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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/26/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Natalia asks Brot why a burglar would be carrying around a copy of Hayley's documentary.  Brot suggests that maybe the burglar was scoping out the rich people in Pine Valley.  Jesse suggests that the burglar broke into Tad's house because they needed someplace familiar to hide out and that maybe it was an inside job.

Tad asks Liza if she wants some coffee.  Liza thanks him and says no.  Liza asks if Damon is downstairs painting and Tad asks why.  Liza asks if Damon seemed strange to Tad and Tad says that Damon was petulant and bored.  Tad says that he would act the same way if he had to paint a basement.  Liza asks if Tad noticed the bandage on Damon's hand.  Tad says that he didn't notice, but wasn't looking for it either.  Liza tells Tad that Damon claims that he slipped on the ice and cut his hand.  Tad asks if Liza thinks that Damon cut his hand when he went through the window.  Liza asks Tad what she is going to do and Tad says that they have to talk to Jesse.

Angie asks how Madison is doing.  Madison says that she had another therapy session and is doing great.  Angie asks if Madison likes Dr. Gallagher.  Madison says that Dr. Gallagher is amazing.  Angie tells Madison not to push too hard, too fast because she already has a lot going on.

Frankie says that he thought Randi was working through her lunch break and she says that she is.  Frankie asks if Randi is volunteering.  Randi says that maybe she can make a difference.  Frankie says that Randi has been where a lot of the women are now and it will do them good to see someone who escaped the hard life and turned it around.  Randi says that she hopes she knows the right things to say and Frankie says that Randi just needs to be herself and be honest.  Frankie asks if Randi is doing this to impress Erica.

Erica asks Ryan how Cambias was.  Ryan says that he put everything aside that wasn't marked urgent because they have a deadline to meet.  Ryan says that they need to figure out what they are going to be doing on their vacation and Erica says that Ryan is trying too hard.

Greenlee works with the physical therapist.  David asks if anyone knows what seeing the paper would do to Greenlee.  Greenlee says that she and Kendall built Fusion, and Erica had nothing to do with it.  The physical therapist tells Greenlee to concentrate on the exercises.  Greenlee starts talking about someone stealing something she poured her heart and soul into and then says that she has a pain in her leg.

Liza suggests her instincts could be wrong and she tells Tad that Damon already has a record and it would just make him the number-one suspect.  Tad says that if Damon is innocent he has nothing to worry about, but if he isn't, he has to answer for what happened.  Liza says that Bailey will hate her forever, but Tad says that it is better than Bailey getting nailed for accessory after the fact.  Tad says that Liza has excellent instincts and that they have to call Jesse.  Liza agrees and asks Tad to let her talk to Damon first.

Jesse, Natalia and Brot talk about Damon being a suspect.

Randi says that she came to do something good.  Frankie says that he has no doubt that she came there to help for all the right reasons, but he also knows that she got a raw deal at work.  Frankie says that he doesn't want this to turn into a competition between Randi and Madison.  Randi says that Frankie doesn't have to worry about her and Madison.  Randi says that Madison is just trying to get her life back together and she knows what that is like.  Randi says that it is hard, but Madison is trying to undo the things that she did and that she deserves a chance.

Madison says that for the first time in her life, she isn't afraid.  Madison says that she really wants to try to make up for all the pain she caused.  Angie says that Madison was in pain too.  Madison says that Dr. Gallagher helped her to understand that if she keeps falling back on it, she would spend the rest of her life as a victim.

Ryan says that once they go on their vacation, he will be able to kick back and relax.  Erica says that it sounds like Ryan has them so booked up that they aren't going to have any time to be together.  Ryan asks if Erica thinks he is trying to find a way to get his mind off the fact that it is Valentine's Day.  Erica says that maybe Ryan is going a little overboard and that all she needs to have fun is him.

Greenlee tells David that she is okay and that she is just out of shape.  Greenlee asks what Kendall was thinking when she let Erica run Fusion because Erica is going to bring Fusion to its knees.  David reminds Greenlee that she wanted to walk back into Ryan's life.  Greenlee says that she does and asks him why he thinks she is putting herself through all the torture.  David says that all the therapy in the world won't make a difference if Greenlee isn't doing it right.  David tells Greenlee that if she keeps this up, she may never walk out of there.

Frankie gives Randi the tour and they run into Madison.  Randi says that she is there to help in any way she can.  Randi asks Madison to tell her where to start.  Madison says that mostly what the women need is someone to talk to.  Randi says that she isn't qualified to be giving out advice, but Madison says that mostly what they need is someone to listen.  Madison suggests that Randi should go introduce herself to Linda.

