. Ryan and Greenlee see the full moon from their perspectives windows.

Greenlee walks into Ryan’s penthouse; he is surprised to see her. She tells him that she is alive. He pulls her into a kiss, then the camera flashes to Greenlee lying in her bed; it was only a dream.

Erica arrives at Ryan’s penthouse. She is worried about the tabloids poking into their private lives. Ryan encourages her to ignore the press, but Erica wants to deal with them by getting the press off their case. She wants to keep their love under cover and pretend that they are not together. Ryan is disappointed that Erica wants to publicly deny the rumors about a relationship between them.

Greenlee speaks with nurse Gayle and wants to know why David does not tell her anything about the people she loves in Pine Valley. Greenlee feels as if David is keeping secrets from her. Dr. Clayton is concerned that Greenlee could reverse the effects of her surgery and could require additional surgery if she pushes herself to hard. He wants Greenlee to stay in bed for thirty days. Greenlee overhears the conversation. David is sure that Greenlee will not listen and adhere to Dr. Clayton’s instructions.

The Chandler’s arrive at Confusion late but no one is there to greet them since Ryan and Erica have gone home. Annie is upset when she finds out that the press has left as well.

Damon is lurking in the Chandler mansion when Scott walks into the room barely missing him.

David and nurse Gayle go to Greenlee’s room and find that she has fled. Greenlee has stolen all of Nurse Gayle’s cash and a fake ID.

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