AMC Update Wednesday 1/27/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/27/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Kathy gives Tad the Valentine she made for him.  Krystal comes out and reminds Kathy that she has homework.  Tad says that he should have the Valentine bronzed because it is the only one he is going to get.  Krystal asks what is wrong with Liza and Tad says that they imploded.

Adam apologizes for the mess and says that his wife is remodeling the parlor.  Chase tells Adam about himself and Adam says that Chase will fit in very well around there.  Adam tells Chase to make himself at home and that Scott will be in any minute.  Annie asks Adam who is there and Adam says that he thinks he might have found Colby's future husband.

Colby asks if she signs the paper if she will get her car back.  Brot says that Colby's car is in the impound lot and apologizes for it taking so long.  Brot tells Colby that there is evidence that the car thief is tied to the area burglaries.  Colby asks if Brot knows who did it and he says that he has a good idea about it.

Bailey asks what Damon is doing and tells him that he can't run.  Damon says that Liza set him up and now the cops think he is behind all of the break-ins.  Bailey says that Liza woudn't set him up, but Damon says that with him out of the picture Liza gets what she wants.  Damon asks Bailey and Stuart to move with him.  Liza shows up and Damon tells Bailey that if she opens the door they will all regret it.

Tad explains what happened with Damon to Krystal.  Tad says that he hopes Damon is innocent, but if he isn't, he should be in jail.  Tad thanks Krystal for understanding and asks her to explain it to Liza.  Krystal says that she is not going to come between whatever Tad and Liza have going on.  Krystal says that Tad not going after Liza could be one of the biggest mistakes he will ever make.

Liza says that she knows Bailey is there because she can hear Stuart.  Bailey tells Damon that they can't ignore Liza because she won't go away.  Bailey opens the door and Liza asks if Stuart is okay.  Damon says that Stuart would be great if Liza would quit banging on the door and waking him up.  Liza asks how Damon is doing.  Damon says that all Liza cares about is getting his kid and it isn't going to happen.  Damon tells Liza that he and Bailey are taking Stuart and leaving town.  Liza says that Damon don't have tor un because the cops have nothing to charge him with.

Jesse questions a man at Diego's Bar about Damon's alibi.  The man says that the place was packed and Damon might have been there.  Jesse concludes that the man doesn't remember seeing Damon.

Bailey asks Liza if Damon is really in the clear.  Liza says that the police have nothing to charge Damon with because he answered their questions and has an alibi.  Damon says that Liza asked enough questions about his hand.  Liza says that she is a lawyer and that is what lawyers do.  Bailey tells Damon to relax and says that Liza is just trying to help them.  Damon says that they don't need Liza's help, but Bailey says that she does because Liza was the only person who stood up for her.  Bailey says that she wants Liza in her life and Stuart's life.  Liza thanks Bailey.  Damon says that he will go get himself arrested so that Liza can play house with Bailey and Stuart.  Liza says that she would like to get to know Damon because he has an amazing son and because Bailey is great.  Liza suggests that maybe she and Damon can become friends.  Bailey asks Damon to give it a chance.  Natalia knocks on the door and says that she needs to ask Damon some questions.  Bailey asks Liza about it being over and Damon says that Liza said a lot of things.

Adam says that Chase is there to be interviewed for an internship at Chandler Enterprises and suggests that maybe Colby will bump into him and sparks will fly.  Annie asks if Adam's plan is for Colby to end up with someone he approves of without feeling forced into it.  Adam says that you can't leave something this important to fate and Annie reminds him that fate brought them together.  Adam says that he wants to help Colby avoid all the pain.

Krystal tells Tad that no matter what, a woman wants a man to fight for their relationship.  Krystal says that if Tad doesn't fight for Liza, it will send the wrong message and Liza will think that Tad doesn't care.  Bailey stops by and Krystal asks her what is wrong.  Bailey says that the police came and picked Damon up for more questioning.  Bailey says that she and Liza are on their way there now, but can't find a sitter.  Bailey says that Liza told her once that she could always count on Krystal.

Damon tells Liza that he doesn't want her help.  Liza says that it is too bad because it looks like he could use some help.  Liza says that it looks like the police have new evidence on Damon and Damon says that he didn't do anything.  Liza says that the cops might have a witness and Damon recognizes the bouncer from Diego's Bar.  Damon goes out to confront the bouncer and the bouncer claims that he doesn't remember Damon.  Jesse tells Natalia to get him back in the interrogation room.