Liza asks Damon if he has a minute.  Damon says that he knows his responsibilities and doesn't need a lecture about Bailey and Stuart.  Liza says that she sees that Damon is very committed and asks how he cut his hand.  Damon says that he slipped on the ice and Liza brings up the break in.  Damon asks if this is Liza's way to get him out of Bailey and Stuart's lives forever.

Jesse shows up at Tads and says that he has a few more questions.  Tad says that he will get Opal, but Jesse says that he needs to talk to Tad.  Jesse says that he needs to talk to Tad about Damon.  Tad tells Jesse that Damon is the father of baby Stuart and Liza got him the job with Pierre.  Tad asks if Jesse considers Damon a suspect.  Jesse says that they won't if his alibi checks out and asks if there is anything Tad thinks that Jesse might need to know about Damon.  Tad says that Damon has a bandage on his hand.  Liza asks Damon to wait.  Jesse tells Damon that he has some questions and asks him to come to the station.  Liza says that Damon isn't going anywhere without his attorney.  Jesse tells Liza to come too and tells Tad that Damon needs her help.

Linda thanks Randi.  Madison asks if Randi is okay and Randi says that it wasn't that long ago that she was stuck in the same place that Linda is.  Madison says that it is always easier to start over when you have someone to help you.  Randi says that she should get back to Fusion because she has an intern manning the phones.  Madison tells Randi to go back to Fusion and make herself heard.

Erica and Val talk about the campaign.  Erica tells Val that they are trying to give battered women some peace of mind and not make them feel like they are not as beautiful outside as they are inside.  Erica tells Val to take the whole thing back to Marketing and have them rethink it because it isn't working.  Erica tells Ryan that this is exactly why they need to take a vacation.

Jesse tells Damon that his boss took a blow to the head yesterday and Damon says that he heard.  Jesse asks Damon where he was during the incident and Damon says that he got sidetracked by a band that was playing at Diego's Bar.  Jesse asks if anyone saw Damon at Diego's Bar and Damon says that he isn't sure because he was into the music.  Damon asks if Jesse is accusing him of something and Jesse says that he is just trying to get the facts.  Damon asks if he can leave now and Jesse says no.  Liza walks in and says that is enough questioning without a lawyer.  Jesse says that Damon has waived his right to an attorney and refused Liza's services.  Liza asks if Jesse is going to book Damon or let him go.  Jesse says that Damon is free to go for now, but stops him and says that the paint on his shoes matches the paint Pierre was using.  Damon says that it is Pierre's favorite color and has mixed a lot of it. 

Dr. Clayton says that the MRI didn't show any damage and that it seems to be just a muscle strain.  Dr. Clayton tells Greenlee to take it easy on the physical therapy for a couple of days.  Outside of Greenlee's room, David asks Dr. Clayton what kind of setback this is.  Dr. Clayton says that it is nothing serious, but the frustration isn't good.  David goes back into Greenlee's room and says that she needs an Erica-ectomy.  David says that Greenlee needs to get Erica out of her head and Greenlee says that she needs to get Erica out of her life.  Greenlee asks if Kendall and Zach are having another baby and that is why she asked Erica to help out at Fusion and David says that isn't the case.  Greenlee says that Erica can wait and that all that matters is getting back to Ryan.

Frankie offers Angie some help.  Angie says that she is still trying to decipher the mess that David left her.  Frankie says that it would be smart if Angie didn't dig too deeply into David's files.  Frankie tells Angie that things are going a lot better between Randi and Madison and that they are even both volunteering at the Miranda Center now.  Frankie asks if everything is okay between Angie and Jesse.  Angie says that they both just have demanding jobs and neither job allows for much free time.  Frankie suggests that Angie should make some time with Jesse and try to smooth things out.  Frankie reminds Angie that she has always told him that nothing comes before family.  Angie says that they are just focusing on themselves a little more, but Frankie says that they are focusing on work.  Frankie suggests that Angie should go home and spend some time with Jesse and that he can handle the hospital.

