AMC Update Monday 1/25/10

All My Children Update Monday 1/25/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Brot asks Natalia why she is still there after pulling a double shift.  Natalia says that she thinks their burglar is a serial killer.

Jake tells Krystal that they are celebrating life without David and Amanda says that they are on a date.  Krystal says that she just came back from a date herself.  Jake says that they won't be long, but that he wants to borrow something from Tad.  Krystal says that she hasn't seen Tad, but knows that his car is outside and suggests that Jake should check the man cave.  Jake says that he will be right back.  Jake walks in on Tad and Liza.  Amanda thanks Krystal for talking her down about Jake and David.

Annie says that she doesn't see anything about her in his will.  Adam says that he didn't want anyone to get ahold of it and read ahead.  Annie says that when they got married, Adam said that he would take care of her and protect her, but this proves that it was all a lie.

Natalia shares her theory with Brot.

Opal asks who screamed and Amanda says that it came from the basement.  Amanda asks if they know who it was.  Krystal says that Liza has a healthy pair of lungs.

Jake tells Tad and Liza that he and Amanda were going to go sledding and needed to borrow a sled.  Jake keeps apologizing and Tad slaps Jake upside the head.

Annie says that it is humiliating and Adam says that it is a testament to his love.  Adam suggests that Annie should read it to the group and she reluctantly does.  Adam assures his family that he has reasons for choosing a merit trust.  JR says that it is because Adam wants to be in control even after he is buried in six feet of dirt.  Adam says that it is about protect and preserving the family, not controlling them.  JR says that he isn't signing on.  JR points out that Annie is entitled to a third of Adam's estate just for wearing the wedding ring and asks why any of them would jump through his hoops.  Adam says that it is about family and JR asks if that is why Adam is bribing him to bring Little Adam to the mansion.  JR says that Marissa and Little Adam are his family and that they will be just fine without Adam's money.  JR leaves and Adam asks Marissa to convince him to come back and talk about it before it's too late.  Colby leaves too.  Scott says that he understands why Adam chose the merit trust and offers to talk to Colby.  Adam thanks Scott.  Annie says that she thought she had Adam's love and trust, but obviously she doesn't because if she did, he wouldn't have made the rules for her.  Adam asks if Annie is upset about trust or money.

Brot suggests that Natalia should write a novel based on her theory.  A man walks in and Natalia asks what happened.  Pierre explains that he was painting and someone broke into the house and hit him from behind.

Jake tells Opal, Krystal and Amanda about catching Tad and Liza naked.  Jake and Amanda say that they can sled another time and leave.  Liza says that she better get home too and Tad says that he will drive her home.  Krystal gets a call from Rob and asks Opal to watch the girls so that she can have another nightcap with Rob.  Opal agrees and says that they will be fine.

Jesse asks Pierre why he was painting a house that late at night.  Pierre says that he and his crew have been working around the clock to get the house finished before the owners get back from vacation.  Pierre says that he had just started painting and someone came up from behind and knocked him out.  Jesse asks if Pierre was working alone and Pierre says that his assistant Damon Miller never showed up.  Jesse says that they arrested Damon last week for assault.

Tad and Liza get back to her house and Bailey says that she was hoping it was Damon.  Bailey says that she sent him a text about picking up diapers and has called, but has gotten nothing back and is worried that something has happened.

Colby orders a drink and Scott tells the bartender that she is underage.  Colby gets up to leave and Scott stops her.  Colby asks if he is there to lobby for Adam.  Scott says that Adam is trying to protect Colby.  Scott suggests that Colby is afraid of falling in love.

JR says that he is happy they got a babysitter, so that Little Adam didn't have to see the scene at the mansion.  Marissa asks how JR is doing and he says jokes about a fifth of scotch being able to cure it.  Marissa says that maybe they shouldn't have gone.  JR says that seeing Adam set Annie up was beautiful and it proves that Annie has been about the money the entire time.