Mitch apologizes to Adam and says that the security system is being upgraded and they are still working out a few kinks.  Annie thanks Mitch.  Adam apologizes to Scott and Chase for the interruption.  Scott says that they were just wrapping up and that he will call Chase when they have made a decision.  Colby comes in and tells Adam that she got her car back and there was no damage done to it.  Adam introduces Chase and Colby.  Adam says that Chase is the newest member of the Chandler Enterprises team, well after lacrosse season because Chase is the team captain.  Chase tells Colby that the lacrosse team has a tournament this weekend and she wishes him luck.  Adam suggests that Colby could stop by, but she says that she has plans.  Annie suggests that Scott should show Chase out and Scott agrees.  Colby tells Adam that he is not going to make her marry someone that she doesn't love.

Liza tells Damon that attacking a possible witness won't get him out of there and he says that is her job.  Jesse comes in and tells Damon that his alibi just got blown to hell.  Liza says that the bouncer being busy looking at pretty girls doesn't mean that Damon wasn't there.  Liza says that Jesse doesn't have enough evidence to press charges.  Jesse says that he has a right to hold Damon for 48 hours before he has to let him go.  Jesse says that it might get some answers because there was blood found at one of the crime scenes and Damon says that it isn't his blood.  Liza says that Damon will take a DNA test and it will prove that he isn't guilty.  Jesse suggests that Damon is a flight risk, but Liza says that Damon has a baby and a girlfriend in town and isn't going anywhere.  Damon asks if they can get the test over with.  Jesse agrees to let Damon go and says that he needs the test immediately.  Bailey asks if they can go and Liza says that there is a problem with Damon's alibi and he needs to take a DNA test.  Damon suggests that Bailey thinks he is guilty too and leaves.  Bailey says that she is just worried about Damon.  Liza says that she is worried too and that the DNA test will prove that Damon is innocent.

Jesse tells Brot and Natalia to go home because their shift is over.  Natalia says that she wants to follow up on the belt burglar case and Brot says that Natalia names her cases.  Natalia asks why Jesse let Damon go.  Jesse says that Damon is going to take a DNA test and Natalia asks what is going to happen if Damon runs.  Jesse tells Natalia to go home because it is under control and the department can't afford the overtime.  Natalia says that she will clock out, but isn't going home.  Jesse says that Natalia is no good to him if she is exhausted.  Natalia asks why Jesse is always treating her like a kid and swears that she is fine.  Jesse says that Natalia is his kid, but she is also a rookie cop under his command whose shift is over.  Jesse suggests that he could prepare a holding cell for Natalia overnight.  Natalia says that Jesse wouldn't do that and he tells her not to try him.  Natalia reluctantly agrees to leave.

Colby keeps ranting at Adam.  Annie says that Adam just wants Colby to be happy and in love.  Colby asks if she can talk to Adam alone.  Adam apologizes for upsetting Colby and Colby says that Adam wants to control every aspect of her life.

Scott asks Annie if Adam and Colby are in the middle of World War 3 and Annie says that the troops have landed.  Annie and Scott disagree about Adam's methods.  Scott says that Colby has every right to be angry and they hear a glass shatter.

Adam says that he was hoping for a civilized conversation.  Colby says that Adam sees her mouth moving and does whatever he wants anyways.  Adam asks if it is so terrible that he wants her to find love with the right man.  Colby says that she doesn't want Adam's stamp of approval.  Adam says that love can be a lot of pain and he is just trying to help her avoid that.  Scott and Annie come out and Colby unleashes her anger on them.  Scott tries to declare his innocence, but Colby doesn't believe him.

Natalia says that you would think Jesse would be proud that she is working her butt off, but all he is worried about is the budget.  Natalia reminds Brot that Jesse threatened to put her in jail for wanting to work.  Brot thinks that is funny, but Natalia says that Jesse is just trying to bust her out.  Brot suggests that Jesse doesn't want Natalia to get burned out, but Natalia says that Jesse think she will screw up.  Natalia says that she became a cop to be involved from the beginning to the end.  Brot says that it sounds like someone needs to get a life because she works too much.  Natalia says that she loves her job, but it isn't her life.  Brot tells Natalia that she needs to forget about work and have fun tonight, if her job isn't her life.

Annie reminds Adam that she didn't think it was going to end well.  Adam says that sooner or later Colby has to realize that everything he has done was for her own good.  Scott suggests that Colby would rather have an apology.  Adam says that he is not going to apologize for introducing her to the kind of man she should be dating and asks why Colby finds it so objectionable.  Annie suggests that she should talk to Colby, but Scott says that it isn't a good idea.  Annie says that she and Colby are making progress and maybe it would help to have a woman's advice and opinion.  Scott says that this is something that Adam needs to settle and Adam says that he will talk to Colby.  Mitch tells Adam that the tech would like to go over some of the new features of the security system and Adam says that it better be fast because he has to talk to his daughter.