Jesse asks Brot if there has been any leads on the belt they found in Colby's car.  Brot says that he has a list of distributors from all the manufacturers, but that it is a common item and it will be a while before they get the list of retailers.  Jesse asks if there is anything on the blood yet.  Natalia says that the type matches the belt, the glass at Tad's and at Wildwind, but the DNA is taking a little longer.  Natalia asks about Damon.  Jesse says that he is going to follow up at Diego's.  Natalia says that she will do that and suggests that Jesse should go home so that Angie can have a crack at him.  Jesse says that Angie is just as busy as he is, but Natalia says that she heard from a little bird that Angie will be home early for a change.  Jesse asks if the little bird was Frankie.  Natalia tells Jesse to go spend some time with his wife and Jesse agrees.

David asks how Greenlee is feeling and Greenlee says that she feels better thanks to the pain pills.  Greenlee says that she is glad David decided not to abandon her and David says that it doesn't mean that he is going back to Pine Valley with her.  Greenlee says that she is ready for more therapy, but David suggests that she should rest the rest of the day.  Greenlee says that she has always been happiest when she is in the middle of chaos and tells David that Fusion is her baby.  David asks if things would be so bad with Erica running the company as long as it is still successful.  Greenlee says that she would rather Kendall burn the place down than give any part of it to Erica.

Val tells Erica his new idea for the campaign, but Erica tells him to go back to the drawing board.  Val asks what Erica is looking for and she says that she wants something real.  Randi suggests using real women that the Miranda Center helped, so they can show the consumers exactly who the product line will help.  Ryan and Erica agree that it is a great idea.

Angie asks what Jesse is doing home so early and Jesse says that he thought he would cook dinner for her for a change.  Angie asks how he managed to get the afternoon off and he says that Natalia took over for him so that he could spend more time with his wife.  Angie says that she thinks there is a conspiracy.  Jesse says that they haven't been able to spend much time together since she took over as chief of staff.  Angie says that Jesse was working late every night.  Jesse says it has never been this tough before and suggests that they should take a fresh look at the decision they have made.  Angie says that if they are going to spend more time together, maybe one of them needs to think about stepping down.  Angie says that she doesn't want to waste time by arguing about whose job is more important because she would rather have Jesse's lips all over her.  Jesse says that he doesn't need dinner because he ate yesterday.  The phone rings.

Bailey asks why Damon went to the police station.  Liza says that the police questioned Damon about the break-ins but had to let him go because they had no evidence.  Bailey asks where Damon is now and Liza says that she doesn't know, but once he calms down, he will call her.  Bailey says that she has to go find Damon and leaves.

Natalia asks Jesse what he is doing back at work.  Jesse says that something came up for Angie.  Natalia says that Frankie must have dropped the ball and Jesse asks if there was a conspiracy.  Natalia says that there might have been.  Jesse asks what Natalia found out at Diego's and Natalia says that they are just opening and she is on her way now, but Jesse says that he will go.

Frankie says that he told everyone not to call Angie.  Angie says that she is there and asks what happened.  Frankie says that there was a bus crash and they have multiple victims on the way in.  Angie asks if Frankie was going to tell her and he says that they have a staff in the ER that is capable of taking care of the situation.  Frankie says that they can handle it and tells Angie to go home for dinner with her husband.  Angie says that she and Jesse are fine and tells him that they better get to work.

Liza confronts Tad about telling Jesse and Bailey about the situation.  Tad says that he didn't call either of them and that they came to see him with legitimate questions.  Liza says that she thought she could trust Tad, but she never should have come there.

Erica suggests that they start by asking the staff and volunteers at the Miranda Center to tell their stories for a good cause and tells Randi that she did a great job.  Randi thanks Erica.  Madison asks if it was real hard for Randi.  Randi says that she should have spoken up before and should have told Erica that the charity line was really Madison's idea because she deserves some credit too.  Madison says that the work that they are doing at the center gives her more than enough satisfaction and that she doesn't need Erica to single her out.  Ryan says that Erica's face lights up when she gets passionate about something.  Erica says that she has been looking for a way to give back and she wants to show everyone what Fusion is really about.

Greenlee dreams about telling the media that she was able to undo the damage that Erica did to Fusion.  A reporter asks what Greenlee's secret was and Greenlee says that it was just the support of her loving husband.  Ryan laughs.

Gayle asks what David thinks that Greenlee is dreaming about and David says that she always dreams about going home to Ryan.  Gayle asks what is going to happen when Greenlee finds out the truth.  David says that it will break Greenlee's heart when she finds out that Ryan has moved on with Erica.  Gayle says that Greenlee has to find out sometime because David can't keep her there forever.  David says that he can tell Greenlee as gently as possible when the time is right and that he will be there to pick up the pieces when she falls apart.

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