AMC Update Friday 1/22/10

All My Children Update Friday 1/22/10


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Annie wants to know what Adam is up to. Colby arrives at the mansion and ask Annie is there anything that they should be concerned about; Annie answers no. She asks Annie if there is anything she should be concerned about and Annie gets nervous. Barry brings over the paperwork. Annie stops Barry as she leaves and tries to question him but he is secretive. Annie tells him that she is interested in working on her estate; Barry tells her Adam has that covered. Annie is nervous after speaking with Barry. Adam leaves the room to review the papers from Barry; he asks his family to play nice while he is away. JR tells everyone that he thinks that Adam is revising his will. Adam returns and tells everyone that he is ready to tell them why they were called to the mansion.

JR tells Marissa about the dinner party so they plan to go. JR and Marissa talk about putting a block on Annie’s access to Adam’s estate. JR and Marissa arrive at the Chandler mansion.

Liza and Tad are fooling around and becoming romantic. Liza turns on the radio and starts to dance and undress to sexy music. Tad is sitting in a chair looking amused. Tad tells Liza that she is trying to hard too set the mood, because the mood is what you make it. Tad gets funny and sexy with Liza. Bailey knocks on the door and breaks up Tad and Liza’s romantic moment. Bailey wants to stay at Liza’s for a while because there is a commotion at her motel and Stuart is upset. Liza gets a call and she pretends that she is needed at the jail to bail someone out. Tad finally gets the message, with help from Bailey, that Liza wants him to follow her. Tad and Liza go to the man cave at Tad’s house; but Opal disrupts their attempts to make love. They rush her away and then proceed to Tad’s man cave in the basement.

Ryan and Erica talk about Greenlee since this is the first year anniversary of her death. Ryan tries to convince Erica that he is thinking about their relationship, and not thinking about Greenlee. Erica reminds Ryan that Valentine’s Day is a significant day for Greenlee and Ryan. Erica tells Ryan that he is thinking about Greenlee and he finally admits that he has been thinking about Greenlee lately. Ryan apologizes to Erica for not telling her about his thoughts of Greenlee.

Erica meets Opal at Confusion. They talk about the new cosmetic line.

Opal is fishing for gossip on Erica and Ryan. Ryan looks at a picture of Greenlee when Madison walks into the room Erica asks Opal what would she do if she was Erica Kane and had Ryan in her life; she asks how would Opal play the relationship, and survive the public pressure.

Ryan tells Madison that Greenlee and Kendall started Fusion, which is their legacy. Ryan sends Madison home, then he leaves to meet Erica in Confusion.

Greenlee tells David that she needs him; she accuses David of pushing her away. Greenlee sees Erica’s TV commercial, but nurse Gayle comes into the room and unplugs the TV. Nurse Gayle’s instructions are that Greenlee is not allowed to see TV. Nurse Gayle apologizes to Greenlee about being upset over the TV.

Adam drew up a trust for each of his family members; if they fulfill their requirements they will be handsomely rewarded. He begins by telling Colby that a monthly stipend will be provided for her and it will be increased when she marries. She is required to marry a man with the same station in life as she. The stipend will be decreased if she divorces. Each person’s legacy is tailored to support them not hurt them. Scott has been given one year to make Chandler Enterprises an ethical and profitable company. He must work with JR in order to be successful.

JR asks about the power of greed. Adam reminds him that if he and Scott fail they will end up with nothing. Adam tells JR that he wants a successful relationship with his son. He asks JR to move back into the mansion. JR and Marissa are not happy with his requests.

Tad and Liza finally make love in the man cave.

Greenlee dreams about Erica working at Fusion. She sees herself wanting to make changes to remove Erica from her company. David finds Greenlee dreaming of Ryan and saying his name out loud.

Annie searches through the trust, but cannot find her section anywhere. Adam pulls out her trust from his coat pocket; she looks at it and is shocked about what she finds.

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