Annie says that the trust proves that Adam thinks she is in the marriage for the money and his kids are thrilled about it.  Adam says that he wants Annie to find love again after he is gone, but he wants the man to love her for her and not because of what she has.  Annie says that the trust doesn't matter because she is never going to get married again.  Adam says that in case of a long term relationship, the conditions will be enforced.  Annie asks who will be monitoring her love life and realizes that it is going to be Scott.

Colby says that she isn't scared of love, but she has other things to think about.  Scott says that Adam doesn't want Colby to get hurt and wants to make sure the guy isn't going to skip out the first time things get rough.  Colby says that Adam is trying to make sure that Annie doesn't fall in love with anyone else, including Scott, but that Adam messed up because Scott will have all kinds of Chandler money and can live happily ever after with Annie.  Scott says that he looks at Annie as family, but Colby says that she has seen the look and it isn't a "family" look.

Marissa asks if JR will work with Scott and JR says that he has no problem working with Scott, but that he isn't moving back into the mansion.  JR says that the only thing Little Adam would learn from that is what it costs to love the original Adam Chandler.

Jake thanks the babysitter and says that he hopes Amanda isn't disappointed about not going sledding.  Amanda says that this is as good as sledding and she gets to eat hot fudge.  Amanda gives Jake his father's day present.

Liza says that there are a million logical explanations for why Damon didn't answer his cell phone.  Bailey says that she can't help worrying since he got into trouble the last time.  Bailey says that music is Damon's life and it's killing him to have quit the band to be with her and Stuart.

Opal watches a show about housewives and hears glass break.  Opal gasps as the lights go out.

Jesse has an officer take Pierre to the hospital to get checked out and says that they will keep him posted on the investigation.  Brot comes over and says that there has been another break-in and gives Jesse the address to Tad's house.

Amanda brings Trevor in to see Jake and he takes pictures of his family.

Tad offers to go find Damon for Bailey.  Tad tells Liza that Stuart deserves to have his father there and out of trouble.  Tad gets a call from Jesse about the break-in.  Tad tells Liza that someone broke into his house and that he will talk to her soon.

Annie tells Adam that there will be no need for someone to monitor her life because she doesn't plan to fall in love again.  Adam says that Annie will fall in love again, but she declares that Adam is the first and last love of her life.  Annie tells Adam that he should go upstairs to bed and he does.  Annie re-reads her part of the trust.  Scott walks in and stares at Annie.

Marissa tells JR that she is with him, no matter what he decides to do about Adam's trust.  Marissa tells JR that he should get some sleep so that he can keep his strength for his next round of chemo.  Marissa goes to check on Little Adam.  Colby shows up and asks JR if he will ever leave her.  JR says that he won't if he has anything to say about it.

Scott asks if Annie accepted the terms of the trust.  Annie says that she is grateful that Adam wants to protect her and now understands why he did it.  Scott asks what happens if someone comes along and sweeps her off her feet.  Annie says that Scott will be monitoring her to see if she gets involved with another man.  Annie says that Adam is the love of her life and nobody will ever replace him.  Scott and Annie say goodnight.

Amanda talks about a picture of Trevor and Jake.

Opal tells Tad that as soon as she realized there was someone in the basement, she grabbed the girls and hid in the closet until Jesse got there.  Jesse says that he is surprised that this guy is up and running after the dive he took through the window because he has to be cut pretty bad.  Brot heads to the hospital.  Natalia brings Jesse a copy of Hayley's documentary and says that they found it outside.  Tad tells Liza that everyone is okay and that the guy has to be hurting and bleeding pretty bad.

Damon walks into the house and Bailey asks if he has been working all this time.  Damon says that he was on his way to the job site and got distracted by the music coming from a bar.  Damon says that when he got to the job site, Pierre was gone.  Bailey asks what Damon is going to do if Pierre fires him and Damon says that he won't get fired.  Bailey asks what happened to Damon and he says that he slipped on some ice and cut his hand, but it is fine.

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