Colby asks Damon what he is doing in her room and accuses him of being the serial burglar.  Colby tells Damon about one of the things he grabbed.  Damon apologizes and says that he just grabbed some stuff to sell so he can get out of town.  Colby asks if he is going to bail on Bailey and Stuart and Damon says that they are better off without him.

Krystal talks about Stuart being asleep before she tucked him in and asks Tad why he is still there when he has some wooing to do.  Krystal says that Liza is probably waiting for Tad to come through for her right now.  Tad says that he has a feeling that Liza has her hands full with trying to keep Damon out of jail right now.  Krystal says that Tad is afraid, but he claims that he is pacing himself.  Tad asks how Krystal would suggest wooing Liza and Krystal tells him to do what he is best at.  Tad asks her if she wants him to do that in the middle of a police station and Krystal tells him to make Liza laugh. 

Liza tells Jesse that she needs him to sign the paper and then they will have it filed in the morning for the DNA test.  Jesse asks if Liza has heard from Damon and Liza says that he is not going to run.  Jesse says that he will be right back.  Bailey comes up and tells Liza that Damon isn't answering his cell phone.  Liza suggests that Damon just needs some time to cool off.  Bailey says that she should have gone after him and told him that she believes him.  Bailey says that Stuart needs his father and Liza tells Bailey that she will not let Damon take the fall for this.

Colby says that Damon is being a thief right now.  Damon says that Colby could write him a check and then he is gone.  Colby says that she has a better idea and calls the cops.  Damon pulls the plug out of the phone.

Natalia makes fun of Brot.  Brot says that he just wanted to not talk about work.  Natalia asks what else he would like to talk about and Brot says that there are plenty of interesting things they could talk about.  Brot suggests that they should talk about movies and asks what the last movie Natalia saw was.  Brot says that Natalia can't remember because she works all the time and he thinks that is hot.  Natalia says that maybe she doesn't like movies and Brot asks her what she does on her free time.  Natalia says that this isn't what she had in mind.  Brot gets up and says that if she wants to wallow she can, but he is going to enjoy his night off.

Jesse and Liza agree that they are looking forward to the results.  Tad asks Officer Torres for a favor and says hi to Jesse.  Officer Torres tells Jesse that he busted Tad for flashing and Tad says that it was actually "acting like an ass."  Officer Torres says that he couldn't resist because Tad was wearing a trench coat and Liza says that flashing is a serious charge.  Tad says that there are other more serious charges and lists off the things he has done recently.  Liza says that Tad could be in serious trouble and he says that he is planning to plead insanity.  Jesse says that the charges have been dropped.  Tad asks if they can keep the handcuffs and Liza says yes.

Brot asks what Natalia is doing there and she says that she is trying to watch a movie.  Brot asks if Natalia is in the right theater and tells her that the movie is a romantic comedy.  Natalia says that she likes romantic comedies and movies with happy endings.  Brot asks Natalia how she feels about popcorn and says that he is a butter and salt guy.

Bailey says that there are no messages from Damon.  Tad says that Damon is probably out trying to cool off.  Liza suggests that Bailey should go look for Damon.  Tad and Liza offer to watch Stuart.  Liza says that just because Damon got arrested doesn't mean that he is guilty.  Bailey says that Liza and Tad are weird together, but it works.  Tad says that he knew Liza's weirdness would rub off on him.  Liza tells Tad not to flash the rest of the hotel guests on his way out.  Tad says that he isn't going anywhere and would like to hang around if Liza isn't still mad at him.  Liza says that it is hard to stay mad at Tad. 

Scott says that he hopes Colby gets through to Adam.  Annie says that Colby will be fine.  Scott suggests that he should go check on them and referee.  Annie says that Colby is upset, but will get over it and do what her father wants.  Scott asks why Colby would do that and Annie says that money is a good motivator.  Scott says that Adam has been buying everyone's love since birth and maybe that is what is wrong with the family.  Annie says that everyone has a price, including Scott.

Colby tells Damon that if there is no phone, she just hits the panic button.  Damon says that he needs Colby to give him a break.  Colby asks if that is what Liza and Bailey have been doing.  Damon says that he messed up.  Adam knocks on the door.

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